13 Best Google Adsense Alternatives In 2023

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Are you looking for some best Google Adsense alternatives? Then, you are in the right place.

Google Adsense is no doubt one of the popular ad networks out there for publishers and bloggers. It has been the top choice among several bloggers who wants to make a living from the internet.

But many times, Adsense doesn’t approve all sites due to various reasons, which leads bloggers to look for other alternatives.

If your site has been rejected by them or you want to diversify your income by trying other advert options? Then in this post, I have discussed 13 best Adsense alternatives in 2020. You will get to know what they are, their requirements, and the pros/cons.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

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4 Reasons You’re Looking For A Google Adsense Alternative

  • Google Adsense might have rejected your blog because it does not meet the requirement.
  • Your site got banned by them because of inappropriate activity.
  • You want to add another ad network to diversify your revenue.
  • You do not like the minimum payout of $100 and want an alternative ad network that has a low threshold amount.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2020

1. Media.net

This is Media.net website

Media.net is a contextual ad network purchased by a Chinese consortium. They are considered a direct competitor of Google Adsense & that is why Media.net is one of the best alternatives you can go for.

Just like Adsense, you can customize your ad formats manually or let Media.net figure out which ad formats are best for your site to see better ad performance.

It not only ensures excellent performance, but it also improves your overall click-through rate by displaying contextual ads related to your content. For example, if your content is about gadgets, your readers will see advertisements related to it. 

Overall, Media.net is a better alternative to Adsense that you can consider.


  • It is free to join, and you will never pay anything
  • The customer support is one of the best. 
  • It offers a powerful dashboard where you can view reports and graphs, helping you to track the performance of your blog.


  • Your site visitors have to click on ads twice for you to earn.
  • Revenues are not updated in real-time. So you need to wait for one day to see the day’s earnings.
  • Requires website traffic from three countries only – UK, US, and Canada.

Minimum Payout – $100

Payment Methods – PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer

Payment Terms – Net 30 basis

Traffic Requirement – Not mentioned, but they insist on having a reasonable volume of visitors.

Traffic Demographics Requirement – Mostly from US, UK, & Canada

2. Infolinks

This is Infolinks website

Infolinks is an in-line text advertising network that provides innovative ads based on your content & user intent.

They use a smart algorithm to learn the relevance and intent of your content, thus allowing them to place relevant ads at optimized moments. The ad format consists of InFrame, InFold, InTag, InScreen, InArticle & InText ads.

In addition to ads, Infolinks also convert specific keywords from your content into advertising links that display ads while hovering the mouse cursor. The best thing about Infolinks is that they take little space on your site, thus making the overall interface cleaner.


  • You can use Infolinks along with Adsense and other display advertising platform.
  • There are no hidden fees or setup fees
  • Ads are fully customizable


  • CPM is very low when compared to western countries such as the US, UK, Canada, etc.
  • The CTR (click-through rate) is higher, and CPC (Cost per click) is lower.

Minimum Payout – $50

Payment Methods – PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, e-check, ACH

Payment Terms – 45 days from the end of the month that you reached the minimum payment threshold.

Traffic Requirement – None

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None

3. Mediavine

Mediavine Website

Mediavine is an ad management company and monetization partner, dedicated to helping bloggers and publishers. If you have a blog in food, parenting, DIY, health, fitness, fashion, travel, crafts, education, finance, lifestyle, or entertainment niches, you are free to apply.

Even if your blog is in a different niche, you can still apply as they have sites in all different niches. Earlier, they had a requirement of 25,000 sessions per month, but it has now been increased to 50,000.

Another great thing about Mediavine is that the approved sites saw a 200% speed increase with improved user experience. In addition to this, Mediavine uses lazy-loading to maintain over 70% viewability. This is great for both advertisers and publishers.


  • Ads through Mediavine are relevant and of good quality.
  • Everything is transparent, which means you can see everything from your earning to CPM on your dashboard clearly.


  • There is a limitation in reporting.
  • Mediavine branding at the bottom of the ad.
  • Adsense disabled sites are not allowed.
  • It requires 50k sessions, which is not suitable for small websites.

Minimum Payout – $25

Payment Methods – ACH, Check, Wire transfer, Paypal

Payment Terms – NET 65 basis

Traffic Requirement – At least 50k sessions per month

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None, but US/UK/CAN traffic is highly preferred

4. Monumetric

Monumetric Website

Monumetric is an advertisement management platform designed to help publishers to monetize their website effectively with display advertisements.

It help publishers reach their revenue goals along with the best possible user experience. So, you won’t have to worry about annoying your readers with lots of ads.

They offer their service into 4 tiers.

  • Propel (For beginners): Minimum requirement is 10,000 monthly pageviews.
  • Ascend: Minimum requirement is 80,000 to 500,000 monthly pageviews. Also, get a customized-ad strategy for your website.
  • Stratos: Requires 500,000 to 1 million monthly page views. Stratos gives access to an ad ops team.
  • Apollo: Requires 10 million+ monthly pageviews. At this point, you will be working with your own Monumetric’s ad team.

As you can see, Monumetric targets every type of publisher, whether big or small. All you need to have is a site with a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views to get accepted.


  • The PPV business model used on the Monumetric platform provides higher earning opportunities for publishers.
  • Publishers are guaranteed to have a stable revenue stream from Monumetric.


  • You need to pay a $99 setup fee if your site has less than 80,000 pageviews.
  • The Net 60 payment is a long time for publishers to wait.

Minimum Payout – None

Payment Methods – PayPal and bank transfer

Payment Terms – Paid after 60 days after the end of the month.

Traffic Requirement – At least 10k monthly page views

Traffic Demographics Requirement – 50% of your website traffic is from the USA, UK, Canada, and/or Australia.

5. Ezoic

Ezoic website

Though Ezoic is not an ad network, I have still added it to this list because it’s worth mentioning.

If you have never heard about it, then Ezoic is an ad testing tool that helps you find the best places on your site to place the right ads with the correct size. This way, the ads get better engagement via clicks and impressions.

For this, it uses an A.I algorithm to test hundreds of different ad layouts, sizes, designs, and locations in a short time to find the best one for your audience from different demographics.

They have a minimum requirement of 10k visits per month. When you join them, you get access to more premium advertisers that can double or even triple your ad income.


  • Increases your ad revenue by at least 50%.
  • Fantastic analytics and reporting dashboard.
  • Offers a paid plugin (Site Speed Accelerator) that improves your site speed both on desktop and mobile.
  • Great customer support.


  • Requires a minimum of 10k visits per month.
  • Places a small ad at the bottom of your page in case if you don’t want to spend money on their service.
  • Setup is a bit tricky.

Minimum Payout – $20

Payment Methods – PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Bank Transfer

Payment Terms – NET 30 basis

Traffic Requirement – At least 10k visits per month

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None, but US/UK/CAN traffic is preferred to see a good result

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6. Propeller Ads

This is Propeller ads website

Propeller Ads is a UK based CPM Ad network established in 2011 that allows you to monetize everything. Whether it is mobile apps, websites, games, browser extensions, social media pages, they all are eligible. Propeller Ads can even monetize traffic from 404 pages with full-screen ads. So, none of your traffic will get wasted.

The ad formats include mobile web ads, banner ads, OnClick ads, video ads, Direct ads, push notifications, In-Page Push ads, Interstitials, & smart links. They also have AdBlock bypass, which means your site can display ads even if the browser has AdBlock activated.

The best thing about Propeller ads is the minimum payout of just $5. This means you don’t have to wait for $50 or $100 as in other ad networks.


  • No minimum traffic requirement.
  • Low payment terms and threshold.
  • Wide range of payment options.


  • Lower revenue for non-English sites.
  • Regularly low CPM rates.

Minimum Payout – $5

Payment Methods – Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Wire, WebMoney Z.

Payment Terms – 45 days from the end of the month that you reached the minimum payment threshold.

Traffic Requirement – None

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None

7. Bidvertiser

This is BidVertiser website Bidvertiser is another great Adsense alternative that offers banners, pop unders, sliders, smartlinks, XML, and programmatic ads designed to fit any kind of traffic.

Unlike other ad networks, you can get instant approval when you sign up as a publisher & Bidvertiser guarantees full coverage for desktop & mobile visitors worldwide. This enables you to earn long-term with constant revenues.

The only disadvantage it has is sometimes ads are not much targeted around the content of the website, which can cause a low click-through rate with potentially higher revenue from those clicks.


  • Automatic approval for the network.
  • Low minimum withdraw.
  • Higher than averages CPM rates for mobile traffic.
  • It provides more than one way to earn ad revenue.


  • Lower CPC than AdSense.
  • Ads don’t match with the content on your site.
  • Low-quality sites will get lower-paying ads.

Minimum Payout – $10

Payment Methods – PayPal, Western Union, Check, and Wire Transfer.

Payment Terms – Monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month

Traffic Requirement – None

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None

8. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

This is Amazon Native Ads website

Amazon Associates has its own contextual advertising program known as Amazon Native shopping ads. They are more suitable for Amazon affiliate websites.

With Native shopping ads, Amazon will display relevant products within your content of every page. If your visitors choose to click and purchase them, you’ll get an affiliate commission similar to what you make with inserting links. 

The only downside is that there is no pay for impressions and clicks. The only way you will earn money is when your visitor decides to purchase a product by clicking your ads.


  • Shows relevant ads in your content.
  • The minimum payout is $10.


  • There is no pay for clicks and impressions.

Minimum Payout – $10

Payment Methods – Direct deposit & Amazon gift card

Payment Terms – Monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month

Traffic Requirement – None

Traffic Demographics Requirement – Best suited for websites having US/UK traffic.

9. Skimlinks

This is Skimlinks website

Skimlinks is similar to Sovrn //Commerce (VigLink), where it converts your ordinary product links or mentions into affiliate links. It is already integrated with several affiliate programs, so you don’t have to join anything separately.

Using its database of over 48,500 affiliate merchants, it scans your content to find any product mentions and add an affiliate link to give you a chance to earn a commission.

It is free to join, and you make money using a revenue model of 25/75. This means when you make a commission, Skimlinks takes 25% and pays you the remaining 75%.


  • Free to join.
  • Access to 48,500 merchants (affiliate programs).
  • Automatically turn your links into affiliate links.
  • Skimlinks can even monetize with Amazon affiliate links if you aren’t part of it.


  • It can take up to over 90 days to see money in your account after the transaction.
  • Skimlinks takes 25% of your commissions.

Minimum Payout – $10

Payment Methods – Check, Paypal, or bank transfer.

Payment Terms – Net 90 days.

Traffic Requirement – None

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None

10. Gourmet Ads

This is Gourmet Ads website

Gourmet Ads is a CPM based global food & wine advertising network entirely focused on food marketing for brands. If you have a Recipe Website, Food Blog, Wine blog, or Cooking Video sites, then this ad network is perfect for you.

It offers mobile, video, standard IAB, IAB rising star, & high impact ads suitable for any recipe website or food blog.

For joining Gourmet ads, your site should have US, UK, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand audiences with a minimum of 10k page views per month.


  • 24/7 customer support.
  • The Gourmet support team will help you find the right mix of ad placements to meet your business goals.


  • The minimum traffic requirement is 10k pageviews per month.
  • Your site should have US, UK, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand audiences.

Minimum Payout – $100

Payment Methods – ACH bank transfer, Paypal.

Payment Terms – 60 days after the end of each Relevant Calendar Month. 

Traffic Requirement – At least 10k page views per month

Traffic Demographics Requirement – US, UK, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand audiences

11. Taboola

This is Chitika website

Taboola is a content recommendation platform that monetizes your website with content suggestions that appear after your post.

You’ve probably seen ads on news websites where you can see ‘Content You May Like’ ‘Recommended From The Web’ or ‘From the web’ taglines. That is Taboola ads.

Taboola is definitely a better Adsense alternative, but it’s tough to get into because of the minimum traffic requirement of 500,000 page views per month. So, basically, it is a good source of revenue for big brands & sites.


  • High CTR.
  • Responsive widget. It can fit all devices and gadgets.
  • Taboola supports non-English languages.
  • High-quality recommendation content from reputable sources.


  • Sometimes irrelevant sponsored content may annoy readers. 
  • Small publishers and bloggers have no chance to join them unless you hit the minimum pageviews.
  • No referral program.

Minimum Payout – $50

Payment Methods – Payoneer & direct deposit

Payment Terms – 45 days after the end of the month that you launched with Taboola.

Traffic Requirement – At least 1 million page views per month

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None

12. Adversal

This is Adversal website

Adversal is a high paying CPM based ad network that provides better CTR if the audience is from the US, UK. They offer a robust default tag management system protected by a fraud filter.

They offer native, video, and display ads across your site that are relevant to your content. Best of all, they have no contracts & commitments which enables you to leave them anytime you want.

They have a minimum requirement of 50,000 page views per month. So, a small website has no chance to be a part of them unless they grow their traffic.


  • Less minimum payout amount compared to Google Adsense.
  • No contracts and commitments.


  • There is a minimum traffic requirement of 50,000 page views per month.

Minimum Payout – $20

Payment Methods – Paypal, Bank Wire & Check

Payment Terms – Net 35 days

Traffic Requirement – 50k page views per month

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None

13. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)

Souvr //Commerce Website

Sovrn //Commerce, formally known as Viglink, turns your ordinary product links in your content into monetized links resulting in earning through a click or sale.

They also provide anywhere feature where you can convert a product page into revenue-generating links that can be shared in any social networks.

Sovrn //Commerce offers several ad formats and sizes that let publishers test different ad formats enabling them to decide which one works best for their content.

Sadly, they work on only the CPM model & miss out opportunities offered by CPC, CPA, and CPL models.


  • Low minimum payment threshold.
  • Multiple ad formats and sizes.
  • Sovrn offers a dedicated account manager to handle the publisher’s demands.


  • Only supports the CPM model.
  • Low eCPM for non-US traffic.

Minimum Payout – $25

Payment Methods – Paypal, ACH, Check, Wire.

Payment Terms – Net 45 days

Traffic Requirement – None

Traffic Demographics Requirement – None

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the best Google Adsense alternatives, it time to choose which one you should go for. Make sure to check the requirements before applying for them.

I highly recommend Ezoic & Monumetric for a small website having 10,000 sessions and page views per month. For sites having at least 50,000 sessions, go for Mediavine as it is one of the best in this entire list.

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  1. Nice list Mahesh and dead on point about the hassle-free approval too compared to GA. When I did 3rd party ads – and was not obsessed with branding LOL – I applied and easily got approved for a few of these networks. Approved for Adsense too years ago but after spending years online, building up my content store. These networks are easier ways to monetize more quickly, so you get up and running and prospering.


    • Omg Ryan. When I started blogging, I read a lot about your blog and it really inspired me a lot. And what you are saying is absolutely correct.

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard of even half the alternatives on this list!
    Adverts were something I never thought I’d bother with for my blog, but after seeing how many options there are I might give it a shot.
    Thank you for this post!


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