How to Create Landing Page For Free on WordPress

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Are you new to blogging who couldn’t afford to pay for landing page services?

If so, then do you want to build the same for your products, freebies or services for free?

If your answer to these questions is Yes, then you have landed on the right article.

This article will clearly show you how you can create landing pages on WordPress for free. Its quite easy and anybody can do it without any technical skill.

This is especially useful for those bloggers who are unable to pay monthly fees for landing page services. Even though they are a much better option, but you have to pay the price.

But the good news is there is a WordPress plugin or you can say a page builder which can be used to create beautiful landing pages inside WordPress with just a few clicks.

You know I created this blog’s homepage with the same plugin and it definitely looks great. You can check it out.

So, if you are excited to know about the plugin & how you can create such beautiful pages, then let’s jump into it.

But before that, let me allow to share with you a few details about landing pages & why is it important for bloggers?

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A landing page is a standalone webpage build for a specific reason such as marketing or advertising purpose. If you want to sell any product, service or need sign-ups for your freebies, then creating landing pages ensures that it converts well.

It provides all the details regarding your product or service (whatever you are targeting) which can influence readers to take action.

Basically, creating a landing page will direct your audience to take the desired action such as purchase, sign-up or booking any services when they read all the details mentioned in your page.

In digital marketing, the need for such pages is a must if you want to convert a stranger visitor into your subscriber or a customer.

Landing pages don’t have sidebars or any other stuff that can distract readers from taking the desired action. So, If you want to see great conversions, then implementing landing pages is a must.


In Digital marketing, there are many different types of landing pages which shares different purposes. According to the type of business, you can implement these landing pages on your website:


Such types of pages are created if you want to convert your visitor into your subscriber via sign-up. This is basically done with the help of freebies.

Now freebies can be anything that can help your audience. For example, a blogger can create checklist or ebook or an e-mail course to grab e-mail address of their readers.

You can include all the benefits in your opt-in landing page that your readers will get if they decide to download your freebie via a sign-up form.


Such type of pages is created when you want to sell any product or service. If you have a product that can help your audience to solve their problem, then simply promoting them won’t give you any sales.

You need to create a sales page where you need to highlight the benefits, your audience will get if they decide to buy your product or service.

This page also includes testimonials, proofs etc that further increases the chances of sales. On an all, a sales page is a total package to convince your readers why should they invest their money on your product or service.

So, if you are planning to launch any product or service in the future, then don’t forget to create a sales page for the same.

Now, there are many more types of landing pages available which I won’t cover here because I want to stick with the main subject. But still, here are a few of them:

  • Video landing page
  • Tripwire Page
  • Long Sales page
  • Webinar Page


You already know what are landing pages and what they do. You might know that there are many landing page services available on the internet such as Lead pages, GetResponse etc which are quite costly to afford if you are running your blog on a budget.

Though they are better if you compare it with the free services because they provide more option & customization. But, the only problem is money.

So, to tackle this problem, WordPress provides few plugins which are great to create Landing pages free of cost. But, let me tell you that paid landing page services do better jobs than the free one.

But, it doesn’t mean that free ones are bad. Actually, they are perfect for beginner bloggers & can really take off your conversions if you use it well.

It provides all the basic features that are necessary to create great landing pages & that’s all for free.

Now the burning question is which is the plugin I am talking about??

It’s actually “Elementor”.


Elementor is a simple drag & drop interface which is used to design different kinds of pages. It doesn’t require any sort of coding so anyone can make professional looking pages with just a few clicks.

Moreover, pages created from Elementor are mobile responsive which means it fits perfectly on mobile devices too.

It provides dozens of widgets for designing your landing pages. You can include rows, columns, split columns, Call-to-action button, Images, display list of features, Post Carousel, Slider, social media buttons and much more.

In short, its a complete package for creating dashing looking pages.


To start with Elementor, firstly you need to install the plugin. To do so, go to Plugins > Add New > Search for “Elementor” > Install > Activate.

Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Once you have activated, it’s time to create landing pages.

To do so, create a new page or post. When you go to the WordPress editor, you can see an extra Elementor tab. This is where all the magic happens.

Elementor tab


Now when you click the Elementor tab in WordPress editor, you will be landed on a Page Builder dashboard which will look like this.

Elementor widgets

There are many widgets on the left side which are used to create beautiful pages according to your preference. They also provide different templates which makes it easier to start building your pages.

Now, I won’t be able to clearly explain how to use this page builder in this blog post because it can be well explained through videos.

So, that’s why I included below video from the official Elementor YouTube channel where you can clearly see how this page builder gets into action.


So, this is how you can use this free plugin to create engaging landing pages for either your product, service or freebies.

For a free page builder, it has all the necessary tools required for designing pages. To be honest, this is a great tool for all the beginner bloggers who are searching for a good page builder.

There are other plugins as well such as SiteOrigin Page Builder (great alternative), Beaver Builder etc which does the same work. So, if you are not convinced with Elementor (which won’t happen), then you can surely try these alternatives.

If you liked this article, then don’t forget to share this article. If you feel lazy to share it, then do share my pin on Pinterest. Take care.

Create Landing Page Pinterest Pin
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Create Landing Page Pinterest Pin
Free landing Page Pinterest Pin

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