CreateStudio Review 2023: My Experience After Using For 4 Months

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Welcome to my honest CreateStudio review.

You might have heard about this software while scrolling through social media that tempted you to try it.

But, before spending your hard-earned money, you want to be sure whether it’s worth your investment & fulfills your demands.

Now, I have read a few online reviews that were written just to earn affiliate commissions. They didn’t even buy the software and still putting up their point.

That’s why I decided to write this review as I am already qualified to give my opinion. If you’re stuck on making a decision, I am not only going to discuss everything but also show some features via videos to make your job easy.

So, wasting no time, let’s know a bit about CreateStudio.

CreateStudio Quick Review 2023

If you are looking for video animation software that can create various types of videos with a few clicks, CreateStudio will not disappoint.

You don’t need to be a professional video editor to create captivating videos because there are several built-in features and prebuilt templates that make your job easy.

CreateStudio is available for a one-time fee that offers lifetime access. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can always request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

CreateStudio Review

Why Should You Trust My CreateStudio Review?

I was always thinking of starting my YouTube channel, but I was kind of skeptical about speaking in front of the camera. (Yes, I am an Introvert)

So, this was holding me back from creating videos, and I was desperately looking for a solution.

That’s when I saw an Instagram ad that hooked me to try CreateStudio because: 

  • they had a 30-day money-back guarantee scheme. 
  • they were flashing a one-time payment offer that was affordable

After going through their sales page, I finally decided to purchase this software on 25th August 2020. Here are the transaction details.

CreateStudio Purchase Details
My CreateStudio Purchase Details

Being a CreateStudio user and having been using it for straight four months, you can at least be sure that you are reading a real review from a real user.

What is CreateStudio?

CreateStudio Application

CreateStudio is a powerful animation software that makes video creation simple because of its premade templates and assets.

It means you don’t need to be a professional video editor because even a beginner can create professional-looking videos using their drag-and-drop templates.

You can create different kinds of videos, animate elements with motion features, produce dynamic titles, create attractive social media posts & whatnot, making it an excellent software for beginners.

Who Can Use CreateStudio?

Though there isn’t any restriction to use them, some people will enjoy it more from the productivity perspective. Here are the users getting the most benefit.

  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Agency owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Small business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Product Creators
  • Animators

What Are The Benefits of Using CreateStudio?

By reading their sales page, you can easily understand what’s in store for you. Still, I like to highlight a few benefits that I really love.

1. Create Different Types of Videos

The best thing about CreateStudio is that you can create various kinds of videos from a single software as it has all the required premade templates and assets. You can even customize them & add motion animations with just one click in their timeline editor.

The following are the videos CreateStudio is capable of producing.

  • Teasers
  • Explainer videos with a Character
  • 2D Explainer videos
  • 3D Explainer videos
  • Video Ads
  • Text Animation
  • Logo Intros & Outros
  • YouTube Motion Graphics
  • Promotional Videos
  • Doodle Sketch Videos
  • Sales Video for your Landing page

So, whether you are a blogger, online marketer, YouTuber, small business owner, or all of them, you don’t have to buy multiple software for different purposes because CreateStudio is enough to do the job.

2. Create Videos Faster

Being a blogger and working on multiple blogs, I rarely have much time to create videos. So, I always wanted to get my hands on software that doesn’t need months of expertise and can do the job quicker.

Guess what! CreateStudio made it possible.

With their pre-built templates that work on the drag & drop feature, you don’t have to start anything from scratch. Within a few clicks, you can create better videos as professionals produce.

3. No technical Skill Needed

Working on CreateStudio isn’t a hassle. Even if you are a beginner or your knowledge of video is limited, this software makes everything look easy.

Though you need to play around to get a grip, CreateStudio helps you by providing tutorial videos via their YouTube channel. By just going through those videos, you will be able to create better videos in no time.

4. Save Money on Designers

If you spend a lot of money on Freelancers that create videos for you, CreateStudio can save you money.

With all the necessary features at your fingertips, including animated templates, text animations, audio, 3D & 2D characters, etc., you only have to use your creativity to produce better videos.

Moreover, when you are using Fiverr to hire freelancers, you’re trusting a designer who doesn’t even know about your brand, which gives you an edge over them.

5. Replace The Green Screen With Your Preferred Background

This feature is useful for YouTubers and online marketers working with the green screen. With only a single click, you can edit & remove any green screen from the footage to your favorite background.

Here is a tutorial I made to demonstrate how the entire process works. I downloaded a free green screen video online and replaced the background with a fantasy picture.

CreateStudio Green Screen Tutorial

6. Learning Curve is Short

Software such as Adobe Premiere Pro & Kdenlive have a long learning curve that will take days to master.
Whereas with CreateStudio, you can learn the entire software within an hour by only watching their tutorial videos.

That’s because the whole working process isn’t complicated, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use them. If you want to act quickly instead of spending days learning video editor software, CreateStudio is your cup of tea.

7. Direct Integration With Pixabay, Pexels, And Audio Library

While using the software, you don’t have to visit different websites to download free images, videos, or audio.

That’s because CreateStudio already has Pixabay, Pexels & audio library integrated within. (you can’t use the audio library if you bought the software using the special discount price of $67)

It means you can easily access non-copyrighted elements that will complement your video without having to look elsewhere.

CreateStudio Features I like

1. Animated Templates

One of my favorite features is the templates that speed up my video creation process. I know I have repeated the same thing earlier. That’s why this time, I decided to show you how it looks so you can decide for yourself.

Below, I have listed every category with a demo video that I created showcasing a few templates from each one of them. If you want, you can also make similar templates by using your imagination with this software.

Moreover, I have also listed the number of templates you will get with their $67 one-time payment plan.

P.S. – I have watermarked all the videos with my blog name “Lifez Eazy” so that people won’t steal & claim them as theirs on their review post. If the watermark is bugging you while watching the video, kindly ignore it.

#1. Scenes

There are many scene templates available on CreateStudio that can be used to introduce your product, website, and even yourself. Here are a few of them.

A few scenes available on CreateStudio

#2. Characters

2D & 3D characters come with several actions like walking, looking at a smartphone, waving, happy, tired, etc. The following video shows a few 2D characters available to use.

A few 2D characters from CreateStudio

Here is one of the 3D characters with all the actions.

A 3D character from CreateStudio

#3. Transitions

Transitions are used to join two shots smoothly and elegantly. You can use In, In & out, and Fx transitions on CreateStudio to create nice transition effects.

A few transition templates from CreateStudio

#4. Icons

You can also use 2D and 3D icons for your video projects.

A few 2D and 3D icons available on CreateStudio

#5. Backgrounds

Here are some prebuilt 2D & 3D backgrounds for different scenarios.

A few 2D and 3D backgrounds available on CreateStudio

#6. Titles

With titles, you can introduce the animated text to make your video look more professional. Check out a few of them.

Some animated titles from CreateStudio

#7. Devices 

You can insert your logo or videos on different devices like Mac, and Apple Watch.

Some devices found in CreateStudio

#8. Social

Find YouTube templates, social media animated icons, text message templates, & social media titles under this section.

A few social templates from CreateStudio

#9. Emoji

If you love emojis, CreateStudio has many animated emojis that you can include in your videos.

Animated emojis from CreateStudio

#10. VideoFX

Check out some VideoFX to turn your boring videos into eye-catching ones.

CreateStudio VideoFX

Here is the total number of VideoFx you can access

#11. Shapes 

Here are a few animated shapes from their gallery.

CreateStudio Shapes

#12. Scroll Stoppers

They are kind of 3D videos created to draw the attention of users on Instagram and Facebook.

CreateStudio Scroll Stoppers

Here is a table showing all the categories with types along with the total number of templates available with a $69 Commercial plan.

CategoriesTypesTotal No. of Templates
In & Out12
TitlesEpic Style5
Head Title6
Kinetic Typography4
Lower Thirds22
Text Boxes4
Line Elements20
Motion Shapes16
Scroll StoppersEffects5
List of CreateStudio Templates

2. Several Motion Features

You can add different In & Out, In, Out, and Loop motions to your text, shapes, images, and characters.

CreateStudio Motion Feature

I often use them in my videos when I have to present text titles and messages dynamically. You can use them as part of the effects to make your videos look more professional and attractive.

3. Animate SVG Images

You can animate SVG images and even change their color as per your liking. All you have to do is import any SVG image & then you can animate the following properties for each element.

CreateStudio Animation Properties

You can use this feature to create movable characters similar to videos from “The Infographics Show” YouTube channel.

4. Text To Speech Tool

If you don’t have a microphone or don’t want to record your voice, you can use CreateStudio’s built-in Text 2 Speech tool to convert your text into different voices.

Text to Speech Tool

All you need to do is paste your script in the text box, select the language & speaker, and hit generate to produce your speech.

Though some voices may sound robotic, some are still good to use.

CreateStudio Pricing

Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So even if you didn’t like the software, you get a 100% refund with no questions asked.

If you’re thinking about whether there is any free trial plan? Then, sorry to say, there is no such option besides the refund policy.

1. Standard Plan

This one gives access to all the features, but you won’t receive all the templates, 3D & 2D characters.
As per their website, you will get

  • Commercial use license (You get the license to sell your work)
  • All features
  • Doodle Creator
  • 8x Free 3D Characters
  • 20x Free 2D Characters
  • 50 Free Templates

The plan costs $99/year, which is worth the features you are getting. If you need any additional templates, you have to buy credits to get access.

2. All-Access Pass Plan

In addition to all the features from the Standard plan, you get access to all the templates, characters, & audio library at $299/year. Moreover, you will also receive new characters & templates every month.

CreateStudio Pricing

3. Commercial Use License

This plan isn’t always available, but you can find them during promotional offers on social media.

The Commercial Use License plan is similar to the standard one, but it is much cheaper, requiring only a one-time investment. It means you don’t have to worry about yearly payments, as paying $67 once gives lifetime access to this plan.

Currently, I am using the same, and honestly, it is worth the investment.

CreateStudio Pros & Cons


  • The software is easy & flexible to use even a newbie can create attractive videos with a little practice.
  • Provides pre-built animated templates and assets to make your job easier, thus, saving a lot of time.
  • You will be able to produce different kinds of videos as per your needs.
  • If you love posting on Social Media, you can grab the eyeballs with CreateStudio.
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a great option in case you don’t like the product.
  • You can even produce videos for others as part of your freelancing to generate side income.
  • The published video takes less space. 


  • Sometimes the timeline becomes confusing when there are so many elements on it.
  • You can’t cut the clips on the timeline.
  • The characters have few actions. It would have been better if they could provide more new actions.
  • You have to click everything as there are no hotkeys and shortcuts.
  • No voice recording option.

What Are The Ratings Given By Other Users?

I love CreateStudio because I have a positive experience while working on it. However, I don’t want to throw my opinion on you. That’s why I checked online to see what other users have to say about it.

Gladly, the majority of them have given positive feedback. On, it got a whopping 4.8 rating out of 5 based on 92 user reviews.

CreateStudio Capterra Rating

Similarly, TrustPilot also rated 4.8 out of 5 from 120 user reviews.

CreateStudio TrustPilot Rating

Clearly, CreateStudio is getting some love from its users, and I think they deserve it.

Final Verdict – CreateStudio Review 2021

As the competition is rising quickly, simple videos won’t give you the desired result as those having the best effects and animations.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be in front of the camera but still wants to produce attention-grabbing videos? CreateStudio is one of the best software for beginners.

I can vouch for that because I am a happy customer, and I hope you also get the desired result if you plan to buy the software.

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