16 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

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Don’t want to scroll the entire page? Here is a list of 16 YouTube channels that will make you smarter.

YouTube has now become an integral part of our daily lives. Everything is available here, including shows, skits, funny videos, and cartoons, making it difficult to become bored.

I never get bored scrolling through YouTube because I enjoy watching videos from the channels to which I am subscribed. However, the channels are mostly about education.

I am a subscriber to a plethora of fantastic channels that will make you smarter and improve your general knowledge. You can get answers to those burning questions that have been bothering you.

If you, like me, enjoy expanding your knowledge and want to use YouTube constructively? I've compiled a list of 16 YouTube channels that will educate you.


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16 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

1. Kurzgesagt — In a Nutshell

This channel is well-known for creating animated explainer videos, mostly about science. If you've ever wondered, "What if we detonated all nuclear bombs at the same time?" or "Could your phone hurt you?" then this is the channel for you.

Kurzgesagt makes visual learning more interesting by using fascinating animation and beautiful voice over. They currently upload one video per month.

Example Video - Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

2. TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks publishes videos of the world's most famous people giving the best speeches they've ever given in 18 minutes or less. The videos are from the TED Conference collection, where you can learn about Technology, Entertainment, Design, and other topics.

If you want to be inspired, you should subscribe to the TED Talks channel.

Example - How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey

3. It's Okay To Be Smart

This channel is for you if you enjoy answering questions that pique your interest. Joe Hanson answers questions like "Why don't birds lay eggs in a square?" and "Do trees talk?"

It's Okay To Be Smart has both animated explainer videos and in-person videos.

Example - Why Do We Laugh?

4. SmarterEveryDay

SmarterEveryDay creates science-related videos. They explain, answer, and conduct experiments to investigate scientific questions.

Example - Breaking Into a Smart Home With A Laser - Smarter Every Day 229 

5. Sixty Symbols

If you are interested in Physics and Astronomy, Sixty Symbols is a place where the channel explore and answer various questions about it.

Example - Biggest and Smallest Stars

6. MinutePhysics

You can find whiteboard explainer videos about physics and other science topics here. The videos are both fascinating and entertaining, explaining problems in a simplified manner.

Example - Why Do Compressed Air Cans Get Cold?

7. VSauce

VSauce produces videos on world-related topics in which they provide excellent answers to burning questions. On this channel, you can learn fascinating facts about strange and wonderful things.

Example - How Much of the Earth Can You See at Once?

8. Clever Programmer

You can tell by the name that it is about programming languages. You can subscribe to this channel if you want to or are currently pursuing a career as a high-paying Freelance developer. You can find programming lessons, tips, and tricks to help you improve your coding skills right here.

Example - One SECRET to Skyrocket Your Front End Design Skills Even if You Suck

9. Numberphile

Numberphile delves into mathematics, discussing various concepts, historical discoveries, and recent breakthroughs.

Example - Euler Squares

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the place to go if you want to watch world-class school and college education videos for free. Students can find videos on Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Economics, Finance, Grammar, and a variety of other subjects.

Example - Multistep volume problem example

11. CrashCourse

Do you struggle to understand subjects such as sociology, computer science, film history, and mythology? Crash Course has your back. Whether you're struggling with 3D structure and bonding or want to learn about World War II, Crash Course explains it all through animation.

Example - Alkanes: Crash Course Organic Chemistry

12. ASAPScience

This channel is run by a Gay couple where they talk about Science. They discuss intriguing topics that create curiosity. A few examples are

  • What if you stopped brushing your teeth forever?
  • What if you only ate chips?

They explain their point with colored drawings on a whiteboard and voice-over narration.

Example - What If You Are Stressed Everyday?

13. TED-Ed

If you enjoy educational videos and animations on a variety of topics, you can subscribe to TED-Ed. All of the videos have been carefully selected, and many of them are the result of collaborations between talented educators and animators.

Example - What can DNA tests really tell us about our ancestry?

14. OpenLearn from The Open University

The Open University is the leading provider of high-quality online degrees and distance learning programs in the world. They have been serving students all over the world for many years and have a fully functional YouTube channel.

They share bite-sized learning videos on a variety of topics, including philosophy, economics, English history, astronomy, and religion.

Example - OpenLearn from The Open University 

15. Sexplanations

Sexplanations is about sex education, as the name suggests. Dr. Lindsey Doe hosts this channel, where she shares incredible knowledge about the subject while inspiring the audience to remain curious.

Example - How did we learn there were sperm?

16. HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks is an educational channel that creates videos about how things around you work. They reveal everything from how Gin is made to how physics helps animals fly. If you are interested in such videos, you can subscribe to them.

Example - How Contact Tracing Works 

Your Turn 

It's now your turn to subscribe to these YouTube channels that will make you smarter. Though these are not the only channels on YouTube that can help you learn more, there are many more.

As a result, I'll be updating the list from time to time so you can learn more. Do you have any recommendations? You can leave a comment below.

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  1. Thank you! I’m subscribed to some of these channels but will be adding new ones to my subscription list now. It’s much more useful to watch educational informative videos rather than the tons of nonsense that are uploaded to YouTube every day. I’m in the habit of watching something all the time, on the road, at breakfast, in the evenings. Got something to entertain myself with.


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