Ezoic Review 2023: Result After 13 Months (EPMV Increased By 225%)

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I have been using Ezoic for over one year, and I think now I am eligible to write an Ezoic’s review.

If you just have heard about this tool & thinking to try them, reading my entire experience will give you an idea of how Ezoic performs.

You get to peek on my site’s ad performance from February 2019 till February 2020, where you can clearly see the improvement (225%) in my EPMV & ad earnings. So, wasting no time, let’s see what exactly Ezoic is?

Ezoic Review

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What is Ezoic?

Ezoic website

Ezoic is an A.I website intelligence program designed for Publishers that analyzes the behavior of the visitors to collect necessary data. Based on this data, Ezoic then automates decisions to improve visitor experiences, SEO, and EPMV (earnings per 1,000 visitors or session RPM).

In simple words, Ezoic places the correct ad size & format at the right place on your website to have a better audience interaction resulting in more ad income.

If you have been using Google Adsense, you must have done A/B split testing to find out the best ad positions & sizes to get more clicks and impressions. Ezoic does the same work on autopilot. Moreover, it is also a Google Certified Publishing Partner that itself speaks a lot.

My Adsense Income Before Joining Ezoic

I joined Adsense on 19th November 2018, where I made only $2.91 in 12 days with an EPMV (Ad session RPM) of just $1.52.

In December 2018, I saw a little growth in EPMV from $1.52 to $2.34, which resulted in total ad earnings of $10.91. Looking at the result, I was not happy with the EPMV, but still, I was hoping for a better result next month.

Gladly, I saw a further improvement in January 2019, where it reached $3.68 and made an overall earning of $36.55. I was satisfied with my growth, but I also knew that the earnings are better because it was a Q4-Q1 session. I really wanted to see how Google Adsense would fair in Q2 & Q3 session, as these were the period where ad earnings would dip a lot.

However, I couldn’t test it out because I joined Ezoic on 25th February 2019. But before joining Ezoic, Adsense gave an EPMV of $6.11, which resulted in a total earning of $56.54 from 1st February – 24th February 2019.

Overall, looking at the Google Adsense performance, it wasn’t bad, but neither it was impressive for my blog. I always saw irregular daily earnings where on one day, I make $5, but the very next day, I saw only a few cents. So, that’s one reason I decided to try Ezoic because I needed a consistent earning.

Here is a table showing all the stats related to Google Adsense

MonthsTotal Page ViewsEPMVTotal Earnings
November 2018 (19th – 30th)2,470$1.52$2.91
December 2018 (1st – 31st)6,580$2.34$10.91
January 2019 (1st – 31st)12,803$3.68$36.55
February 2019 (1st – 24th)12,027$6.11$56.54

How I Got To Know About Ezoic – My Story

On 22nd February 2019, out of the blue, I got an email from one of the Business Development employees of Ezoic. In the email, she talked about how Ezoic can improve ad earnings for my blog & she offered me an invitation to join them.

As I already knew about the company, I wanted to make sure whether it would be safe to join them as I don’t want to lose my Adsense account.

So, after doing a little research, which included reading several review posts and forums, I decided to join them as I only saw positive things about them.

Like, they have a minimum payout of just $20 compared to Adsense’s $100. Ezoic offers several useful plugins and Big Data Analytics useful to dig a lot of information about both your blog and ads. Moreover, Ezoic allows you to use Adsense ads along with it, which is a kind of relief for me.

So, I finally gave her thumbs up to be a part of their company, and she managed the whole joining process for me. I would say I just did 30% of the joining process & the rest were done by her that really impressed me as a customer.

Lifez Eazy’s Ezoic Results From February 2019 – February 2020

Before I share my experience for 13 months, let’s talk about an essential factor that affects the EPMV. If you are not aware, traffic from certain countries can either increase or decrease your overall EPMV depending on your niche.

In my case, the more traffic I get from the U.S, U.K, AUS & CAN, I saw better EPMV. However, when there is an increase in traffic from Asian countries, I saw the opposite.

Now, it doesn’t mean that blogs getting Asian traffic is not a suitable fit for Ezoic. In fact, Ezoic can give positive results to any blog in any niche. It’s just that traffic from major countries gives better results.

So, if you’re already getting the same, then it’s well and good. But if not, there is no need to worry about it because you’ll definitely see a boost in your ad earnings no matter where your traffic comes from.

First Quarter (Q1) 2019 Performance

February 2019

When I was using Adsense, the EPMV for February 2019 (1st – 24th) was $6.11. But when I joined Ezoic on 25th, I saw some wonderful improvements in the last four days.

The EPMV was pretty higher than the usual, which I never saw while using Adsense. I think it would have been more if I had implemented Ezoic earlier. Still, I was satisfied with the overall performance in those four days.

But as my traffic was low, I couldn’t generate enough money & made a total earning of just $7.20 in four days.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings February 2019

Total Earnings$7.20 (four days)
Average Earnings per day$1.80
Average Visits191
Average EPMV$9.37
Total Monthly Visits767 (four days)

March 2019

In March 2019, I saw a better increase in my EPMV from $9.37 to $11.17, which definitely means that the Ezoic has started its work. My average earnings per day also climbed to $3, affecting my overall earnings positively.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings March 2019

Total Earnings$92.88 (30 days)
Average Earnings per day$3.00
Average Visits268
Average EPMV$11.17
Total Monthly Visits8,312

Now, to show you the clear difference between Ezoic and Adsense earnings. Here is a comparison table between Adsense and Ezoic for one month.


StatsGoogle Adsense (Jan 2019)Ezoic (March 2019)
Total Visitors9,9009,200
Total Pageviews13,90012,600
Total earnings$37.13$92.88

Clearly, you can see the difference. Even after having less traffic in March, Ezoic performed better, earning nearly thrice than what Adsense made. At this point, I finally decided to stick with Ezoic.

Second Quarter (Q2) 2019 Performance

April 2019

At the beginning of any quarter, the EPMV is expected to fall because advertisers end their quarterly budgets in the month prior. That’s the reason I saw a dip in EPMV from $11.17 to $9.34 in April. But because the visits were more than March, the total earnings were similar to March.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings April 2019

Total Earnings$92.66 (31 days)
Average Earnings per day$3.09
Average Visits330
Average EPMV$9.34
Total Monthly Visits9,924

May 2019

In May, I saw a minor dip again in EPMV from $9.34 to $8.22, which decreased my earnings by $14. Also, I saw fewer visits compared to the previous month, which accounted for low revenue.

But looking at the Adsense earnings, Ezoic was still performing better, and I was quite happy about it.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings May 2019

Total Earnings$78.16 (31 days)
Average Earnings per day$2.52
Average Visits306
Average EPMV$8.22
Total Monthly Visits9,512

June 2019

June was better than May, where there was an increase in my EPMV from $8.22 to $10.05. This resulted in better daily earnings, but the overall income was a little low because of a decrease in visits by 1,133.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings June 2019

Total Earnings$84.25 (30 days)
Average Earnings per day$2.81
Average Visits279
Average EPMV$10.05
Total Monthly Visits8,379

Till now, you have seen that the EPMV is usually less at the beginning of a quarter, but when it reaches till the end, it increases. So, that’s why I saw less EPMV at the beginning (April) and more at the end (June).

Third Quarter (Q3) 2019 Performance

July 2019

Q3 was better than both Q2 & Q1, not because of EPMV but because I had better traffic that improved my overall earnings.

In July, I saw a little dip in EPMV, but because my visits increased by 3,660, the total earnings crossed $100 for the first time (Yah).

Looking at my EPMV till now, it is juggling between $9 – $11.20, and being honest, I am ok with it because it’s way better than Adsense.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings July 2019

Total Earnings$118.05 (31 days)
Average Earnings per day$3.81
Average Visits388
Average EPMV$9.81
Total Monthly Visits12,039

August 2019

August was even better than July because I crossed $150 in monthly earnings. All thanks to an increase in my visits from 12k to 19.5k, which resulted in an average daily earning of $9.11. Though my EPMV went a few cents down, I was pretty satisfied with the performance.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings August 2019

Total Earnings$178.03 (31 days)
Average Earnings per day$9.11
Average Visits630
Average EPMV$9.11
Total Monthly Visits19,533

September 2019

As September was the closing month for Q3, I saw an increase in EPMV from $9.11 to $10.66. But because of my visits reduced by 4,656, the total earnings reduced from $178.03 to $158.54.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings September 2019

Total Earnings$158.54 (30 days)
Average Earnings per day$5.28
Average Visits495
Average EPMV$10.66
Total Monthly Visits14,877

Now, the Q4 was very crucial for me because that’s when the ad rates are high. This means I have a brilliant chance to earn more money through ads, and I was pretty much sure I’d see an increase in both earnings and EPMV.

So, did Ezoic performed better than my expectation? Let’s find out.

Fourth Quarter (Q4) 2019 Performance

October 2019

As I predicted, Q4 started with a bang with an increase in EPMV from $10.66 to $12.25, resulting in a total earning of $185.89. This is my highest earning till now, but I was pretty sure it will jump further in the coming two months.

Also, I saw an increase in my visits by 300, which further increased my overall income.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings October 2019

Total Earnings$185.89 (31 days)
Average Earnings per day$6.00
Average Visits489
Average EPMV$12.25
Total Monthly Visits15,180

November 2019

November was the happiest month of my life, where I made a whopping $371.64 compared to $185.89 last month. I had an EPMV of $16.69, which is the highest till now. The daily earnings were near to $12, and I made better growth in traffic from 15k to 22k.

Overall, I was expecting some excellent results in Q4 & that’s what happened. So, it was a pretty wonderful month for me.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings November 2019

Total Earnings$371.64 (30 days)
Average Earnings per day$12.39
Average Visits742
Average EPMV$16.69
Total Monthly Visits22,268

December 2019

In December, I saw a little decline, but still, it was better than October, where I made $331.85 in monthly earnings. Even though I had an additional 2.3k visits compared to November, but because of low EPMV, the revenue was less. Nevertheless, I was still happy with the final result.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings December 2019

Total Earnings$331.85 (30 days)
Average Earnings per day$10.70
Average Visits792
Average EPMV$13.51
Total Monthly Visits24,569

First Quarter (Q1) 2020 Performance

January 2020

The first year with Ezoic went pretty well as I saw some big improvement in Q4. There were some up and downs in Q1, Q2 & Q3 but it was still better than Adsense.

Now, I was eager to know how Ezoic will perform in Q1 2020. But I already knew that I’d see some decline as it was the beginning month of a quarter.

Well, I was right! I saw a decrease in my EPMV from $13.51 to $10.39. But even so, the earnings were not much affected as it decreased by only $10. That’s because my blog managed to get more visits from 24k last month to 27k.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings January 2020

Total Earnings$322.22 (30 days)
Average Earnings per day$10.39
Average Visits872
Average EPMV$10.39
Total Monthly Visits27,035

February 2020

This is the month where I started my Ezoic journey last year and saw some improvement in my EPMV within four days.

Now, after one year, I have seen good improvement where my EPMV increased from $10.39 last month to $13.81 this month.

Not only this, but I also saw a growth in the monthly visit from 27k to 29k. This was the reason I could cross $400 in ad earnings for the first time with daily average earnings of $13.85. And all credit goes to Ezoic.


Lifezeazy's Ezoic Earnings February 2020

Total Earnings$401.66 (30 days)
Average Earnings per day$13.85
Average Visits1,002
Average EPMV$13.81
Total Monthly Visits29,077

So, this was my 13-month journey with Ezoic, which ended with a bang having the most ad earnings in the last month.

I started with an EPMV from $9.37 (Feb 2019) and ended it with $13.81 in my 13th month (Feb 2020). To be honest, I am satisfied with my results, considering an excellent improvement in my overall ad stats.

As of now, my blog has 95% of ads from Ezoic, and the rest 5% are from Adsense that adds up a few cents every month.

What Are The Requirements For Joining Ezoic?

  • Your website or blog must have at least 10,000 monthly visits. That’s because Ezoic’s system is a data-driven A.I that needs a minimum of 10k visits per month to produce reliable and confident results. 
  • Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that only works with those sites compliant with AdSense policy
  • Your Google AdSense or Ad Manager account must be in good standing with Google. That’s because Ezoic cannot approve sites that have been banned by AdSense for policy violations.
  • Ezoic works with informational, content-rich websites that have original content. Currently, they do not work with corporate & eCommerce site. However, if there is a blog attached to an e-commerce site – they can certainly take a look!
  • Your website must be written in an AdSense-supported language.

How to Join Ezoic?

If you are lucky, they will contact you personally and invite you to join their platform. If that happens, it means your site is already compatible with Ezoic as it fulfills all the requirements.

In case, if that doesn’t happen, you can still apply to join their platform if your site passes all the requirements.


Q1. Is There Any Contract Or Hidden Terms With Ezoic?

Unlike Mediavine, where you need to sign a contract, Ezoic lets you have a contract-free partnership with no legal tie-ins. You are free to leave anytime you want in case if you are not satisfied. To know more, read the Ezoic Terms and Conditions before joining. 

Q2. What Is The Minimum Payout In Ezoic?

Unlike Adsense, where you need to wait to hit $100 before cashing out, Ezoic has only a $20 threshold amount. As soon as you cross this limit, your earnings will be transferred to you at the end of the month.

Q3. Can I Use Google Adsense After Implementing Ezoic?

Yes, you can. Ezoic gives you the option to control the percentage of ads you’d like to show on your site. This means you can show ads from both of them, or you can only show ads from either of them.

Personally, I have adjusted my settings to 95% of Ezoic ads, followed by 5% Adsense ads. The reason I still have 5% Adsense ads is that I don’t want to completely turn it off.

Q4. Is Ezoic Free To Use?

Yes, Ezoic is free to use, but there is a slight catch. Initially, when you join Ezoic, you are in a 30-day free trial plan. Once the trial is over, they put a small ad on the bottom of your page, which allows them to earn a small commission from you.

However, if you don’t want that, you can upgrade to a premium account starting at $49 per month, which gives you access to premium CPM advertisers and higher payouts.

Conclusion – Ezoic Review 2020

I hope this review will help you decide whether Ezoic is the right tool for your website. Earlier, I was skeptical to join them as the process involved a few integrations. But thanks to the Ezoic team, they made the joining process smooth for me.

Also, I am completely satisfied with my overall result, where I increased my site’s EPMV by 225%. That’s good growth for my website to make more ad income.

I have two more websites that I am planning to integrate with Ezoic as soon as it crosses 10,000 visits. If you want to know more about Ezoic, visit their website. Also, if you have any further questions, you’re welcome to drop comments.

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11 thoughts on “Ezoic Review 2023: Result After 13 Months (EPMV Increased By 225%)”

  1. This is a really detailed and step by step review. I found it really helpful and most of my doubts regarding ezoic were solved through your post. I hope to join this ad network soon as I am currently trying to get 10k+ pageviews on my blog. Can you please share what strategies you are following to get a decent traffic on your blog? Thanks again for writing this detailed post!

    • Hey Sam. My EPMV for this month is $11. It is a little bit less but it’s because of coronavirus. Most of my traffic comes from the US followed by India.

  2. That’s awesome man ! I am getting like $7, even though most of my traffic is from US and other first world countries (50%) followed by others. May be that is because I had Ezoic ads up on my site only this month.
    Anyways great post, very helpful. Nice to virtually meet you 🙂

    • Normally, it takes 2-3 months to finally see some good results. So, cross your fingers and wait for a couple of months. You will at least increase your ad income by 50%. Good luck bro 🙂

    • Usually, it takes 1000-1200 visits to reach $15. It also depends on the month. Some months are going to be great like Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. In Nov, I made $25 in a single day with just 747 visits.

  3. Great share bro, Best of luck. I got $12.44 EPMV 5 days ago, but then it comes to $8.86,$5.69,$6.32, and $5.32 (Avg visitor: 137). Will it come to $12.44 again? Ezoic account running 2.5 months.

    • Yes, it will pick up eventually. Check that your ad placements are correct. You can even talk to the support team to get this resolved.
      EPMVs are typically low during the middle of the year. It will return to normalcy around the Christmas season.


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