Ezoic Review 2019 – How I Increased Ad Income By 360%

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Do you want to increase your Google Adsense income by 50% – 120%?

If your answer is yes, then you’ll definitely love this Ezoic’s Review.

Imagine if there was a program that can guide you to place ads in the right place from where you can expect more clicks.

A program that can tell you which ad size is perfect for your visitors and which advertisers to work with to make more ad income.

All these factors will definitely impact your daily earnings and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

If you are really interested to learn about Ezoic and how it can increase your earnings, then this review will definitely help you a lot.

You will get to know everything related to it and I will also show how much improvement I got using them.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get into the business.

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What is Ezoic?

 Ezoic website

Ezoic is an AI website intelligence program designed for Publishers that analyzes the behavior of your visitors to collect important data & then automate decisions to improve visitor experiences, SEO, and website earnings.

In simple language, this program reads your visitors behavior and then place the correct ad size at the right place on your website to have a maximum positive interaction.

This means you will get more clicks and views on your ad which increases your ad income.

This is a great tool to do A/B split testing to find the best ad positions & sizes to improve your overall site layout. Moreover, you can also have access to premium CPM advertisers from Google’s Ad exchange

Ezoic is also a Google Certified Publishing Partner, that means you don’t have to worry about any Adsense ban, payment or reliability.

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Is Ezoic a Good Alternative To Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad network online used by millions of websites.

I love them because they don’t have any traffic requirement to get accepted.

Even if your website is new, they will accept your site with open arms if you meet their guidelines.

However, there is one problem that most of the publishers complain and I thoroughly agree with them.

You need a lot of traffic to make money from Adsense. Well, it’s not a new thing as all the ad networks follow the same thing.

But if the Ad network has a low CPC, CTR & overall RPM, then it means you need tons of traffic to make a nice income.

That’s what I don’t like about Adsense as I was making pennies every day.

Also, the minimum payout being $100 made it difficult for me to cash out my earnings within a month.

But since I joined Ezoic, I increased my daily earning by five times with the same number of page views. I know it’s insane, but it’s true.

It actually analyzes your visitors and site to decide which ads will work perfectly to have a better engagement. And all these things are on Autopilot.

What Are The Requirement For Ezoic?

  • Your site should have a minimum of 10,000 page views per month to produce reliable and confident results.
  • The site should comply with Google Policies.
  • Your site should comply with AdSense policy
  • Your site should be Adsense approved.
  • Ezoic works with informational, content-rich sites. Currently, they don’t work with corporate & eCommerce site. However, if your site is a blog attached to an e-commerce site – they can certainly take a look!

Ezoic Features & Benefits

Ezoic Benefits infograph

Ezoic has a lot of features to offer that can help your website. Here are some of them.

  • Ad Tester – It identifies the best ways of placing ads across your online platform to ensure your ad income increases & it is not causing any negative experience to your visitors. It will identify what ad size, location & color is best for your visitors.
  • Layout Tester – Ezoic’s website intelligence continually tests different layouts on your website based on some important user metrics such as time on site, page views per visit & bounce rate to choose the best one that maximizes user experience & interaction. This includes Desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Content Tester – Ezoic Content Tester lets you create unlimited variations of your content to test which one performs better. This means a reader from Twitter will see a different title and image than a reader from Facebook. This is especially good to reduce your bounce rate and increase the page views resulting in higher ad revenue and increased traffic.
  • Doubleclick AdExchange – This gives you access to a pool of premium advertisers which can uplift CPM by 30-40%.
  • No Contracts – You can join and leave Ezoic anytime as they don’t bind you with any contracts.
  • More Page views and Session time – Ezoic system will ensure your visitors won’t have a negative experience because of ads. Thus, this improves session time and Page views.
  • Access to Multiple Apps – You get access to a lot of apps as shown below.

Ezoic Apps

You can find more features by clicking here.

How To Join Ezoic?

Signing up with Ezoic is a simple 4-step process that is quite easy to do.

Note: If you feel the process is difficult, you can email me at [email protected] and I will directly connect you with an Ezoic Account Manager who will help you with the sign-up process.

1. Create an Ezoic Account

This is the first step where you need to create an account.

You can click here to go to the Ezoic website where you need to click on the “create account” button to get started.

Click on create account button on Ezoic

This will take you to a short form where you need to enter few details.

Once you’ve completed, you’ll see something like this.

Ezoic Dashboard showing sign up steps

Now, these are the 4 steps you need to complete for having complete access to Ezoic.

STEP 1. Integrate Your Site

The first step involves integrating your site with Ezoic.

To do this, you need to point your name servers to them. If you are already using Cloudflare, then this step becomes much easier.

You can read this post to set up the Cloudflare on your site if you haven’t installed it yet.

Once you’ve installed it, go to the Ezoic integration tab by clicking here and follow these steps.

  • Click on the Integrate Now! Button under Cloudflare to get started.

Cloudflare Installation tab

  • Login to your Cloudflare account.

Cloudflare login tab

  • A success message will be displayed suggesting that everything went fine.

Cloudflare installation success message on Ezoic

However, if you are not using Cloudflare, you just need to go to your DNS provider and change your name servers to Ezoic recommended name servers manually.

STEP 2. Setup Ad Testing

After integrating your name servers, go back to the set-up wizard and click on the Setup Ad testing.

This will open a new page where you have to perform 2 steps.

  • Place the script in the header of your website
  • Identify and replace the existing ads on your website so they can be tested.

A) Place The Script In The Header Of Your Website

For the first step, you can install a WordPress plugin “free Header & Footer WordPress” that allows you to add codes in header and footer.

You just need to copy the Ezoic script from Ad Testing setup as shown below.

Ad testing Ezoic script to paste on website header

Then paste the same in the header section of “Header & Footer” plugin.

Paste Ezoic script in the header section of "Insert header footer" plugin
Insert Header Footer WordPress setting page

Once you’ve added the code, click on “continue to step 2” in Ad Testing setup to proceed.

B) Identify And Replace The Existing Ads On Your Website So They Can Be Tested

Now, this step is kinda confusing for beginners but to be honest it’s easy.

There might be few Adsense ad units already running on your site. These ad units need to be wrapped with Ezoic script.

You can watch this video to know the exact process.

C) Add Additional Testing Locations with Ezoic’s Placeholders

After wrapping your existing ads, you need to add more additional locations to get tested by Ezoic’s system.

You can do this in two ways.

  • Manual method
  • Using Ezoic Chrome Extension

In the manual method, you need to follow the same process as you did while wrapping existing Adsense ads.

But only the difference is you don’t have to insert any Adsense code and instead, use only the Ezoic script.

For using the Ezoic Chrome extension, you can watch this video

STEP 3. Turn On Ezoic

Click on the third step and ensure to turn On the ads for all the devices.

Ezoic Ad Tester Device Turn On/Off option

STEP 4. Apply For Google’s Ad Exchange

This is the fourth step you need to do to complete the process.

Google Ad Exchange allows you to serve ads from thousands of ad networks on the traffic you send through Ezoic’s testing platform.

While applying, ensure to use the same email address associated with your Adsense account.

To begin, go to your Ezoic dashboard and click on the Google Ad Exchange option.

This will open a form which you have to fill & submit.

Once done, go back to your Ezoic dashboard & you will see a message under Google Ad Exchange option where it says that

“We are waiting for Google to review your application. This can take from 1 – 24 hours.”

Once you have done all these steps, you have completed everything from your side.

Now, you just have to wait for the approval from Google Ad Exchange.

If you feel it is kinda hectic work, contact me and I will connect you with an Ezoic staff who will make your work quite easy.

P.S – Most of my sign-up process was done by my Ezoic Manager and I did only 30% work. So, I recommend that you take help from them so that everything goes right. If you want one, contact me at [email protected]

Is Ezoic Free?

Ezoic provides 3 plans for publishers.

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Ezoic Pricing Page

All the plans include a one-month free trial where you can keep 100% of your earning. However, after one month, you can go with any plan.

1. No Monthly Fee

In this plan, they offer their service completely for free.

However, Ezoic will keep an ad at the bottom of each page of your website from where they will make some income.

This is their way to make money without asking you to pay any monthly fees.

You’ll have access to all the apps & tools like other paid plans.

Most publishers ( including myself ) are making 50%-120% more earning than Adsense using this plan.

2. Professional

Professional plan is for those bloggers who are making at least $1000 per month from ads.

For $1000 ad revenue, they charge $49/month (for Informational websites or blogs) and it keeps on increasing when your ad revenue increases.

For example, if your earning is $5000/month, you’ll be charged $249/month. However, you will have full control over which plan to buy.

Many publishers have seen an increase in CPM in premium plans. So, its a great investment to earn double if you are making more than $1000.

Also, Ezoic will not place any ad at the bottom like they do with the free plan.

3. Enterprise

Enterprise plans are for big websites, media brands & large publishing groups where they include advanced or custom platform integrations and API access.

Does Ezoic Has Any Referral Program?

Yes, Ezoic has a referral program where you get a 3% lifetime commission from referrals who sign up using your referral link.

This is great to earn a monthly commission by referring people through your website.

If you ask me, this is a great offer compared to other ad networks where you won’t make lifetime commissions.

If your single referral makes $500 in a month, you’ll get 3% i.e. $15. This may seem less but if you have 20 or 30 referrals earning $500/month under your belt, you will make $300 or $450 without even doing anything.

Isn’t that great?

Over time, your referral numbers will grow and your earning as well.

How Ezoic Pays & What Is The Minimum Payout Amount?

Their payment system is awesome because of timely payment.

Usually, they release payment between 28th – 30th of every month and the pay is for the previous month.

For example, if you have earned $100 in January and $200 in February, then you’ll receive payment of January at the end of February.

You can request payment from the following methods

  • PayPal
  • US Bank transfer via Pioneer
  • International Bank Transfer via Pioneer
  • Prepaid card via Pioneer
  • Check (Only for US & Canada)

And the best part is they have only $20 minimum payout amount compared to Adsense’s $100.

Ezoic Vs Google Adsense

Google Adsense

  • Low EPMV (Earnings per thousand visitors).
  • Minimum Payout amount is $100.
  • No Account Manager to help you whenever you face difficulty.
  • You have to manually perform all the A/B testing.


  • High EPMV. You can literally double or even triple your earnings.
  • Minimum Payout amount is only $20.
  • Ezoic will provide an Account Manager for you.
  • Ezoic will automatically do the A/B testing to provide you with best results.

Tips To Maximize Your Ezoic Earnings

  • Add More Ad Units – The more ad units you add, the better Ezoic will perform. If there are multiple ad units added, then Ezoic can test various ad combinations to see which one of them perform better. It gives them more options for the experiment.

  • Enable Mobile Anchor Ads – This is an ad that stick to the bottom of mobile devices to boost your earnings from mobile devices without annoying your website visitors.

  • More Ezoic Ads and Less Adsense Ads – If you go to the settings > Basic Site options > Turn Ezoic On & Off & click on Manage, you can adjust the percentage of Ezoic and Adsense ads displaying on your website. When you are starting, ensure to keep it at 50:50 and then after one month, you can change it to 90:10 or 95:5 where 90 & 95 are Ezoic’s percentage. Well, you don’t have to follow the same setting but you can tweak accordingly.

  • Traffic – Traffic coming from the US, UK, AUS & CAN provide a much better result than other countries. If you’re already receiving traffic from these countries, you can expect a much better result. However, it doesn’t mean that traffic from other countries won’t give any result.
  • Patience – If you are getting traffic under 50000 page views, you should at least have patience for 1-2 months to see the actual result. However, if you are getting more traffic, you can expect results early.

Personal Experience With Ezoic

Talking about my experience with Ezoic has been great. I have seen some good improvements in my earnings even though my blog wasn’t getting tons of traffic.

It all started when Ezoic themselves contacted me and asked for a demo.

As I haven’t heard about them before, I quickly googled and was quite surprised seeing all the positive feedback.

Without thinking twice, I agreed for the demo and they really impressed me to try them.

My contact person was Hannah, and she really helped me a lot to set-up my Ezoic account.

I would say she did 70% of my work and I did all the ad wrapping.

If you too want to set-up your account with the help of Ezoic staff, email me and I will connect you with her.

Within a few days of using their service, I started making dollars instead of cents.

As you can see with only 250 – 300 page views daily back in January 2019, I was making between $0.10 – $0.63 on Google Adsense.

If I compare it with Ezoic, you can see that I am making 3 times more what I was making with Adsense. I went from $0.10 – $0.63 to $2-$3 every day.

Ezoic vs Adsense earning chart

Also, my EPMV (earning per thousand visitors or session) increased by over 500% in all the devices.

Ezoic EPMV Change page

Currently, I am making $6 – $8 per day with 600 to 800 visits. Though, it deflects a little bit but its normal.

Ezoic Earning as of now

Update: As of November 2019, I am making an average of $11 from the same visits & one time, I even made $25 from just 747 visits.

Updated Ezoic Daily Earnings

If you are running a blog monetized by Google Adsense that gets over 10,000 page views per month, I recommend you should definitely try Ezoic to see how much ad earnings you were actually missing.

Conclusion – Ezoic Review 2019

So, this is my Ezoic’s review where I shared my personal experience with you.

My earnings have improved a lot within 1-2 month and there are many bloggers like me who are completely loving this platform.

If you’re frustrated with your Adsense income and want to double or even triple it, then try Ezoic.

If you don’t like it, you can still continue using Adsense as they don’t have any contracts.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “Ezoic Review 2019 – How I Increased Ad Income By 360%”

  1. This is a really detailed and step by step review. I found it really helpful and most of my doubts regarding ezoic were solved through your post. I hope to join this ad network soon as I am currently trying to get 10k+ pageviews on my blog. Can you please share what strategies you are following to get a decent traffic on your blog? Thanks again for writing this detailed post!

    • Hey Sam. My EPMV for this month is $11. It is a little bit less but it’s because of coronavirus. Most of my traffic comes from the US followed by India.

  2. That’s awesome man ! I am getting like $7, even though most of my traffic is from US and other first world countries (50%) followed by others. May be that is because I had Ezoic ads up on my site only this month.
    Anyways great post, very helpful. Nice to virtually meet you 🙂

    • Normally, it takes 2-3 months to finally see some good results. So, cross your fingers and wait for a couple of months. You will at least increase your ad income by 50%. Good luck bro 🙂

    • Usually, it takes 1000-1200 visits to reach $15. It also depends on the month. Some months are going to be great like Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. In Nov, I made $25 in a single day with just 747 visits.


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