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How To Find a Profitable Niche In 6 Steps (Fail Proof Formula)

Having a successful online business/blog that makes money on autopilot is everybody’s dream.

Imagine yourself traveling the world and checking your emails with several dollars are being credited every hour. Isn’t that be amazing?

I know its very pleasing to imagine and but it takes a lot of hard work to achieve the same.

Just merely starting a blog and writing contents won’t get you any money. You know, there are millions of people doing the same thing without even earning a single penny.

So, what should you do now?

You need to hit those niches which are profitable and at the same time have an amazing audience as well.

No, It doesn’t mean that you can’t make money from starting a hobby related blog. Sure you can do.

But here I am talking about a blog which has a better potential to make money and at the same time is quite profitable as well.

So, if you haven’t started blogging yet and looking for profitable niches, then in this article, I will show you the exact steps you should take to find a profitable niche.



Before starting a blog, you need to do certain analysis in order to find a profitable niche that has a better potential to make money online. To make things easy, check out the steps mentioned in this article which will guide you to find a profitable niche in just 6 steps that has better potential to make a steady income. #findniche #blogging

While selecting a niche, it is very important to see various aspects that are needed for determining whether the blog will be successful or not.

So, keeping that in mind, we will be going through a series of steps which will make sure that the chosen niche is worth your time.

But first, let me show you a preview of steps that I will be discussing here:

  • Make a list of niches that interest you
  • Search Forums related to your niche
  • Search questions related to your niche
  • Check Facebook & Pinterest groups
  • Look for search volume & keyword competitiveness
  • Finally, ask questions to decide

I know you are confused by reading all these steps. But don’t worry I got your back and by the end of this article, you will surely learn the right way to select a niche.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin.


Now, I know there are various niches that are going through your mind right now. It can be either affiliate marketing, fashion, health or anything else.

As a normal blogger, people will choose whatever niche they have interest and start blogging without doing any proper research.

And you don’t wanna be that blogger who is just like the hundreds of bloggers out there. Instead, here, you need to think strategically whether the chosen niche you are about to blog has:

  • Huge active audience
  • Problems that can be solved
  • Products that can be offered to solve those problems
  • A lot of topics to write about

So, in order to find it out. The first thing you need to do is write it down all the niches that interest you.

You can either use a paper & pen or go with Google Sheets. It can 10 or 20 or 30 niches that might be running in your mind. Don’t worry, just write it down.

Next, we need to cut all the niches into the top 3. To do so, think about each niche that you have written and ask few questions to yourself:

  • Can I write for a long run if I choose this niche?
  • Can I write long contents of more than 2000 words if I go for this niche?
  • Am I ready to educate myself every day if I choose this niche?
  • Will I get bored after one year if I go with this niche?

Now, its all up to you to decide which one makes the top 3 spots. So, just sort them out on the basis of the above questions and choose the top 3 niches that you think are the best on this whole list.

If you have finally got 3 of them, then its time to analyze the potentials of all these niches which will take you one step closer to a profitable one.


How would it be if you don’t have enough topics to write about? I know you might spend the time to think about what to write next.

This is exactly what you will do now. In this step, you need to find out different sub-niches & topics that are related to each of these niches. This will make sure that you have enough topics to write about for a long run.

To do so, search all the forums related to your niche in order to find out different sub-niches & topics it has. 

To do so, Choose your first niche and open Google. Type “Forum: Niche name” & hit enter. For example, if my niche is gardening then type “Forum:gardening”.

Forum search on Google

What will happen is Google will show you all the different forums based on the chosen niche. Open all the first page forums and go through the different topics and discussions.

Different sub-niches in a Gardening forum



You will get a lot of sub-niches and topics that you can target on your blog post. Do the same steps for the other two niches as well and record them in an excel sheet.


So, we found out that there are a lot of topics to write about for a long run and this is a positive sign.

Next, we need to find out whether the niches have any problems. This step is basically done to find out whether the niche is actively seeking help & information.

So, to find out, choose any niche related forum and copy its URL. Now, open Google and type site:forumURL “Please help”.

For example: if my forum URL is “”, then I will type site: “please help”


This will show all the problem-related discussion that has been discussed in the forum which starts with “Please help” phrase.

Now, you can change the end phrase with

  • Need help
  • What are the
  • Where is the
  • How is the

This will show you all the problem-related questions that people are discussing in that specific forum. Thus, it shows that the niche audience has a lot of problems which is a great sign for you.

Because you can provide them with suitable solutions that will benefit them & at the same time, you can make money as well. Do the same with other forum URL’s as well & note it down.


As we all know that traffic from Google takes time to build. So it’s better to concentrate on social media for the first few months to drive traffic.

Now, Facebook & Pinterest are some of the best platforms to kick-start your blog traffic.

But, before you even think to start promoting your blog, you first need to find out whether the chosen niches have a huge active audience on these platforms or not.

To do so, head over to Facebook and search your niche groups.

This will show you the various niche groups under groups section. Next, you need to check out whether these groups are currently active or not.

You can do that by looking at the frequency of the post as shown by the red box below. Also, check out the group members quantity as well.

This will surely help you to evaluate the activeness of all the Facebook groups.


List of Facebook groups related to niche


For Pinterest, look for different Pinterest group boards and check out the total pins and followers. If the numbers are good, then it’s a positive sign because it shows that the group board has an active audience & has huge potential to drive traffic to your blog.


Now that we know different topics, problems & active audience. Next, we need to find out the competition in these niches.

Doing this will let you know the level of competitiveness & whether you can rank your content on Google or not. If you don’t know, there are a lot of niches which are crowded with zillions of blogs.

Due to this fact, it becomes quite difficult to drive search engine traffic to your blog. Thus, it is a nice approach to check out the keyword competition beforehand so that you have a clear picture.

To do so, open Google Keyword Planner. Now, if you don’t know what it is?

It is a keyword research tool which gives information about keywords i.e search volume, competition etc.

Here, you need to just pay attention to search volume & competition.

So, type your sub-niches/topics into the keyword planner that you have extracted from forums and record their search volume & competition on an excel sheet as shown below.


List of Sub niches having search volume and competition


Do this for all the 3 niches. In the end, you will have a clear picture of the competition between these niches & you can clearly see a winner i.e. a low competition niche.


So, after you have all the required information with you in excel sheet. Compare all the 3 of them. Now, this step totally depends on you because here you need to make a final decision.

To make things easier, ask these questions to yourself

  • Does this niche seem to be active? (from what you saw in forums & social media)
  • Are people asking a lot of questions they need to be answered?
  • Is this niche likely to buy products? If so, do these products solve a need & have a high price point?
  • Do you think targeting the main keyword is good for ranking or should you focus on some of the sub-categories?
  • Can any of the sub-categories be grouped together?
  • Do any of the topics go hand in hand?
  • Are there enough topics within this niche to create a lot of contents?
  • Will you enjoy writing 30-40 pages of content based around this niche?

In the end, you will have a niche which will be a clear winner. This niche will have all the x-factor to be the most profitable one.

Starting a blog on the same will surely get you an engaged traffic and you can make money by solving their problems.



You see, choosing a profitable niche will make a huge difference if you want to make a steady income from your blog.

Doing all the above steps will give you a lot of confidence and you will have a clear roadmap on what to do next.

Well, that’s it. I hope you liked this strategical approach and will use the same in future. If you have any questions, then shoot a comment down below.

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