How to Get Accepted to CPA Network Without a Website?

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If you still want to be a part of CPA networks without a site, this guide will share some tips on how to get accepted to CPA networks without a website.

I am pretty sure either you are short of budget to start a site or don’t want to invest time creating one. Whatever be your reason, the good news is, you can still set your foot on such networks.

Even though the tips I am going to share aren’t a 100% guaranteed remedy, it still works fine. So, if you are eager to know what you can do to solve this problem, ensure to read it till the end.


Initial Preparation

Though you don’t have to prepare anything for the first tip, the second one definitely needs some initial groundwork.

I am not talking about something big that will suck up your day. What I mean is, you have to prepare yourself for an interview to get accepted. To do so, simply go through all the answers you have written in the sign-up form. 

Usually, when Affiliate Manager interviews for CPA networks, people give different answers instead of what they have written in the form. This becomes one of the primary reasons for their rejection & they can’t go through.

So when you are siding with the second tip mentioned in this guide, ensure you don’t repeat such mistakes. 

How to Get Accepted to CPA Networks Without a Website?

Even though having a website is still a necessary part of the whole joining process, you can yet avoid it by following the two tips.

Tip 1 – Apply to Networks That Accept Instantly

While applying for a CPA network, you have to wait for a few days to get accepted. That’s because an Affiliate Manager manually goes through all the applications and then decides whom to accept or decline.

The reason for rejection can be anything from not having a site to inexperience in affiliate marketing. With such a fuss, it is pretty tough for a person to join them if they don’t even have a website.

That’s why a good idea is to join CPA networks that accept instantly. This means as soon as you complete the sign-up application, you are auto-approved. There will be no headache of approval from the Affiliate manager & neither requirement for any website.

However, sometimes, the sign-up form may have a website section where you have to put the link. In such an instance, simply type your social media page link to surmount.

Here are some CPA networks that accept instantly:

Tip 2 – Contact Affiliate Managers Directly

Affiliate Managers particularly want to hire people who know how to promote their products and bring in conversions.

A website still plays a crucial role in the joining process, it can be avoided if you have other mediums to promote their product. For example, a social media page, YouTube channel, email promotions, or paid ads, etc.

Generally, what you have to do is apply for CPA networks, and instead of waiting for them to contact you, make the first move. 

You can do that by finding the phone number or Skype ID of any Affiliate Manager of the network. Once you connect with them, gently ask them to take an interview & ensure you are well-prepared with your answers beforehand.

While answering, present yourself as a pro as someone that will add value to their company if accepted as an affiliate.

Now, this method may or may not work for everyone, but it works well if you sound confident & convincing. If you don’t get accepted even after following the steps, try other CPA networks as there are many fishes in the pond.

This method isn’t a sure shot, but it is still used by some internet marketers to get access to CPA networks.


So, try the above methods and get accepted to CPA networks without a website.

To conclude everything, either join CPA networks that accept instantly or take one step ahead and contact the Affiliate Manager for an interview to show why you’re a perfect fit. 

This will probably do the job and even if it doesn’t work, try other networks as there are plenty of them.


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