How to Get Free Money on PayPal – 20 Ultimate Websites

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How to get free money on PayPal?

I am pretty sure a majority of online users look up this topic on Google to find something useful. If you’re on the same page, this post will share some websites to get free PayPal money fast and easy.

Though you have to do some work to earn them, it is still nothing extreme that will suck up your entire day. That’s why you can comfortably try them in your free time or while watching TV.

So, what are those websites I am talking about? Let’s have a look!

How to get free money on PayPal

How to Get Free Money on PayPal

Let’s start with companies that offer free PayPal money for completing online surveysI know surveys can get annoying for some people, as they don’t like to get disqualified now and then. 

That’s the reason I have also linked a guide that will help you get qualified for most surveys. So, before joining the following companies, read the full guide & then apply the tips for better results.

Get Free PayPal Money With Online Surveys

1. Pinecone

PineCone Research website

Pinecone Research is one of the popular survey companies where you can make money by completing online surveys and occasionally testing products.

For completing a survey, you can make anywhere from 300 to 500 points ($3-$5), whereas 600 points ($6) for product testing.

The only problem is you have to redeem the first 300 points from the check, after which you can transfer from PayPal as usual.

Referral Program – No referral program

2. Survey Rewardz

Survey Sites

Survey Rewardz comes under points2shop. LLC, where anyone can sign-up to earn free PayPal money.

Once you join them, answer some pre-qualifier questions regarding yourself to receive surveys matching your profile.

Each survey gives around $0.50-$10 that you can redeem via PayPal after hitting at least $1 in your account.

Referral Program – Receive $3 for every referral along with 15% lifetime earnings when they make at least $3.

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3. Vindale Research

Vindale research website

When you sign-up to Vindale Research & confirm your email address, $1 gets automatically added to your account as a bonus. Then, you need to further collect $49 to redeem for a $50 PayPal gift card.

To reach that amount, you can take part in surveys that pay around $0.25 to $5 & even $50 at rare times. Besides, you can also make money watching videos ($0.25/video) & checking reward emails ($0.10/mail).

Referral Program – Receive $5 for every referral.

4 PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel Website

PrizeRebel started in 2007, where you can find surveys paying an average from 75 to 345 points ($0.75 to $3.45).

I have seen many members claiming to pull off $10 per day by completing surveys on this website. Though it mainly depends on the demographics, it is still a big thing.

To redeem the amount with PayPal, you need to collect at least 500 points equal to $5.

Referral Program – Receive 15%-30% (depending on your account level) lifetime earning of your referrals.

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5. LifePoints

LifePoints Company

LifePoints parent companies are Global Test Market & MySurvey, where they provide a bonus of 10 points when you sign-up. To earn more points, you can take part in completing surveys and product reviews.

The best thing about them is they will still credit points for trying even when you’re disqualified. Unlike other companies that don’t pay even a penny, LifePoints appreciates your efforts.

Once you collect 806 points in your account, you can redeem it for $10 in PayPal money.

Referral Program – No referral program

6. YouGov

YouGov Company

As the name suggests, YouGov offers surveys related to politics and government where the frequency is around 2 to 4 surveys per week.

When you join the company, you will receive 100 points as a bonus after completing a quick profile survey. Then, you can choose the available surveys ranging from 5-minutes to over 20 minutes long.

The points can vary by country. Like in the US, each survey rewards around 300-500 pts & you need 5,000 pts to redeem $50 in PayPal cash.

Referral Program – Receive 200 points for each referral when they complete six surveys after joining.

7. Toluna

Toluna Opinion Company

Toluna is another one on the list where you will get 500 points for sign-up and 1,200 points for completing your profile.

When you complete a survey, you can make anywhere from 15 to 15,000 points, and even if you don’t qualify, you can still bag 200 points.

Toluna also provides other options to earn points, which include creating polls, opinions, testing, reviewing products, etc. For redeeming $30 PayPal cash, you have to collect 95,000 points.

Referral Program – Receive 500 points for each referral (up to 10 referrals per month)

Get Free PayPal Money With GPT Sites

The next set of sites are GPT, i.e. Get-Paid-to websites, where you can find plenty of other options to make PayPal money besides surveys.

8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks website

Swagbucks is one of my favorite places to earn PayPal cash and gift rewards.

Being a GPT site, you can earn points (SB) in different ways, such as completing surveys, watching videos, online shopping, playing games & so on.

Besides participating in such activities, you can also refer to new members to earn 300 SB only when they make the same points within 30 days.

Once you reach at least 1,000 SB, you can withdraw it for a $10 PayPal cash.

9. Timebucks

Timebucks Website

Timebucks is another competitor site that offers way more activities than Swagbucks.

Not only do they include most activities from Swagbucks but also offer captcha filling, Slideshows, clicks, web search & much more.

Their referral program includes a 15% lifetime commission, along with a 50% commission on the free money winnings.

The minimum payout is only $10 that you can redeem from several payment methods.

Sadly, Timebucks discontinued PayPal as they don’t support the website. However, you can still withdraw the amount using AirTM, from where you can transfer it into your PayPal account.

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10. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollar App

Even though InboxDollars doesn’t provide many activities compared to TimeBucks, it is still a great platform to earn free PayPal cash.

While signing up, you will receive a $5 bonus instantly that can be redeemed once you hit $30 in your account.

To earn the rest $25, you can watch paid videos, complete surveys, play games, save cash by online shopping, read paid emails, & win free coupons.

Their referral program allows you to earn a $1 bonus for every referral up to 5 referrals, plus 30% of their lifetime earnings.

Once you reach the required amount, you can either use PayPal, check, or gift cards to withdraw the fund.

11. FusionCash

FusionCash website

It is only available for US & Canadian citizens. So, if you are not from these countries, you can try other GPT sites.

To begin with, FusionCash offers a $5 bonus when you join and confirm your email address. You can then get access to paid surveys, offers, PTC (paid-to-click) activities, figure-eight tasks to earn more money.

They also provide a referral program through which if referrals:

  • joins and confirms their email address, you will receive $1. 
  • finish a paid to sign-up offer, you will get an additional $2. 
  • cash out their earnings, you will get $5.

Additionally, you can also earn $3 every month by posting in their forum.

For withdrawing the amount with PayPal, your account should have at least $25, where $15 must be from non-bonus credits. 

12. InstaGC


InstaGC offers points for downloading & installing apps, completing tasks, surveys, signing up trials, & watching videos.

They also offer a referral program where you can earn 10 points for each new referral, plus 10% from their lifetime earning.

Once you reach at least 100 points, you can convert it into PayPal cash, where it is equal to $1. You can read my personal review of InstaGC to know more.

13. GrabPoints

GrabPoints Website

GrabPoints is the next one in line where you can earn points for watching videos, completing surveys & offers.

With their “refer and earn” program, you have a chance to make 500 points right off the bat when your referral collects 1,000 points.

Besides, you can encash a $5 PayPal voucher when you have gathered at least 5,150 points.

14. MyPoints

MyPoints website

MyPoints allows you to earn PayPal cash and gift cards for simply completing surveys, online shopping, watching videos, reading paid emails, web searching, & so on.

As a sign-up bonus, they reward you with a $10 Amazon or Visa gift card only if you spend $20 or more on any retailer with MyPoints in your first 30 days of membership.

You can redeem your earnings once you reach $3 for the gift card or $25 for the PayPal money.

Get Free PayPal Money With CashBack Apps

Besides completing different tasks on GPT sites, you can also earn PayPal bucks as cashback while shopping online. Here are the three apps that do the same job.

15. Rakuten (Formely Ebates)

Rakuten website

Rakuten is a smartphone app that pays up to 40% cashback on shopping at over 2,500 stores.

When you purchase products by visiting a store from the Rakuten app, you will save a few dollars that credit to your account. Though the cashback may look small with each shopping, it adds up to a sizeable amount at the end of the year.

Moreover, you can also refer to new members to earn $40 if they spend $40 on shopping through the app within 90 days of joining. This offer only applies to the U.S & Canadian residents.

To redeem funds with PayPal, you must save at least $5 in your account.

16. Ibotta

Ibotta App

Ibotta is another app that provides cashback on things you buy daily from restaurants & grocery stores.

To save money, all you have to do is open the app, select the retailer, and unlock rebates on your favorite products. Then visit the store, find the items you’ve unlocked & put it in your shopping cart. Once you are done with the purchase, you may have to scan the barcode and upload the shopping receipt to get paid.

Another way to receive money is by referring new members to earn a $10 bonus once they redeem an offer within a set of periods.

You can withdraw the amount using PayPal after collecting at least $20 in your account.

17. TopCashBack

TopCashBack website

TopCashBack is like Rakuten, where you can score cashback on online purchases.

All you got to do is shop from the retailers listed in TopCashBack to receive 100% cashback. You can save from 1% to 10% of your spending on almost everything you buy from here.

Furthermore, there is no minimum payment threshold, which means you can withdraw your savings anytime you want. To redeem the amount, you can either use PayPal, check, or gift cards.

Get Free PayPal Money Doing Various Jobs

Now, let’s look at some other random jobs you can do in your spare time to earn PayPal money.

18. Transcription Job at GoTranscript

GoTranscript website

GoTranscript provides transcription jobs where you have to listen to a small audio file and type out all the conversation following a style guide. For this job, you can earn up to $0.60 per audio minute.

To get started, you have to pass a quiz exam followed by a transcription test. Once you’re in, choose the available jobs to get paid after successfully transcribing them. 

You can read more about the company by going through my full GoTranscript review.

19. Use TikTok Live

TikTok website

If you already have a good following (at least 5k to 6k followers) on TikTok, you can make money by going live.

For this, you have to play some games with your followers to receive gifts. These gifts can then be converted to cash and withdrawn to PayPal account after hitting $100.

To know the entire process, I have written a how-to guide to make money on TikTok live. Ensure to check that out.

20. Website Testing Job at UserTesting

UserTesting Website

UserTesting is a platform that pays PayPal cash for performing website testing.

To begin, enter your email address and complete a practice test successfully to get selected. As a tester, you have to complete website testing jobs and perform live conversations with the customer.

A test comprises a 20-minute screen recording where you have to navigate the website and answer four follow-up written questions. For each successful completion, you’ll earn $10, whereas live conversation can earn up to $120.

Payments are made daily via PayPal for jobs completed seven days earlier.

Ending Note:

So, try these online resources and receive free money on Paypal. Though it may take some time to see results, it is still worth trying. If you are up for more reads, ensure to check out the following posts for more ideas.

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