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7 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Blog Traffic Right From Today

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Many bloggers know how to start a blog and write awesome contents, but they simply fail to attract traffic to their blog.

Not a new thing, I use to struggle with the same problem and was thinking, why aren’t people visiting my blog. Even writing such long blog post which took me 2-3 days to write, all I can hear is crickets.

Was my blog cursed? Hell, no. Maybe I was using the wrong strategy to promote my blog.

As of now, my main source of traffic is search engine because I implemented SEO right from the start.

However, I won’t discuss SEO here because as the title says, you need quick results & SEO takes time. 

What I will be discussing here are the 7 ways that you can implement right now to improve your blog traffic. It’s quite simple & effective as well.

So without any wasting time, let’s begin.


This post contains affiliate links. However, I only suggest those products which are trustable. If you buy or sign up anything using my link, I get a small commission which helps me to keep this blog running. For more info, you can refer my Disclosure page.


When I started blogging, I didn’t know the meaning of a powerful headline. I use to write a generic one for my blog post and expected people to click it.

Did it work?

Nope. Instead, people were not much interested to check out my post and use to ignore it. Even I tried heavy promotion on different social media, but still, no one was willing to click it.

No matter how much good content you write, if your headline isn’t attention-grabbing, nobody will know what’s inside it.

That’s when I came to know the importance of a powerful headline.

A powerful headline is usually a title that encourages visitors to click it. It doesn’t mean you use clickbait words. Using such words will simply make visitors to lose trust from your blog & you don’t want that.

Instead, you can use this free tool “Coschedule Headliner” which will help you to write a compelling title. Here, whenever you write a title, this tool will give you some score out of 100. The higher the score, the better the title is.


Coschedule Headliner


It will also recommend what type of words should be included in the title to make it more powerful. Like for this title, it is recommending to add some “Emotional words” to make it more impactful.

Well, it has helped me to write better titles and I saw a rise in clicks on my blog post. If you haven’t tried it yet, then do give it a shot.

You will notice that next time, whenever you promote your content on social media, visitors will be more willing to click it.

If I wrap it in short, a better title has a better chance to attract the visitors. 

Won’t believe? then try it to see the result.


If you are not interlinking your contents, then you are missing out a lot of page views. Interlinking is a great way to keep your visitors stay on your blog for a longer time.

However, If you are starting out with blogging, I know you won’t have many contents to interlink. But what I recommend is, whenever you write your next piece of content, make it something relatable to the previous one. So, that you have the option to interlink it.

Also, make sure that while writing a new content, you should interlink at least two old blog post that is relatable & it should look natural.

If you follow this routine, you will observe that your pageviews will slowly increase with less bounce rate. Visitors will be staying on your blog for a longer time.

For interlinking, you can either add them to the content or create a bullet point as a relatable post.



Social share buttons

Suppose a visitor likes your content & he wants to share it with his friends or on social media.

But wait, he can’t find any social share buttons on your blog. You know what does it mean?

You just missed an opportunity where your content could have been shared with a wider audience which must have resulted in more traffic.

But, due to lack of social share buttons, the visitor turned it away. You see, it happens quite often with some blogs who don’t install such plugins.

I hope you didn’t wanna have such mess on your blog. Right?

So, to avoid all this fuss, I will recommend you install a good social share plugin right now if you don’t have one.

Such plugins install social share buttons on your blog post which gives readers an option to share your content on different platforms.

There are various plugins available in WordPress which serves the same purpose. Following are the most used plugins:

Personally, I use Social warfare because it doesn’t take much space & has many other options as well. You can try whichever one works best for you.

Make sure that the buttons are included at the top and bottom of the post and if possible, a sidebar button can also make wonders.




Pinterest is considered one of the best platform to drive massive traffic to your blog. This is a great alternative to search engine traffic which however takes quite a long time to build.

If I talk about my traffic, Pinterest is my 2nd source of traffic after Google. Well, it took me some time to figure it out how Pinterest works.

It wasn’t easy to build traffic from Pinterest because it is not about throwing your pins and expected traffic to roll in.

There are a few things that you must follow to see better results. However, you need to experiment with certain things to see which one works best for you.

Here are a few strategies that must be followed if you are starting out. 

  • Have an SEO-rich profile with a great description.
  • Create at least 10 boards based on your niche having 20 pins in each of them before starting out.
  • Create vertical clickable pins i.e having a compelling title that screams “CLICK ME”
  • Use SEO keywords in the pin description so that it is searchable
  • Pin more contents of others than yours
  • Join lots of group boards and share your pins there.
  • Use a scheduler tool such as Tailwind to automate repins.

Those who already know about Pinterest, they can clearly understand the above points very well. 




I think most of you aren’t aware of Stumbleupon. But believe me, this is also a great source that has the potential to double your traffic.

Every month, one or two contents of mine go viral on Stumbleupon that has brought me an immense traffic.

The concept is the same just like Pinterest. You need to stumble (share) others content more than yours. You see, I never found success when I always shared my own content. I use to get 4-5 visitors from Stumbleupon which sucked.

But, if someone else shares my blog post, there are times when I am getting hundreds of visitors continuously for 2-3 days.

Below is my last months Stumbleupon traffic details. I got over 1200 visitors with just one blog post that went viral.


Google Analytics Stumbleupon traffic


Stumbleupon is great to give a boost to your traffic.  If you are someone who needs pageviews or wants to increase ad revenue, then it is a great option.

But how do you make other people stumble your content?

For that, you can join various Facebook groups where the admin shares thread regarding Stumbleupon.

All you need to do is drop your blog post URL there and people will eventually stumble your post. But you also must stumble their content as well.

So, give it a shot and see how it goes.





Facebook is accessed by billions of people on regular basis. Having such a huge audience is a great opportunity to promote your content.

You see if you write about a particular niche, then promoting it with an audience who isn’t interested is a complete waste of time.

Instead, if you promote it with an audience who is interested in your niche, then chances are you can absolutely attract more visitors to your blog.

But, how do you find your target audience?

Simple, target Facebook groups where your audience resides. If you promote your content in such groups, chances are visitors will be more likely to revisit your blog.

But, how do you find such groups on Facebook?

Simply search your niche on Facebook and you will see a number of groups related to your niche in the group section. Check their post frequency and if it is good, then join them.

For example, I searched for Gardening related Facebook groups and this list pops up. You can check the post frequency highlighted by a red box.


Search about Facebook groups


Also, you must always read their guidelines before doing any sort of activity to avoid the ban. 

Regarding promotion, Facebook groups have different promo days where they urge you to share your latest post and in return, you also need to engage with others content as well.

Doing so will attract visitors to your blog and you can also make a connection with your fellow bloggers. You see, interacting with such groups are a great way to kick-start your traffic.

The key here is to join at least 10 groups so that you have more chances to share your content. 

Don’t know which one to join? Well, I got your back. Following are some of the groups that are general and are suitable for all kinds of bloggers.

So, join them and participate in their threads on a daily basis to skyrocket your traffic. You can also ask people to share, comment on your blog post which further increases the chance of driving more traffic.





I think there are many people who aren’t aware of Quora. Well, if you don’t know, then Quora is a question & answer platform where people ask different questions and others answer them.

Now, you might be thinking, how can this help in increasing the traffic. Well, if people ask a question about a certain problem which is related to your post, then why not you provide them with your post URL.

In this way, you will gain visitors and they will get answers to their problems as well. It’s a win-win situation.

However, this is just an ideology. There are certain steps you must follow to drive traffic from Quora.

Below is a comment which I received last week. This girl followed my Quora steps & she was able to drive 3000 pageviews just from Quora. How cool is that?


Blog comment about Quora


Well, these are all the things I am currently doing to drive traffic to my blog. Remember, you need to engage with people while promoting on social media.

It is not about you or your blog. You need to interact with other bloggers as well. Visit their blog and leave comments. Let them know, that you liked their blog.

That’s how you make a connection and grow your blog. If I talk about readers, help them to solve their problem & build trust because without trust it’s very difficult to make money from your blog.

Additionally, if you are looking for more traffic building suggestions, then check out this post by Breaking The One Percent.

I hope you will follow all these guidelines & see a change in traffic. If you have any doubt, feel free to drop your comments. You can also share this post on social media as a gesture of love. Cheers.

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7 thoughts on “7 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Blog Traffic Right From Today”

  1. I need better traffic to my blog. Social accounts are increasing in numbers and interaction but my blog visitors just isn’t increasing the same. I hope some of these tips help me 🙂 thank you!

    1. Welcome, Tiffany. Try Stumbleupon & make others to stumble your content…I am pretty sure your content will go viral and that will bring a lot of traffic. Also, Quora is a great option. 🙂

    1. It’s not like that. Stumbleupon can give you hundreds of visitor from the very start. Pinterest takes a little time but within a month you can see a good result. Facebook and all can give you traffic instantly. But yeah, I do agree, to get a good amount of traffic, it takes approx 2-3 months.

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