Pinterest Strategies Review 2020 – Did The Manual Pinning Worked?

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When I was new to Pinterest, it puzzled me. I didn’t know how Pinterest works and how I can use it to drive tons of traffic to my blog.

Out of curiosity and failing so many times, I decided to spend money on a Pinterest course, and that’s when I bought Pinterest Strategies.

Now, the question is whether it worked for me, or was it a waste of time? Read this Pinterest Strategies review to know how it went with my blog.

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What is Pinterest Strategies Course?

Pinterest Strategies is one of the popular Pinterest course that focuses on a manual pinning strategy. It’s created by Carly, founder of, who gets over 200k monthly page views from Pinterest.

The course includes both text and video content that makes it easier for you to understand the material. It discusses a variety of topics from setting up a profile correctly to create boards & pins. However, the most important part of the course is the manual pinning strategy, which makes it truly unique.

With her strategy, you don’t even need a scheduling tool & still draw a number of visitors from Pinterest.

Who Should Enroll in Pinterest Strategies?

Pinterest Strategies is available for everyone who wants to drive Pinterest traffic. But you have to keep a few things in mind to get the best possible result.

Like, make sure you know the basics of Pinterest to understand the course content. Although it’s not required much, still I recommend learning at least how the entire Pinterest works. This will help you figure out what Carly is trying to explain in her course. If you’re new to Pinterest, you can refer to my Pinterest guide.

Another very important thing is that you should have several posts to promote. Carly’s method works best when you have written at least 25 posts because it allows you to create more pins.

On the other hand, if you have only 5-10 posts, you’re restricted to test her method, and that’s why some users didn’t get the desired result.

To conclude this section, you can buy Pinterest Strategies if you know how to use Pinterest and have enough posts to promote.

What is the Cost of the Pinterest Strategies eCourse?

You can get Pinterest Strategies for $57, and I think considering the vast array of information and tips you get, the price is right.

Not only you get to know the manual pinning strategy, but you also learn many insights that will help in the future.

Generally, big Pinterest courses cost over $100, which is not budget-friendly to new bloggers. That’s when this course fits into the budget.

It’s neither too cheap nor expensive, and the piece of information you get is worth the price. Besides, you also get Canva & PicMonkey pin templates as a bonus.

Lately, Pinterest is paying more attention to new pins. This means you have to create several pins to get good traffic. When you create a pin using a tool, it may take 10-20 minutes to complete. So, creating 5 pins can take 50-100 minutes, which is a lot of time.

But when you use a template, you can create 2-3 pins within the same time frame and you end up creating 15 pins in 100 minutes. That’s better productivity.

So, getting free templates with Pinterest Strategies is cherry on the cake.

What’s In The Course?

The course is divided into 8 chapters having 30 lessons altogether. This includes both text material and videos. To get a look at all the tables of content, you can click here.

Chapter 1 – Introduction – Sometimes it is about the traffic

This chapter is all about the introduction, where you get to learn the current news and update regarding Pinterest.

Chapter 2 – First Things First

This chapter talks about the things you should have or do before implementing the strategies.

Chapter 3 – Getting Started: How Pinterest Works + Profile Set Up

Here, you get to know an overview of Pinterest & how things work. You’ll learn how to set up your profile correctly by creating boards & enabling rich pins.

Chapter 4 – Pinterest is About People

This chapter talks about understanding your Pinterest audience & user intent. It also explains how Pinterest can see & read your pins.

Chapter 5 – Pinterest is About SEO, too

You get to know how SEO plays an important role in Pinterest. How keywords help you rank your pins and how to use them in writing pin description.

Chapter 6 – Group Boards

This chapter talks about the importance of group boards & how you should monitor them.

Chapter 7 – Get Pinning

You get to learn why creating new pins is required, and how to design them to get clicks. Why Board co-occurrence & session occurrence is important. Plus, how you should start pinning for a brand new & established account.

Chapter 8 – Final Important Things and FAQs

This section talks about video pins, Pinterest analytics, and Google analytics. It also talks about whether followers matter? You can also find out a lot of answers to different queries that will clear all your doubts. essential

My Pinterest Strategies Results

Pinterest Strategies gave me a starting point on how to use Pinterest effectively. It gave me a precise roadmap on where to pay more attention and how to use Google Analytics to leverage the traffic.

Though I took the course at the end of 2018, the results I will show here are after two months. First, let’s look at the Pinterest analytics when I was struggling.

Now, let’s look at the result after two months when I started implementing the strategies.

Pinterest Analytics screenshot

Did you see the change? That’s what happened to me. Though I saw a few traffic dips because of Pinterest algorithm updates, it regained back after a few weeks.

Although the results are old, I am sure you want to know the current results. Whether my traffic is the same?

Before I show you the current screenshot, let me tell you that over time I have modified a few methods of my own. So, the result you will see is from both the methods, I.e. outlined in the Pinterest strategies & my own.

Pinterest Analytics

My Pinterest account impression is over 2 million & over one million audiences interact with my account. Because of this, I get over 1,100 visitors per day via Pinterest.

Pinterest Traffic in Google Analytics

It’s big traffic comparing with Facebook and other platforms. I could shoot my traffic because of the right practices I learned from the course.

If you want to receive hundreds of visitors per day, you can try this course. It is neither too expensive nor cheap and sits in your budget.

Also, Pinterest Strategies gets updated with algorithm changes, so you won’t have to worry about any outdated method.

A Few Examples of My Pins With Stats

Here are the stats of my pins, and you can clearly see how much impressions, saves, and clicks I got by implementing those methods.


Final Thoughts – Pinterest Strategies Review 2020

Thanks to Pinterest Strategies, I could improve my Pinterest traffic that resulted in more ad income and affiliate sales.

But let me tell you that buying and reading this course won’t give you any results until you apply the methods and stick to it for at least one month.

I am on Pinterest for over two years and have never missed pinning. A few times I pinned less, but most of the time, I followed my plan.

If you want more traffic tips? You can check out other methods to improve your blog traffic. Have a wonderful day!

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