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Today, I am going to review “Pinterest Strategies”.

Well, if you are reading this then obviously you are a blogger who might be struggling with traffic or I would say Pinterest traffic.

As you know, I too struggled with the same problem where no matter what I do, I couldn’t attract those Pinterest audiences.

I am definitely sure that you too are frustrated with the same problem and have done a lot of pinning which obviously didn’t yield any result.

Whether it is about creating new boards or pins, you are not seeing the result which you want to see.

Well, guess what!

I was able to boost my Pinterest traffic by 7-8 times just by following strategies from “Pinterest Strategies”.

This course has really helped me to increase my traffic which directly increased my ad income as well.

Though currently, I am not at that point of traffic where I can compete with big bloggers but still I am happy with my growth which is continually increasing day-by-day.

So, if you have already heard about this course or hearing it for the first time,  then reading my personal experience will be quite helpful for you to decide whether it is really worth your time or not.

I will be showing all the screenshots that are the result of using this course. If this review will help you in any way, I will be really happy.

And let me remind you, this course is specifically about manual pinning which means you don’t have to invest any money on schedulers such as Tailwind.

All you are going to learn is the right way to use Pinterest to boost your blog traffic.

So, I hope you’ll stick until the end.

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Pinterest Strategies Pin


This course has been created by Carly who gets more than 350,000 page views as of January 2019.

Most of her traffic comes from Pinterest and she is one of those bloggers who is considered as a Pinterest expert.

So, that’s a good reason why her course has been a hit among bloggers.

Her course is filled up with so many valuable knowledge along with videos which makes it easier to absorb all the methods.

Carly even shares a video about her daily pinning schedule which gives a good idea about meaningful pinning.

If you want to glance what’s in store for you, then check out the following table of content from her course:

  • Introduction – Sometimes it is about traffic
  • First things first
  • Setting up your Pinterest profile – Tips for success
    • Getting Started The Right Way
    • Setting Up Your Pinterest Boards
    • How to Set Up Rich Pins
    • Extremely Basic Explanation of How Pinterest Works
  • Pinterest is about people
    • Understanding User Intent
    • People Can SEE Your Pins
    • Pinterest (Thinks) it Can See Your Pins
    • Humans Are Busy and Lazy
  • Pinterest is about SEO too
    • SEO for Pinterest
    • Pin Descriptions
  • Group boards
    • Monitoring Your Group Boards
  • Get Pinning
    • Filling Those Boards
    • The First Pin, Hashtags, and “Fresh” Content
    • MY Pinning Strategy
    • Keeping Track of Your Pins
    • Supplementing With Tailwind
    • How to KNOW When to Make New Pins for Old Posts
  • Final important things & FAQ
    • How to Embed Pins in a Blog Post
    • Do Pinterest Followers Matter?
    • Pinterest Analytics is Useless (& What We Can Use Instead)
    • FAQs
    • Final Pinteresting Thoughts


There are many reasons why you should try it because if you search on Google and Pinterest, you’ll always find positive reviews related to this course.

…Do you know why?

Because people are getting the result of what they always wanted to see. They are seeing their traffic booming within 1-2 months just because of Pinterest.

So, if you ask me whether you should consider this course, my answer will always be YES!

Apart from this:

  • You will learn the manual pinning method which according to me makes more sense than schedule pinning.
  • This is an in-depth course where you will learn the right method to create boards, pins and your profile.
  • You’ll be able to increase your Pinterest traffic using Google Analytics.
  • The main reason why I recommend it to you because I have seen a boost in my Pinterest traffic.


Earlier, I have used a couple of courses which do help me but I wasn’t satisfied with the result.

I mean, I had certain traffic goals in my mind which I wasn’t able to reach. Now, it doesn’t mean that I was getting zero traffic.

…Hell No.

Actually, my Pinterest traffic was stuck in double-digits.

But after implementing methods from Carly’s course, I almost increased it by 7-8 times.

Yes, I couldn’t believe it myself but it came as a surprise for me.

Right now, each week, I can see my Pinterest traffic increasing and all credit goes to this course.

This was my analytics before using the course.

After implementing the strategies, this is the result.

Pinterest Analytics screenshot

You can see, my stats have been improved considerably. Both my reach and activity on my website has been boosted a lot.

My pins are getting more impressions, saves and click. Here are some of my pins which are getting a lot of attention.


Even due to an increase in my traffic, my Adsense income has reached more than $6 per day (average). I know it isn’t much compared to Mediavine. But for Adsense, it is not bad at all.

Screenshot of Ad income

So, overall, I have only seen good things happened to me using this course.

Not only me, but there are so many bloggers who have seen massive growth in their traffic. All credit goes to Carly.


If you are really interested in Pinterest and want to add an extra source of traffic to your blog that can increase your ad income, affiliate sales and get you more e-mail subscribers, then you should definitely try this course.

It will only cost you a few bucks but I am pretty sure you won’t regret it. This is coming from a blogger who has seen the results.

So, that’s my take. I hope you like this review. If you do, then don’t forget to share and pin this article.


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