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How My Pins Are Going Viral & Driving Me Tons of Traffic

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To have a successful blog, the most important thing to concentrate, is the traffic.

If your blog can’t attract traffic, then you won’t make a single penny. Let’s face it if more people are visiting your blog, the more chance you will have to make sales & money.

Even if you run ads, you must have at least 1000 visitors per day to generate a decent ad income. The point is, you must be able to generate a good amount of traffic to your blog to see it running on profit.

Now, before Pinterest came into existence, bloggers use to have a race in ranking their content on Google. If your article is ranking on the first page for a particular keyword which has a huge traffic, then you can generate a good amount of visitors per day.

But as more & more blogs are being created on daily basis, ranking on Google became tougher. Also, many bloggers use to do spammy black hat SEO in getting their content rank on Google.

This alarmed Google and they made it more difficult for ranking. So, if you have just started a new blog, then you need to wait at least 6 months to finally see a decent traffic from Google (obviously, you must do SEO).

Now, the question is, what to do till 6 months & is it guaranteed that you are going to rank on Google with so much competition?

There is even news that Google considers ranking those blogs which are having 50+ articles. Now, I don’t know if it is true but I think it is.

Now, as you can see, it’s so much difficult to generate traffic from Google. Its a big problem for all the newbie bloggers. But don’t worry, PINTEREST is there to help you all.

To be honest, I will be surprised if someone ignores Pinterest as a blogger. It is the best platform if you want to drive tons of traffic to your blog as early as possible.

In this article, I will show you how I started getting viral pins. Now I won’t be just talking because every argument runs on proof. So, that’s what I will show here.

I will be showing you all the screenshots from my viral pins along with its analytics. So, if you are keen to know how I got such a result, then keep on reading.

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Get to know how I am getting viral pins on Pinterest so easily. To prove my point, I have also attached some screenshots of my viral pins analytics. If you want to know what's the secret behind my success, then check out my exclusive guide #viralpins #viralpintips #blogging #blogtraffic



When I started using this platform, I was way much confused about it. All I can see is bloggers creating images and sharing it on Pinterest.

In this way, they were generating traffic to their blog. I thought that it looks quite easy and started doing the same.

After doing it for one month, all I could see is 10-12 visitors per day. I mean, it was saddening to see only 10-12 visitors after doing a heck lot of work.

At that point, I gave up on Pinterest and started investing my time on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus. Though I was getting around 20-30 visitors per day from it, still, it was way too less as a blogger.

I use to visit Pinterest once or twice a week to read the different blog post. As I love reading income reports, I always use to read them to keep myself motivated.

There were bloggers who were making $1000 – $3000 per month with ease and guess what, what was their source of traffic?

Yes, Pinterest.

This really made me think that I might have implemented the wrong strategy. That is why I wasn’t seeing any result.

I read numerous articles on Pinterest just to crack the code. All of them talked about the same thing. Even, though, I already implemented those things on my blog but still, didn’t had any success.

However, there was one particular thing that I saw repeatedly. No, it wasn’t any strategy.

Actually, it was an e-book Billionaire Blogging Pinterest Manual. Whoever got success from Pinterest, they always mentioned this ebook.

I already knew that the links pointing to this book are affiliate links and they are trying to sell this ebook to make money. However, I gave a second thought to check their sales page.

I read all the description along with proof. For me, proof’s are very important if I want to buy any stuff online. Thankfully, I was convinced and bought the e-book. That’s when my Pinterest game changed.

Edit: Currently, I am using both Pinterest Manual & Pinterest Strategies which have really skyrocketed my blog traffic. Mostly, I have seen a major change in my traffic after using the updated methods from Pinterest Strategies ebook.

Pinterest Analytics before 1 week
Result Before 1 Week
Pinterest Analytics after 1 week
Result After 1 Week


Pinterest life

So, I bought & read this book almost 3 times to consume all the information. By the way, it is a 165-page ebook which has a lot of information.

It took me around 40 minutes to read it for the first time. I made a few notes so that I won’t forget all the necessary points. 

Let me tell you, his strategy is applicable to any niche who wants to see Pinterest traffic. Whether you are a  newbie or intermediate Pinterest user, this book is made for all of them. 

Some of the things which I learned from it are:

  • How to set-up the Pinterest profile properly
  • How to share a new pin in its initial stage
  • How to grow that new pin further to generate impressions & clicks
  • Which topics to target to get maximum success in Pinterest (for all niches)
  • Scrivs (author of this book) personal method of pinning which includes both manual & scheduler pinning
  • & much more

Now, I just don’t wanna talk, I will actually show you the result which I got after applying all the tactics.

But before that, let me tell you that my blog niche is Online Marketing where I talk about blogging, SEO etc. Now, this niche has less audience compared to food, health, lifestyle, DIY niche.

My niche is only for bloggers who want to start blogging. I mean those who are not into blogging won’t be reading my content.

Whereas the above niches have a broad audience which means they have better chances to drive more traffic from Pinterest.

So, it was kinda difficult for me to have a viral pin with the limited Pinterest audience. But, the result I got is actually pretty good if I compare it with my niche.

I always think that what if I had a blog in food, health or DIY niche, I am pretty sure that I would have been hitting big numbers. Anyways, enough talk lets get to the point.


After reading the Pinterest Manual, I made a new pin for one of my older posts & started pinning it as per the strategies mentioned in this book.

After 1 week, one day I was just getting ready to sleep. Now before sleeping, I always check my traffic analytics to see if any miracle has happened.

To my surprise, I saw 50+ visitors online on my blog. I was dumbstruck and checked the traffic source & page. To my surprise, it was Pinterest which was earlier giving me 10-12 visitors per day and the page was the same whose pin I created earlier.

I started getting 600-800 visitors per day with just one pin. Obviously, it had several other versions as well which brought me the traffic.

But as you know, Viral pins has a limitation. If a pin went viral, they will be viral for a few days and then they come back to normal.

But, currently its September and it still gives me 100-150 visitors per day. Sometimes, it again goes viral & suddenly brings me 400-450 visitors per day.

Overall, I am still growing this pin which is bringing me consistent traffic every day. All credit goes to Pinterest Manual.

Even if you don’t have any viral pin, his techniques will teach you to generate consistent traffic from Pinterest which don’t get vanish.

As you can see below, in the last 30 days, my viral pin has an impression of 50.8k which means that 50.8k people have seen my pin. Along with that, I got more than 1,100 clicks i.e more than 1,100 visitors visited my blog in the last 30 days only with this pin.

First viral Pinterest pin analytics

Though the clicks are less compared to impression, it is only due to the headline which isn’t much compelling. Otherwise, those clicks would have been at least 5k-6k.

Now, the fun part is this pin has several other versions which are created automatically by other Pinterest users during their pinning process.

The other versions are also driving me traffic on a daily basis. If you look at the below version, this pin has got 9.5k impression in the last 30 days and from that, I got 264 clicks.

Another version of my viral Pinterest pin analytics

This is another version which has got 8.9k and has given me 197 clicks in the last 30 days. Now, there is more than 10 version of this pin that is giving a good consistent traffic on a daily basis.

An Another version of viral Pinterest pin analytics

But the story doesn’t end here, this viral pin is currently ranking at the top for keywords such as “Paid Courses” & “New skills to learn” which has a high search volume on Pinterest. So, it is automatically driving traffic to my blog.

This is also another thing which I learned from the ebook i.e to rank your pins on top for specific keywords. If you could do that, then its traffic on autopilot.


Now, this pin is only 3-4 weeks old and it went viral after just 5 days of uploading. As you can see, it has got 31.6k impressions & 408 clicks in the last 30 days (I really need to work on my headline to get more clicks)

Second Viral Pinterest pin analytics

There are many other versions of this pin as well that are getting clicks on a daily basis.

I will also include one more pin as shown below. This pin is also catching up and giving me good traffic.

I will be further growing it more to increase those impressions & clicks.

Third viral Pinterest pin analytics

Now, there are more pins like this which are doing wonder for me. I was amazed to see the result which I could not have done if I didn’t know how to strategically use Pinterest.


Though I have applied his techniques in only 10 blog post till now which I newly created excluding just one which is an older post (I have a total of 54 articles on my blog) and it is giving me an amazing result.

I will be planning it for my older posts as well in the coming days and I hope to drive more & more traffic from it.

Right now, whenever I write a new post and start pinning it on Pinterest, I start to get a good number of clicks within a week.

But before that, I used to work so hard but still manage to get a few clicks. So, its a lot of improvement to be honest.

Now, I will just share with you a basic strategy that is talked about in every Pinterest course. Now do remember, I want to share the main strategies from Pinterest Manual ebook but I think it will do injustice to the author.

As this is his work which he is selling and I can’t give away his secret’s just for free. Though I would have done it if it belongs to me but right now, I don’t have one.

However, I will tell you a pretty basic thing that you must follow to increase your chances on Pinterest.


This is something I learned by spending 1 year on Pinterest. If you want to drive Pinterest traffic, you need to concentrate on 2 things (This is only about Pin & not about the profile, personal boards etc)

  • Impressions
  • Clicks

You won’t get clicks if you don’t have impressions which means the more your pin is shown, the higher the clicks you will get.

So, when you create a pin, you need to work on these factors. Now, you might be thinking that how can you generate such impressions?

It’s simple, you need to keep pinning your pin in different group boards & your own boards. There are some bloggers who repin their pin only a few times and when they don’t get clicks, they stop pinning it.

This absolutely must be avoided because you never know when your pin is going to kickstart. I had pins which took 1-2 months to actually show me some result.

Now, it’s kinda difficult to carry on such pinning activities manually if you have a lot of pins. So, make sure to use schedulers such as Tailwind to automate your pinning process. Believe me, it will help you a lot and save a heck lot of time.

Also, make sure that you have enough boards (both personal & group board) to carry on your pinning activity because if you have fewer boards, then you can’t repin your same pin on the same board every week. You may get banned from group boards if it is against their rule.

Due to this, many group boards have rules to repin the same pin after 30 days. That is why make sure you have enough boards to carry out your pinning process for one month without repeating.

I myself have a total of 88 boards out of which 45 boards are group boards and rest of them are my own. I am still applying for new group boards to increase my reach.


Now, if you start getting impressions, the next step will be to convert it into clicks. If you write generic headlines, no one is going to click it because Pinterest is filled with such types of pins.

So, in this crowded environment, you need to make sure that you stand out from the rest. So, always think about some unique headline that catches attention.

Headlines which are related to you such as  “How I got this result” types of pins manages to get more clicks. But, your content must justify such headlines.

If you are still confused about “How I got this result” types of pins. Let’s look at following headlines as an example:

  • How I increased my traffic by 50% using this simple strategy
  • How I made $500 in just a week
  • How I make my own printables with less effort

As you can see, such types of pins show that you already got the result which many people are searching for. Also, it has a personal touch which makes your content legit.

So, people are obviously going to click your pin over these pins:

  • How to increase traffic by 50% using this strategy
  • How to make $500 within a week
  • How to make printables with less effort.

which obviously sounds good but still, it doesn’t reflect result. Now, “How I got this result” types of pins varies with content so it doesn’t apply to every article you write.

But you got what I am trying to tell. If you reflect your result on your pin, you will have more advantage over other types of pins.

Now, this obviously means that your content should show proof that you are not bluffing. Other than that, “How to” types of pin also do well as you can see from my viral pins.


This is an additional step which can further skyrocket your traffic. Here, all you need to do is share your pins in Tailwind tribes.

If you don’t know what it is, then Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest. Using this tool, you can automate your pinning activities & can reduce manual pinning.

Now, Tailwind has its own group boards known as Tailwind Tribes which gives more exposure to your pins in comparison with Pinterest group boards.

You will see a better result with Tailwind tribes if you decide to share your pins there.  I have seen more traffic from tribes than Pinterest boards.

That’s what has helped me to boost my overall traffic.

So, if you wanna try your hands in it, then I will recommend to sign-up for Tailwind by clicking here.

After signing up, you will receive 100 pinning slots for free along with 10 slots for joining Tribes & 80 pinning slots per month for Tribes.

So, in short, using their free plan

  • You can schedule 100 pins on Pinterest
  • You can join up to 10 Tribes.
  • You can pin up to 80 pins/month on these tribes which get renewed every month

Even, if you don’t wanna upgrade to their paid plans, you can still use their free plan for just using the tribes. Isn’t that great?

Here are my few recommended Tribes which you can join right off the bat:


So, that’s it, guys. This was my story of how I got an amazing result from Pinterest. Though I had to invest $39 for it, it is definitely worth it.

Sometimes, it’s not about the money, it is about the result which we need. So, I am happy that I am seeing terrific result from Pinterest.

If you liked it, then don’t forget to share this article and my pin. Take care & cheers 🙂

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