How To Make Pinterest Pins Go Viral – Things You Should Know

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Every pinner wants to have viral pins that could bring a lot of traffic. But is it possible?

In this post, I will explain how to make Pinterest pins go viral. But before you proceed, here is a fact check.

Not all pins go viral, and there is no secret formula to make it a reality. If you think that there is a set of steps you can follow to achieve your goal, sorry, there isn’t.

However, the least you can do is follow specific guidelines that increase your probability & that’s what all this post is about. 

Before we dive in, let’s talk about what exactly does a viral pin means?

How to make Pinterest pin go viral

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What Does It Mean When A Pin Go Viral?

When you see a lot of traffic from a single pin, which is usually twice or thrice the Pinterest traffic you get, that means your pin is viral.

A viral pin does not need any paid promotion as it connects well with your audience, which makes them share again and again. It gets a lot of impressions, saves, and, most importantly, clicks.

Here is an example of my viral pin.

First viral Pinterest pin analytics

What Are The Elements Of A Viral Pin?

Many different factors go into a viral pin. Some of them you can control, but others depend on your audience.

The most important thing that you control, which plays a big role in making your pins viral is the Pin design.

Many pin elements need special attention while you are designing them. A well-designed pin with a compelling title is more likely to grab attention than a simple pin.

When pins can grab attention, it gets more saves and clicks. More saves mean it is reaching to more and more people, thus eventually, it becomes viral.

However, it does not happen everything because it is a bit of luck and timing to get your post to get picked up and shared by the right person on the right board.

So, what you can do is ensure you are creating better pins to have a high probability of getting a viral pin. The following are the elements you need to focus on.

  • Post topic related to image
  • Nice, big, readable text
  • Compelling title
  • Well keyworded description
  • A good CTA

Let us dive in one by one.

1. Use Perfect Images

Images are essential to draw attention. As Pinterest is a visual search engine, pins need to be visually appealing to grab the eyeballs.

If you could manage images that accurately describe your post topic, you hit the nail on the head. But, if you fail to do so, adding closely related images still adds value to your pins.

For example, post topic images are necessary for niches like craft, DIY, or Food because these niches are dependent visually. Like if your pin is about a pudding, then it should have a pudding image. Likewise, if your post is about a DIY product, it should be on your pin. This way, Pinterest right away knows what is inside it.

Pin having the perfect picture
A carrot cake recipe pin having a carrot cake as the image. Credits:

However, not every niche is dependent visually. Like, in Finance, pictures typically do not tell the story, but it still a good idea to add them to increase its value. The best you can do is selecting those pictures that closely resemble your post topic.

If you could pay attention to these things, you crossed your first hurdle. For free downloading images, you can explore these websites.

2. Use Simple Fonts

  • While creating pins, always ensure using simple fonts, which are easier to read. This means no scripts and handwritten fonts. Though you can still use them, make sure they are readable.
  • Your text must stand out & contrasts against the image. What it means is if the pin background is dark, your text should be light-colored and vice versa. Always remember, it takes only a second to decide whether to click or pass. A “stand out pin” falls in the click category.
  • Personally, I use a Sans Serif font and a script font to write the title on my pin. For the crucial words depicting the post topic, I write them with San Serif, whereas those that are holding little value; I write them with a script font.
  • You can test a combination of 2-3 fonts in a pin but avoid more than that.
Pin having simple fonts
An example of a pin having simple fonts

3. Craft a Compelling Title

The title is the most important element of a pin that decides whether you will get clicks or not. If it is lazy & boring, do not expect any result given there are already hundreds and thousands of pins with the same dull title. Nobody wants to click such pins.

That is why it is necessary to change your strategy in crafting a clickable title. For this, there are a few things you need to pay attention to while creating your title. Here are the three essential elements.

  • Connecting Words
  • Emotional Language
  • Powerful Words

Connecting Words

Connecting words are those that right away connect with the audience. For example, the title – How to make money online as a teen – has TEEN as the connecting word because it directly links with all the teens on Pinterest.

Likewise, How to travel to Japan as a Solo is a title that will connect with people who are planning to travel solo to Japan. I hope you got my point.

Emotional Language

Emotional language adds feeling to your title that makes your target audience want to click them. Basically, it shows that you understand their struggle, and your pin can give them the ideal solution.

Here are a few examples that explain my points perfectly.

  • How to overcome anxiety – Overcome anxiety is the emotional language.
  • How to lose weight when you are not confident – Not confident is the emotional language.

It will not fit all the time but try to incorporate it wherever possible. For this, you should know your audience’s pain point and what they are struggling with.

Powerful Words

Powerful Words add weightage to your overall title to sound it more compelling.

Words such as Amazing, Best, Secret, Brilliant, Instantly are the words you can include in your title. If you want to explore more such words, you can read this post.

4. Write a Keyword-Rich Description

Pin description is a place where you give a clue to your audience what is inside the pin. This is a place where you can insert the main keywords that you want to rank for.

While crafting a description, ensure its not just keywords. Instead, add them naturally while writing a short paragraph of 2-3 sentences long. Your keywords should blend with the description, so it does not look spammy.

Additionally, add a few relevant hashtags so that it becomes more discoverable.

5. A Good CTA

Lastly, you should always add a good CTA that asks for an action from your audience. It encourages them to take the desired action.

Some popular examples of CTAs that often work well include: Repin, Learn More, click to know more, and Buy Now.

How to Make Pins Go Viral?

There is no magic potion to make your pins viral. If there was, I guess, all my pins would have brought tons of traffic to my blog. But it does not work that way because most of the pins perform average, and some do not even do well.

However, if you are lucky, you will see a few pins bringing twice or thrice more traffic than usual. These are your viral pins, and you should aim for more.

Earlier, I have discussed the Pin design, which is one of the main factors for a viral pin. Apart from this, also do the following things to increase your probability.

1. Pin At The Right Time

You should know when your Pinterest audience is most active. Talking about myself, I am from India, and my audience is from the U.S. India is ahead of the U.S by 9 hours & 30 minutes. So, pinning at an irrelevant time will not yield good results compared to pinning when they are most active.

I concluded that for me, the morning time between 7 am – 9 am &, 7 pm – 9pm is the best time. Pinning at such times has always given me better results. That is why, if you want to have a viral pin, figure out your best time.

2. Save Pins to a Relevant Board

The first time you save your pin to a board MUST be a relevant board. This is because when you save a pin for the first time, it is a blank image for Pinterest. It does not know which topic it represents and where to rank them.

For this purpose, pin title, description, image, all help the Pinterest to figure out. However, saving your pin to a relevant board is the best thing you can do to help them out.

When you save your pins in such boards, Pinterest can figure out the pin topic by looking at the board title and description where it is saved. It helps them to categorize it, which results in ranking on its search engine.

3. Repin The Pins For a Few Times

I have heard many times that a pin should not be repinned more than once. But I think you should repin your pin multiple times to get more impressions. Else, you are losing a chance.

Many times I have seen that repinning my pin for a few times ensures regular traffic. Although, I only pin them to 3-4 Strong relevant boards that are performing well. I will not exceed more than that else, it looks spammy.

For example, if I have 3-4 Strong boards (acc. to Pinterest analytics) in a money-making niche, I will make sure that my pins on the same topic go on these boards. This gives them enough impressions, and they can show their magic if the pin design is appealing to my audience.

To conclude,
Pinning to 3-4 Strong relevant boards = More Impressions = Better chance for getting saves and clicks = An opportunity to have a viral pin

Final Thoughts

There you have got it! Follow these guidelines for every pin you create to see one of your pins getting viral.

Even if you do not get the desired result, all the steps will improve your clicks and saves, resulting in an increase in your Pinterest traffic.

Let me know what you think about the post down in the comment section.

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