How To Get Traffic from Quora in Just 6 Steps

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In this guide, I will walk through all the steps on how to get targeted traffic from Quora.

Do you know, many people are still kinda alien to Quora. Even if they know about its existence, they haven’t looked it up as a traffic source.

Let me tell you, traffic from Quora is considered highly targeted & it can last up to even a year. If I talk about Pinterest, then you can only drive a steady traffic as long as you are repinning.

Whereas in Quora, you just need to answer the question once and that answer can lead you to so many targeted traffic for a long period.

But simply writing answers to any question isn’t kinda strategical which may yield to no result.

That is why I have mentioned all the steps from creating your profile to answering the questions which when followed will definitely lead to a few more thousand visitors on your blog.

So, if you are ready to take some action, then let’s just begin.

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What Is Quora?

Quora website

Quora is a question & answer platform which was created in 2009 & has more than 190 million unique visitors every month. Just like Yahoo answers, people ask several questions here and other people reply to their query.

Great, right?

Well, most of the traffic on Quora comes from USA (37.7%) & India (18.3%). So, if your target audience resides in these countries then Quora is a great traffic generating platform for you.

Benefits Of Using Quora

Quora is a perfect platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise about a certain niche.

Being in a Q& A format, it itself shows that it is a problem-solving platform which gives you the advantage to help those people who are searching for answers to their problems.

Thus, using Quora can give you many benefits for your blog marketing. Here are the top 3 benefits which you can get:

  • Quora traffic is highly targeted because most people will visit only those questions which are related to their problems. This means that they are looking for solutions and if they bump into your answer, then you have the chance to drive them to your blog.
  • Quora traffic is a long-term traffic which means your answers will be their forever until & unless it is deleted by Quora itself. You know, I still get Quora traffic from my answers which I have written some one year ago.
  • Using Quora, you can establish yourself as an Authority which itself gives you a lot of credibilities and you can have a lot of followers. If you are really good at writing & your answers are getting a lot of good response, you can be featured in the “Most viewed writers” section from your category.

6 Steps You Must Follow To Drive Quora Traffic

As I mentioned above, simply writing anything won’t drive traffic to your blog. Instead, you need to follow certain things to do it in the right way.

Here I will walk you through all the exact steps of using Quora. Each step is important so don’t skip it.

1. Create Your Quora Profile The Right Way

I know if you want to use Quora, you have to make a profile. But only signing up and start answering the question doesn’t make any sense.

Instead, you have to set up your profile in such a way that you must look as an authoritative person in your niche.

Now how would you do that?

Simple, by filling details in your profile. Below are the places you must concentrate while setting up your profile.

A. Fill Your Credentials

Credentials are nothing but a headline of your profile. These credentials will appear below your profile name. So whether you answer any question or ask any question, these credentials will be visible to all the Quorians.

What should you write in Credentials?

You should mention your expertise in whatever field you are in. Suppose, if you are an SEO expert, then mention something like

SEO Expert at

SEO Consultant | Blogger |

This will let other Quorians know who you are & what is your interest. If people from your interest finds you, they will definitely follow.

This is Quora credentials & description section

B. Fill Your Description

A description is a great place to let others know more about you and what can you do for others. If Quorians lands on your profile, you can either redirect them to your blog or to your popular blog post using your description.

Many people don’t take advantage of the description section and simply fill it randomly. That’s wrong & you must avoid it.

Instead, you need to include the following details in this section which will further let others know more about you.

  • Your experience
  • Your expertise topics
  • Include your website domain name
  • Include your social site’s link
  • Include links to your most popular blog post (this will drive traffic to them)

You can see above description as reference.

C. Select Topics In “knows About Section”

This is Quora knows about section

In this section, you need to choose topics on whom you wanna answer. If you are into Online marketing, then you should go for SEO, Blogging, Affiliate marketing etc.

Based on whatever topic you choose, Quora will show all the questions related to that topic in your feed. In this way, you don’t have to run for questions as it will be available in your feed.

You can find this section by going into your profile and then look at the bottom right section.

2. Make A List Of Blog Post

After you have set up your profile, it’s time to list down all the blog post that you wanna promote on Quora.

Basically, make a list of those blog post that is

  • Popular ( has lots of views & shares)
  • Well written & detailed (valuable & helpful for readers)
  • Has lots of interlinking to your other post

Now you might be thinking why all this?

I wanna ask you one thing. If you visit a blog post which is shit, will you return back? NO.

But instead, if you land on a post that actually helps you to solve your problems, I am damn sure you will be coming again & again to that website. Moreover, you may also subscribe to it. Isn’t it?

Same ideology you need to apply in Quora as well. You want visitors to land on your best post so that they have a good impression of your blog. They must feel that you are really a pro in your niche.

This can also result in an increase of subscribers and who knows they might also buy your products. The thing is if you are able to impress visitors on the very first visit, then it will benefit for a long run.

So, make sure you target your best post.

3. Select Questions To Answer

After you have made a list of the best post, its time to find questions related to them. You need to find & target those questions which are getting a lot of attention & views (Obviously related to your blog post)

Below are some of the ways you can find those questions.

A. Search On Google (My Favourite Method)

This is my favorite method to find questions on Quora. The questions you are getting from this method have a lot of traffic from both Google & Quora itself.

Answering these questions with a link to your blog post will surely increase your traffic. However, don’t forget that there are other answers as well which are also targeting the same question.

So, it’s not necessary that your answer will stand out from the rest.

That is why you must answer your question briefly with images so that you can get upvotes. If your answer has the most upvotes, it will surely land on the top which must be your actual aim.

I will discuss how you must write answers in a couple of minutes. But before that, let’s see how you can find the best questions using Google method.

  • Go to Google & search your “article keyword” with “Quora tag” in it. In other words, type your keyword & add Quora word at the end. For example, if my keyword is “Increase traffic to blog”, then I will search like this on Google “Increase traffic to blog Quora”.
  • Now what will happen, Google will show all the top ranking Quora questions related to this keyword. These are the questions you need to target by giving suitable answers.
  • So, if you drop a brief answer with a link to your blog post, then you can drive some serious traffic to your blog.

B. Questions For You Section

There is a section in Quora where they themselves suggest questions for you according to your interest. Answering these questions will also get you a lot of views.

If these questions match with your content, then answer them. However, if the questions aren’t relevant to your topic, still answering them will increase your credibility. (we will discuss this shortly)

This is Quora questions for you section

To find this section,

  • Go to Answer and click on the “Questions for you” tab on the left side.
  • The questions popping up are the one that Quora is suggesting.

C. Answer Request Section

Quora has an “Answer Request” feature where a Quorian can ask a question to 15 different people. If you have questions in this section, then this probably means that someone has requested you to answer it.

If you are just starting out, you won’t see any questions here. But as your Quora authority increases, slowly you will see questions popping up in this section.

This is Quora answer request section

These questions may or may not be related to your interest (mostly it will be related). But when you answer these questions, it will have more authority & importance than the rest of the answers you answer.

So, whenever you get these questions, simply answer them. You can find this section by going to Answers and then click on the “Answer request” tab on the left side.

D. Questions In Your Feed

You can also find questions in your home feed section. These are based on your preferences which you choose while creating your profile.

So mostly, you can find your niche related questions along with some popular questions (other topics).

4. Sorting The Questions

Right now you have set your profile, have a list of blog post & knows how to find questions. Now what?

It’s time to answer them.

But before that, you just don’t want to randomly answer each and every question. It’s actually time-consuming.

And you need to work smarter rather than harder. Right?

So instead of answering everything, you need to sort out questions that have higher chances to drive traffic to your blog.

So how will you do the sorting?

To do sorting, you need to look at the following factors in questions before answering them.

  • Check out how many followers does the question have. If a question has thousands of followers, then it’s a great sign because when you answer such questions, all the followers of that particular question will receive a notification. Clicking that notification will take them to your answer & thus your answer will be in front of thousands of people.

This is Quora question follow

  • You should also check the views on the question. Views show how popular that question is. If a question is having thousands or millions of views, then dropping your answer will be a great way to have more exposure. You can check this by clicking a question and finding the stats in the bottom right corner.

This is Quora question stats section

So, If the questions have either one or both the factors, then these are the perfect questions to target.

5. It’s Time To Answer These Questions

So, now you have popular questions on your list which have a lot of views & followers. However, they will also have a lot of answers from other Quorians.

Some may be short, others will be long. Have a look at them and see what all they are highlighting & how did they present their answer.

Now, the key point is that you have to write an answer that should be outstanding from these answers. If you can do this, your answers will have a higher chance to get more upvotes.

So, how do you write them?

  • Write long and helpful answers. Longer answers tend to show up on top of other answers.
  • Answers you write should be clean with short paragraphs.
  • Include bullet points which makes it more readable.
  • Include images in your answer to make it more engaging.
  • Drop your blog post link with an anchor text while answering.
  • Don’t give away everything (we will discuss this in a couple of minutes)

What not to do

  • Writing boring answers. People usually don’t read long boring answers. Try to include humor, storytelling or personal experience in it.
  • Avoid spamming the answers with your blog post link. Instead, make it look like natural.
  • Do not copy & paste the same answer in other questions as this looks spammy which will result in banning.

A. How To Drop Links

Quora moderators are quite strict. If they sense something spammy, they will straight away ban your profile without giving any warning.

My first profile was banned just because I was promoting an affiliate link in an unnatural way. I was copying & pasting the same answer on all the questions which resulted in banning.

That is why you need to be careful while dropping your links whether it is a blog post or affiliate link.

So, the question is how do you drop links?

  • You can drop it naturally within your answer just like you interlink your articles by an anchor text on your blog.
  • Another way is to include something like this “To find a more detailed answer with more insights, you can check out this post on my blog” and then link your blog post.

You can sometimes link other websites as well which shows that you are not here to only promote your content.

At last, just remember that you are answering a question just because you want to help others. It shouldn’t sound like as if you are selling your content.

B. Don’t Give Away Everything

Suppose, you answered a question that has all the info. Reading that answer will definitely solve the targeted problem.

Now just tell me one thing, if they are already satisfied with your answer, will they make an effort to click your blog post link?

Probably NO

Because you already gave away everything.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you don’t make such mistakes & follow below steps:

  • Answer a question and add lines such as “If you check out my blog post, I have an additional method through which you can solve your problem instantly”. If anybody reads sentences like this, they will surely visit your website. That is why always make sure that you have something to offer to the readers so that they have a reason to visit your blog & obviously it shouldn’t be clickbait.
  • Another method is writing a summary of your blog post as an answer & then point them to a more detailed answer via your blog post link.

I hope by now, you have got the idea of what needs to be done. It isn’t a lot of work and you don’t have to answer 10-20 questions daily.

Just make sure to answer at least 1-2 questions every day which is like a 20 min work.

6. Improve Ranking Of Your Answer

After writing your answer, it may get lost in the ocean of other answers. As many Quorian only read top 3 answers on Quora. Thus, answers falling in the top 3 has more chances for exposure.

So, it is important that you should make sure that your answer ranks well. Quora considers some factors that determine which answer to place on top. Here are some of them:

  • Answers which are having the most upvotes (likes) are placed better.

This is Quora question views & upvotes

  • If the answer has a lot of views, they are more likely to place on top.
  • Answers which are written by Quorians who already have lots of views & upvotes overall to their profile are given more importance. (Credibility)

How to improve the overall credibility of your profile?

The third point mentioned above is directly linked with credibility. If you have been around on Quora for a longer period, then your answers will be given more importance Along with answering questions, you should also concentrate on improving your credibility as well.

This results in more exposure to your answer which leads to more views & upvotes.

So, how do you improve it?

  • Try to answer those questions which are popular. Popular questions are mostly shown in your feed. These questions may or may not be related to your topic. But answering them gives you a good chance to increase views & upvotes.
  • Answer some questions without dropping your link. This is a good practice as this doesn’t make you look like spammy Quorian who is always promoting his content.
  • Avoid using any affiliate links on your answers as this shows that you are just here to make some dimes which may affect your profile.

Result Of Your Hard Work

First, give yourself a tap on your back because you made it till here which is amazing.

Now let’s talk about how it works?

A well-written answer targeting your blog post will be staying up on Quora for a long time.

As Quora has millions of visitors every month, every now & then people will be reading your answers. If they like it, they will surely visit your blog & BAM here is your traffic.

One more thing, people only visit a question if they are really interested in it. These types of readers are known as Highly targeted readers & if you can drive them to your blog, then its really awesome.

Think about it, if you have 20-50 well-written answers on Quora, you can seriously drive some good traffic per month.

Also, the longevity of Quora answers is more than a tweet, Fb post or Pinterest pin. So, make sure your answers are worth to divert visitors from Quora to your blog.

Writing 1-2 answers on a daily basis will be quite enough.

Final Note – Quora Traffic

That’s all guys.

If you are already using another platform for traffic, then I will suggest concentrating on that. It’s better to master one platform at a time rather than trying everything at once.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding Quora, then do comment below. I would love to read it.

Also, If you can, then do subscribe to my blog for the latest updates. Cheers.

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  1. Good post. Quora is a powerful, but often forgotten tactic to get traffic to your blog. What’s even better, you can make sure that traffic comes from someone who is genuinely interested in your topic (they asked about it) and can use Quora to establish yourself as an authority on it.

  2. I love this tactic! but I use it in a similar way with blogs of specifics topics because it gives me a great quality of traffic and it´s free.
    The success is in leave comments full of value to help the reader in his doubt or expand the content of the post. It´s a terrible mistake to leave generic comments like “Hey, nice post” that don´t have value(if you want more traffic).

    I do not have tried Quora yet but you convince me so I will give it a try. 🙂

  3. I just started my blog a couple of weeks ago and this has been the best tactic I’ve found so far! I hadn’t even heard of Quora until now and it seems to be a great strategy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kiki…you read this too…
      Yes this was a great tactics but need some language expertise to answer the question on quora?.
      But i Will give it a try …lol?
      Thanks for the great tips?

    • While answering questions on Quora, try to avoid answers like “If you want to know more, then click here”. You shouldn’t sound like you are promoting your blog. Instead, answer like you are trying to solve their problem.

      I would suggest that if you want to promote your blog post, then while answering question, give them a summary answer related to their problem (your blog topic) and then write something like

      “I wrote an article where I explained this topic in brief with images for better understanding” & then drop your blog link with an anchor text. That’s it. If they are impressed with your summary answer, then they surely wanna check out your blog post.

  4. Oh this is great! I had signed up for quora a while ago because I heard it was good for blogs but didn’t figure out how to use it to my advantage. This helps!


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