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Rank Youtube Videos Fast – Simple Tips To Rank On First Page

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If you own or just created a new YouTube channel, you might be thinking about how to rank your videos on top to boost your views. Am I right?

Do you know many YouTubers fails to attract views? Even though their content is good, but there are thousands of people who are doing the same thing. 

So, now the question arises how to rank YouTube videos fast when there is a lot of competition?

Now, let me tell you that I am also used to be a YouTuber before starting this blog. I had multiple videos which were ranking on the first page.

There are certain factors that you need to consider if your purpose is to rank them on the top & that’s what I am going to discuss here.

So if you feel lazy to read the whole article, you can head over to the summary section down below.



Metadata includes your title, description, tags which are the most important factors for your video ranking. So let’s see each metadata, particularly with an example. As an example, I will be using my old video for reference.

Now, this is currently ranking at no.2 as shown below. All my article will be based on this video as an example.


Youtube video ranking.



Firstly choose keywords which have high search volume & less competition using any of these YouTube keyword tools in whichever topic you are creating a video. Use that keyword in your title but use it wisely so that it doesn’t look like a spam.


Write your description having your keywords which you mentioned in your title. Here also, don’t do keyword stuffing.

Don’t forget to include your social media links in the description so that the audience can interact with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account. Have a look at my description.

Also, I would suggest that you describe your video with 2-3 paragraphs of about 100-200 words. Chances are it may appear on the first page of Google search as well.


Youtube video metadata description


Tags are very crucial for your video. Just add your keywords in the tags section. For more searchability, I will share with you one trick.

Just check the most popular video on the same topic. In my case, I will go with the 1st video


Finding view source page


Open that video, then right click and go to view page source.


view source right click


You will be headed to a page which is basically HTML codes. Press Ctrl + F and type “Keywords”. It will then show all the tags related to that video. Just copy and paste the same on your tag section.


View source page


Watch time is the average time that a viewer has watched a video. If your video is watched for 10 secs then that is the watch time.

If your watch time is good, then there are higher chances that your video rank will get improved.

So it is important that you make your content interesting so that people will not skip your video after watching it for 5-10 seconds.


If your content is good, you will obviously get likes, comments, and shares which in turn makes the visibility of your video higher and chances are that it will get good ranking on YouTube.

So, promote your video on social media to get more attention and visibility.

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Before uploading your video file, rename it with your title (keyword).

What happens is when you rename your video (file name) before uploading, you are actually telling YouTube algorithm that what your video is about because YouTube can’t look into your video.

So I prefer that you rename it.


  • Add an eye-catching thumbnail. This is the first thing what people will notice about your video. Suppose there are two restaurants. First one is simple, not good looking and another one is decorative and eye-catching, you will obviously go for the second one. Same is with videos.
  • Upload videos in HD quality. I would suggest to upload it in 720P (1280×720). Let me explain this, would you buy a product with cheap quality or will you go with high quality? If your video is of poor quality, people would probably skip it because it doesn’t have that eye-catching feeling. Let’s take another example, would you watch a movie with theater print or with HD print. I think you got my point.
  • Rename your thumbnail picture with keywords before uploading. Chances are when people search the same on Google, your thumbnail may appear on the image section like my videos thumbnail appeared in Google search and when someone clicks it, they will be directed to your video.


Youtube cover image ranking on Google


There are a few things you should keep in my mind while ranking your video. 

  • Use the keyword research tool and get low competition & high search volume keywords related to your video and write it down in your title, description & tag section.
  • Make good content so that it has a higher watch time
  • Get more likes, comments & shares by sharing your video on social media.
  • Rename your video file with keywords before uploading.
  • Upload an eye-catching thumbnail
  • Upload videos in HD quality
  • Rename your thumbnail picture with keywords before uploading. 



Now there are more SEO tips which I haven’t covered in this article. But whatever I have mentioned here are the most important tips for ranking your video on YouTube. So what are you waiting for, apply these tips and give me your feedback?

Also, If your YouTube account is older, chances are YouTube will pay more attention to your video in comparison with the new channels. So do not give up, and keep posting stuff. It may take a little time to settle things down, but once done you don’t have to worry about rankings.

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