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5 Reasons Why I Love Audible So Much

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Being an avid reader, its no doubt that books are my best friend and I always make time to read them. But due to the hectic schedule, sometimes I don’t get enough time. That’s when I look up for audiobooks.

Back when I wasn’t introduced to audiobooks, time was my biggest enemy. I use to go to the office, hang out with my friends and do all sorts of activities that people normally do.

But at the end of the day, I am completely exhausted & say what, I didn’t have much time to spend with my best friends i.e. my books.

Well, that’s a disadvantage when you are living away from your home and you need to do all the household work like cooking, cleaning etc by yourself.

I could only read books during the weekends. However, sometimes it is also cut short when I have to go for hiking or night out.

Like most of us, I tried e-books and done all sorts of scrolling. But, it wasn’t the cup of my tea. Not, at least for me.

It’s kinda difficult to read books when you don’t have enough time & you are not even comfortable with e-books. But it was cut short when I got introduced to Amazon’s Audible.

As they were flashing a free trial for 2 audiobooks, so it all started from there. I thought, why shouldn’t I give it a try as I have nothing to lose.

Because the trial plan was valid for 30 days & you can download any 2 audiobooks for free. Even, if you don’t like their service, you can still cancel the trial plan & keep both the audiobooks with you forever.

So, it was like grabbing free stuff without even spending a dime. Who doesn’t love free products?

Finally, when I signed up for the trial plan, I listened to my first audiobook. To be honest, I was completely hooked & loved every bit of it. Finally, this is what lead me to sign up for their paid membership.

You might be thinking what is so special about it. Don’t worry, this is what I am going to discuss next.

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If you are like me & love reading books, then I am damn sure you will just love Audible.

Still, have any confusion? Well, here are my 5 reasons why I have a crush on Audible.


As I mentioned above, my schedule was kinda hectic & it wasn’t easy for me to clear up some time for reading books. Additionally, a quiet environment is a must when it comes to reading.

These were some of the major problems why reading a book was so difficult for me. However, the moment I started using audiobooks, I can completely finish any book without even thinking about the time.

If you don’t know, Audiobooks is an audio version of books. You can easily download them to your smartphone & then all you need is a headphone. That’s it.

You can listen to them while driving, walking, cooking, cleaning etc without even worrying about waking up till late night just to read books.

Also, due to headphones, it creates an environment where it’s only you and your audiobook. No traffic sound, no noises etc which can easily distract you.



As already mentioned, time was my biggest problem. So, even if I was able to make some time for reading books, I could end up reading only 1 book per month or sometimes, it’s only half. 

But with audiobooks, I literally completed the same books within a week which is amazing. The reason why audiobooks work best is due to its flexibility.

Forget about late night readings when you can listen to them while doing other works. This is the beauty of audiobooks. However, Audible only provides 1-2 audiobooks per month as per its plan.

That is why I prefer to choose an audiobook of over 20 hours duration which lasts me a month. But that’s not all, even if I want to have another audiobook, Audible straight away gives me a 30% discount on the purchase as a member.

Thus, this allows me to save a few bucks on additional purchases.


When books are read by narrators especially professional actors or voice-over artist, the listening experience becomes more vivid.

The accents, the pronunciations, the way they read makes all the stories bring back to life. Definitely, it’s a different experience and I absolutely love it.

Also, the Audible app has features where you can absolutely control the pace of reading. If you want to listen to it fast or slow, you have the power to do so. 



The reason why Audible beats other audiobook service is because they have a huge library of over 1,80,000 audiobooks.

All of them are categorized well and you have a massive option to choose whichever audiobooks you want to listen.

You can also find such audiobooks which aren’t available in other services. After all, it is owned by Amazon which itself makes it more popular.



There are times when I wanna completely relax but also wanna read books as well. But due to exhaustion, it becomes quite difficult to do so.

I know, some of you also feel the same thing & it sucks. However, that’s when Audiobooks becomes handy.

All I do is just lay down on my bed keeping my head on the soft pillows. Plug my earphone, close my eyes & start listening to audiobooks. This helps me to listen as well as relax at the same time. So soothing experience.


Well, these are the reasons why I love Audible so much. If you too have the same struggle for reading books, then I highly recommend to give it a shot.

As of now, I have quit my job to take full-time blogging as my career. Due to this, I have immense time to do both the activities i.e. reading & listening.

However, when I am traveling or doing any sort of work, I prefer Audible instead of physical books. So, if you think that it can be helpful for you too. Try it.


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  1. Hi Mahesh,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I agree that you just can’t beat the convenience of an audiobook – I’ve only managed to finish one this month (Principles by Ray Dalio, highly recommended for anyone who is interested in finance/business), but to be fair it is pretty much 16 hours long, so I think that’s still pretty good! But getting back to my original point, I listened to it while running, while driving and even while cooking – you definitely couldn’t do that with a regular book!

    Thanks again,


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