If you want to master Pinterest, then you definitely need this guide. It is written by none-other than Scrivs who owns Billionaire Blogging Club. He is currently running more than 9 blogs in each niche & earning around $60,000/month. He has mentioned all his personal strategies on Pinterest in this e-book. If you are a beginner & want to learn Pinterest in a step-by-step manner, then look no further because this book is definitely for you. Also, it isn’t dependent on the viral pin traffic. Instead, it highlights all the strategies that can give you consistent traffic without even having a viral pin. I am pretty sure you won’t regret reading this ebook.


This book is written by Karla from Dishitoutsocial. It is a guide where she teaches her exact pinning strategy to launch a new pin on Pinterest so that it has the maximum chance of getting viral.

The special thing about her strategy is that she only uses a smartphone to do her pinning. If you follow her, you don’t have to maintain a spreadsheet to track your pins.

She also provides a video where she shows her exact pinning strategy using just a smartphone. It is quite easy & convenient to use.


This book is written by Elise from HouseofBrazen. She talks about how you can use Pinterest to make your first affiliate sale within 24 hours.

She shows the exact strategy she does to make affiliate sales every day on autopilot using Pinterest.