Where to Find Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities

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Are you searching for sponsored blog post opportunities to make extra money?


Are you struggling to find brands that could work with you?

Well, if you nodded your head, then you won’t get disappointed because I will introduce 10 networks that offer sponsored post opportunities to both newbie and intermediate bloggers.

Even if you have small traffic or small social media following, you can still nail some sponsor opportunities using these networks.

So, don’t you want to know about them? Let’s see!Sponsored Post opportunities Pinterest pin

What is Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is a post that’s paid for by an advertiser to get posted on a website.

It is usually written by the author of the site or by the sponsor under FTC  rules.

Usually, they need to provide a disclaimer in the post so that the audience knows whether it is a regular or sponsored post.

The main purpose of writing such posts is to attract visitors from a website to the website of a sponsor.

For example, I have a popular website in the Digital Marketing niche and a web hosting company approaches me for a sponsored post.

So, if I write a detailed post about their web host showing them in a positive light, then my audience is more likely to visit their site and maybe they even buy their web host under my recommendation.

In this way, the company gets profit and I get my paycheck for writing such a post. So, it’s a win-win situation.

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What is Sponsored Post Network?

A Sponsored Post network is a place where brands can connect with influencers/bloggers who can help promote their brand/products.

Once you join such networks, you’ll receive several sponsored post opportunities from companies and brands which you can accept to make money online.

How To Get Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities For Your Blog?

Getting sponsored post opportunities really depends on you & your blog.

If you have a nice online presence via blog or social media, then you have a better chance to land such sponsored work opportunities.

You just need to approach different product brands in your niche and let them know that you are interested to work with them.

But before you even contact them, ensure you have a great media kit to go along with it.

A media kit is where you mention all the stats regarding your blog, i.e. Your monthly traffic, demographics, social media followers, etc.

Looking at this kit, the brands can easily make out whether they will have any benefit in working with you or not.

Another way is to join sponsored post networks to get such opportunities. This method is easier than the previous one.

But What If You Have A Decent Presence?

If you have decent traffic and presence in social media, then approaching different brands may not work as they are more willing to work with big bloggers who have large a following & traffic.

You may try it, but I think it will not work for you.

In such a case, you must join different networks that can directly connect you with different brands.

These networks are a great way to get a sponsored post even if you don’t have a large audience.

How much should I charge for a sponsored blog post?

You should take the following things into consideration while charging for a sponsored post.

  • How many hours you must need to create a post?
  • How much social media reach you have?
  • How much engagement does the post get from having it on your blog?

Though these are the basic things to consider, there are more factors you need to analyze while finalizing the price.

Here is a great post that goes in-depth about pricing that you should really check out.

How to pitch Sponsored Post?

  • Finalize a company to whom you want to work with. For this, you can Google or LinkedIn search.
  • Find out their contact details by visiting their FAQ or contact page
  • Create an email where you
    • Introduce yourself and your website
    • Why are you the best person to work with?
    • Your website reach & social media statistics
    • Wrap it up by attaching your media kit

If you want to dive deep in this topic, you can read this post to know more about pitching your sponsored post to brands and read this to know the right way to write emails for pitching.

10 Networks that offer Sponsored Post Opportunities

If you search on the internet, you can find lots of networks that connect bloggers with different brands.

But there are only a few that’s really worth your time and here are 10 of them.

1. Linqia

Linqia website

Linqia is the most popular network that connects bloggers to the right brands for sponsored post opportunities.

Personally, I haven’t worked with this network because it only applies to bloggers who live in the US & Canada. So, if you belong to these countries, you can surely apply.

But before you apply, you must have at least 2,500 monthly visitors to your blog or 2,500 cumulative social media followers. There are other requirements, which you can check out below.

Linqia website requirement

When you work with brands from Linqia, you’ll get paid within 10 days once your campaign is finished.

The average pay for a campaign can go up to $220 which is paid via PayPal.

2. PayPerPost

PayPerPost Website

PayPerPost comes under IZEA is another network, which not only works with bloggers, but they also work with YouTubers & Instagrammers.

PayPerPost work with some huge brands like Target, The Home Depot, Mercedes Benz, Mattel, Alaska Airlines and HGTV, etc.

It doesn’t have any specific requirements so you won’t have any problem if you have less following.

As a member, they will connect you with different brands & publishers depending on the type of content you produce.

You will get paid via PayPal once you collect at least $50. There are many bloggers who made a lot of money from sponsored posts from this network.

One of them is Katie Reed from amotherthing.com who made around $3000/month just by using PayPerPost.

3. Tomoson

Tomoson website

Tomoson is another network primarily based on product reviews. If you are in health, fashion, toys or any niche, you can definitely join this network as there are opportunities for every niche.

When you join this network, you can directly apply for campaigns run by different brands where they set prerequisites for what kind of influencer they are looking for.

It can be your social media followers or unique visitors on your blog. If you fulfill those criteria, you’re pre-approved.

After that, the brand manually approves the influencer to whom they want to work with.

4. Real Clever

Real Clever website

Real Clever is an award-winning influencer marketing agency that offers its services to both brands and influencers.

They have a perfect lineup of influencers who create and sponsor contents that reaches a wide range of an audience.

As a member, you will get offers for sponsored posts & social media campaigns every month.

The best thing about them is they pay on time & keeps a track of your past programs & income.

To qualify, you will need at least 10,000 page views per month for getting sponsored post opportunities from Clever.

5. Social Fabric

Social Fabric website

Social Fabric is a collective bias platform which works with big brands & has a community of creators who make authentic content across blogs and social platform.

You can apply here only if you live in the US or Canada.

They work with influencers who have a good engaging blog, Instagram or YouTube channel.

As a blogger, you must have a visually appealing & easy to navigate blog along with good engaging social followers.

6. Cooperatize

Cooperatize Website

Cooperatize is a micro-influencer platform that helps brands to work with influencers through sponsored and non-sponsored campaigns.

To work with different brands, you should know how to write posts in a storytelling format.

You need to share your experience that incorporates the brand in a creative way.

You can make anywhere between $150-$800 per opportunity based on the unique visitors your blog gets, social media reach, the brand’s budget, and various other factors.

7. Tapinfluence

Tapinfluence website

Tapinfluence is a network that allows brands to find influencers, create, automate, and track campaigns, and pay creators in one place.

Here instead of you applying for posts you are interested in, the companies or brands will contact you.

This happens when Tapinfluence sends you an email when any brand wants to work with you. You can either accept or decline their proposal.

If you accept, you get to choose the publish date within a 2-weeks block rare in other influencer networks.

There are many influencers who got sponsored post opportunities even after having a small following.

So, if you’re also on the same boat, you too have a good chance.

8. Moms Meet

Moms Meet website

Moms Meet is an online community where moms can connect, discuss important topics, and learn about health, parenting, better-for-you products and more.

If you are a mom blogger, you can definitely join this community to receive & test different products for which you need to write an honest review.

Your review post will get shared on the product review pages on the site and directly with the bands and companies that you’ve tested the products for.

Mom Meet is only opened for residents from the United States. However, if you’re from Canada, you can inform the site because they have different products you can test from time to time.

9. Izea

Izea website

IZEA is an influencer marketing network for agencies and brands, automating influencer and content marketing programs.

It is a platform to pay bloggers to create contents for brands. To join them, they offer three plans in which the free plan offers five (5) bids per month whereas the other plans offer unlimited bidding.

Before you even start bidding, ensure you’ve completed your profile page to get into consideration bidding.

In the end, I will just say that Izea is a great platform for influencers & you must definitely give it a chance.

10. Blog Meets Brand

Blog Meets Brand website

Blog Meets Brand is another good blog network that connects influencers with some great brands.

They work with DIY, Entertainment, Fashion, Health & other 9 niches. So, it means most of the niche bloggers have a room in this network.

The sign-up process is also quite easy where you just need to enter your name, email, and a password to get started before proceeding to the usual profile creation.

Also, ensure you have a good blog with an engaging audience so that brands can seek you out.

How To Market Yourself When You Apply For A Sponsored Campaign?

When you are ready to join the above networks, it’s really important that you sell yourself. You need to show brands why they should choose you over others.

You must know there is a lot of competition in the blogosphere because there are many bloggers who might have much better stats than your blog.

Looking at all these things, you shouldn’t get discouraged because maybe it’s been only a few months when you have started blogging or you may don’t have enough page views.

Well, these things matter, but if you could show that your audience engages well with your content, then it really makes a difference.

You just need to brainstorm all the activities which are quite frequent on your blog. Like

  • Are you getting a lot of comments?
  • Do you have a lot of social shares?
  • Do you have a high click-through-rate on your links?
  • Do you have many email subscribers?

If you can show brands & companies that you can connect well with your audience and can encourage them to take the desired actions, then this really makes a big difference.

In the end, it’s not about how many page views you get. It’s mainly about how many readers out of all those page views engage with your content.

Having thousands or millions of page views are good. But if they are not taking any action, then it isn’t worth it.

However, if you are only getting a few pages views, but it’s really converting well, then that’s what matters.

Final Advice

Always stay true to yourself, your niche & your blog when receiving sponsored work. There will be times when you will receive offers with a good pay rate, which unfortunately doesn’t fit with your niche.

In such cases, always think about your audience first whether they will get any benefit if you plan to write content on it.

If it really makes sense, then only agree to work with such brands otherwise it makes little sense to your audience.

Moreover, they might also think you are just selling your content which is a complete NO.

That’s why I always avoid such circumstances and sponsor only genuine products.

If your audience can make out you are really trying to help them with suitable products, then they won’t mind checking it out.

Ending Note…

These are the networks that can really kick-start your sponsored post journey.

Though, initially, you may not see many opportunities. But that’s ok because you are new to all these things.

Have some patience and try working on your blog to produce quality content so you have a better engaging audience.

With time, you will automatically see some opportunities that might be less paying but it will really give you a great start. So keep your fingers crossed.

If you liked this article, then don’t forget to share & pin.

Also, let me ask you a question, “Have you tried any of these networks yet?” Comment down below to let me know. Cheers.

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