Swagbucks vs Mypoints 2022 – Which One is Better For You?

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At first glance, Swagbucks and MyPoints appear to be very similar sites, but some significant differences distinguish one from the other.

If you're looking for a comparison to see which one is better for you, here is a detailed comparison between Swagbucks and MyPoints.

1st Comparison: How Many Countries Can Access Them?


Even though Swagbucks is planning to expand in more and more countries, currently they are active in the majority of America, Europe, and Asia. They are also available in a few African countries.


MyPoints is only available in the US and Canada.

Winner - Swagbucks

Even though Swagbucks isn't available in majority countries, they are still active in more countries than MyPoints.

2nd Comparison: How Much Is The Sign Up Bonus?


To be honest, there is no signup bonus upon registration, but there are other bonuses available.

To receive a 70 SB bonus, enter the code REDDIT in the code section during registration.

To qualify for the second bonus, you must earn 300 SB within 30 days of joining to receive an additional 300 SB.

Finally, if you spend $25 on a single purchase from an eligible Swagbucks category, you will receive a $10 bonus.


MyPoints offers a $10 Amazon or Visa gift card as a welcome bonus, but there is a catch.

You see, you must spend $20 or more on any shop merchant via the MyPoints website or MyPoints emails within the last 30 days of joining.

With this purchase, your account will be credited with 1,750 points, which is equal to $10.

Winner - Swagbucks

Clearly, Swagbucks is much better because you don't have to spend any money to collect the bonus.

3rd Comparison: How Many Earning Opportunities Do They Offer?


Swagbucks offers a variety of ways to earn points, including surveys, paid videos, web searching, daily polls, downloading apps/games, playing games, signing up for a free trial, printing grocery coupons, earning cash back from online purchases, a referral program, and more.


MyPoints also provides several ways to earn points, including online surveys, watching online videos, playing video games, shopping through any of the participating retailers, using the MyPoints Yahoo! Search engine, printing and using in-store coupons, reading promotional emails, referring a friend to the program & more.

Winner - Tie

Both of them offer numerous opportunities to earn points. So it's a tie for me.

4th Comparison: Which Website Offers The Best Paying Surveys?


Swagbucks surveys pay between 40 and 200 SB, with some surveys paying even more. Even if you are disqualified from a survey, your account will still be credited with 1 SB.

In addition, for every 10 questions answered related to your profile you can earn an extra 2 SB.


MyPoints surveys pay up to 400 points and credit 1-5 points if you are disqualified.

Like Swagbucks, they also credit 5 points for every 10 questions you answer related to your profile.

Winner - MyPoints

Even though MyPoints appears to be the better option for surveys in terms of pay, both Swagbucks and MyPoints have a high rate of disqualification.

There have been reports of users being disqualified after taking a survey for 20 minutes just because they don't fit the criteria.

On the brighter side, even after you've been screened out, they both credit your account with a few points, which is fantastic.

5th Comparison: Which Website Has Better Daily Bonus?


Swagbucks offers two daily bonuses: to-do list bonus and goal bonus.

To receive the first one, you must complete a series of six tasks to receive 7 SB. Even if you only complete four of them, you will still receive 2 SB.

When it comes to the daily goal, they have goal 1 and goal 2, which credit 3 and 2 SB to your account for collecting 30 and 104 SB.

Additionally, if you complete goal 1 for straight 5 days in a row, you will receive a bonus of 25 SB.


MyPoints has similar schemes, but the reward points are quite different.

For completing a to-do list of 9 tasks, you'll receive 10 points while only 5 points are credited if you can only complete 5 of them.

To receive a bonus for daily goals, you must collect a certain number of points within a day. Earning 30 points, for example, can earn you an additional 3 points.

Furthermore, if you can meet your daily goals for 5, 7, 14, 21, or every day of the month, you will earn 10, 25, 100, 200, and 300 points.

Winner - MyPoints

MyPoints daily bonus is clearly better than Swagbucks because they pay more points for both the to-do list and daily goals. Furthermore, the streak system in MyPoints is excellent.

6th Comparison: Which Website Has The Better Referral Program?


You can earn 10% of your referral's lifetime earnings, plus an additional 300 SB if your referral earns the same amount within 30 days of joining.

You can also get an extra 100 SB if they install the Swagbutton (browser add-on) on their desktop or laptop.


You will receive 25 points for each new referral, as well as 10% of their lifetime earnings.

You will also receive an additional 750 points if your referral spends $20 and qualifies for the 1,750 bonus points within 30 days of joining.

Winner - MyPoints

Although Swagbucks offers 10% of your referral's lifetime earnings, the rest of the bonus is dependent on your referral taking the required action. As a result, they are not guaranteed.

MyPoints, on the other hand, not only gives you 10% of the referral's lifetime earnings but also gives you a guaranteed 25 points for each referral sign-up, which is a better deal. However, the other 750-point bonus is not guaranteed.

7th Comparison: Which Website Has a Lower Minimum Payout?


You can redeem your Swagbucks points even if you only have 5 SB, but it will be invested in charity donations.

To redeem your points for $3 gift cards or $10 PayPal cash, you'll need at least 300 SB and 1,000 SB, respectively.


For a $3 gift card, MyPoints requires 480 points, while a $25 PayPal credit requires 3,970 points.

Winner - Swagbucks

This section clearly belongs to Swagbucks because they have a lower minimum threshold than MyPoints.

8th Comparison: What Are The Pros & Cons?



  • They offer numerous ways to earn points making it easy to reach the minimum payout.
  • The minimum payout is low.
  • Swagbucks is available on both desktop and mobile, making it easy for you to use.
  • They give you a lot of options for redeeming your points.


  • You may have difficulty qualifying for all surveys.
  • Some features aren't up to par. Web searching, for example, will not provide enough points.
  • Their mobile apps are not available in some countries, even though their website is fully functional.



  • Their website is simple and easy to use.
  • There are a variety of ways to earn points.
  • Excellent mobile app for easy point collection and redemption.
  • You can find excellent deals to earn several points.


  • There are fewer customer support options.
  • Points do not have a monetary value. As a result, you'll never know how much your earnings are worth.
  • Many surveys may result in disqualification.

What's My Take? - Swagbucks Vs MyPoints

Each site has both positive and negative sides, making it difficult for me to pass judgment.

If you ask me, I would prefer Swagbucks due to their low minimum payout, which allows me to redeem my points as soon as possible.

MyPoints, on the other hand, is a better option if you have a blog, YouTube channel, or social media page where you can refer to a lot of people. Furthermore, their daily bonuses are an additional reason to have them.

Though there is no harm in using both if they are available in your country, the decision is ultimately yours!



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