7 Tricks To Increase Adsense Revenue (Surprise Tool Inside)

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Are you looking for tricks to increase Adsense revenue?

Do you want to know how to increase Adsense clicks?


How to increase Adsense earnings per click?

If you are eagerly looking for answers to these questions, then this post will definitely help you.

You will explore all the steps you must take to make the most out of your ads.

However, before implementing anything, you should know Adsense Program Policies so you don’t violate them.

If you can take care of these policies, then implementing these 7 steps will be quite easy and safe for you.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

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7 Tricks To Increase Adsense Revenue

1. Use Ezoic Tool (Click Here To Read Full Ezoic Review)

Ezoic website

If your blog receives over 10,000 pageviews per month, you are eligible to use Ezoic.

We all know that ad placement and sizes have a direct impact on your earnings.

That’s the reason many publishers always do A/B testing to find that sweet spot.

However, it’s a tedious job and you have to perform everything manually. That’s where you can take advantage of Ezoic.

Ezoic is a free Google Adsense certified tool that automatically performs A/B testing on your site by analyzing your visitor’s behavior to optimize the user experience.

You don’t have to do anything apart from setting it up and the rest of the work is on autopilot.

Using this tool, you’ll see your daily earnings increasing by at least 50%. In my case, I have seen an improvement of over 360%.

My Ad earnings went from $0.64 to $2.97 per day (average of 7 days) with the same pageviews.

My comparison chart between Adsense & Ezoic earning

Currently, I am making $6-$8 per day with only 650-850 pageviews & it’s still growing. So, it’s definitely working well for me.

Ezoic earnings

If you’re going to implement Ezoic, then you don’t have to worry about below steps (besides step no.6 & 7) because all these things are done automatically by Ezoic.

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2. Pay Attention To Your Traffic Source

Google Traffic vs Social media traffic for Adsense ads

Have you ever wondered, which traffic source is the most ad-friendly one?

Traffic that gives more clicks and engages well with your ads?

Is it social media or search engine traffic?

Well, if you guessed social media, then you are completely wrong.

The reason is social media traffic is not much targeted which means there is a chance your visitor will engage less with your content.

Whereas if you compare it with the search engine traffic like Google, then the engagement rate is much better.

That’s because the traffic coming from Google is usually through a keyword that your content is ranking for.

Thus, visitors are more likely to engage with your content which results in better earning/EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors).

So, start optimizing your site for Google to get better results from Adsense.

You can read my Search Engine Optimization guide to get an idea of how to implement SEO on your site to get Google traffic.

You can also read my On-Page SEO guide that teaches how to properly optimize contents for Google so it starts ranking.

3. Target High CPC Keywords

High CPC keywords for Adsense

If you want to know how to increase Adsense earnings per click? then you must target high CPC keywords.

Here CPC stands for Cost per click in which the publishers are only paid based on the number of ad clicks.

The higher the ad click rate, the more will be your earning.

For example, if there is an ad having $8 CPC rate and another ad with a $1 CPC rate, then you’ll make more with the first one.

I know many questions might come in your mind regarding this method.

So, let me break it down for you.

  • Find high CPC keywords.
  • Target those keywords by writing in-depth contents using SEO.
  • Rank them on Google.
  • Watch targeted traffic coming to your content which results in more earning.

However, don’t expect Google to display high CPC ads 24/7 on your content because they have different ways to target ads on a site.

They basically do it in 4 ways.

  • Contextual Targeting – In this, ads are targeted based on keyword analysis, word frequency, font size, and the overall link structure of the web.
  • Placement Targeting – In this, ads are targeted based on what your users are interested in and what they have to offer. They may not be precisely related to the content of a page.
  • Personalized targeting –  In this, ads are targeted based on users interests, demographics.
  • Run of Network targeting – In this, advertisers target all sites in the AdSense network, except explicitly excluded sites, according to available inventory.

High CPC keyword method is suitable for contextual targeting.

Example of High CPC Keyword

When I did a Google search for “Insurance” keyword having high CPC rate of $17.42, I found an article from moneycontrol.com.

When I visited this article, I saw ads related to Insurance as you can see below.

Example of Insurance Ad

This is contextual targeting ads.

How To Find High CPC Keywords?

To find high CPC keywords, you can use any keyword research tool such as Semrush or Google Keyword planner.

Just visit and type your niche. This will give you a list of keywords along with its CPC rates.

Filter them from high to low and you got all the high CPC keywords in front of you. Now, choose which keywords you need to target and start writing contents.

4. A/B Testing With Different Ad Sizes & Placements

Correct Ad placement and size on a website

If you want to know how to increase Adsense clicks?

Then A/B testing is your solution.

Correct Ad sizes & placements can have a dramatic impact on your Adsense earnings. It can literally boost your ad income by a few percentages.

However, it also depends on your site layout because every site is different. The ad size and placement working on one site may not work well on the other.

So that’s why it’s best to do A/B testing.

There are a few popular Google Ad units that work well with most of the site and you should use them for your testing purpose.

  • 336 x 280 (Large Rectangle) – It works well in between content paragraphs. It doesn’t fit in narrow sidebars & is not mobile-friendly.
  • 300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle) – It fits perfectly in the sidebar and inside the content area without annoying users. Also, it is mobile friendly.
  • 728 x 90 (Leaderboard) – This is a header ad ideal to be placed on top of the website because of which it gets more ads. It doesn’t support mobile ads.
  • 300 x 600 (Half-Page) – It is a wide vertical banner that sits in the sidebar or next to the content. However, because of its size, it may not be a good fit for all websites.
  • 320 x 100 (Large Mobile Banner) – It is a mobile ad format that works well when placed on top just below the header. It is also a good alternative to the medium rectangle ad format.
  • 320 x 50 (Mobile Leaderboard) – It is another mobile ad format that works well placed between post title and content.
  • 160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper) – It is a vertical banner ad that is designed specifically for narrow sidebars.
  • 300 x 1050 (Portrait) – Portrait is a slightly wider and longer vertical banner that sits next to the content or in the sidebar.
  • 970 x 250 (The Billboard) – It is a wide horizontal banner ad that can be ideally placed on top or bottom of your pages.
  • 250 x 250 (The Square) – It is great for minimalist WordPress theme as it fits beautifully.

Now, you have to test which one works well with your site layout and gives you a better result.

Usually, vertical ads perform pretty well compared to horizontal ones because it stays longer on the screen while scrolling.

But, it doesn’t mean you’ve to ignore horizontal ones because they grab the most pageviews when placed on the header.

Additionally, if you are using Ezoic, then all these tests are automatically done by the Ezoic AI system.

5. Pay Attention to Mobile Devices

Adsense Mobile ads

We all know that Mobile users have exploded because of smartphone and most of them browse the internet via their phone.

This means most of your traffic will come from these devices and you should pay attention to them to avoid any major hole to generate greater earnings.

Most of the publishers always adjust their ad unit sizes and placements according to desktop and they forget that they must also look upon how ads are serving in the mobile devices too.

That is why you should at least do the following things if you want better results.

  • Your blog must have a responsive theme that works well on mobile devices. This means it should be user-friendly, ad placements should appear well-sized and placed properly across your site. You can check out responsive themes on Elegant.
  • Enable anchor ads that stick to the bottom of your screen while scrolling.
  • Implement mobile ads (discussed in step 3).

Other than this, you can keep on doing A/B testing to see which ones are giving better results.

6. Target Better Traffic Location

Better traffic locations for Adsense revenue

This step is one of the most important steps if you want to see a great boost.

Your ad income mostly depends on the traffic location.

If it is coming from countries like US, UK, AUS, then you can expect better earnings compared to other countries like India, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc.

Now, it is not just limited to the US, UK or AUS, there are many other countries as well that joins the list.

Here is a list of those countries with their CPC rate.

There might be a few questions popping up your mind like why only these countries have better CPC rate than other countries.

The answer is simple.

Multi-National companies spend more on online and Inbound marketing on these countries because they have a better purchasing power.

That’s the reason you can expect better earning from these countries if you are getting traffic from them.

My 60% traffic comes from the US, 30% traffic comes from India & rest 10% are from different countries.

US traffic is making most of my ad income whereas Indian traffic is only giving me a few dollars.

Other traffic coming from countries such as the UK, AUS, CAN are performing better than India even if they are driving less traffic.

So, you need to better check from where your traffic is coming from and if it is not coming from major countries, then you must start using the below tips.

How To Get Traffic From Major Countries?

  • Use Pinterest to drive traffic where most of the user comes from the US, UK, CAN.
  • Target keywords based on the location. For example, when I do keyword research on Semrush, I set the location for the US. This gives me a list of keywords that the US audience is searching on Google.

Keyword research on Semrush based on Database location

7. Write Lengthy In-Depth Contents

Lengthy content for better Adsense revenue

Longer contents have a direct impact on visitor engagement.

If you have written great in-depth content, your visitor’s engagement increases that results in a longer session time and more page views.

More engaged time results in better ad rates for your site and longer sessions & pageviews results in higher session earning (EPMV)

Ezoic did a good deal of research on different websites and they found out that contents having 1000-2500 words generates higher revenue.

They also found that contents which are 2500-5000 words long generated less revenue compared to the previous one.

So, if you are having contents who falls in 1000-2500 words, you can expect better ad earnings from these contents.

However, if it is shorter? then revise and add more content to it.


So, these are the 7 tricks to increase Adsense revenue.

All of them are safe and they won’t affect your Adsense account. However, ensure to go through Adsense policies before doing anything.

If you don’t want to do anything by yourself, then you can always use Ezoic.

So, let me know what you think and what steps are you planning to use?

You can let me know in the comment section & don’t forget to share and pin this post.


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