9 Legit Sites To Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

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If you’re having trouble finding work, there’s a new gig that’s taking off, and it’s easy to do: get paid to talk to lonely people.

The gig is simple: join an online service and chat with and listen to lonely people about their problems and concerns in exchange for money.

It’s that simple and requires no effort, and you can earn at least $20–$50 per hour.

So, where can you look for such opportunities? That’s what I’m going to talk about today. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Get Paid To Be a Virtual Friend

1. RentAFriend

It is a platform where people can rent local friends from all over the world for various activities such as watching movies, attending events and family functions, etc. Some lonely people can even hire you for talking. 

To get started, create a free account and allow people to find you by city or pin code. When you receive their request, you have the option of accepting or rejecting it. 

If you choose prior, you can then talk about the price, schedule time, and activity.

Remember that you are your own boss, which means you can set your own price and working hours. If the request makes you feel uneasy, you are free to decline it.

You can expect to earn between $20 and $50 per hour on average. The monthly salary ranges from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on whether you work part-time or full-time.

For more information, check out their official website.

2. RentALocalFriend

This is another similar site like RentAFriend that has around 1544 local friends worldwide in around 325 cities.  

As a local friend, you can earn money by serving as a tour guide for foreign visitors. This means you’ll show them around town and share your knowledge and stories with them.

To join the site, you need to create a profile and book an interview with your community manager. 

Once done, you can activate all the services you want to offer and get verified through a contribution fee.

On RentALocalFriend, you can charge as much as $50-$200 per hour.

3. FriendPC

If you like the idea of becoming a virtual friend to earn money, you should definitely try FriendPC.

This site allows you to offer the following wide range of services.

  • Be a virtual friend: Text, call, or message someone. Excellent for talking with lonely people.
  • Become a companion: Meet people in real life and become friends.
  • Virtual Gamer: Arrange and play a few gaming sessions with someone.
  • Virtual girlfriend: Be someone’s phony virtual girlfriend
  • Book a girlfriend: Play the role of someone else’s fake girlfriend in real time.
  • Tour services: Act as a tour guide for someone by showing them around the city.
  • Life coach: Helping others to achieve their life goals.

So, if you want to get paid to talk to lonely people, you can go with the first option.

Please keep in mind that you are free to set your own schedule, prices, and services. That’s right, you’ll be your own boss, and you’ll be able to pick and choose who you work with.

All payments are ready for withdrawal two days after a service is completed.

4. Papa

Papa is a great site to join and earn money if you don’t mind making friends with elderly people who are lonely.

As a member, you will provide companionship such as talking to them, assisting them around the house, shopping, and transportation for an hourly price.

With your hourly pay, you’ll get reimbursed for the miles you drive to work and get bonuses based on how many visits you make each day and week.

To begin, enter your information and apply online. Papa will run a background check, and once cleared, you can add your bank information and get paid after you complete your service.

It has been observed that people earn approximately $3,000 per month on this site, with payments made within two business days.

5. RentACyberFriend

Based on the Pen Pal concept, RentACyberFriend.com is a social networking site updated for the digital age.

By becoming a member of this site, you will be able to provide companionship, skills, and expertise to lonely people all over the world.

Please make sure you have a good internet connection and a camera because you will be video chatting with them.

You will be paid per minute with a 20% platform fee, and your earnings will be deposited into your bank account.

6. Texting Factory

This website hires you as a chat operator, and your job will be to respond to casual messages on a fantasy-based text network.

You will be chatting with people from all walks of life, including lonely people who just want to talk about their work, culture, weather, and relationships.

A chat operator earns about $300–$400 per week on average. Not only that, but they can also earn bonuses for sending a large number of messages, as well as extra extensions on weekends and red days.

7. Premium.Chat

If you have a large number of social media followers, a YouTube channel, or a blog, you can use this service to provide a live text chat facility while also earning money.

Premium Chat is a text-based chat service where you can earn money for chatting sessions. Although lonely people can use this service, it is best suited for people who need advice on a specific topic or customer service.

While using it, you can set your own hours and charge them per session or per minute. All payments will be made on the 10th of each month, and you can withdraw them via direct deposit or PayPal.

The best part is that Premium.Chat is completely free to use.

8. Fiverr

How can we forget Fiverr, a site where you can find any kind of service.

It has everything from the most practical to the most bizarre services, and the site attracts a surprisingly large and enthusiastic following.

So, it’s an excellent place to offer your chatting services as a virtual friend.

All you need to do is create your gig and explain what you can do for lonely people. You can choose whether to chat via text, phone, or video call, as well as the duration.

Not only that, but you can also set your rates based on whether you’re offering a basic, standard, or premium plan.

If you want to look at some profiles that offer the same service, simply type online friend or friend into the search bar.

9. Lip Service

If you’re a women, this platform is for you because here you can make money by chatting up lonely men. You can work as a customer service representative, a text chat operator, or even a phone actress.

Your job involves friendly chatting and talking to men on the phone or via text.

If you are from the United States or Canada, you’re eligible to apply for the job. However, make sure you must have a great voice and personality to be considered for a position here.


To be honest, I really like this idea, and it pays well compared to other side hustles. However, it will only work if you get regular customers.

So, when you’re using these platforms, make sure to promote your gigs on social media and elsewhere so you can attract more customers.

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