How to Qualify for Online Surveys (Secrets You Didn’t Know)

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You must have heard that taking online surveys is one of the easiest ways to make extra money in your free time.

It doesn’t need any special skill and you can get paid within 10-20 minutes.

Even though it all sounds like a piece of cake, but users can’t even make it till the end.

They are disqualified within a few seconds or get rejected once they complete the survey.

You must have thought what in the hell is happening? Why is it rejecting you? How to qualify for online surveys?

Well, many market research companies are looking for a range of people they wish to connect, and it really becomes difficult for them to figure out when hundreds and thousands of people are participating in their surveys.

That’s why they sort all of them using the questions presented in the survey. These questions allow them to filter out those people that don’t fit in their criteria, and only the targeted people can make it till the end.

If you know a few things beforehand, you can really pass these surveys and get paid for it.

It’s not a 100% method that can get you through with any surveys but it will definitely going to make a good impact.

So, wasting no time, let’s start with the common reasons why you are not qualifying?

How to qualify for surveys

Reasons You Do Not Qualify for Surveys

1. Screening Test Issue

The screening test also known as Classification questions are those you see before taking a survey. Questions related to age, family, gender, habits, education, etc. all belong to it.

Often users are disqualified just after taking it and they keep on wondering where it went wrong?

Did they give any wrong answers or are they not suitable for this survey?

Let me tell you that the whole purpose of this questionnaire is to find out whether you belong to the companies target group. 

Survey companies want to make sure they target the right people for their survey and avoid those who don’t fit.

For example, if you do not own a car, it makes little sense that you take part in a survey where a car company wants feedback. 

So, that’s the reason, most of the time, you don’t qualify while taking screening questions. It is something that you can’t control but it also doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid taking surveys. 

Most of the time people pass the screening test and even if you don’t, you can take other surveys as it’s just the matter of the time you find the right one.

2. Surveys Not Targeted To Your Country

I don’t think you should waste your time on those sites that don’t provide surveys for your country.

It happened quite a lot of time when users take a survey only to know they are disqualified because they don’t belong to the target country.

They join sites that accept anyone but little do they know that most of their surveys are targeted only for certain countries. If you don’t belong to them, you won’t qualify.

So, to tackle this problem, ensure to read the conditions before joining & look up which countries they are currently supported by going through their site.

There are many international survey sites you can join and if you want to be more specific, just search the keyword “best sites for the country name” (Replace it with your country name) on Google. 

This will show all the survey companies that are specifically targeted for your country & joining them will give you better results.

3. Using a VPN or Ad Blocker

Often, while taking surveys, you don’t realize that your VPN or Ad blocker is activated that causes you to get disqualified.

This usually happens when you are using a public network or you intentionally use them thinking to get access to more surveys.

Please don’t do this because first, you won’t pass the survey and the second thing is your account may get banned if you continue to do so.

4. Poor Or Scam Site

If you join scam sites, don’t expect to qualify for surveys because they are there not to pay you.

Sites that ask you to pay for joining, ask you to buy products, ask for your credit card information are all the signs of scam sites. So, please avoid them.

With poor sites, they are not scamming in any way but they don’t provide enough opportunities for the users.

Joining them is equal to wasting your time and instead, it’s better to join only those that give more opportunities. 

Understanding the Categories of Questions & How to Qualify Them

Generally surveys are composed of four categories of questions i.e. classification, qualification, opinion and security.

If you understand the purpose of these questions, you can do a few things to improve your chances of passing them.

It’s not a magic potion that lets you qualify for each survey but it will certainly help you reduce your chances of getting disqualified.

1. Classification Questions

Classification questions can either affect whether you qualify for a survey or not.

Their purpose is to ensure that the market research company is providing their surveys to the range of people they wish to reach.

Questions that deal with your personal details such as age, birthday, gender, employment status, residence,  fall under this category.

These questions should be answered the same way you answer them when registering for the survey company. 

Whatever details you used while creating an account should be the same details to be used while taking this section. If you answer something different, you are likely to be disqualified.

For this section, the ideal guy for the market research companies is the average family guy that

  • Have a Full-time job
  • Have Own House
  • Have a car
  • Have an insurance  (Life/car/house)
  • Have a few kids

People having all the above things are more likely to pass this section. So, ensure you note them.

2. Qualification Questions

These Questions DEFINITELY affect whether you qualify for a survey. Their purpose is to ensure that people who take the survey have the specific characteristics they are looking for. 

The types of qualification questions vary from each survey but generally they hold the same structure and you can recognize them with little practice. 

The following are the most common questions asked in this category.

Question 1 – Do you or any member of your household or any of your friends work for any of the following types of company?

Most of the time it’s better to choose ”None of the above” as your answer if there are “Advertising agency” or “Market research” as one of the options.

This is because the survey companies feel if you or any immediate family member works in this profession, your opinions may be biased.

That’s the reason you may only qualify if “none of the above” applies to you. 

Sometimes this question comes in a different format where they directly mention both the companies in the question.

In such a case, make sure you are selecting the option that says you or any family member don’t work for them.

Question 2 – This type of question asks whether you have taken any surveys/research/market opportunities in a given period of time?

Here also you should go for “none of the above” option or select the option that says you have taken none of them.

Question 3 -This question asks what type of responsibility you hold in the decision-making process?

You need to select the option that shows you are the primary decision maker in your family because the survey companies wish to survey people who are the main decision maker in their family.

If you are the primary decision maker or anything equivalent to that title, then you’ll have a better chance to qualify.

3. Opinion Questions

These types of questions do not affect your survey. In fact, they are not responsible for any disqualification.

A survey is comprised of 50%-80% of opinion questions and it comes in a lot of variety.

You can answer them in any way you want without worrying as they are only asked to know your opinions about certain questions that market research companies wish to know. 

Opinion questions are usually grouped together and often involve scales of some sort. 

These questions come with options like strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree, disagree, strongly disagree & no opinion.

Other similar options are very good, good, average, poor, very poor and no opinion.

So, whenever you see any of these options as answers, you can make out that it’s an opinion question.

4. Security Questions

These questions 100%  affect your survey as they have been created to disqualify people who choose to skim over opinion questions.

They are generally opinion questions that are asked again just to check whether you are giving the same answer.

What happens is many people rush away with questions just to complete it. To avoid such users, survey comapanies again ask the same question just to check whether you are paying attention.

If you give the wrong answer, then no doubt, you are 100% disqualified.

You can find security questions in longer high-paying surveys but slowly they are becoming prevalent in others as well.

Let me tell you that all these tips I am sharing in this section was first discussed by Stackchange blog. So, all the credit goes to them.

More Tips On How To Qualify For Surveys

1. Check The Pay Amount

One of the most common ways you’re disqualified from a survey is because you tried a high-paying survey.

Usually, these are only subjected to a specific group of people & that’s the reason they only have a few entries.

As they are paying more than usual, they only want to spend it on those users that belong to their targeted group.

That’s the reason most of the time you get rejected while taking them.

A good rule is that surveys paying more than the usual is harder to get through than those that pay less.

My advice would be to choose those surveys that still pay a good amount but not the ones that pay more than the usual.

It doesn’t mean you completely ignore them. Well, it still might be worth attempting the higher paying ones because you never know you might be what they’re looking for.

2. Update Your Profile

Make sure your profile is updated with accurate details.

That’s because when you provide all the details like country, city, age, gender, etc, the survey companies can easily figure out which ones are suitable for you.

This increase your likelihood of receiving a survey that you can qualify for and you won’t be dealing with those that don’t match your profile. 

This tip usually works best for sites that send emails whenever surveys are available as they use your profile details for matching.

So, ensure you are filling them as this could even reward you extra points or money.

3. Fill the Surveys As Soon As Possible

Sometimes, when you take surveys that are popping in your account, you are right away disqualified or screened out. 

Have you ever wondered, why did it happen?

That’s because you were too late in applying. The marketing company’s budget is not infinite so they can only afford to pay for a certain number of entries. 

If you are late to fill that spot, you won’t be able to take part in it.

So, to tackle this problem, I recommend checking your favorite survey sites multiple times a day so you won’t make this mistake. Also, keep an eye on your emails to see any new notifications. 

The best you can do is create a different email address for paid survey sites. This way your survey specific emails won’t get lost in the pool of other emails.

I highly recommend taking surveys at the start of the week usually Monday or Tuesday because most market research companies send their surveys out at this time.

Now you know everything. So, go and sign-up to all these high-paying survey sites to see if its working for you.

Final Thoughts

By going through all the tips mentioned in this post, I am quite sure you now know how to qualify for online surveys.

I am guessing earlier you haven’t paid attention to all these details which could have been the reason for not qualifying.

But the good news is it isn’t hidden anymore. So, go and sign-up for multiple surveys and try them out to see whether it’s working for you. Good Luck!

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