15 Legit Survey Sites That Pay Amazon Gift Cards in 2022

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When it comes to online survey sites, I prefer Amazon gift card payout because not only they are available in most countries, but there are no transfer fees involved, unlike PayPal.

If you don't like survey companies that offer PayPal payout, it will be a better idea to look for those that offer Amazon withdrawal.

Though going with the Amazon option is a good thing, the problem arises when you don't know which legit survey companies offer the same.

To help you solve this problem, here are 15 survey sites that pay for Amazon gift cards. 

15 Best Survey Sites For Amazon Gift Cards

Please note that depending on your country, some survey sites won't give access to the Amazon option as they prefer your country's e-commerce company.

Like in my case, some sites have a Flipkart gift card option (Indian e-commerce company) which is equally good as Amazon.

Nevertheless, if you're from American & European countries, you don't have to worry about it.

1. Swagbucks

  • Availability - US, UK, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, India
  • Referral Bonus - 10% lifetime earning
  • Sign up bonus - 300 SB if you can earn the same amount within 30 days of joining. Also, enter REDDIT to score 70 SB for free.
  • Other Rewards - PayPal, Payza, Check

Swagbucks is one of my favorite sites that has paid me so many gift cards & PayPal cash.

With a requirement of only 140 points, you can easily redeem a $1 Amazon gift card by completing tasks such as online surveys, watching videos, playing games, installing apps, & much more.

If $1 isn’t enough for you, there are more Amazon gift vouchers to choose from.

  • $3 - 300 SB
  • $5 - 500 SB
  • $10 - 1,000 SB
  • $15 - 1,500 SB
  • $25 - 2,500 SB
  • $50 - 5,000 SB
  • $100 - 10,000 SB
  • $250 - 25,000 SB

Please note that not every country will have access to Amazon e-gift cards. So, if you belong from such a country, don't worry, Swagbucks has plenty of other gift card options as well.

Talking about surveys, they pay around 60 to 70 SB on average, but it can further go up if you try Gold surveys.

2. PrizeRebel

  • Availability - Most countries
  • Referral bonus - 15% lifetime earnings
  • Sign up bonus - None
  • Other rewards - PayPal, Other e-vouchers

PrizeRebel is one of the best sites around that provides several ways to earn cash and Amazon gift cards. It includes online surveys, completing offers from offerwalls, winning the contest, & much more.

In case you want to know more, make sure to read my full PrizeRebel review with payment proof.

For completing a survey, you can rake anywhere from 55 to 345 points in your account. (100 points = $1)

To redeem for a $2 Amazon gift card, you only need to collect 200 points while 500 points are required for a $5 Amazon gift card. ($10 & 20 Amazon options are also available)

3. InboxDollars

  • Availability - US
  • Referral bonus - $1.00 per referral up to 5 referrals.
  • Sign up bonus - $5
  • Other payment methods - Gift Card, Check, PayPal, Visa

InboxDollars is only limited to the US which means you can't access them as a non-US citizen. However, if you belong to the same country, you can earn anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 per survey.

Even though InboxDollar is a great site, the minimum payout for rewards like Amazon, Check, Visa prepaid starts from $30, which is a bit high.

Nevertheless, they will credit a $5 bonus in your account on sign-up which at least reduces $5 from the overall minimum payout amount.

4. InstaGC

  • Availability - Most countries
  • Referral bonus - 10 points + 10% of their earnings
  • Sign up bonus - 10 points ($0.10)
  • Other payment methods - Gift cards from other companies, PayPal, Bitcoin

The best thing about InstaGC is they have a low minimum payout of only 100 points ($1). With surveys paying around on an average of 75 points, no doubt redeeming your reward is quite a piece of cake.

Even if you get disqualified from surveys, other earning options like watching videos, app installation, quizzes, web searching are there to fill the spot.

Amazon gift card starts from $1 up to $100 where the prior needs 100 points while the latter requires 10,000 points. The PayPal option also starts from 100 points.

Please ensure to read my InstaGC review with payment proof.

5. Earnably

  • Availability - 37 countries
  • Referral bonus - 10% lifetime earnings
  • Sign up bonus - None
  • Other payment methods - PayPal, Other gift cards

With a variety of earning options, Earnably is no doubt a great site for users who loves low minimum payout.

Whether it is Amazon gift cards or PayPal, the minimum payout requirement for both of them starts from 125 points.

To get there, you can earn from 5 points to over 80 points for completing surveys. While paid offers, videos, app installation are other earning options in your Earnably arsenal.

Also, every month Earnably publish promo codes on their social media accounts that can be used to win bonus percentage increments & additional points.

Overall, it is a decent & easy site to earn Amazon rewards as discussed in my Earnably review post.

6. YouGov

  • Availability - Most countries
  • Referral bonus - 4,000 pts ($40) once the referral has completed 3 surveys
  • Sign up bonus - 100 pts ($1) for completing a profile survey after joining
  • Other payment methods - Paypal cash, Other gift cards, Mobile credit

With YouGov, you get to take government & politics-related surveys that pay around 300-500 pts ($3-$5) varying by country.

The survey frequency is about 3 to 4 times per week and the offered rewards will differ by country.

That's why in some countries, you have access to Amazon gift vouchers while other countries have other options. Nevertheless, most of them are eligible to receive cash via PayPal.

7. Toluna Influencer

Toluna Influencers
  • Availability - Most countries
  • Referral bonus - Currently revamping
  • Sign up bonus - 500 pts for joining & 1,200 pts for completing profile
  • Other payment methods - PayPal, other e-Vouchers

Toluna Influencers rewards you for completing surveys, playing games, & creating content. Though the minimum payout is a bit high for an Amazon gift voucher, it gets balanced with the survey pay (15 to 50,000 pts per survey).

To redeem a $25 Amazon gift card, you need to bag 75,000 points in your account while 150,000 points are required for a $50 Amazon card.

Instead of the referral program, they have an affiliate program where they pay commissions for every purchase.

8. SuperPay.me

  • Availability - Worldwide
  • Referral bonus - 25% lifetime earnings
  • Sign up bonus - $0.20
  • Other payment methods - PayPal, Other gift cards, Skrill, Bitcoin

SuperPay.me is a US-based survey company that offers not only surveys but also videos and paid offers to earn money. Each survey pays around $0.50 to $2 and you only need $1 in your account to withdraw.

Sadly, only US users can access Amazon e-gift cards for which they need at least $5 in their account. The rest users can withdraw their amount from PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Tango.

Check out my review of SuperPay Me to know more.

9. GrabPoints

  • Availability - Worldwide
  • Referral bonus - Earn from 25 to 250 pts (depending on your country) when the referral earns 1,000 points.
  • Sign up bonus - $5
  • Other payment methods -  PayPal, Other gift cards

GrabPoints is a popular site that allows you to earn interactive rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, & completing offers.

Surveys being the best way to grab more points, they pay around 750 to 1,000+ points per survey (1000 pts = $1). As far as the minimum payout goes for both Amazon & PayPal vouchers, it differs by country.

For example, India has a requirement of 7,150 points for a ₹500 Amazon voucher while in other countries, it will be a different amount.

As per their official website, you need to earn at least 20,000 points to withdraw an Amazon e-gift card.

10. LifePoints Panel

  • Availability - 70+ countries
  • Referral bonus - None
  • Sign up bonus - 10 pts
  • Other payment methods - PayPal, Other gift cards

LifePoints Panel is a merger of GlobalTestMarket, and MySurvey which are now shut down.

When you complete a task, whether it is a survey, testing a product, or tracking your behavior as a consumer in diary entries, you will earn in LifePoints instead of dollars. These Lifepoints can then be exchanged for rewards after hitting the minimum payout.

For a $5 Amazon card, it requires 550 points whereas a $5 PayPal card requires 600 points. Each survey pays around 20 to 100+ pts so it wouldn’t take long to reach that figure if you try other options as well.

11. InboxPounds

  • Availability - UK
  • Referral bonus - 10% referral earnings 
  • Sign up bonus - £1
  • Other payment methods -  Check, PayPal, Other gift cards, Prepaid Cards

InboxPounds is the UK version of InboxDollars as all the earnings are in pounds.

For signing up, £1 is credited to your account and you can further earn more by taking part in completing surveys, offers, read paid emails, watching videos, etc.

Surveys pay around £0.25 to £2 redeemable via check and gift cards once you hit the £20 mark. Besides Amazon gift cards, you can also withdraw the amount for prepaid Mastercard & other gift vouchers.

12. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost
  • Availability - US, UK, Canada, Germany
  • Referral bonus - $1 per referral up to 5 friends
  • Sign up bonus - None
  • Other payment methods - PayPal, gift cards (Visa, iTunes, etc.)

Opinion Outpost offers you to earn rewards and cash prizes for completing surveys, testing products, & watching ads. The surveys pay around 10 to 250 points once you complete them successfully.

The surveys pay around 10 to 250 points for successful completion and you need 100 points to redeem a $5 PayPal cash. For the Amazon gift voucher, it is only 50 points ($2.5).

The only con is - it is limited to only four countries (as listed above) and there is no sign up bonus.

13. Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll
  • Availability - U.S. and Canada
  • Referral bonus - None
  • Sign up bonus - None
  • Other payment methods - electronic gift cards and merchandise

Harris Poll Online is a legit company that offers an average of three to five surveys per month paying around 125 to 200 points ($1 to $2).

The survey duration is nearby 5 to 25 minutes long but unfortunately, they do have a high screen out rate if you don't belong to the targeted criteria.

Though they don’t offer PayPal payout, gift cards such as Amazon are redeemable at 1,250 points ($10).

14. Surveytime

  • Availability - Worldwide
  • Referral bonus - $1 when your referral completes at least one survey
  • Sign up bonus - None
  • Other payment methods - PayPal, Payoneer, Other gift cards

Surveytime is another legit site that provides ample opportunities to earn rewards via surveys. Each survey pays from $0.50 to $1 redeemable via appropriate payment methods.

They don't have any minimum payout limit which means even if you have a dollar in your account, you can withdraw it.

The only concerning thing is - the Amazon gift cards are only available in selected countries. So, if it isn't available in your country, you have to use another payment option to receive the reward.

15. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions
  • Availability - 20 countries
  • Referral bonus - None
  • Sign up bonus - 
  • Other payment methods - PayPal, Other gift cards, Skrill, Bitcoin

Valued Opinions is a simple survey site where you get paid for your opinion on different topics.

Though the survey frequency is not impressive (2 to 6 surveys per month), the pay is still good ranging from $1 to $5.

As there is no PayPal option, you can redeem your earnings for different e-gift cards, including Amazon as well. For this, you need to have at least $10 in your account.


1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys logo

Simply sign up and complete a profile survey to earn 100 points ($1) as a bonus. The surveys pay up to 250 points, with a minimum payout of just 500 points ($5).

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie logo

You're rewarded with $0.25 to $1 for completing profile details, validating email address and installing their browser add-on. The survey pays anywhere from $0.20 to $3.50, and you can redeem your earnings once you have collected 1000 points.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research logo

Sign up and complete your profile to earn a total of 10 points as a welcome bonus. Surveys pay anywhere from 20 to 500 points, and the minimum payout threshold for gift cards is 550 points.

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