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8 Kick-Ass Survey Sites That Pay Through PayPal

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In this article, I will highlight 8 high paying survey sites that pay through PayPal.

Now, before I reveal them, let’s imagine a scenario.

A scenario where you are making $75-$100 per month for literally giving your opinion, playing games or watching videos.

Imagine you are sitting on your couch with your laptop and an internet connection and you are playing games or simply giving your opinion to a company which will pay you in return.

Isn’t that amazing that the things you would have done previously start paying you some money? I mean there is nothing to lose if it comes to making money from surveys.

You know, there are many people who strive to make an extra side income because they don’t know where to find such opportunities that would really pay them.

All they do is fall into scam websites that not only waste their time but also don’t pay any penny either.

So, if you are really looking out some ways to make a guaranteed side income every month, then you must definitely try out these survey sites that will pay you for sure if you are willing to put some work.

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  • How long does it take to get paid through PayPal?
  • Is there any other payout options in survey sites?
  • 8 Legitimate high paying survey sites that pay through Paypal
  • How to make money from taking surveys?
  • Wrapping up
Wanna Make Some Extra Cash in your free time? Then simply sign-up & start using these programs!
1. Swagbucks (Earning potential – $90/month or more. Sign up and get $5 once you’ve earned 2500 SBs)
2. PrizeRebel (US) (Earning Potential – $50-$100/month)
3. Vindale Research (US) (Earn $1-$5 per survey)
4. Slidejoy (Earning Potential: $3-$10/month or more. Just activate it on your Android smartphone screen lock)




Surveys that pay through PayPal

Well, there are many reasons why someone would choose survey sites that should have a PayPal payout option.

To begin with, as you all know, PayPal is one of the most reliable & popular platforms that are used by many countries for Payment transfer.

Due to this fact, many survey sites always opt for PayPal when it comes to cash rewards.

Also, having a PayPal cash out option on any survey site is a great sign that it is legit because they are quite strict when working with companies.

I mean, they don’t want to work with some fraud sites that fool people. Make sense?

Another thing about PayPal is that it is free to use and anybody can create an account if they own a bank account.

As I already mentioned that it is quite popular, you can use them in many different ways when it comes to paying online because most of the online companies accept PayPal transfer.

So with all these reasons, I will always prefer PayPal over gift cards when it comes to redeeming. However, you might also like gift cards which is totally fine.



Well, to be honest, it depends on the survey sites that you are part of. I mean every one of them works differently. So, there is not a concrete answer that I can give.

There are many of them that pay you cash within a few days. However, there are some of them that pay you within a few weeks as well.

So, overall, it depends on the survey sites and their payout rules.

Additionally, it also depends on the threshold payout amount. I mean, if one site has a threshold of $100, then it might take a few months before you became eligible to cash out.

So, all these factors are different for different sites, but it’s not difficult as you are thinking because there are many survey sites that have a low threshold amount and often pays you the money within few days.



Well, till now I have only talked about PayPal option like why should you consider it and other stuff. However, it is not the only payout option that you can choose while getting paid.

There are many different options that these survey sites offer. If you are comfortable, you can get gift cards instead of cash, which is basically Amazon gift cards.

Apart from this, one could also cash out money through Skrill, Tango etc which are alternatives to PayPal. So, overall, it depends on the survey sites that you are in.

Over the course of this article, I will mention all the different payout options for the survey sites that I am going to mention here which will surely give you a clear idea.



This is the most burning question that you might want to know.

Well, it depends on many factors like how much time you are willing to put, your geographic location etc.

Usually, people who are living in the USA, UK, Canada have higher chances to earn more because they are served with better-paying surveys.

Also, if you are sticking with only one survey site, then there is a higher chance that you won’t make much because you won’t be getting enough surveys.

However, on an average, you can make around $75-$100 a month if you are ready to join multiple survey sites & are willing to put in some work.

Imagine these $75 each month can add up to $900 a year, which is not a bad side hustle, to be honest.

You can also use these free cash either in paying your bills or shopping online.

Well, what else do you need by just spending a few minutes a day that can help you in a certain way?

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I hope by now you have a clear idea about why you should take surveys & how much you can make from them. So, now moving forward, let’s check them out.




Prizerebel website


  • Rewards: Cash & Gift Cards
  • Amount per survey: $0.50 – $20
  • Minimum Threshold: 500 points ($5)
  • Payment Method: PayPal & ACH Bank Transfer

PrizeRebel is a free Get-Paid-to rewards website where members are rewarded for completing tasks such as surveys, offers, watching videos, complete tasks, participate in contests and games etc.

Each point on PrizeRebel is worth $0.01 & you need at least 500 points ($5) for cash out.

It has been active since 2007 and has over 7 million members with over $12 million paid to them.

Most of the people I have seen are making around $50-$100/month on Prizerebel. However, it depends on the demographics so it might not be the same for everyone.

You can redeem your points for PayPal cash, Amazon, eBay, Starbucks gift cards.

You can also earn bonus points from their promo codes which are regularly posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. So, make sure to follow them as well.

Here are some screenshots of rewards that you can get from this site.

Prizerebel Paypal reward

Prizerebel Amazon Giftcard





Globaltestmarket website

  • Rewards: Cash, Gift Cards & Prize Draws
  • Amount per survey: 35 – 250 points  ($1.50 – $10). If unqualified, you’ll get 5 points.
  • Minimum Threshold: 1100 points ($50)
  • Payment Method: PayPal & Check

GlobalTestMarket is another survey site that provides surveys based on product development. It is one of the most paid-survey companies in the world.

Here, you are credited with market points & sweepstakes entries which can be withdrawn via PayPal, gift cards, checks.

For each survey, you are credited with 35-250 points which is equivalent to $1.5-$10. If you didn’t qualify for a survey, you are still credited with 5 points.

You can also earn more points by referring others if they sign-up and complete at least 2 surveys.

For cashing out, you should have a minimum balance of $50 (1100 market points).

All the payment processing time takes 4-6 weeks, which is a bit long. But on an overall, it’s a legit survey site.

SIGN-UP TO GLOBAL TEST MARKET (US) (For Desktop/Laptop users)




Vindale research website

  • Rewards: Cash
  • Amount per survey: $0.25 – $5 (rarely, you can also find $50 survey)
  • Minimum Threshold: $50
  • Payment Method: PayPal & Check

Vindale Research is another good site that has been around for many years.

The surveys that are seen on this website can pay from $0.25 to $5. However, you can also find a few high paying surveys that can pay up to $50.

Other than this, you can also make up to $0.25 for watching videos on Vindale which doesn’t take any effort.

Other earning methods include checking out their reward email which pays up to $0.10 per email.

Vindale doesn’t have a points system which means you will be paid only cash for each completed survey. 

To start, you just need to sign-up and confirm your email address. Once done, you will be rewarded with $1.

Here are some of the members who got paid from Vindale Research.

Vindale Research payment




Swagbucks website

  • Rewards: Cash, Gift cards & Prize Draws
  • Amount per survey: 60-70 SB (Swagbucks points)
  • Minimum Threshold: 700 SB ($5 PayPal card)
  • Bonus: earn 300 SB and get a bonus 300 SB
  • Payment Method: PayPal, 

This is a 100% legit website that has paid a lot of its users. 

I just love Swagbucks because it is so much easier to gain points due to various activities that they offer.

Not only you can take surveys daily, but you can also do other tasks, such as watching videos, browsing the internet through Swagbucks, taking polls and whatnot.

If you use all these options on a daily basis, then you can easily reach your threshold amount within a few days.

Once you make 700 SB, you can redeem it for PayPal cash or gift cards. Here is a screen shot of Swagbuck rewards.

Swagbucks rewards




E-poll surveys website


  • Rewards: Cash & Gift cards
  • Amount per survey: 500 points – 750 points
  • Minimum Threshold: 3,750 points ($5)
  • Bonus: 100 points for sign-up
  • Payment Method: PayPal

E-poll surveys is another legit survey site that pays money for taking surveys.

Whenever you complete a survey, you’re awarded points which can be exchanged for cash & gift cards.

When you sign-up, you need to take a quick demographic survey that gives you 100 points right off the bat.

While taking surveys, make sure that you give honest answers to their questions and do not try to cheat them by giving inconsistent answers which may result in suspension of the account.

Once you reach 3,750 points, you can redeem it for cash or vouchers.




PaidViewPoint website


  • Rewards: Cash & Gift cards
  • Amount per survey: $0.10 – $2
  • Minimum Threshold: $15
  • Sign-up Bonus: $1
  • Payment Method: PayPal

PaidViewPoint is one of the best survey sites out there. It is one of the legit sites that pay through PayPal.

The site is simple to use and user-friendly. PaidViewPoint provides two types of survey

  • Trait Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys

Trait Surveys are those surveys which are basically based on demographics, interest & income. In short, these are short ones which are basically aimed to know you better.

These types of surveys make sure that you participate in the market survey, which is relevant to your interest.

Talking about Market research surveys, they are basically aimed to gain information about product ideas which will actually pay you once you finish them.

When you sign up, you are immediately provided with a survey along with $1 in your account. After that, you can take more surveys to increase your earnings.

Other than taking surveys, you can also refer to others that can pay up to $25.

Another thing you need to take care of is the trait score. Trait score is a score based on the honesty of your answer.

Keeping it high is a positive sign which can result in higher paying surveys. To increase your trait score, you need to be honest with your opinions.

I mean, don’t try to change your answers everything.

The minimum threshold amount is $15 after which you can cash out via PayPal. The money will be received on your PayPal account within 3 business days.





Superpay Me website


  • Rewards: Cash & Gift cards
  • Amount per survey: $0.50 – $2
  • Minimum Threshold: $1
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Payza & Skrill

Superpay Me is an international market research company that partners with different advertisers.

They are located in the United States & considered legitimate paid survey sites that pay through PayPal.

They offer paid surveys which range from $0.50 to $2. But, before taking them, you need to qualify.

Other than the surveys, they also provide different ways to earn money, such as watching videos, paid to click programs, referral program, prize contest, etc.

The minimum payout is $1 which is paid within 24 hours. You can cash out your payment through PayPal, Payza or Skrill.




Cashcrate website


  • Rewards: Cash & Gift cards
  • Amount per survey: $0.25 – $2
  • Minimum Threshold: $20
  • Bonus: $1 for confirming your email address while signing up & $0.50 for taking profile survey
  • Payment Method: PayPal & Check

Cashcrate is pretty similar to Swagbucks which provides paid surveys with PayPal payout.

It has more than 5.2 million members and provides different ways to earn money which can be done by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and completing different activities.

The surveys & offers are received based on the demographics. That is why US & UK residents have a higher chance to get more surveys.

The best thing about Cashcrate is that you will receive 2 surveys daily which is guaranteed (depending on your location).

The minimum payout is $20 and it can be redeemed by either check or PayPal.

However, there is a small catch. The first payment needs to be made via check and after that, you will be able to cash out via PayPal.

Here are some screenshots of Cashcrate rewards.

Screenshot of Cashcrate giftcards

Cashcrate Hall of fame




Till now, we have seen all the different survey sites that you can take to make money online.

But, what should you do next?

How should you use them properly to make the most out of it?

I know these questions might be running in your mind. But don’t worry, I got your back.

I am going to explain a few guidelines that you must seriously follow if you want to succeed with survey sites.

These guidelines are based on my experience and research that I have done over the course of time.

I have done thorough research, reading several experiences and stories from people who are making a good side income by taking surveys.

So, if you too want to earn money from survey sites that could pay your bills or at least buy you a good meal, then you must definitely read it till the end.



“Wait, what?”

This is the same thing you might be thinking right now?

But to be honest, you must join all of them or at least 4-5 of them if you want to see some decent money. Do you know why?

Because doing so will make sure that you are getting enough surveys in a month.

Now joining a single site doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting surveys on a daily basis.

It might not happen because it depends on a lot of factors like your demographics, surveys matching your interest etc. So joining a single one isn’t enough if you are planning out to make some decent money.

However, if you are joining a lot of them, then I can guarantee that you will be getting surveys quite often. This is the exact same steps those people take who are shining their paycheck on the internet.

I have even seen people joining more than 10 survey sites so that they can make more money by the end of the month.

I know it’s crazy, but sometimes you need to be crazy to do something.

Let’s assume that you have joined 8 survey sites and you’re making at least $5 from each of them in a month. That makes $35 combine.

Well, it’s not bad getting paid $35 for just giving your opinion.

Whereas if you have joined only one of them, then sadly, it would have been only $5.

Do you see the difference?

That is why the first & foremost thing you must do is join as many survey sites as possible. I mean, there is nothing to lose. Am I right?



Next, you need to make sure that you have completely filled up your profile. I know it will be a repetitive task when you are joining a lot of sites, but you shouldn’t ignore it.

There is a tendency among people who won’t take much pain to fill up their profile & that’s where they’re going wrong.

According to me and what I have seen, filling up your profile properly can land you with good surveys that give you higher chances for eligibility.

When you fill up your profile, survey sites can easily make out which type of surveys will actually fit you. 

Also, some sites will provide a profile survey where they ask you different questions related to you so that they can make out which surveys will be perfect for you.

So, make sure you’re answering them honestly.



There are a lot of survey sites that offer bonus points for completing a few tasks while signing up.

It can be either filling up your profile, confirming your email address or doing different tasks that could instantly give you bonus points.

I mean, this is a good way to increase your points so that you can reach your threshold points easily.

For example, if you sign-up for SwagBucks, you will land on a page where they ask you to do a several tasks that will instantly reward you points (SB).

Getting such opportunities while signing up is a great way and you shouldn’t ignore it.

That is why make sure to check out such options while joining each one of them to make the most out of it.



After following all the previous steps, you will see some surveys on your account. These surveys are basically suggested to you based on your profile and demographics.

However, if you don’t see anything, don’t get disheartened as it may take some time.

Till then, you can start applying for different surveys that are shown on your dashboard.

To become eligible for these surveys, you need to first give a short profile survey that is basically done to see whether the surveys really fit you or not.

If it doesn’t, then you’ll be rejected. I know, getting rejected is always bad.

But, don’t worry keep on applying to different surveys to see which one is perfect for you.

There are some survey sites like  Global Test Market, which will give you some points even if you are not qualified. So, that’s a good thing.

Personally, I have been rejected many times but also I have seen success as well. So, it’s all upon us.

If you are from US, Canada, UK, there is a higher chance that you’ll be eligible for most of them.



If you want to reach your threshold money as soon as possible, then don’t just depend on only surveys.

There are many survey sites that offer other tasks as well, such as watching videos, playing games, reading emails etc.

Taking all these tasks on a daily basis can really fasten up your points. In the case of Swagbucks, they provide daily tasks that can add up a few points every day.

So make sure that you are using them every day so that you can earn more points and reach the minimum threshold as fast as possible.



So, here you have it. These are some high paying survey sites that pay through PayPal which will add some extra chunks of money in your pocket.

If you join and follow all the guidelines that I have mapped out here, then you have a higher chance of getting success.

Well, you won’t be rich, but you can certainly make a little money every month that can help you in a certain way.

So, do let me know which all survey sites you’re going to try. If you liked this article, then don’t forget to share and pin it.

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