28 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money Online

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Looking for ways to make extra cash? Side hustles are your ticket to more income and financial freedom.

Whether you have a few hours a week or a whole weekend to spare, there's a side hustle suited for you.

In this blog post, we explore 20 lucrative side hustle ideas that can help you earn extra money without quitting your day job.

Best Side Hustle Ideas For You

1. Run a Proofreading Business

If you have a keen eye for detail and a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation, then running a proofreading business could be a great way to make extra money.

Proofreaders are in demand by businesses, authors, and students alike to ensure that their written work is error-free and polished.

How it Works:

As a proofreader, you will carefully review written documents for any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

You may also be asked to check for consistency in style and tone.

Once you have identified any errors, you will provide the writer with a list of corrections so that they can make the necessary changes.

The average pay for proofreading varies depending on your experience, the type of material you are proofing, and the turnaround time.

However, you can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour.

Free Resources:

2. Run a Transcription Business

If you have excellent listening skills and are able to type quickly and accurately, then running a transcription business could be a great way to make extra money.

Transcriptionists are in demand by businesses, journalists, and individuals who need to convert audio or video recordings into written text.

How it Works:

As a transcriptionist, you will listen to audio or video recordings and type out what you hear.

You will need to be able to understand the speaker and type accurately at a speed of at least 40 words per minute.

The average pay for transcription varies depending on your experience, the type of material you are transcribing, and the turnaround time. However, you can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour.

Free Resource:

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3. Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

If you have a knack for numbers and enjoy organizing financial data, then starting a virtual bookkeeping business could be a great way to make extra money.

With the rise of remote work, there is a growing demand for virtual bookkeepers who can help businesses manage their finances from anywhere in the world.

How it Works:

As a virtual bookkeeper, you will provide bookkeeping services to businesses remotely. This may include tasks such as:

  • Recording transactions
  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Managing accounts receivable and payable

You will need to have a strong understanding of accounting principles and be able to use accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero.

The average pay for virtual bookkeepers varies depending on your experience, the type of services you provide, and the clients you work with. However, you can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $50 per hour.

Free Resource:

4. Flea Market Flipping

Flea Market Flipping involves buying undervalued items from flea markets and selling them at a higher price through different channels like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or even back at flea markets.

The goal is to spot hidden gems, buy low, and sell high.

How it Works:

  • Scouting: Flippers hunt for undervalued items.
  • Restoration: Some items may need a touch-up or a full makeover.
  • Selling: The revamped items are sold through various channels like online marketplaces or auctions.

Flippers' earnings can swing widely based on the items they flip and the effort they put in.

On average, a part-time flipper might make a few hundred dollars a month, while a full-time flipper could take home thousands, especially if they deal with high-value items like furniture or antiques.


5. Become an Editor

If you have a keen eye for detail and a strong grasp of grammar, punctuation, and style, then becoming a text editor could be a great way to make extra money.

Text editors are in demand by businesses, authors, and students alike to ensure that their written work is polished and error-free.

How it Works:

As a text editor, you will carefully review written documents for any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

You may also be asked to check for consistency in style and tone.

Once you have identified any errors, you will provide the writer with a list of corrections so that they can make the necessary changes.

The average pay for text editing varies depending on your experience, the type of material you are editing, and the turnaround time.

However, you can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour.

Free Resource:

  • Free Trial for the course "Becoming an Editor" by Knowadays

6. Become a Social Media Influencer

In today's digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for connecting with people and sharing information.

With a dedicated following and a knack for creating engaging content, you can become a social media influencer and earn money from your online presence.

How it Works:

Social media influencers are individuals who have built a large and engaged following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

They use their influence to promote products, services, or brands to their followers. Businesses pay influencers to reach a wider audience and generate interest in their products or services.

The average pay for social media influencers varies depending on the specific platform, the size of their following, and the engagement level of their audience.

Influencers with large followings and high engagement rates can earn thousands of dollars per post or campaign.

7. Deliver Food

The rise of food delivery apps has created a surge in demand for delivery drivers.

This can be a great way to make extra money on your own schedule, whether you're a student, a stay-at-home parent, or someone looking for a flexible side hustle.

How it Works:

To become a delivery driver, you'll need to sign up with a food delivery app. Once you're approved, you can start accepting delivery requests in your area.

You'll pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to customers' homes or offices to get paid.

The average pay for food delivery drivers varies depending on the app, the city, and the time of day. However, you can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour, including tips.


8. Make Money By Drawing Online

If you have a knack for drawing and a creative mind, you can turn your talent into a profitable side hustle by selling your artwork online.

There are numerous platforms and opportunities available to showcase your creations and reach a wider audience.

How it Works:

There are several ways to make money by drawing online. You can sell original artwork, prints, or digital files of your work.

You can also offer your services as an illustrator or designer for websites, blogs, or social media.

The average pay for drawing online varies depending on your experience, the type of work you do, and the platform you use to sell it.

However, you can expect to earn anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per piece of artwork or project.

9. Sell Teaching Material

Are you a passionate educator with a knack for creating engaging and effective teaching materials?

If so, then selling your resources online can be a great way to make extra money while sharing your expertise with others.

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is a popular online marketplace where teachers can buy and sell original teacher-created resources.

With a wide range of subjects and grade levels covered, there's a market for all types of teaching materials on TpT.

How it Works:

You'll first need to create an account and set up your online store. Once your store is up and running, you can start uploading your resources.

TpT takes a 20% commission on each sale, and you keep the rest of the profits.

The average pay for selling teaching materials on TpT varies depending on the type of resource, the grade level, and the demand for the material.

However, you can expect to earn anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per resource.

10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products to customers but don't keep goods in stock.

Instead, when a sale is made, you buy the item from a third party, which ships it directly to the customer.

This means you don't handle the product directly.

How it Works:

  • Set up an online store.
  • Partner with suppliers ready to dropship.
  • List products on your site without stocking them.
  • Customer buys from your store.
  • You order the product from the supplier.
  • The supplier ships the product directly to the customer.

The pay varies widely. Some earn as little as $200 a month whereas successful stores can make $100,000+ a month. Overall, income depends on niche, marketing, and margins.


  • Shopify: Most popular for dropshipping, offers integration with various suppliers. Learn how to
  • WooCommerce: A WordPress plugin for those who want more control over their site.
  • BigCommerce: Offers built-in features geared towards dropshipping.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business model where you earn commissions by promoting other companies' products or services.

Essentially, you pick a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale made through your unique affiliate link.

How it Works:

  • Choose a niche and products to promote.
  • Sign up for affiliate programs.
  • Get affiliate links and share them online.
  • When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Commissions range from 5% to 50% of the sale price. Some affiliates make $0, struggling to generate traffic. Others make thousands of dollars a month.

High earnings often come from high-ticket items or high-volume sales.


  • Amazon Associates: Easy to use and wide range of products.
  • ClickBank: Focuses on digital products, and high commissions.
  • ShareASale: Offers a mix of both physical and digital products.

12. Content Writing

Content writing involves creating written material for websites, blogs, social media, and other digital platforms.

It's a key component in content marketing, aimed at attracting and engaging a target audience.

Anyone with a knack for writing and basic knowledge of SEO can dive into this field.

How it Works:

  • Research: Writers dive into topics, swirling in facts and details.
  • Writing: They pen down their findings in a structured format.
  • Editing: The content gets polished until it shines.

The pay for content writers can vary widely. Some writers earn by the word, some per article, or some through a fixed monthly income.

On average, freelance content writers can earn anywhere from $0.01 to $1 per word, depending on expertise and the complexity of the subject.

Full-time writers in companies may have a monthly salary that ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.


  • Upwork: Wide range of writing jobs.
  • Freelancer: Another platform for various writing gigs.
  • Textbroker: Specializes solely in content writing.

13. Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is in charge of representing a brand, person, or even an idea on various social media platforms.

They create, curate, and manage content, handle customer service, and execute marketing plans to engage the audience and drive growth.

How it Works:

  • Develop a content calendar
  • Engages with the audience
  • Analyzes performance data
  • Collaborates with other departments for brand consistency
  • Keeps up with social media trends

On average, entry-level positions may start around $35,000 annually, with experienced managers earning upwards of $70,000, and highly experienced professionals in high-demand industries can command six-figure salaries.


  • LinkedIn: Great for networking and job listings.
  • Remote.co: For finding remote social media jobs.
  • Simply Hired: General job search platform with many listings.

14. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is an individual who provides various services to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location.

Services can range from data entry and customer service to more specialized roles like social media management and bookkeeping.

How it Works:

  • Manages correspondence and schedules
  • Performs data entry and manages documents
  • Assists in project management
  • Provides customer service support
  • Handles social media and website updates

Entry-level VAs might start around $15 to $20 per hour, while those with specialized skills or a strong portfolio can earn $30 to $50 per hour or more.


  • Belay: Specializes in VA services.
  • Time Etc: Good for beginners.
  • Upwork: A wide variety of VA tasks are listed.

15. SEO Consultant

An SEO Consultant specializes in optimizing websites for search engines like Google and Bing.

They analyze, review, and make changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines.

This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving its rank within search results.

How it Works:

  • Analysis & Strategy: They begin by analyzing a website’s current status and then develop strategies for improvement, considering both on-page and off-page elements like content, keywords, and user experience​​.
  • Content & Keywords: An essential part of their role includes focusing on content strategy and semantic keyword targeting​​.
  • Client Relationships: They build strong relationships with clients, often asking for referrals and identifying new client opportunities​​.
  • Campaign Management: An SEO consultant manages SEO campaigns, tracks rankings, and provides reports on performance metrics​

The salary for an SEO Consultant can vary. It has been reported to be around $50,000 to $73,897 on average, with some earning up to $97,906 per year or more, depending on expertise and location​


16. Print on Demand

Print on Demand (PoD) is a business model where you sell custom designs on various products like t-shirts, mugs, and books.

You only print the product after a sale is made, thereby reducing inventory risks and costs.

How it Works:

  • Provider Selection: You choose a print provider set up an account, upload designs, and select products​​.
  • Sales & Marketing: If you’re independent, you handle the sales and marketing. Otherwise, the print provider may assist with this​​.
  • Fulfillment: After an order is placed, the provider prints, packages, and ships the product directly to the customer.

The average earnings for individuals using Print on Demand (POD) services can vary significantly based on factors like the number of designs they have uploaded, the platforms they use, and how they set their margins.

A general estimate is that one could earn on average about $1 per active listing per month.


  • Printful: Integrates with most e-commerce platforms.
  • Teespring: Easy setup, ideal for beginners.
  • Redbubble: Good for artists and graphic designers.

17. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a simple yet rewarding side hustle that involves taking dogs out for walks on behalf of their owners.

This service is particularly useful for pet owners who are busy or unable to walk their dogs due to various reasons. No special skills are required, although a love for animals is a plus.

How it Works:

  • You sign up with a dog walking app or advertise locally.
  • Set your schedule and rates.
  • Owners book you, and you walk their dogs.

Most dog walkers charge per walk, typically around $15 to $25 for a 30-minute walk. Full-timers can make around $1,000 to $3,000 a month, depending on how many clients they have.


  • Rover: Specializes in dog walking and pet sitting.
  • Wag!: Another dedicated dog walking platform.
  • Care.com: General care platform that includes pet care.

18. Local Tour Guide

A local tour guide is someone who leads visitors around a particular area, usually a city or tourist attraction, providing insightful information and a personalized experience.

You leverage your local knowledge to offer a unique, immersive experience that standard tours may not provide.

How it Works:

  • Get to know your city's attractions well.
  • Market yourself online or join tour companies.
  • Lead groups or individuals on tours.

Pay varies widely. Freelancers might charge $20 to $100 per tour, while employed guides could earn between $8 to $20 an hour. Tips can boost income significantly.


19. Tutoring

Tutoring involves providing academic help to students who seek to improve their skills in specific subjects.

It can be done in-person or online, and the subjects can range from math and science to music and language arts. You could either freelance or work through a tutoring service.

How it Works:

  • You can start by signing up with a tutoring platform or offering your services independently.
  • Students or their guardians will contact you based on your expertise in the subject.
  • Sessions can be in person or online, with tools like video calls and shared documents.

On average, tutors can earn anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour. More specialized tutors, like those for standardized test preparation, might command higher rates.


  • Chegg Tutors: Good for academic subjects.
  • VIPKid: For teaching English online.
  • Wyzant: Offers a range of subjects and in-person tutoring.

20. Podcasting

Podcasting involves creating audio content on a range of topics and distributing it online. Podcasts are often episodic, allowing you to build a loyal audience over time.

The medium has exploded in popularity over the last few years, making it a viable side hustle.

How it Works:

  • Create content, record episodes, and upload them to podcast platforms.
  • Listeners tune in through apps like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
  • You can use various formats, like interviews, storytelling, or educational sessions.

The earnings from podcasting can be quite varied. It often starts small but can grow with your audience. Sponsorships, ads, and merchandise can bring in money.


21. Stock Photography

Stock photography involves capturing high-quality images and selling them on platforms where people can buy rights to use those photos.

These images are often used in advertising, websites, and various media.

How it Works:

  • Take high-quality photos: The first step is to take high-quality photos that are in demand by stock photo buyers. This means using good lighting, composition, and editing techniques.
  • Submit your photos to stock photo agencies: Once you have a portfolio of photos that you're proud of, you can submit them to stock photo agencies. 
  • Earn royalties: When someone downloads and uses one of your photos, you will earn a royalty. The amount of the royalty will vary depending on the agency and the type of photo.

The average pay for stock photography varies depending on the experience of the photographer and the quality of the photos.

However, most photographers earn between $0.50 and $5 per photo.


22. House Sitting

House sitting involves taking care of someone's home while they're away. This could include tasks like feeding pets, watering plants, and basic upkeep.

House sitters often get to stay in the home they're caring for, making it a win-win for those who love to travel or simply want a change of scenery.

How it Works:

  • Find house-sitting opportunities: You can search online listings, join house-sitting websites, or network with friends and family who travel frequently.
  • Meet with the homeowner: Once you've found a potential house-sitting opportunity, you'll need to meet with the homeowner to discuss the details of the job. This will include things like the dates of the house sit, the duties that will be required, and the compensation.
  • Take care of the home: While the homeowner is away, you'll be responsible for taking care of their home. This includes things like watering plants, feeding pets, and cleaning the house. You may also be asked to do other things, such as collect mail or check in on the house regularly.

The average pay for house-sitting varies depending on the location and the length of the stay. However, most housesitters earn between $50 and $100 per day.


23. Rent Your Car

Renting your car involves listing your vehicle on a car-sharing platform where people can rent it for short periods. This is a way to monetize your car during times it's not in use.

How it Works:

If you're interested in renting your car, here's how it works:

  • Create a listing: Create a listing for your car on the company's website or app. Include photos, a description of your car, and your availability.
  • Set your price: You decide how much you want to charge per day or hour to rent out your car.
  • Wait for a renter: Once someone is interested in renting your car, they'll contact you through the company's platform.
  • Meet the renter: You'll meet the renter at a safe location to hand over the keys and sign the paperwork.
  • Get paid: Once the rental period is over, the company will deposit the rental fee into your account.

The average pay for renting your car depends on a number of factors, including the make and model of your car, your location, and the time of year.

However, you can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $50 per day.


  • Turo: Popular car rental platform.
  • Getaround: Another option with different features.
  • HyreCar: Focuses on short-term rentals.

24. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a mobile marketplace that connects freelancers with local demand for everyday tasks such as cleaning, moving, and home repairs.

As a "Tasker," you offer your skills and set your rates, helping you turn your free time into extra income.

How it Works:

If you want to become a Tasker, here's how it works:

  • Create a profile: Create a profile on the TaskRabbit website or app. Include your skills, experience, and hourly rate.
  • Apply for tasks: Once you've created your profile, you can start applying for tasks.
  • Complete tasks: When you're assigned a task, you'll complete it to the best of your ability.
  • Get paid: Once you've completed a task, the client will pay you through the TaskRabbit platform.

The average pay for a TaskRabbit job depends on the type of task and your experience. However, you can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour.


25. Etsy Seller

An Etsy Seller uses the Etsy platform to sell handmade or vintage items and crafts.

You create an online shop on Etsy, list your products, and handle customer service, while Etsy takes care of the marketplace visibility.

How it Works:

To get started, you'll need to create an Etsy account and set up your shop. Once you've done that, you can start listing your products for sale.

Be sure to take high-quality photos of your products and write clear and concise descriptions.

The average pay for an Etsy seller varies depending on the products they sell, but many sellers make a decent profit from their shops.

According to Etsy, the top 1% of sellers make over $1 million per year.


  • Etsy: Most popular for handmade and vintage items

26. Online Course Creator

An online course creator is someone who designs and markets courses on various subjects. These courses are typically hosted on educational platforms or personal websites.

From coding to cooking, the subjects can be diverse.

How it Works:

To create an online course, you'll need to develop a curriculum, record your lectures, and create course materials.

Once you've done that, you can sell your course through a variety of platforms, such as Udemy or Teachable.


  • Udemy: Huge user base, lower revenue share.
  • Teachable: More control, higher revenue share.
  • Coursera: Academic focus, partnerships with colleges.

27. Sell eBooks

eBooks are digital books that can be read on various devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Selling eBooks allows you to turn your knowledge or storytelling skills into a source of income.

The digital format makes it accessible to a global audience without the need for physical inventory.

How it Works:

  • Write and edit your eBook.
  • Create an eye-catching cover.
  • Format your eBook for different e-readers.
  • Set your price and royalty rate.
  • Publish your eBook to your chosen platform.

The average pay for self-published eBooks varies depending on a number of factors, including the length and genre of the book, the author's marketing efforts, and the pricing strategy.

However, it is possible to make a decent income from self-publishing, with some authors earning six figures or more per year.


28. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a certified individual with expertise in fitness and exercise routines.

They guide clients in reaching their fitness goals through customized workout plans and provide moral support and motivation.

How it Works:

  • Get certified as a personal trainer.
  • Build a client base by networking, advertising, and offering free consultations.
  • Develop personalized fitness plans for each client.
  • Provide guidance and support to clients during their workouts.
  • Track client progress and make adjustments to their plans as needed.

The average pay for personal trainers varies depending on location, experience, and clientele. However, the median hourly wage for personal trainers is $22.20.


  • Trainerize: Focuses on custom workout plans.
  • TrueCoach: Ideal for one-on-one coaching.
  • Your own website: For full control and branding.
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