Teachers Pay Teachers Review: What You Need to Know Before Selling

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Ever thought about making money by selling teaching stuff online? 

Let's dive into this review of Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). It's like a hotspot for educators worldwide to buy and sell all sorts of teaching goodies – from lesson plans to cool graphic tools. 

Is it a money-making jackpot or just another hassle-filled online store? Hang on as we dig into real reviews, prices, and product quality, and spill the beans on safety, cash flow, and the whole TpT vibe. 

If you're a teacher hunting for study stuff or dreaming of becoming a TpT seller, this all-in guide might just be your ace card. Oh, and don't miss checking out other rad online earning ideas too!

What is Teachers Pay Teachers?

Teachers Pay Teachers website

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) rocks as this super cool online marketplace for teachers. It's this buzzing hub where educators swap, trade, and sell their self-made lesson plans and resources.

They've got stuff for all grades and subjects, made by awesome teachers. You can grab freebies or snag some at decent prices.

If you're a teacher with killer materials, TpT lets you sell them like your own mini-store. You pocket a share of the sales, and there's an even fancier subscription to amp up earnings.

So, you're making extra while helping fellow teachers.

Key Features of Teachers Pay Teachers

1. Wide Range of Educational Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers have a huge range of stuff for teachers – lesson plans, curriculum materials, you name it. It includes all grades, subjects, and resource types for easy educator access.

Teachers Pay Teachers resources

2. Platform for Fellow Teachers

It isn't just a store; it's like a buddy's zone for teachers. We share tips, give real reviews, and back each other up—it's a place where teachers rock together.

3. Potential for Extra Income

Whether you're a school English teacher or a middle school career readiness instructor, you can earn extra income by selling your quality products. There's a wide price range that accommodates both new and experienced sellers.

4. TpT Resources for Various Grade Levels

Starting from one grade to another, the platform's got educational stuff for each level. Teachers or schools can easily spot resources that match what they're teaching.

5. Free and Paid Options

It has free and paid teaching stuff. Freebies are awesome to check quality, while paid stuff gives detailed lessons.

6. Customer Service and Community Support

Need help with something? Teachers Pay Teachers prides itself on its customer service and active community of individual sellers who are often happy to assist with any questions or concerns.

7. Subscription Model for Additional Benefits

If you're up for more, there's a subscription too! You'll get cooler royalties, your stuff on the spotlight, and extra goodies to level up your buying/selling game.

8. Accessibility and Online Material

TpT's online material can be accessed from anywhere, making it convenient for remote teachers or those looking to integrate digital tools into their classrooms.

9. Transparent Business Model

The whole deal is pretty simple – they've got clear fees and rules that everyone can get. It's all about making everyone feel good about buying and selling stuff, you know?

10. Diverse Range of Topics and Subjects

The website offers a wide range of content, from job preparation to learning science via YouTube. It provides tools for career growth and facilitates content sharing.

Is Teachers Pay Teachers a Safe Site?

If you're a teacher looking into this platform, you might be wondering about Teachers Pay Teachers' safety. Are they keeping things secure for both sellers and buyers? 

Well, good news – they definitely are. They've got solid protocols in place to safeguard user info, making sure everyone – whether you're selling your stuff or thinking of buying – has a smooth and safe experience.

Buyer Accounts

As a buyer, you can easily check out tons of lessons, including the popular ones and different resource types. No need to worry about your info – it's totally safe. 

When you pay, it's all encrypted, just like those secure online stores. Curious about the payment stuff?

TpT Sellers

Sellers, you'll love this – clear fees, no hidden stuff! You can easily upload and sell your educational stuff with no stress. They've got your back with support for both sellers and buyers, making sure everything goes super smooth and safe.

Oh, and guess what? Quality's a big deal here. They're picky about what's sold, doing solid checks to make sure the teaching stuff is up to the criteria!

Can You Really Make Money on TpT?

The answer is a resounding yes! It's totally possible! But how much and how easily are often the deeper inquiries?

Teachers Pay Teachers operates as a marketplace where fellow teachers and educational consultants can sell their instructional materials, lesson plans, and even popular lessons. Here's what you need to know:

  • Range of Topics: You're not limited to just math or school English. The platform offers a wide range of subjects, including middle school career readiness, career growth, and an abundance of career readiness materials.
  • Price Ranges: From free to premium content, you can set your own pricing. This offers flexibility for both TpT Sellers and buyers. The platform's transaction fee is something to be aware of, though. Here's how other sites structure their transaction fees.
  • Quality Products: Just like any other marketplace, quality products, and good customer service can lead to positive reviews. Your rating can directly affect sales.
  • Extra Income vs Full-Time Income: Some teachers have turned their TpT store into a full-time business, while others use it for additional income. Your achievements depend on stuff like how you promote things, how special your stuff is, and how well you hit your personal targets.
  • Educational Resources and Support: TpT offers various educational resources to help you get started. This includes guides on setting up your store, understanding the business model, and how to provide service that gets good reviews.
  • Networking with Other Teachers: Sometimes, it's not just about money. Connecting with the kindest people who share your passion for education can be rewarding on its own.

But is it all smooth sailing? Not necessarily. Some might find the goals set by the platform unattainable or unrealistic. Others may feel the competition is too intense, especially with a growing number of third-party sellers.

B. Who Is the Highest Earning Seller on TpT?

Ready for some jaw-dropping info? The highest earning seller on TpT reportedly made a WHOPPING $2 million in just one year! Yes, you heard that right - $2 million! 

This seller, known as "Deanna Jump," started as a kindergarten teacher who simply wanted to share her passion for teaching and learning.

Now, while not everyone may reach Deanna's level, there's still a wide range of income potential on TpT. You could totally rake in a couple hundred bucks more each month, or even score a full-time income. 

It boils down to the awesome stuff you're selling, how you work your marketing game, and of course, having some patience and sticking to it. 

C. How Much Do Teachers Earn on Average on TpT?

Ever thought about transforming your creative classroom ideas into extra income? With Teachers Pay Teachers, this dream might not be too far from reality! 

But the question that many potential buyers and individual sellers often have is - how much can you really earn?

  • Range Of Earnings: The earnings on TpT vary widely based on factors like the quality of products you offer, your marketing efforts, price ranges, and the types of resources you sell. From lesson plans to curriculum materials, your creativity can turn into cash.
  • Average Income: Many teachers report earning anywhere from a few extra dollars a month to a few thousand. According to some sources, the average monthly income for active sellers is around $200 - $300.
  • Top Sellers: There are some star teachers who've turned TpT into their full-time business. The top sellers reportedly earn six figures a year! But keep in mind, these are exceptional cases, and reaching this level requires dedication, marketing savvy, and often a business model that includes multiple resource types.
  • Transaction Fee: Don’t forget, TpT takes a transaction fee from each sale. Free accounts incur a higher fee, so consider the premium seller account if you plan to sell regularly.
  • Extra Tools for Success: Utilizing online marketing strategies and understanding your target grade levels (whether it's th Grade or Middle School Career Readiness) can enhance your earnings. Tools like SEO practices and promotional techniques can boost your visibility on the platform.
  • Educational Consultant Opportunities: Some teachers even expand their offerings to become educational consultants, providing professional development resources and workshops.

Hey, just a quick reminder – TpT success isn't an overnight thing. It takes sticking with it, getting creative, really knowing your teaching stuff, and being open to what teachers need. 

Whether you're a solo teacher or aiming for a bigger education role, what you earn on TpT shows how hard you hustle and bring fresh ideas to the table!

Pricing Structure on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers offer a fascinating opportunity for fellow teachers to share and monetize their creativity. Let's take a close look at the pricing structure on TpT, shall we?

1. Basic Seller Membership:

  • Membership fee: You can freely buy and sell resources.
  • Transaction fee: TpT charges a $0.30 transaction fee per resource. 
  • Payout rate: Your payout rate for all sales will be 55%.

2. Premium Seller Membership:

  • Membership fee: $59.95 per year for individual teachers.
  • Transaction fee: Premium membership reduces the transaction fee to just $0.15 per resource only if the order’s total price is less than $3. 
  • Payout rate: Your payout rate will be 80% on all sales. This significantly increases your potential earnings.

Whether you're an individual teacher seeking classroom materials or aiming for a school career readiness teacher's approach, understanding the pricing on TpT is essential for both buyers and sellers.

How Do You Get Paid on TpT?

To get your monthly payout, just sign up with Hyperwallet, our third-party payment partner, and set up your transfer method. To receive your monthly payouts, add a transfer method to your Hyperwallet account. Choose from options like direct deposit, PayPal, Venmo, or wire transfer, depending on your country.

Payouts for what you earn are done every month. Your monthly earnings, sent via Hyperwallet, usually arrive in your account by the 21st or even earlier. Depending on the payment method and bank processing, it could take 2-3 business days.

What Sells Best on TpT?

Teachers Pay Teachers has become a bustling marketplace for educational resources, but what exactly sells best on this platform? Let's dive into the types of content that are making waves among the community of educators:

  • Lesson Plans: Tailored for various grade levels, lesson plans are a hot commodity. They save time for teachers, and those designed with creativity and aligned with curriculum standards can become quite popular.
  • Graphic Organizers: Visual aids like graphic organizers help students understand complex topics. Creative and effective graphic organizers can be a hit, especially for middle school career readiness or school English.
  • Interactive Activities: Engaging students in the virtual classroom has become vital. Interactive activities and games that facilitate learning are sought after by teachers seeking to engage their students in a virtual environment.
  • Career Readiness Lesson Plans: With an abundance of career readiness tools and lessons, TpT offers everything from basic skills training to advanced career growth guidance. Teachers focused on school career readiness teachers and career readiness classes find these resources invaluable.
  • Online Material: With e-learning on the rise, there's a big need for online stuff like videos, quizzes, and e-books. But here's the deal: you gotta make your own unique content that clicks with both teachers and students.
  • Educational Material for Specific Grades: Resources tailored for specific grades like th grade or th grade often see high demand. The more aligned they are with the curriculum and teaching objectives, the better.

Can You Use Canva to Sell on TpT?

Loads of TpT Sellers love using Canva to make awesome teaching stuff for Teachers Pay Teachers.

But hold up, what's the deal and what should you know before you jump in? Time to break it down!

  • Design Flexibility: Canva offers a wide range of templates, graphics, and fonts that can help you create visually appealing lesson plans, graphic organizers, and more. Whether you're teaching English or middle school career readiness, there's something for every grade level.
  • Ease of Use: Even if you're not a professional designer, Canva's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to anyone. The platform provides various tutorials, making it easy for a nice person like yourself, even if you're a beginner, to design quality products.
  • Licensing Considerations: It's essential to be aware of the licensing agreements for any elements you use within Canva. Some elements may have restrictions on commercial use, so always read the terms and conditions to ensure compliance.
  • Integration with TpT: Once your design is complete, you can download it in the format suitable for your TpT resources. Uploading to Teachers Pay Teachers is a breeze, and your potential buyers will appreciate the professional look of your products.
  • Cost Factor: While Canva offers free access to many tools, some premium features might require a subscription. Consider your budget and the price ranges of your TpT resources to determine if upgrading is worth it.
  • Success Stories: Many individual teachers have seen success in using Canva for their Teachers Pay Teachers stores. From popular lessons to curriculum materials, the platform offers the tools to create a variety of resource types.

So, wrapping it up, Canva can totally rock for selling on TpT. Get how the platform works, play nice with licenses, and dive into all those cool design choices. You'll whip up teaching stuff that's seriously eye-catching. 

Whether you're gunning for some cash on the side or dreaming of a whole teaching biz, Canva could be your ticket to unleashing your inner creative genius on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Is It Worth Selling on TpT? - Analyzing Pros and Cons

Selling on TpT is an opportunity that tempts many fellow teachers and educational consultants. Is it truly worth investing effort in utilizing the platform? Let's examine the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wide Range of Products: From lesson plans to curriculum materials, you can sell almost any educational resources here. Are you a school English teacher with unique insights? TpT might be for you.
  • Extra Income: With thousands of buyers, there's potential for additional income. Some teachers even make a full-time living from it! Looking for more? Check out these online jobs.
  • Community Support: TpT has an active community of individual sellers, offering a network of support and collaboration.
  • Control Over Pricing: You can totally set your prices based on the awesome quality products you're offering. Total control over price ranges is in your hands!


  • Transaction Fee: TpT's business model includes a transaction fee that can cut into profits.
  • Competition: With a growing number of TpT Sellers, standing out may be challenging.
  • Time Commitment: Creating quality products and writing detailed product descriptions take time. Is it too much for you? Check out these ways to earn without much effort.
  • Unrealistic Goals: Setting unattainable goals can lead to disappointment.
  • Customer Service: Managing buyer accounts and providing top-notch customer service is essential but can be overwhelming.

So, should you sell on TpT? Well, it really hinges on your situation, what stuff you're selling, and how you weigh the pros and cons. If you enjoy making teaching materials and can spare the time, it could be a great shot. 

But watch out for the Terrible Sales Model and the tricky Third-Party Sellers' scene – they might give you pause.


So basically, Teachers Pay Teachers gives you this cool platform for educational stuff. It's like a bridge between folks selling their teaching goodies (we call them TpT Sellers) and teachers who want awesome stuff for their classes. 

They've got all sorts of stuff, for all kinds of grades and subjects, so nobody's left out.

Like anything, it has pros and cons. People speak positively about it, and it's a way to earn extra cash too. Whether you're a teacher doing your thing or an ed consultant, diving into TpT could be a smart move for your online game or career. 

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