16 Best Ways To Make Extra Money Online Now

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Seeking the best ways to make extra money? Discover practical methods to enhance your earnings through activities ranging from problem-solving in academics to leveraging your daily habits.

Find out how to capitalize on your interests for financial gain.

Top Ways To Make Extra Money

1. Give Feedback (Survey) And Make Money

Do you have a few minutes to spare while waiting for a friend or sitting through commercials? Filling out surveys can turn that spare time into cash. 

It's a simple swap: your opinions for their money. Companies need your viewpoint to shape their products, and they're ready to pay for what you think.

How it Works:

  • Sign Up: Choose a survey platform and provide some details about yourself.
  • Receive Surveys: You'll get surveys that match your profile and interests.
  • Complete Surveys: Answer questions honestly to give your feedback.
  • Earn Rewards: Gather points from surveys and redeem them for cash or other rewards.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • Branded Surveys: This site turns your opinions into cash through its point system. It's user-friendly and comes with a loyalty program to boost your earnings as you go. 
  • Survey Junkie: A go-to platform for many survey enthusiasts, Survey Junkie offers a steady stream of surveys. It's straightforward: every 100 points you earn equals $1. 
  • IntelliZoom Panel: Focusing on user experience studies, IntelliZoom may provide fewer surveys, but they tend to pay more. You can read my Intellizoom Panel review to know more.
  • LifePoints: You'll find a wide array of survey topics to keep things interesting. Points earned from completed surveys can be turned into PayPal cash or gift cards. 

Remember to check out this list of the best survey sites to explore more options.

2. Get Paid For Data Collection

In a world where data is king, companies are willing to pay for your digital contributions. 

It's simple—you share data from your daily digital activities, and in return, you get cash or rewards. 

Think of it as turning your online footprint into a source of income.

How it Works:

  • Sign Up: First, you register on a platform that offers payment for data collection.
  • Share Data: These platforms might collect info on your browsing habits, app usage, or shopping patterns.
  • Earn Money: In exchange for your data, you get paid through various means like cash, gift cards, or points that can be redeemed.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel: By installing their app, you let them track how you use the internet. Your identity stays anonymous, and you earn points redeemable for gift cards.
  • MobileXpression: This app runs in the background, collecting data on phone usage. Members earn credits weekly, which can be exchanged for gift cards.
  • SavvyConnect: By using this app, your web browsing data contributes to market research. You earn monthly rewards just for keeping the app installed and active.

To explore more apps, check out my post on the best apps that pay for data collection.

3. Solve Physics & Chemistry Problems And Get Paid

If you're good at physics or chemistry, you can turn your knowledge into cash. Many students out there struggle with these subjects and are willing to pay for help. 

How Does it Work: 

You sign up on platforms that connect experts with students. When a student needs assistance, they post a problem, and you provide the solution. 

You get paid for every problem solved.

Platforms To Get Started:

For Physics and Chemistry, try the following platforms:

  • Tutor.com: Sign up, prove your expertise, and start tutoring students in physics.
  • Chegg Tutors: Known for textbook solutions, Chegg also allows you to earn money by helping students with their physics questions.
  • Study.com: Become an expert on Study.com and answer students' questions.

If physics is your area of expertise, you might want to check out this detailed guide on how to earn by solving physics problems.

For more insights into making money by solving chemistry problems, here's a complete article for you: Earn money by solving chemistry problems online.

Tapping into your academic strengths can be both fulfilling and profitable. Give it a try and see how your expertise can not only help others but also add to your income.

4. Get Paid To Watch Videos & Ads

Imagine making money from the comfort of your couch while watching videos or ads. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. 

Companies are willing to pay for your attention, and all it takes is a bit of your time.

How It Works:

Companies and marketers need consumer feedback to improve their products and ads. They partner with platforms that pay viewers like you to watch content. It’s simple:

  • Sign Up: Create an account on these platforms.
  • Watch: View videos or ads presented to you.
  • Earn: Collect points, cash, or gift cards as rewards.

Platforms To Get Started:

Here's where you can start:

  • Swagbucks: Earn points, known as SB, for watching a variety of videos, which you can convert into cash or gift cards.
  • InboxDollars: Offers a straight cash reward for watching videos and taking surveys.
  • InstaGC: Similar to Swagbucks, it rewards you with points for watching videos, which you can exchange for vouchers or PayPal cash.

For more on this, check out my detailed post earn money by watching videos, and earn money by watching ads, where I explore these options in depth. 

This guide will help you turn your screen time into real money.

5. Get Paid To Read Emails

You might think that reading emails is just a part of your daily routine, but what if you could earn money from it?

That's right, some platforms actually pay you to read emails.

It's as straightforward as it sounds: you sign up, receive emails, and get paid for opening and reading them.

How it Works:

  • Sign Up: Join a platform that offers pay-for-reading emails.
  • Read Emails: Once you're in, you can open and read the emails.
  • Earn Money: Completing the reading task adds money/points to your account on the platform.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • InboxPays: A well-known site that pays for various online activities including reading emails.
  • Paid-To-Read-Email: As the name suggests, this platform's primary focus is on paying users to read emails.

For more detailed info and more platforms, you can check out my post on ways to get paid to read emails, which dives deeper into the subject.

6. Get Paid To Search The Web

Ever thought your daily internet searches could turn into cash? It’s not just a thought anymore. 

Companies are willing to pay you for your online searches. It's as simple as it sounds – you use a specific search engine, and you earn rewards.

How It Works:

You sign up with a platform that offers pay for searches. Then, you use their search bar for your everyday internet digging. 

These platforms often work on a points system where your searches accrue points that you can exchange for cash or gift cards. It's a seamless blend into your routine.

Platforms To Get Started:

Here are some platforms where you can earn money by searching the web:

  • Microsoft Rewards: Where searches earn you points redeemable on Microsoft and Windows stores.
  • Qmee: Offers instant cash rewards for searches without a minimum cash-out amount.

Check out my detailed post about the sites that pay to search the web to explore more such platforms.

7. Get Paid To Read Books

For book lovers, imagine curling up with a good book and getting paid for it. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it's very much a reality. 

There are platforms out there that will actually pay you to read books. This could involve reading and reviewing, proofreading, or even narrating audiobooks.

How It Works:

You sign up to a platform that offers books for review. Read the book, write a thoughtful review, and get paid for your insight.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • Online Book Club: Gives free books to members in exchange for reviews.
  • Kirkus Reviews: Often looks for experienced book reviewers. Reviews are around 350 words, due two weeks after the book is assigned.

To find more such platforms, you can read my posts on sites to get paid to read books

8. Get Paid To Upload Receipts

Imagine turning those little slips of paper we often toss in the trash into cash. 

That's right—your shopping receipts are valuable to market research companies that analyze consumer behavior. 

How it Works:

  • Shop as usual: Buy what you need from any store.
  • Snap a picture: Use your phone to take a clear photo of your receipt.
  • Upload and earn: Send the photo to a dedicated platform and earn points or cash.

These platforms typically offer points for each receipt, which you can exchange for cash or gift cards. It’s an effortless way to make a bit of money back on your purchases. 

Platforms To Get Started:

  • Ibotta: Earn cash back on groceries, apparel, and more. Just upload your receipt to match it with active offers.
  • Fetch Rewards: Points are up for grabs for every receipt, no matter what you've bought or where.
  • ReceiptPal: This one turns receipts into points, redeemable for cash or gift cards.

Remember, every slip could add up to a tidy sum. So, the next time you're about to toss that receipt, think again—it might just be worth more than you think. 

To dive deeper into the world of earning through receipts, check out this detailed post: Get Paid To Upload Receipts.

9. Sell Old Books And Make Money

Got a pile of books collecting dust on your shelf? It's time to turn that paper into cash! 

Selling old books is not only a smart way to declutter your space but also a neat trick to pocket some extra money. The process is straightforward.

How it Works:

  • Sort: Begin by sorting out books you no longer need or want.
  • Value: Check their condition and assess their market value.
  • List: Put them up for sale on the right platforms.

Platforms To Consider:

  • BookScouter: This site makes it easy to find the best price for your books by comparing offers from over 30 book-buying vendors. Read my Bookscouter review to know more.
  • Amazon: With its massive audience, Amazon is a solid place to sell used books. You can list your books directly to reach buyers worldwide.
  • eBay: Ideal for rare or collectible books, eBay offers auction-style listings that could get you more than a fixed price.
  • Local bookstores: Some may offer buyback programs for used books.

Remember, every book has a story, and by selling your old ones, you're passing on knowledge and perhaps even funding your next great read.

10. Sell Photos 

If you've got an eye for photography, your skills could unlock a stream of income. 

In today's visual world, quality images are in high demand. Businesses, bloggers, and advertisers are always on the lookout for striking images to enhance their projects.

How it Works:

Selling photos is simple:

  • Capture High-Quality Images: Start with what you have, whether it's a smartphone or a camera, and capture high-quality, unique images.
  • Edit Your Photos: Use editing tools to make your photos stand out. No need for over-the-top changes, just clean, crisp edits.
  • Upload to Platforms: Choose a platform where you can upload and sell your photos. Each has its own rules and commission structures.
  • Tag and Describe: Add relevant tags and descriptions to your photos. This makes them easier to find by potential buyers.
  • Earn Money: When someone buys your photo, you get paid. Some platforms offer royalties per download, while others may offer a flat fee.

Platforms To Sell Photos:

  • Foap: A popular app that lets you sell your smartphone photos. It's easy to use and can be a fun way to make money. Check out this detailed post on making money on Foap for more insights.
  • Shutterstock: A well-known stock photo site that pays contributors a percentage of each sale.
  • Getty Images: Offers higher-end photography and pays for exclusive content.
  • iStock: Part of Getty, but with a slightly different payment structure.

By selling photos, not only do you make money, but you also get the satisfaction of seeing your work published on various platforms. 

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, the potential to earn is there.

11. Get Paid To Exercise And Walk

Imagine turning your daily walk or jog into a source of income. It sounds almost too good to be true, right? But it's a reality. 

With a growing focus on health and fitness, some companies are willing to pay you to stay active. 

The concept is simple: You exercise, and in return, you earn rewards that can be converted into cash, gift cards, or other perks. 

This idea taps into the fitness tracker trend and encourages healthy living.

How it Works:

  • Download a fitness app that offers rewards.
  • Sync it with your existing fitness tracker or smartphone.
  • Start moving. The app tracks your steps or exercise.
  • Accumulate points or rewards based on your activity level.
  • Redeem your rewards for cash, gift cards, or merchandise.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • Sweatcoin: This app converts your steps into a digital currency called 'Sweatcoins'. You can spend these coins on goods, services, and experiences ranging from high-tech shoes to iPhones, or even donate to charity. For more details, check out my Sweatcoin app review.
  • StepBet: With StepBet, you can participate in step challenges by placing a bet on yourself. If you hit your step goals for the duration of the game, you win back your bet and then some, sharing the pot with other winners.
  • HealthyWage: You bet on your own weight loss goal. Set a target, place a wager, and get to work. If you hit your weight loss target within the set time frame, you win money. It's a win-win; you lose pounds and gain cash.

If you want to explore more apps like this, check the below post:

12. Get Paid To Write Poetry For Greeting Cards

Poetry isn't just for dusty books and literary magazines. In fact, your way with words could brighten someone's special day and earn you money. 

Greeting card companies often seek talented poets to craft thoughtful, catchy, or heartfelt verses for their cards.

How it Works:

  • Companies typically look for submissions that connect with readers on holidays, life events, or special occasions.
  • If your poem is selected, you’ll get paid—usually a set fee per piece.
  • Some companies hold contests for new poems, offering prizes for the winners.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • Calypso Cards: A contemporary card company that loves edgy and humorous poetry.
  • NobleWorks: Known for its funny takes, NobleWorks often seeks quirky and humorous verses.
  • Blue Mountain Arts: Specializes in emotional and heartfelt content.

For a detailed guide and more platforms where you can submit your poetry, check out this comprehensive post: Get Paid to Write Poetry for Greeting Cards.

13. Get Paid To Listen To Music

Imagine turning up the volume on your favorite tunes and getting paid for it. Sounds like a dream, right? But it's as real as it gets. 

Music lovers can rejoice because there are platforms that'll actually pay you to listen to music. 

How it Works:

Well, new artists and record labels often need feedback and exposure for their music. That’s where you come in. 

By listening to tracks and giving your opinion, you help them climb up the ranks, and you get compensated for your time.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • SliceThePie: Get the chance to review new songs, fashion items, accessories, and commercials before they are released. Your feedback helps artists, record companies, and brands make decisions. You can read my full review of SliceThePie here.
  • HitPredictor: You have the power to directly influence new music before it's released to the public. By rating songs, you'll earn points redeemable for rewards.
  • Research.fm: By providing feedback about music and radio stations, you can help shape what you hear on the radio and earn rewards for your input.

For a deeper dive into this harmonious money-making method, you can check out the post get paid to listen to music. There, you can find more such platforms.

Sharing links can be a simple yet effective way to earn some extra money. It's all about promoting products, services, or content by sharing their links on various platforms. 

When someone clicks on your shared link and makes a purchase or signs up for a service, you get a commission. It's pretty straightforward.

How it Works:

  • Sign Up with a Platform: Choose a platform that offers a pay-per-click or affiliate program.
  • Select Links to Share: Pick the products, services, or content you want to promote.
  • Share the Links: Post them on your blog, social media, or websites where your audience hangs out.
  • Earn Commissions: When someone clicks and buys, you earn a cut of the sale.

Platforms To Get Started:

  • Affiliate Networks: These platforms provide a range of products and services to promote. Examples include ClickBank and ShareASale.
  • URL Shorteners: Some URL shortening services pay you when people click on the shortened links. Linkvertise and Shorte.st are popular options.

For a more detailed guide on making money through link sharing, check out this post: Make money online by sharing links

Here, you'll find an in-depth exploration of the strategies and platforms that can help turn your shared links into a steady stream of income.

15. Make Money Talking To People

In a world where technology often isolates, there's a growing need for human connection.

This has opened up a unique opportunity for those who are great at lending an ear: making money by talking to people who might be feeling lonely.

It’s about providing companionship and conversation to those who need it and getting paid in the process.

How it Works:

  • Sign Up: Register on a platform that connects people looking for conversation with those willing to provide it.
  • Set Your Schedule: You can choose when and how often you want to work.
  • Connect: Use the platform to talk to people via phone, video, or messaging.
  • Earn: You get paid per minute or per call, depending on the platform's setup.

Platforms To Get Started:

  1. RentAFriend: Focuses on in-person meetings but also offers virtual friend services where you can get paid to chat with people looking for a friendly conversation.
  2. Chat Recruit: A platform where you can chat via phone or camera and get paid for each minute you spend talking to clients.
  3. FriendPC: Offers virtual friend services where you can get paid to offer companionship and conversation through messaging or video calls.

You can explore more platforms like these by checking out the sites that pay for talking to lonely people.

16. Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Ever thought you could make money by kicking back with your favorite Netflix shows? Turns out, you can turn those binge-watching hours into cash.

Netflix itself offers opportunities, and you can also get creative to earn some extra dough.

How it Works:

  • Netflix Tagger: Netflix hires taggers, or more formally, editorial analysts, to watch and tag their content with relevant metadata. These tags help improve the Netflix algorithm, making it easier for viewers to find something they love.
  • Start a Netflix Movie Review Blog or YouTube Channel: Share your thoughts on the latest Netflix releases that can attract an audience and open revenue streams.
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