9 High Paying Skills to Learn to Make Money This Year

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Days are gone when you have to depend on your college & school education to get a job.

Though they are important but because of advancement in modern technology, now you have many other options to choose from.

There are many skills that have a high demand among businesses & mastering them can be a good turning point for you.

So, if you are really interested to know about them, then here are my 9 top skills to learn to make money from your home.

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9 Most Important Skills to Make Money From Home

1. Graphics Designing

Graphic Design is one of those useful skills to learn to make money that have a high demand for Digital Marketing.

Whether it is a book cover, logo, business card, brochures or web graphics, Graphics Designing is the skill that creates all this stuff.

Nowadays, everybody can be a graphic designer because of the availability of free tools such as Canva.

But that’s not enough because you should have proper knowledge of the combination of colors, fonts & a lot of other stuff that makes your design more professional.

That’s why if you are interested to learn this skill, then you can take the following courses.

To access these courses, you can sign-up for Skillshare free trial plan which gives you free access for 2 months. Click here to join.

Average Earning Potential: $34,416/year

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2. Video Editing

Video Editing is another important skill on a rise because of Marketing & YouTube.

If you are having a YouTube channel or planning to make one, then you already know how much important is video editing skill for making professional videos.

If you know the right tips to shoot & edit video, you can make awesome video content on the internet & make money at the same time.

You can also work as a Freelance Video Editor to make a living editing others video used for marketing or for other purposes.

That is why it’s really important to know at least one Video Editing software to show your expertise.

I would recommend going for Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro for editing videos.

You can check out the below courses to learn more.

Average Earning Potential: $47,213/year

3. Coding

From developing mobile apps to creating plugins, Coding is one of the most profitable skills that will pay you for the long run.

You can create apps & plugins for companies that can help them in their businesses.

Now coding is a wide topic that has many languages.

You can either go for Android app development or iOS app development which has a huge market.

Apart from this, you can also become a WordPress developer which is also a profitable field.

So, it’s all up to you to decide which one is more suitable for you.

If you‘re interested in learning Coding languages, then you should definitely join Codecademy where you can find free courses on

  • Javascript
  • HTML & CSS
  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Bash/Shell
  • Ruby
  • C++

Here are other courses you can take

Average Earning Potential:

  • WordPress Developer – $72,430/year
  • iOS app developer – $1,26,750/ year.
  • Android app developer – $1,12,937 / year

4. CopyWriting

If you are not aware of this term, it is the act of writing texts for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

Many Online businesses depend on contents for search engine traffic, sales conversion & attracting right audiences.

As a CopyWriter, you can provide your Copywriting service to various Online companies who are ready to pay a good amount of money.

There are many types of CopyWriting you can go for.

Personally, I will recommend going for SEO & Sales Copywriting because it has a huge demand among Entrepreneurs.

You can take these courses to learn more.

Average Earning Potential $47,838/year

5. Social Media Marketing

Now, this one is quite easy for you because maybe you are already doing it.

If you know how to grow a social media account to promote a business, then you can definitely use this skill to make money online.

As a Social Media Manager, you need to develop and implement marketing strategies for a business using social media sites.

This includes
  • Creating Social Media Profiles
  • Developing & Implementing Promotion & Engagement strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Managing regular posts
  • Responding to followers and much more

You can take the following courses if you are keen on learning Social Media skills.

Average Earning Potential: $48,614/year

6. Website Building

Today, if you are running an online or offline business, you must have a website to reach to a global audience.

You can find new customers which will eventually scale your business growth & income.

Having said that, there are many business owners who don’t have any knowledge of website building.

So, they hire Web Developers who create & design websites for them using WordPress or free coding.

As a Web Developer, you can offer your service in Online Marketplaces or even start your own website providing the same service to clients around the world.

But before that, you should know how to create websites and if you‘re foreign to it, then there are tons of online free courses available.

Here are a few.

Average Earning Potential: $34,000/year

7. Learn SEO

An online business can easily grow and become profitable if it is ranking for certain profitable keywords on the search engine.

However, ranking websites on the search engine is not an easy job especially if your niche is competitive.

But if you are an expert in search engine optimization, you can help these businesses rank their websites on the first page of the search engine to grow their audience and income.

As an SEO specialist, you can offer your services to Business owners, Entrepreneurs or Solopreneurs that can result in a big paycheck.

Following are some courses that will surely help you.

Average Earning Potential: $50,937/year

8. Translation

Knowing multiple languages is a skill that’ll benefit you for a lifetime & you can use it in different ways to make a living.

There are businesses looking for translators who can help them with translation jobs related to websites, contents, brochures and much more.

Some of the most popular languages that have a high demand in the industry are Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Hindi.

If you want to learn new languages, you can download Duolingo app available for both Android & iOS that teaches different languages in a simple and funny way.

Average Earning Potential: $51,629/year

9. Editing/Proofreading

Editing means analyzing & fixing a written document, so it is well-organized in structure & has smooth paragraph transitions.

Whereas Proofreading is all about fixing grammatical, spelling, typos errors from a written document.

Now, there are many Entrepreneurs looking for Editors/Proofreaders who can skim their content before publishing.

If you can provide such services to these Entrepreneurs, you can easily make a living out of.

But you should have proper knowledge of the English language along with some CopyWriting skills.

That is why I highly recommend taking this free Workshop if you are interested in becoming a Proofreader.

Another course you can take is from Lynda website where you can learn both Proofreading & Editing.

However, you need to sign-up to their free trial plan for accessing this course.  Click here to go

Average Earning Potential: $41,142/year

What Skills should I learn to Make Money?

You should definitely go for those skills you’re passionate about. Skills that always encourages you to learn more & obviously, are profitable.

Skills that are evergreen & have a high demand among the audience will definitely get you a lot of opportunities.

So, in short, I am not the right guy to tell what should you do. It’s you who have to make a final decision.

Ending Note…

Did you find something you already know or want to learn?

If your answer is yes, then congrats you’re on the right path.

Mastering any one skill out of these will surely benefit you for a long run.

I can bet you you’ll never go bankrupt if you know how to use these skills efficiently.

You can either join a company or even start your own business online and that’s the beauty of these skills.

Now, tell me which one is your favorite choice?

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