Top 4 Legit Money Making Apps (At Least $100/month)

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How would it feel if your smartphone pays you some extra cash?

I know you must be spending a heck lot of time on social media, WhatsApp, etc. Though, there is nothing wrong with it.

But let’s imagine, isn’t it be great if you spend your time wisely and make money out of it to pay your bills?

Isn’t it be great that an extra $100 gets added to your account every month?

I know it is not sufficient. But, hey it’s like free cash and who doesn’t need it?

So, if you are ready to get those $100, then today, I will show 4 legit money making apps that will help you collect some extra bucks.

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4 Apps To Make Money Fast

1. VeeU App (Earning Potential Per Month – $15 to $30)

VeeU is a legit money making app that pays money for watching online videos. It is available for both Android and iOS.

When you register with this app, you will get an interface similar to Instagram where you can find several videos that reward coins for just watching them.

You can also like, comment, share or pick any of these videos to make extra coins.

While picking videos, it gets shared with your followers and when they watch them, you get more coins.

So, overall, if you keep on watching, liking, commenting & picking videos on VeeU app, you can keep on receiving coins.

Once you collect 150,000 coins, you can exchange it for a $15 PayPal cash or $15 Amazon gift card.

The best thing about this app is there are unlimited videos which you can watch with no restriction.

Small Hack To Receive More Coins

To increase your chances of getting more coins, make sure you use your referral link to invite others.

When they join VeeU app with your referral link or code and watch videos for at least 3 minutes, you will receive 2000 coins ($0.2).

After that, whatever coins they earn, VeeU will credit the same amount of coins to your account which is the plus point of this app.

Apart from this, your referral will also get 5000 coins as a bonus for joining from your link.

How To Join VeeU App To Get 5000 Coins As Bonus?

You can join this app from here. When you click this link, you can download this app for either Android or IOS.

Once, you’ve installed it, then proceed for the registration process. Ensure to include my referral code CZNE1I (the last letter is capital i) in the VeeUcode section to qualify for 5000 coins.

Once done, watch videos for at least 3 minutes and then check your “New User Tasks” section in the middle tab. You’ll get your bonus coins.

VeeU app bonus
Screenshot of bonus coins received by my friend

However, if you don’t receive coins, ensure to drop an email to this email address [email protected] and ask them for your bonus coins.

Don’t forget to include your VeeUcode while sending them an email. You’ll get a response within 3-5 days.

Here is one of their email which I received when I contacted them.

Screenshot of email sent by VeeU app team

Also, here is my first payment which I received within 2 weeks after redeeming.

VeeU Payment receipt

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2. PointsPrizes (Earning Potential Per Month – $20 to $40)

Legit money making apps Pointsprizes

PointsPrizes is an app/website where you can make money just by completing offers.

These offers are

  • Taking Surveys
  • Downloading & Installing Apps
  • Watching Video Ads
  • Sign Ups

Your earning potential is around $60/month or more when you have enough referrals under you.

Pointsprizes dashboard

Now, this site is legit as I got paid from them recently. You just need to collect 3000 points to get paid.

For 3000 points, you can either cash out PayPal money, Bitcoin. PSN Code, Amazon Gift card code & much more. Below are the details:

    • 3000 points = $20 Paypal Money
    • 3000 points = $20 Bitcoin
    • 3000 points = $20 PSN Code
    • 7500 points = $50 Amazon Gift Card Code & much more

Pointsprizes payment method

You can find all the prizes by clicking on the “Claim Prizes” option under the menu tab.


If anyone joins through your referral link, you will get 10% of their earning.

For example, if someone makes 3000 points, you’ll get 10% of that i.e. 300 points.

Isn’t that great?

Some Bonus Codes

Here are some bonus codes to make around 700 points instantly.

Just go to “Use coupons” section under the menu tab and type these codes.

  • CE50
  • QUANTECH3000
  • GOOGCOM294
  • TWEETR562
  • FACEPAGE1920
  • KINGY25
  • DELTA100
  • COMET50
  • PLASMA25
  • RANKER25
  • COUPON25

Now, you just need to earn an extra 2300 points before you can cash it out your $20.

3. Grab Points (Earning Potential Per Month – $30 Or More)

Legit money making apps Grab points

Grab points provide gift cards & PayPal cash for doing tasks such as taking surveys, download apps, complete offers, watch videos, referring to friends.

By doing all these activities, you need to make 3000 points to redeem for $3 PayPal cash.

There are many users who are getting paid from this company and even Trust Pilot has given a rating of 9.1 out of 10.

Steps To Join Grab Points & Earn Free Points

  • Click here & enter your email address.
  • Enter invite code XFUDZT to get 500 points to sign up. (without entering the code, you’ve to start from 0 points)
  • Now fill all your profile details to get 150 points.
  • Click the menu on the left side & click “Get Started” (I made a new profile just to show the procedure).

Slidejoy dashboard 2

  • Now do the following task such as linking to the Facebook & Twitter account, verify your email, upload an avatar to make an extra 250 points. So, now the total is 900 points.

slidejoy get started

  • Now go to the Promo code tab on the menu and enter the following codes.

Grab points dashboard

  • DOWNLOADAPPS8 points
  • SURVEYSROCK –  10 points
  • GETSTARTED7 points
  • REFERFRIENDS – 10 points
  • LIVEFEEDWOOT – 15 points

So that gives you an extra 50 points to make your total 950.

Now complete survey, offers, refer friends to make more points.

Promote GrabPoints

You can make 800 points just by promoting GrabPoints on YouTube.

For this, you’ve to make one video about GrabPoints & Lock points and upload it on YouTube.

Share & Earn

You can even promote GrabPoints on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc by Share & Earn Feature.

If someone downloads that app from your link, you will earn some points.

Refer Friends

Refer your friends to earn one point & if your referral makes 1000 points, you will get 500 points.

But there is one catch. Your referral needs to be from the US, Canada, UK.

Though, if your referral is from European & Asian countries, you will still make 300 & 25 points.

4. SlideJoy (Earning Potential Per Month – $2 to $10)

legit money making apps Slidejoy logo

What if I say you can earn money just by unlocking your phone?

Yes, it’s possible with Slidejoy.

SlideJoy displays ads on your screen lock & for viewing those ads or just unlocking your screen, you’ll make money.

Now, earlier, you could easily make $2-$5 per month but nowadays, it could take multiple months to reach that figure.

But the good news is, you can take part in other offers like taking surveys, play games, take quizzes, etc to speed up your earning.

You’ll need at least 2,040 carats (points) to redeem $2. You can see top-earning members of Slidejoy below

Slidejoy feed

It also shows users who are redeeming.

top people earning in slidejoy

If you’re interested to learn more, ensure to read my SlideJoy review which shares more info about it.

Ending Note – Legit Money Making Apps

So, these are my 4 legit money making apps you can use to make some extra cash.

If you are consistent with them, you can make an extra $100/month which is great as pocket money.

Besides this, if you really want to make some good income. I would suggest you to start blogging because it is by far the best method to make money online.

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