18 Cool & Useful Skills to Learn in 2020

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One of the best ways to use your spare time is to learn a new skill.

There are many cool & useful skills to learn that either makes your work easier or can be used to make money online.

You know, I always try to learn new skills as a hobby. Over time, I have developed a few skills such as

  • Music production.
  • Drawing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Photo editing with Adobe Photoshop.

I don’t strive to be professional in each one of them, but I make sure I am good enough to teach others.

I know you aren’t interested in knowing about me. But I just want to say life is short, so try to make it more meaningful.

When you have the power of the internet, you can literally learn anything from the comfort of your home.

If you love to learn about editing photos, but don’t know how to use Photoshop, then go & learn it. Who knows, you can offer the same photo editing service to others for money.

There are plenty of resources available online that can teach you anything free of cost. This is the reason I planned to write this article.

Here, I will list 17 creative skills you can learn online for free. All the courses are from Skillshare which is a great site to explore video courses.

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Why I Prefer Skillshare For Beginners?

There are many websites providing online courses on different topics.

I have used many of them and I would say Udemy is one of the best if you want detailed courses.

But usually, Udemy courses are not free, and their free courses are not comprehensive.

To get a premium course, you must invest at least $10 which is pricey for students.

In such a case, I love Skillshare because they have both free and paid courses. 

Now, what so special about Skillshare if both of them provide the same service?

Well, when you join Skillshare as a new member, you’re qualified for a one-month free trial plan where all the paid courses become free for you.

Yes, you don’t have to pay anything and yet you can take unlimited courses within that trial period.

You can consider it as a hack for students or anyone who wants free courses.

But, ensure to cancel your plan before one-month if you are not upgrading to their paid membership.

Also, If one month is not enough, you can click here and access Skillshare straight for two months free.

What To Do After Learning A Skill?

Learning new skills is both rewarding and fun. You can do a lot of things after getting smooth on any skill.

There are plenty of things you can do after learning a skill that can even make a lot of money if you implement it smartly.

18 Best Skills to Learn this Year

1. Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2019 For Beginners

Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2019 For Beginners course

Course Duration: 3 hours 5 minutes

Creator: Jordy Vandeput

This course is dedicated to those people who badly want to learn Adobe After Effects.

You must have seen several videos on the internet where people are doing amazing video tricks. People making themselves invisible, flying or doing stuff which you see in Marvel movies.

If you go and watch Zac King’s Instagram videos, you’ll exactly know what am I talking about.

Such video tricks are very intriguing & who knows you can get a lot of followers on social media.

If you’re interested in making similar kinds of videos, then learning Adobe After Effects is the best choice.

If you enroll in this class, you’ll learn all the following things:

  • The user interface and functionalities of the most important panels.
  • How to do masking and compositing
  • Blending and working with stock visuals
  • Tracking (Mask, Motion, and Camera)
  • All about Text and Shapes
  • Animations and motion design
  • Generated Visual Effects

So, give it a shot and see if you are enjoying.

2. DSLR Filmmaking From Beginner To PRO

DSLR Filmmaking From Beginner To PRO course

Course Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Creator: Jordy Vandeput

If you’re a YouTuber or passionate about filmmaking, then definitely you should enroll in this class.

The course is produced by media training Cinecom.net and hosted by filmmaker and Youtuber Jordy Vandeput.

Jordy teaches you how to use a DSLR in full manual mode so you can have more creative freedom.

Besides, you’ll get to learn the essentials of visual storytelling with composition, motion & lightning.

You will learn the exact techniques that a professional filmmaker uses.

If you are someone who wants to become a filmmaker or wants to do filmmaking as a hobby, then this is definitely your cup of tea.

3. Easy Pencil Portrait

Easy Pencil Portrait course

Course Duration: 23 minute

Creator: Sharon Mapuvire

Have you always loved the pencil portrait?

Do you ever think you too want to draw such sketches?

Well, guess what, this course will exactly teach you the same.

You’ll get to learn how to draw a face i.e. Eyes, nose, hair and all the facial features. The course breaks all the steps into easy & understandable language.

You’ll become familiar with shading and face proportion techniques, which are essential to draw a perfect face.

Overall, this course can be your first step in mastering pencil portraits.

4. Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Photoshop

Beginners Guide To Mastering Photoshop course

Course Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes

Creator: Michael Lemma

Do you always want to learn Photoshop so you can make great edits? I am sure; you do.

If you check Fiverr, you can find many freelancers offering the same editing service and making at least $100-$500 per month.

This can be a great side hustle, and the work is also enjoyable.

If you enroll in this class, you’ll learn real-world techniques, tricks, and tips upgrading your Photoshop knowledge.

Within 1-2 weeks, you’ll start making cool works, by applying all the knowledge you gained into your work.

5. Master the Basics of Adobe Illustrator to Create Awesome Illustrations

Master the Basics of Adobe Illustrator course

Course Duration: 2 hours 23 minutes

Creator: Julian Burford

This course is all about the illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

You get to learn how to make realistic illustrations using a few basic tools and simple techniques.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to sketch using the Blob Brush tool from the first layout sketch to the final sketch in color.
  • How to trace your sketch using the Pen Tool.
  • How the Pen Tool works and how you can use it to trace your sketch fast and efficiently.
  • How to color your illustration realistically and use the gradient to give it an extra level of depth.
  • How to give a finishing touch to your illustration?

You will create the exact type of illustration as shown below.

Sample illustration

6. Music Producer Masterclass (Make Electronic Music With FL Studio)

Music Producer Masterclass course

Course Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

Creator: Chester Sky

Have you attended any electronic music festivals?

Did you ever feel to create your own electronic music?

If yes, then this course will teach you the same using FL Studio.

If you are someone who wants to become a music producer or wants to produce music as a hobby, then the first thing you must know is a music production software like FL Studio.

Well, I used to produce music myself 3 years ago and after starting blogging; I stopped producing it. You can listen to my sample music here.

Anyway, in this course, you will learn:

  • How to use FL Studio
  • Understand music envelopes and how to learn any instrument plugin quickly
  • Create vocal chopping effects like the musician Skrillex
  • Add amazing effects to your voice using vocalizers
  • Create Dubstep growls
  • Pitch correct vocals
  • Layer with backing vocals and instruments
  • Fully appreciate compression and when to use it
  • EQ your music like the pros
  • Add a side chain compression to balance kick drums with your bass melody
  • And much, much more…

7. Travel Photography: Seeing, Shooting, and Editing

Travel Photography: Seeing, Shooting, and Editing course

Course Duration: 1 hour 13 minutes

Creator: Dan Rubin

If you have visited any new city or country, then you have definitely captured all the beautiful moments.

Because photos tell a lot of stories about us & it’s a great way to keep your memories alive.

However, many of us are not good photographers who can take beautiful clicks.

That is why, if you’re interested in photography, then you need to check out this course.

Why? Because…

You will learn 5 favorite photo styles and editing tips — plus hints for iPhone, DSLR, and film cameras alike.

You get to know:

  • How to think like a travel photographer?
  • Choosing the right camera for the job
  • Must-Have Accessories
  • Basic Editing Apps
  • How to take photos that tell your story?  

8. User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design

Copywriting For Beginners course

Course Duration: 10 hours 56 minutes

Creator: Daniel Scott

Adobe XD is a fantastic design tool, used by industry professionals to produce high quality & functional mock-ups.

This video course aims at those people interested in learning UI/UX Design. It will teach you from the very beginning and work all the way through, step by step.

If you already have some UI/UX Design experience, then the course will definitely upgrade your knowledge.

9. Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy

Copywriting For Beginners course

Course Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes

Creator: Jesse Forrest

If you’re a writer or a blogger struggling to write persuasive web copies, then this course will teach you a lot of techniques.

You’ll discover how to write web copy that can sell products and services.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate writer, you will learn a lot starting from the basic principles of writing for the web.

You can enroll in this course if you want to learn the following topics.

  • Copywriting 101
  • How To Write Headlines
  • Read Your Audiences Minds
  • Speak Their Language
  • Stand Out with Competitive Advantages
  • Content Writing VS Copywriting
  • Turn Boring Features into Irresistible Benefits
  • 3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

10. Bookkeeping for Freelancers: How to Handle Your Finances

Bookkeeping for Freelancers course

Course Duration: 38 minutes

Creator: Emily Simcox

If you don’t know how to manage a business’s revenue and expenses, then this course will teach you bookkeeping. You will get to know the tools needed to control your finances.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner seeking to learn to invoice his/her businesses spending and expenses, this class will help you a lot.

You’ll get to learn about different tools helping you streamline your finances and optimize your bookkeeping.

Apart from this, you’ll also learn:

  • How to choose the right bookkeeping method for your business
  • Easily categorize and track your expenses
  • Stay organized throughout the year

11. Microsoft Excel: Top 50 Formulas in 50 Minutes! And Much More!

Microsoft Excel course

Course Duration: 4 hours 39 minutes

Creator: Bryan Hong

Don’t know how to use Microsoft Excel efficiently?

Want to learn more stuff about MS Excel that will benefit you if your work revolves around it?

Then, you must definitely join this course that will teach you the top 50 formulas in just 50 minutes.

If you’re someone who uses Microsoft Excel for business or personal related projects to do important tasks, text processing, or calculations daily, then the course will provide you a lot of value.

Besides, you will also get to learn a lot of stuff which you can use in your day to day excel life.

The topics includes:

  • Text formulas
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Date & Time formulas
  • Financial formulas
  • Informational formulas
  • Charts
  • Advanced Charts
  • Excel Power Query

12. Stock Trading Simplified: The Complete Guide for Beginners!

Stock Trading Simplified course

Course Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

Creator: Nayem khan

If you want to learn how to make money in the stock market by trading stocks, this is the course for you.

You will get to learn the techniques and strategies you need to know, to secure profits and reduce loss.

In this course, you will learn the entire learning process of trading stocks from basic to advanced level concepts.

You will also learn the actual stock trading techniques & strategies that you can use to make money.

13. Building Your Freelance Business: From First Steps to Getting Paid

Building Your Freelance Business course

Course Duration: 33 minutes

Creator: Oliver Ginsburg

If you’re new to freelance or have some years of experience, you can build your freelance empire with this course.

You’ll learn all the essential tips and tricks needed to run your freelance business.

From different tools to several techniques, Oliver has covered everything.

It includes:

  • How to choose a business entity and a name?
  • How to write legally binding contracts?
  • How & when to find professional help?
  • Pricing your work and getting paid
  • Expenses & write-offs
  • Paying your taxes

14. Python 3: A Beginner’s Guide to Python Programming

A Beginners Guide to Python Programming course

Course Duration: 7 hours 22 minutes

Creator: Tony Staunton

Want to learn Python?

Then, Enroll in this course where you’ll learn all the stuff related to the Python programming language.

You know Python language is used in many web apps & data analysis.

It is one of the simplest programming languages to learn & recently, Google is also investing in the same.

If you don’t know, Pinterest & Instagram also uses the same language.

So, pretty much, the language has a huge demand and you won’t regret learning it.

This is a step-by-step guide where you will learn:

  • Variables
  • Strings’
  • Number
  • Comments
  • List
  • User input
  • Conditional tests
  • Dictionaries & much more

15. How to Make Android Apps with No Programming Experience

How to Make Android Apps with No Programming Experience course

Course Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Creator: Philipp Muellauer

Have you ever thought of making your own Android app?

I know, it can be pretty daunting to know that app creation can be tough.

However, if you enroll in this class, then you can start creating your own Android app with no programming experience.

This course is created by London App Brewery who has trained several people.

You’ll learn all the fundamental steps involved in app creation enabling you to use the knowledge to create your own apps or apps for others.

If you allow Google ads, you can also start making money online.


16. Knife Skills: A Mini Class to Chop Like a Chef

Knife Skills course

Course Duration: 12 minutes

Creator: Chef Elana Karp

This is a short course where you’ll learn how to use a knife to chop like a chef.

You’ll learn 4 essential cuts and gain fundamental skills in the kitchen that will help you prepare your meals faster.

You will start chopping vegetables more smoothly, which makes your chopping work more enjoyable.

Along with this, you also learn:

  • Basic cuts for everyday ingredients
  • Fun hacks to enjoy your time in the kitchen
  • Great tips on selecting and safely using your knives

17. Learn to Solve the Rubik’s Cube the Easiest Way (CFOP Tutorial)

Course Duration: 33 minutes

Creator: Mike Boyd

If you suck at solving the Rubik’s cube, you should definitely need to learn the CFOP method

CFOP stands for Cross, F2l (First Two Layers), Orientation and Permutation of the Last Layer. This is also known as the Fridrich method.

Using the method, you will be able to solve the cube in no time. You’ll get to know all the algorithms and methods essential in solving the Rubik’s cube.

18. Dog Psychology

Dog Psychology course

Course Duration: 47 minutes

Creator: Bear Heart

If you have a dog and want to have a healthy relationship with them by understanding their mind? Then this course is a great choice.

You can learn:

  • How they process so you can understand them better
  • Understand when and what may produce unnecessary confusion
  • How to think more like the dog so you can have the best relationship possible, and can appreciate them for their natural instincts and behaviors

Final Thought

Well, these are some cool & useful skills to learn that can add value to your life. There are many more courses on different skills you can learn via Skillshare for free.

All you have to do is choose any one skill and start working for the next one month. Spend at least 30-60 minutes each day to learn and practice them.

Over time, you can craft those skills to either use them to make some passive income or you can use it as a hobby.

Now my question is, “Which skill are you going to try first?” Drop your comments to let me know.

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