Earn Money By Watching Videos – 14 Legit Websites/Apps That Pays

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Watching videos might be your favorite timepass. But have you wondered that you can earn money by watching videos?

That’s right!

Some apps and websites allow you to receive free cash just by watching short videos and ads. Even though it won’t make a handsome income, it is still a decent way to add up a few bucks over time.

So, if you’re interested to know what are those websites? Let’s look at the first one.

14 Websites To Get Paid to Watch Videos

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks logo
  • Availability – US, UK, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, India
  • Other Earning ways – Shopping, surveys, play games, complete offers, referral program

Swagbucks is one of the most popular programs that reward for completing various online activities including watching videos.

For watching a couple of them, you will receive 1-2 SB and you can watch as many videos as you want. 

The best thing about Swagbucks is that you can play their videos in the background which means you don’t have to interact with them.

To get started, click here to sign-up and enter the REDDIT code to receive 70 SB as a bonus. You can further earn an extra 300 SB once you collect the same amount within 30 days of joining.

2. InstaGC

InstaGC logo
InstaGC logo
  • Availability – Most countries
  • Other Earning Ways – surveys, offers, videos, play games, referral program

Besides offering various earning options, InstaGC also has videos to earn points. For watching 20 videos, your account gets credited with one point. 

The minimum payout is 100 points ($1) which is a big amount considering if you’re only dependent on watching videos. In such a case, you can try other options as well.

You can click here to join InstaGC and earn $0.10 right away. If you would like to know more, make sure to read my InstaGC review.

3. GrabPoints

GrabPoints logo
  • Availability – Worldwide
  • Other Earning Ways – surveys, offers, videos, referral program

GrabPoints pay 5 to 20 points for watching videos that get credited to your account as soon as you watch it till the end. 

With a minimum payout of 5,150 points, withdrawing your first reward may take some time. That’s why it’s best to include other earning options as well.

Please note that the threshold amount may change as per the demographics.

If you’re interested to join GrabPoints, click here to sign up and enter my referral code XFUDZT to earn a bonus of 500 points.

4. Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars logo
  • Availability – US
  • Other Earning Ways – Shopping, surveys, play games, complete offers, referral program, & more

Inbox Dollar is one of the best alternatives to Swagbucks where watching videos will unlock virtual scratch-off cards that reward anywhere from a couple of cents to a hundred dollars.

Though earning double or triple digits are unlikely to happen, most of the time you will end up winning a few cents.

You can use the following links to sign-up to earn a $5 or £1 bonus.



5. Earnably

Earnably logo
Earnably logo
  • Availability – 37 countries
  • Other Earning Ways – surveys, download apps, offers, videos, referral program

Earnably videos are mainly sponsored by Hideout. tv and VideoFox that pays 0.7 points for watching three video ads. However, the point share may change based on your demographics.

The minimum payout in Earnably is 125 points for a $1 PayPal cash that goes up to $100 for 9,925 points. To know more, check out my Earnably review to know all the nuts and bolts about them.

6. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel logo
  • Availability – Most countries
  • Other Earning Ways – Shopping, surveys, play games, complete offers, referral program

PrizeRebel credits 0.46 points for watching a couple of videos but it can differ based on your demographics.

To withdraw for a $2 Amazon gift card, you need to collect 200 points while a $5 PayPal card required 500 points.

To learn more about them, check out my PrizeRebel review that highlights everything in detail.

7. ySense

ySense logo
  • Availability – Most countries
  • Other Earning Ways – surveys, offers, referral program

Though ySense has more surveys in addition to other paid tasks, you can sometimes find video offers that pay a few points.

Unlike other websites, ySense doesn’t have a separate video section. So you have to look up the offer wall under different market research companies to find videos.

The payment starts at $5.05 for Skrill whereas PayPal has a minimum payout of $10.

8. You-Cubez

You-Cubez logo
You-Cubez logo
  • Availability – Worldwide
  • Other Earning Ways – Sponsored ads, paid offers, referral program, surveys

You-Cubez videos are mostly less than one minute long that credits a few cents.

The good thing about them is – the minimum payout is between £2 – £8 (depending on the membership). So you don’t have to watch too many videos to reach this amount.

9. iRazoo

iRazoo logo
iRazoo logo
  • Availability – Worldwide
  • Other Earning Ways – surveys, offers, videos, play games, download apps, referral program

With iRazoo, you can earn cash prizes and rewards by watching videos published in over 50 channels of content. It includes movie trailers, short films, app trailers, cooking tutorials, etc.

The good thing is – their video inventory is refreshed daily which means you don’t have to watch the same video over and over again.

Once you have accumulated at least 3,000 iRazoo points, you can cash them on Amazon gift cards. You can click here to join them and earn 500 points for free.

10. QuickRewards

QuickRewards logo
QuickRewards logo
  • Availability – US & Canada
  • Other Earning Ways – surveys, offers, videos, play games, shop online, referral program

If you live in the US or Canada, you can surely join QuickRewards to earn cash & gift cards by watching videos.

There is no minimum threshold amount which means even if you earn $1, you can request a payout processed within 72 hours. However, for gift cards, you need at least $5 in your account.

11. CreationsRewards

CreationRewards logo
CreationsRewards logo
  • Availability – US, UK, Aus, Canada
  • Other Earning Ways – surveys, download apps, offers, shopping, referral program

To get paid on CreationsRewards, you need to earn at least 1,000 CR points. For this, you can watch videos, take surveys, complete offers, shop online & visit websites.

While watching videos, you need to watch them till the end to receive CR points. Once you have hit the minimum points, redeem it for a $5 Amazon gift card.

12. MyPoints

MyPoints logo
MyPoints logo
  • Availability – US, Canada
  • Other Earning ways – Shopping, surveys, play games, complete offers, referral program

MyPoints is managed by the Prodege company which also runs Swagbucks. To get paid for watching videos, you need to watch a set of videos that pay around two to three points.

To get started, choose a video category from sports, lifestyle, world news, entertainment, finance & more that will prompt you to “Discover Content”. But before that, ensure to activate the pop-up feature.

Once you select the “Discover Content”, you can start watching videos from the available list.

While watching them, you will notice a countdown timer which indicates that you have to watch them till it runs out. Once done, click “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” and pass on to the next video to earn points.

The minimim payout is 700 pts for $5 gift card, & 3,970 pts for $25 PayPal cash.

You can click here to sign-up to get a chance to win a $10 Amazon or Visa gift card only if you spend $20  or more on shopping via MyPoints within 30 days of joining.

13. Netflix Tagger

Netflix logo
Netflix logo
  • Availability – Worldwide
  • Other Earning Ways – None

If you want to earn money by watching movies, Netflix can surely make it happen. It is one of the most popular video-subscription streaming services online.

Being on the top, they have a lot of videos that need to be categorized so they can be recommended to the subscribers.

For this purpose, Netflix hires Taggers whose job is to watch 5 to 10 movies per week (work for 15-20 hrs a week) & arrange them into their respective categories. 

Though the vacancy is not always open, still you can keep checking their job board.

14. TV-TWO App

TV-Two logo
Tv-Two app logo
  • Availability – Most countries
  • Other Earning Ways – None

TV-TWO app allows you to earn cryptocurrency for watching videos on your smartphone and smart TV.

To get started, all you need to do is install the app and start watching videos to earn TTV Ethereum Tokens (ERC20) for every second you watch.

Once you have earned 50,000 credits in the app, you can request the payout by entering your email address and Ethereum Wallet address.

Tips To Maximize Your Earning By Watching Videos

  • Don’t rely on only one website because it won’t earn you a considerable amount. I suggest you register with 3 or more websites for better results.
  • Invest at least 30 minutes daily on these websites so that you can stay on track. You can use them while watching TV or anytime when you’re free.

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