Get Paid To Read Emails – 10 Websites To Join Instantly

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Checking out emails might be a simple activity, but what if you get paid to read emails?

That's right!

Some websites pay a few cents for the same task where you don't have to do anything extra. By just opening & clicking the email link, you can instantly add a few pennies to your account.

To know where to find them? I have listed 10 GPT websites that not only pay for emails but for other offers as well.

Why Do Sites Pay You To Read Emails?

GPT sites (listed below) have a partnership with several brands and companies that like to interact with the new audience. For this, they put forward different paid offers, including paid to read emails.

When an individual opens and clicks them, they earn a few cents, & the company would benefit if they sign up for a trial, subscribe or buy their product or service.

This way, the company gets a new customer, and whereas the user earns a few cents. It is a win-win situation for both of them.

To conclude, paid emails are a type of advertisement that helps companies & brands to attract new audiences to their product or service.

Is Paid To Read Emails Legit?

Yes, you can get paid to read emails. But it won't make you rich or earn you decent money, as the earning potential is reasonably low, around $0.01 to $0.50 (rarely) per email.

Even though you can grab a few cents doing no hard work, you can't redeem them right away because of the minimum payout restriction on GPT sites. 

That's why you also have to incorporate other earning options like surveys, games, tasks, etc., to reach the threshold amount quickly.

10 Websites To Earn Money By Reading Emails

1. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollar App
  • Availability - U.S.
  • Sign Up Bonus - $5
  • Other Earning Options - Online surveys, offers, videos, games, deals, & much more.
  • Minimum Payout - $30
  • Referral Bonus - $1 up to five referrals & 30% lifetime earnings
  • Payment Method - PayPal, Gift card, Check

Apart from the various earning opportunities they provide, get paid to read emails is one of them.

When you click & read a couple of paid emails on InboxDollars, you'll earn a virtual scratch-off card (under scratch & win offer) to unlock cash. 

Though you have to chance to make $10, $25, or $100, you are only going to win a few cents. Besides, if you take any action like subscribing or buying service by clicking the email link, you can rake in more money.

2. InboxPays

  • Availability - U.S.
  • Sign Up Bonus - $5
  • Other Earning Options - Online surveys, offers
  • Minimum Payout - $50
  • Referral Bonus - 10% referral earning when they request payment.
  • Payment Method - PayPal, Check

InboxPays is another website, just like InboxDollars, that pays direct cash instead of points. 

Each email they send pays around $0.02 to $0.25 & you can expect up to 3 emails per day.

To get paid, you just have to open the email and visit the advertiser's website to make money. Once you collect at least $50 in your account, you can redeem them using PayPal or Check.

Though the minimum payout is not small, you have to include other earning options to speed up the process.

3. Daily Rewards

  • Availability - Canada
  • Sign Up Bonus - $5
  • Other Earning Options - Online surveys, offers, videos, games, deals, & much more.
  • Minimum Payout - $30
  • Referral Bonus - 10% referral earnings
  • Payment Method - PayPal, Gift card

Daily Rewards come under InboxDollars targeted for Canadian residents. When you visit their site, it will feel as if you're visiting InboxDollars because of the exact website design & similar earning opportunities like paid emails. 

As far as I have researched, the paid emails found on Daily Rewards are better than its sister site. For each email you confirm as read, you can earn up to $0.50 more than the fraction of cents you earn with the InboxDollars.

4. Vindale Research

Vindale research website
  • Availability - U.S, U.K, Canada, & Australia.
  • Sign Up Bonus - $1
  • Other Earning Options - Online surveys
  • Minimum Payout - $50
  • Referral Bonus - $5
  • Payment Method - PayPal, Check

Vindale Research is a market research company known for paying its members for completing online surveys.

Even though they are famous for that, they also offer paid promotional emails that pay up to $0.10 for opening & reading them.

To access, go to your email preferences settings in your Vindale Research account, & then click on open and view paid promotions messages.

5. MyPoints

  • Availability - U.S, Canada
  • Sign Up Bonus - $10 worth of Amazon or Visa gift card
  • Other Earning Options - Online surveys, online shopping, watching videos, discover content, coupon deals, referral program & much more.
  • Minimum Payout - 700 pts for $5 gift card, & 3,970 pts for $25 PayPal cash
  • Referral Bonus - 10% of referred person earnings plus extras.
  • Payment Method - PayPal, Gift Cards, Travel Miles

MyPoints is an online marketing research panel that offers several ways to make money online. It includes taking surveys, watching videos, playing games & even reading paid emails known as BonusMail.

BonusMail pays anywhere from 5 to 30 points when you click & read them. Even though it isn't sufficient to reach the minimum threshold amount, it is still a simple way to rake a few points in a few seconds.

6. Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards
  • Availability - U.S, U.K, & Canada
  • Sign Up Bonus - Receive $5 after completing an offer.
  • Other Earning Options - Surveys, offers, click ads, cashback offers, watch videos, listen to the radio & more.
  • Minimum Payout - $20
  • Referral Bonus - 10% lifetime earnings + additional bonus 
  • Payment Method - Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Check

UniqueRewards have been active since 2013, paying extra cash to its members for various online activities.

They send paid emails once or thrice per day comprising special offers and incredible deals. All you have to do is open and click on the message to jump onto the advertiser's website to get paid $0.01. 

You can even earn an extra $0.25 up to $50.00+ when you complete the advertiser's offers.

7. InboxPounds

  • Availability - U.K.
  • Sign Up Bonus - £1
  • Other Earning Options - Surveys, offers, click ads, cashback offers, watch videos, & more.
  • Minimum Payout - £20
  • Referral Bonus - 10% referral earnings
  • Payment Method - Check

You can consider InboxPounds as the U.K version of InboxDollars, where everything works the same besides earning is in pounds. 

You're awarded £1 as a bonus when you create an account. After that, you only need £19 for redeeming your first earning.

For this, you can click paid emails sent 3-4 times a day that pays $0.01. Besides, you can also engage in other offers to earn more cash.

8. Jobs2Shop

  • Availability - U.S.
  • Sign Up Bonus - $5
  • Other Earning Options - Surveys, offers, mystery shopping, games, cashback credit
  • Minimum Payout - $25
  • Referral Bonus - No referral program
  • Payment Method - PayPal

Jobs2Shop is a platform where members engage in market research surveys & evaluations to share their opinions on products and services.

For signing up, you can rake $5 as a welcome bonus & like other GPT sites, you can engage in paid emails and other earning tasks to make more cash.

The emails are sent twice a day that pays up to $0.10. Once you have collected at least $25, you can redeem it for a PayPal money.

9. FusionCash

FusionCash website
  • Availability - U.S & Canada
  • Sign Up Bonus - $5
  • Other Earning Options - Surveys, watching videos, listening radio, paid to click, cashback shopping, & more.
  • Minimum Payout - $25
  • Referral Bonus - Receive $1 for a referral, $2 when they complete a Paid to Sign Up offer, $5 each time they cash out.
  • Payment Method - PayPal, Check

FusionCash is like Swagbucks that offers a bunch of opportunities to make extra money

For signing up, they credit your account with $5 & then you can continue to complete other tasks to earn further. The earning options include online surveys, tasks, videos, paid emails, and much more. 

FusionCash sends daily paid emails that add a few cents to your account. Once you have gathered at least $25, you can redeem it via PayPal or Check with no processing fees charged. This means you can keep 100% of your earning.

10. UniqPaid

  • Availability - Most countries
  • Sign Up Bonus - None
  • Other Earning Options - Games, Offers, Paid tasks, Referral program, visit the site.
  • Minimum Payout - None
  • Referral Bonus - Receive $2 for every referral & extra bonuses
  • Payment Method - PayPal, Bitcoin, Check

UniqPaid is another free platform that provides advertised offers like reading promotional emails, paid offers, surveys, & much more. 

After joining their site, you can get a +10% cash bonus for each offer completed during the first 2 days. 

The paid emails can add an extra few cents that can instantly be cashed out as there is no minimum payout. This means even if you earn as little as $.01, you can transfer it via PayPal, Bitcoin.

With the referral program, you receive $2 per referral besides 10%, 5%, and 1% referral earnings at the first, second, and third levels.

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