GoTranscript Review: Is It the Right Choice for Transcription Jobs?

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Considering transcription work and wondering if GoTranscript is your answer? This review of GoTranscript cuts to the chase, addressing your primary concern: Is this platform a real earning opportunity or just another online hustle? 

I’ll quickly explore GoTranscript’s services, payment structure, and user experiences, providing you with the key insights you need. 

Whether you’re new to transcription or an experienced pro, this review aims to clarify if GoTranscript aligns with your transcription career goals. Let’s dive in.

GoTranscript Review

Mahesh Kumar U

Overall Platform & Opportunity
Payment Structure & Earning Potential
User Support & Feedback
Quality Standards & Rating System
Ease of Getting Started
Variety of Projects & Client Base
Flexibility & Work-Life Balance
Challenges (Audio Quality, Accents, Grading System)
Growth Opportunities
Comparison With Other Platforms


After a thorough review of GoTranscript, it’s clear that this platform offers a solid opportunity for both beginners and seasoned transcription professionals. Let’s break down the final verdict:

Strengths: GoTranscript stands out for its legitimate work opportunities, transparent payment system, and range of services. It’s especially appealing for beginners, thanks to its no-experience-required policy and helpful resources. The platform’s rigorous grading system, while challenging, ensures quality and fairness.

Challenges: Prospective transcribers should be ready for varying audio quality and the need for high accuracy. The platform demands strict adherence to guidelines, which can be a hurdle for some.

Opportunities for Growth: For those starting in transcription, GoTranscript is more than just a job; it’s a chance to develop valuable skills. It might not replace a full-time income immediately, but it’s a promising step in building a transcription career.

User Support and Feedback: Positive user experiences, particularly regarding flexible work arrangements and consistent payments, add to the platform’s credibility. The support system, including detailed guidelines and responsive customer service, is a significant advantage.


Background of GoTranscript

A screenshot of GoTranscript work sign-up page

GoTranscript is a transcription company that has been making a mark in the industry since its inception in 2005. 

Founded by Peter Trebek, it has grown significantly over the years. Starting from a small-scale operation, GoTranscript has expanded its reach globally, with its headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 

This growth is a testament to the quality of GoTranscript transcripts and the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch transcription services.

Types of Services Offered:

The company’s services have diversified over time. Initially focusing on audio transcription, GoTranscript has broadened its scope to include a range of services catering to various needs. 

These services include:

  • Transcription: Converting spoken words into written text, which is the core service of GoTranscript.
  • Translation: Offering language translation services, making content accessible to a global audience.
  • Subtitling: Providing subtitles for videos, is an essential service in today’s multimedia-driven world.
  • Captioning: Creating captions for the hearing impaired, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in media.

Working as a Transcriber on GoTranscript

Person of Asian descent working as a transcriber on GoTranscript in a home office, using a laptop with transcription software, headphones on, surrounded by various language flags.

1. Requirements to Become a Transcriber

If you’re considering a transcription job with GoTranscript, there are a few basic requirements to be aware of:

  • Legal Age: You must be of legal working age to take up a transcription job with GoTranscript.
  • Language Skills: A good command of English is crucial. This ensures accuracy in transcribing.
  • No Prior Experience Necessary: One of the appealing aspects of GoTranscript is that you don’t need prior experience in transcription. This makes it an accessible option for many looking for work-from-home transcription jobs.

2. Application Process:

The application process to become a transcriber on GoTranscript is straightforward yet crucial.

  • Create an Account: Click this link to sign up. During the registration process, you’ll need to verify your identity. This is to prevent the sale or purchase of accounts. You’ll do this through SMS verification and by providing a face photo. Additionally, you’ll need to take a real-time photo holding a piece of paper with a verification code written on it.
  • Read Guidelines Before The Test: Before attempting the test, it’s essential to thoroughly understand GoTranscript guidelines. These guidelines will steer you on how to approach the transcription tasks effectively.
  • Transcription Test: Next, you need to pass GoTranscript’s transcription test which includes a multiple-choice quiz and a short audio transcription. This is a pivotal part of the GoTranscript job review process. The test assesses your transcription capabilities and adherence to their guidelines.

After finishing the GoTranscript test, you’ll get your results in 30 to 60 days. To find out, you can either keep an eye on your email or check their website.

Overview of the Transcription Test and Guidelines:

  • Test Content: The multiple choice quiz tests your understanding of the GoTranscript guidelines, so it’s crucial to know them well. After that, you’ll transcribe a brief audio or video clip. Please note that the audio quality may not be optimal, which could make transcription challenging. This part of the test mirrors the real tasks you’ll handle as a transcriber.
  • Focus on Accuracy: A significant part of the test is evaluating your ability to transcribe accurately. This involves paying attention to details and following the specific transcription conventions set by GoTranscript.
  • Understanding Guidelines: The guidelines cover various aspects of transcription, like handling slang, pauses, and background noises. A clear understanding of these will not only help you pass the GoTranscript test but also ensure quality work once you start working on actual projects.
  • Re-attempting the Test: If you don’t succeed in the first attempt, GoTranscript allows you to retake the test after a certain period. This gives applicants a chance to improve and reapply.

GoTranscript’s test and application will determine if you’re a fit for their transcription team. 

It’s an opportunity to turn your listening and typing skills into a potential income stream, especially for those looking for transcription work from home.

Remember, as you embark on this journey, patience and dedication to learning and improving are key to succeeding in this field.


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Earning Opportunities and Payment Structure

A screenshot of my GoTranscript earnings.

When diving into GoTranscript, it’s essential to focus on the earning potential and payment structure, which are key aspects for anyone considering transcription work.

Description of Transcription Projects Available

  • GoTranscript offers a variety of transcription projects that cater to different client needs. This includes general, legal, medical, and academic transcription, among others.
  • The projects vary in length and complexity, providing a diverse range of work for transcribers.

Payment Rates

  • Transcribers are paid per audio minute, not by the hour. This means the amount earned is directly tied to the length of the transcription, not the time it takes to transcribe it.
  • GoTranscript claims that you can earn up to $0.60 per audio minute. However, this rate can fluctuate based on factors like the complexity of the audio and the transcriber’s skill level.

Payment Methods and Frequency

  • GoTranscript offers convenient payment methods, namely PayPal and Payoneer. This flexibility is a plus for many freelancers looking for reliable payment proof.
  • Payments are made weekly on Fridays, which is an attractive feature for those needing regular income.

Insights into Average and Top-Earner Incomes

  • While the top earners at GoTranscript can make up to $1,215 per month, the average earnings are around $150 per month. This variation highlights the importance of skill and speed in maximizing earnings.
  • For those looking at transcription jobs from home, this represents a realistic picture of potential income, though individual results can vary greatly.

For a more detailed look at GoTranscript’s review, one might consider checking platforms like GoTranscript Trustpilot or GoTranscript reviews on Reddit, where user experiences provide a broader perspective.

Quality Standards and Rating System

The image depicts a professional office environment, focusing on a computer screen with a GoTranscript transcription interface and a star-based rating system. Surrounding the computer are documents and a checklist related to transcription quality standards.

When exploring GoTranscript as a potential job from home, understanding their quality standards and rating system is crucial. 

This is a significant part of the GoTranscript review and transcription service evaluation.

GoTranscript’s Accuracy Rating System

GoTranscript employs a stringent accuracy rating system for its transcription work. This system is integral to maintaining the high standards of their transcription service. 

Transcribers are rated on a scale from 1 to 5, with each rating corresponding to a specific accuracy percentage:

  • Rating 1: 0%-82% accuracy
  • Rating 2: 83%-87% accuracy
  • Rating 3: 88%-91% accuracy
  • Rating 4: 92%-95% accuracy
  • Rating 5: 96%-100% accuracy

Impact of Ratings on Job Availability

The rating you receive as a transcriber significantly impacts your access to jobs. A higher rating not only boosts your reputation but also opens up more transcription jobs online. 

GoTranscript often highlights this aspect, suggesting that maintaining a high rating is key to consistent work availability. 

For those wondering if GoTranscript is legit, this rating system underscores their commitment to quality and professionalism.

Importance of High Accuracy and Quality

Maintaining high accuracy is not just about securing more jobs; it’s about upholding the standards of the transcription service. 

A GoTranscript review might often question, “Is GoTranscript real or fake?” or “Is legit?” 

The quality control measures, including this rating system, stand as a testament to GoTranscript’s legitimacy. 

For those looking to pass GoTranscript’s assessment and thrive, focusing on accuracy and adhering to the GoTranscript guidelines is imperative.

This rating system not only impacts your immediate earnings but also your growth potential within the platform. 

For detailed insights and more user experiences, exploring resources like GoTranscript reviews on Glassdoor or GoTranscript reviews on Quora can provide additional perspectives and tips from real users.

In summary, GoTranscript’s rating system is a core part of its quality control. It determines not just how much work you can get, but also how you grow as a transcriber. 

Pros and Cons of Working With GoTranscript


  • Flexibility: One of the major pros of using GoTranscript for transcription work is the flexibility it offers. This job from home allows you to choose your hours and manage your workload according to your schedule. This aspect is particularly appealing for those looking to balance other commitments or seeking a side hustle.
  • Regular Payments: GoTranscript stands out for its reliable payment system. Transcribers receive weekly payments, ensuring a steady income flow. This consistency is crucial for anyone relying on online transcription as a significant income source.
  • Variety of Projects: The platform offers a range of projects, including video transcription, which adds to the job’s interest and skill development. This diversity means that transcribers can gain experience in different fields, making the work more engaging and potentially more rewarding.
  • Multiple Languages: It provides transcription jobs in a variety of languages, covering more than 50 different ones.


  • Quality of Audio Files: A common complaint is the varying quality of audio files. Transcribers sometimes face challenges with poor audio quality, which can slow down the transcription process and affect efficiency.
  • Difficulty with Non-Native Accents: Another challenge mentioned in user experiences with GoTranscript is the difficulty in transcribing files with non-native accents. This can be particularly challenging for transcribers who are not accustomed to diverse accents, potentially impacting the accuracy and speed of their work.
  • Strict Grading System: GoTranscript employs a strict grading system to ensure quality. While this maintains high standards, it can be a challenge for transcribers, especially beginners. A low rating can limit access to projects, which directly impacts earning potential. It’s important for potential transcribers to be aware of this aspect when considering GoTranscript as an alternative to other transcription platforms.

In conclusion, while GoTranscript offers several advantages like flexibility, regular payment, and a variety of projects, it also poses challenges such as varying audio quality, accent difficulties, and a strict grading system. 

These factors are crucial in an assessment of GoTranscript and should be considered by anyone looking to pursue transcription work with them. 

User Experience and Support

When evaluating a platform like GoTranscript, user experience and support are crucial aspects. 

This section delves into the GoTranscript feedback from existing users and examines the support system provided to transcribers.

Feedback from Existing Users

  • GoTranscript Customer Testimonials and Reviews: A key source of GoTranscript evaluation comes from user ratings on platforms like Glassdoor. Many users have shared their experiences, shedding light on what it’s like to work with GoTranscript.
  • Positive Feedback: Several users commend the flexibility and work-from-home convenience. They appreciate the platform for its steady flow of work and the opportunity to choose projects that suit their expertise.
  • Negative Feedback: Some users have reported challenges, particularly regarding the quality of GoTranscript audio files. Difficulties in transcribing poor-quality audio or files with heavy accents are common grievances.
  • Overall Impression: The general GoTranscript opinions suggest that while the platform offers a good opportunity for transcription work, it also comes with its own set of challenges, typical of the transcription industry.

Support System for Transcribers

  • Guidelines and Training: GoTranscript provides comprehensive guidelines to help transcribers understand the requirements and standards expected in their transcription work. These guidelines are critical in helping new transcribers navigate their first projects.
  • Editor Feedback: A unique aspect of the GoTranscript service review process involves editors who review and grade completed transcription projects. This feedback is invaluable for transcribers to improve their skills and increase their ratings on the platform.
  • Customer Service: In terms of support, GoTranscript offers a responsive customer service team. Queries and concerns are addressed promptly, ensuring that transcribers have the necessary support to efficiently complete their tasks.

So, it’s clear that the platform provides a supportive environment for transcribers, with a mix of helpful guidelines, constructive editor feedback, and an efficient customer service system. 

However, like any platform, it has its challenges, which are reflected in the critique of GoTranscript by various users.

Comparison With Other Platforms

When evaluating GoTranscript in the transcription landscape, it’s crucial to see how it stacks up against other transcription platforms. 

This comparison gives potential transcribers a clear picture of what sets GoTranscript apart and helps them make an informed decision.

Service Range and Pricing

  • GoTranscript offers a suite of services including transcription, translation, and captioning. While other platforms might focus primarily on transcription, GoTranscript’s broader service range can mean more opportunities for freelancers.
  • In terms of GoTranscript pricing analysis, it stands competitively. The rates per audio minute are comparable to or slightly better than many industry counterparts, making it a potentially lucrative option for transcribers.

Quality Assurance and Rating System

  • Unlike some platforms that have a more lenient approach, GoTranscript employs a stringent quality assurance system. This can be a double-edged sword; it ensures high-quality output but also means transcribers need to maintain a high level of accuracy and adherence to guidelines.

Global Accessibility and Payment Options

  • GoTranscript is notable for its global reach. Transcribers from various parts of the world can access and benefit from its platform. This worldwide accessibility is not always matched by other transcription services.
  • The weekly payment system through PayPal and Payoneer is a significant advantage, offering flexibility and reliability in payments, which is a key factor mentioned in many GoTranscript customer testimonials.

Application Process and Growth Opportunities

  • The application process at GoTranscript, involving a detailed test and rating system, is more rigorous compared to some platforms that offer instant sign-up. This can be seen as a commitment to quality.
  • GoTranscript also provides clear pathways for advancement, from transcriber to editor, based on performance. This structured progression is a unique aspect that may not be as transparent or available on other platforms.

User Interface and Support

  • Users often give an appraisal of GoTranscript regarding its user-friendly interface and support system. The platform is designed to be navigable and efficient, with resources readily available for both beginners and experienced transcribers.
  • The level of support and resources available on GoTranscript, including detailed guidelines and responsive customer service, is often highlighted as a standout feature compared to some other transcription services.

Client Base and Project Availability

  • GoTranscript caters to a diverse range of clients and can translate to a variety of transcription jobs. This diversity is not always matched by other platforms that may have a more niche or limited client base.
  • The availability of jobs can be more consistent on GoTranscript, especially for highly rated transcribers, which is a crucial factor for those looking to make transcription a steady source of income.

Community and Feedback

The platform has fostered a community where transcribers can share experiences and tips.

This sense of community is often appreciated in GoTranscript customer testimonials and is not a feature universally present in all transcription platforms.

Transcription Tools and Innovations

GoTranscript’s integration of AI in the initial stages of transcription, supplemented by human transcribers, is an innovative approach.

This blend of technology and human skill sets it apart from platforms that rely solely on one or the other.

In conclusion, while GoTranscript shares several common features with other transcription platforms, aspects like its rigorous quality control, global accessibility, diverse service offerings, and structured career progression make it a unique and attractive option in the transcription industry.

Final Conclusion:

GoTranscript is a worthwhile option for those exploring transcription as a career path or a side hustle.

While it may present some challenges, its benefits and opportunities for growth make it a strong contender in the transcription industry.

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