Transcription Websites That Pay: 17 Top-Notch Companies

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Looking for transcription websites that pay well for your typing skills?

Dive into this guide to discover top platforms offering online transcription jobs and the essentials you need to kickstart this lucrative work-from-home opportunity.

Table of Contents:

17 Best Online Transcription Sites That Pay Well

1. Rev

Rev logo
  • Availability: Worldwide

Rev is a popular online platform founded in 2010, that offers transcription, captioning, and subtitling services.

Pioneering both AI and human-powered transcription services, Rev provides online transcriptionists with a platform with flexibility and a wide range of job opportunities.

How Can You Work With Rev?

  • Sign up with your email and name.
  • Take the Grammar & Transcription Test by following their Style Guide.
  • Pass the test to work as a freelance transcriptionist. 


  • Transparent payment system with a clear breakdown of earnings.
  • Consistent flow of jobs available for transcriptionists.
  • Provides a platform for both beginners and experienced transcriptionists.
  • Has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools.


  • The pay range rate may be lower than some other platforms for beginners.
  • High competition for available jobs due to a large number of registered transcriptionists.
  • Strict quality standards can be challenging for some to maintain.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Earn between $0.30 to $1.10 per audio/video minute.
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly payments
  • Minimum Payout: No limit


2. Scribie

Scribie logo
  • Availability: Worldwide

In the ever-expanding digital world, transcription jobs have found a significant foothold. Scribie stands out as one of the notable platforms offering reliable transcription services to a global clientele.

Catering to diverse requirements, Scribie promises an avenue for both beginners and experienced transcriptionists to earn online.

How To Work With Scribie?

First, submit an application. Then, confirm your email to create an account. After creating your account, you must transcribe an audio file. Scribie will review this file.

If you pass the test, you can work as a transcriptionist. You can pick job files based on a first-come, first-serve rule.


  • Scribie offers jobs suitable for newcomers, making it an excellent starting point for novices.
  • Transcriptionists aren’t bound by monthly minimums, offering genuine flexibility.
  • The platform provides quick support and feedback for transcriptionists.
  • Scribie offers training files for practice, helping newcomers hone their skills.


  • Compared to some other platforms, Scribie's pay rate might seem less lucrative.
  • Due to its popularity and beginner-friendly approach, tasks might sometimes be scarce.
  • Limits payment options for those who might prefer other methods.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Between $5 to $20 per audio hour.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Payments are processed daily, but the exact frequency depends on withdrawal requests.
  • Minimum Payout: No limit.


3. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe logo
  • Availability: Worldwide

TranscribeMe stands out as one of the top platforms for online transcription jobs, offering opportunities for both beginners and experienced transcriptionists.

With a diverse range of audio files from different industries, it provides an avenue for people worldwide to earn money by converting spoken words into written text.

How To Work With TranscribeMe?

First, complete the short registration process. Then, take a training course and pass an exam to get selected.

The audio files are usually 2-4 minutes long. This is great as you don’t have to handle lengthy interviews.


  • Open to both beginners and professionals.
  • Provides opportunities for growth and higher pay with experience.
  • Transparent payment system.
  • Regular availability of tasks.


  • The initial pay might be lower compared to some other platforms.
  • Can be competitive due to a large number of transcriptionists.
  • Some audio files can be of low quality, making transcription challenging.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Between $15 to $22 per audio hour.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly every Thursday
  • Minimum Payout: $20


4. Speechpad

SpeechPad logo
  • Availability: Worldwide, though certain jobs might be restricted to U.S. residents due to the nature of the content.

Speechpad, founded in 2008, is a reputable online transcription service platform that provides audio and video transcription solutions to its vast range of clients.

With a user-friendly interface and an emphasis on quality, it has become a go-to for many freelancers seeking transcription opportunities.

How To Work With Speechpad? 

You must fill out a form, pass a basic test, and take a grammar test. The passing score is 94 points, and you can view your result as soon as you complete it.

As a member, you can pick a job from the active jobs board.


  • A diverse range of transcription jobs including specialized sectors like medical and legal.
  • A regular feedback system helps in continuous improvement.
  • Prompt customer support for transcribers.
  • Provides an opportunity for advancement to review roles based on performance.


  • High competition due to a vast number of transcribers.
  • Stringent quality checks can sometimes be challenging for beginners.
  • Not always consistent with job availability.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Typically ranges from $0.25 to $1 per audio minute depending on the complexity and urgency of the task.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly every Friday
  • Minimum Payout: No limit.


5. Casting Words

CastingWords logo
  • Availability: Worldwide.

In the world of online transcription, CastingWords stands out as a reputable platform that prides itself on offering highly accurate transcription services.

Established in 2005, it has delivered numerous transcripts to clients across various sectors.

How Can You Work With Casting Words? 

Joining Casting Words is pretty simple. You need to register with this website by filling out your personal and other details.

After you register, check your inbox for a welcome email if you are directed to the dashboard. But if you are directed to a transcription test, transcribe the given audio file.

After these steps, sign in to your account and pick jobs from the job board. 


  • Open to both beginners and experienced transcriptionists.
  • Offers a variety of transcription jobs from various industries.
  • Transparent payment system based on the grade of the completed work.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • The feedback system can be stringent; multiple low grades can lead to account suspension.
  • Payment rates can be on the lower side compared to other platforms.
  • Work availability can sometimes be inconsistent.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Earn from $0.85 to about $1.20 per audio minute.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly every Friday.
  • Minimum Payout: $1.


6. Quicktate

Quicktate logo
  • Availability: Worldwide.

Quicktate is a reputable transcription service that allows transcriptionists to convert phone call recordings, conference calls, legal files, voicemails, and much more into written text.

Recognized for its expansive range of transcription job types, it offers both beginners and experienced transcriptionists an opportunity to earn from home.

How To Work With Quicktate?

You can start by filling out the online form and answering some personal questions. You also need to pass a test or quiz to get approved.

After registering, log in to your account and start transcribing audio files. Please note that jobs on Quicktate are not always available.


  • Diverse transcription job types are available.
  • Flexible work hours and remote transcription opportunities.
  • Developer API makes it appealing to tech-savvy clients and offers more job opportunities.


  • Prior transcription experience is often preferred, making it slightly challenging for beginners.
  • Applicants can’t have a misdemeanor or felony on their record.
  • Applicants are required to pay a $20 background check fee.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: One cent for every four words for general transcription and one cent for every two words for medical transcription.
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly every Monday
  • Minimum Payout: No limit


7. Gotranscript

GoTranscript logo
  • Availability: Worldwide.

An established transcription service that began its journey in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

GoTranscript provides both video and audio transcription services to over 20,000 clients worldwide.

Distinctively, they rely 100% on human transcriptionists, ensuring quality and nuance in their transcriptions.

How To Work With GoTranscript?

You first need to register by filling out your personal details and other information. Then download their guidelines and answer questions based on them.

After that, they will redirect you to transcribe an audio test that is a little under three minutes long. Once you complete it, they will get back to you within 2 weeks for further instructions.

If you are a member, you can pick any audio file to transcribe from their job board. The files follow a first-come, first-serve basis. So, make sure you are regularly checking the job board.


  • A wide array of transcription jobs due to diverse clientele.
  • Opportunity to work on different languages.
  • Flexible work schedule, allowing transcriptionists to choose their workload.
  • Provides training resources for beginners.


  • The platform might have a steep learning curve for beginners.
  • Competition is high due to a large number of transcriptionists.
  • Some might find the transcription pay rate lower compared to industry standards.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Up to $0.60 per audio/video minute.
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly every Friday.
  • Minimum Payout: No limit.


8. Accutran Global

AccuTran Global logo
  • Availability: Primarily U.S. and Canada

Accutran Global, based in Canada, has carved out a niche in the transcription industry since its inception in 2002.

Catering primarily to the financial sector, it offers genuine opportunities for transcriptionists, especially those who can handle high-speed transcriptions for financial conferences and interviews.

How Can One Work With Accutran Global? 

To join, you should have the following:

  • 60-75 wpm typing speed
  • good English skills
  • excellent transcriptionist listening skills
  • knowledge of the respective fields.

The process begins when you fill out a questionnaire with all your details. After that, you must take a transcription test to be selected. 


  • Focus on high-speed transcription allows for niche experience.
  • Offers a platform for both beginners and professionals.
  • Timely and reliable payments.


  • Limited to primarily financial sectors.
  • Requires a very fast typing speed which might be challenging for some.
  • The platform does not use AI, so transcriptionists must be highly accurate.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Typically starts at $0.005/word for beginners and can go up based on experience and expertise.
  • Payment Method: Check or PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly.
  • Minimum Payout: Will be updated


9. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription logo
  • Availability: U.S. and Canada only

GMR Transcription is a well-established platform that caters to various sectors, offering transcription services for business, legal, and academic needs.

With a commitment to delivering accurate transcriptions, GMR has become a sought-after option for many freelance transcriptionists.

How To Work With GMR Transcription?

Visit their page and submit your resume. Then you’ll receive an email about the test & instructions to proceed further.

The test includes an audio file that you need to transcribe.

Wait two weeks for their response. If no contact is made at that time, it means you've been rejected.

All new members at GMR have a probation period until they transcribe audio worth two hours.


  • Transcriptionists can choose the amount of work they take on.
  • From legal to academic, there's a wide range of sectors to explore.
  • GMR provides resources to help transcriptionists improve their skills.


  • They hire only U.S.-based transcriptionists, limiting global opportunities.
  • With many professionals on board, newcomers might find it slightly challenging to land high-paying jobs initially.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: $0.70 to $1.25 per audio minute
  • Payment Method: Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Typically on a monthly basis.
  • Minimum Payout: No limit


10. Terescription

Terescription logo
  • Availability: U.S.

Terescription is a well-regarded transcription service platform that caters specifically to the entertainment industry, transforming media content such as TV shows, movies, and interviews into written text.

With a unique niche in the vast transcription market, it offers professionals a chance to engage with captivating content while earning money.

How To Work With Terescription? 

You need to register on their website using your email and provide the required details. Then, you must download a sample media file and transcribe it.

Use the guidelines sent to your email. After transcribing the media file, you need to e-mail it to

They will review your file. If it meets their standards, they will hire you. Finally, fax the signed Contractor Agreement and Exhibit A to (949) 258-3396. 


  • Opportunity to transcribe engaging media content.
  • Offers a pay rate higher than many general transcription services.
  • Chance to work for notable names in the entertainment industry.


  • Limited to entertainment media which may not be everyone’s interest.
  • High standards can make the initial jobs challenging for beginners.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: $0.07 per line of text.
  • Payment Method: Check
  • Payment Frequency: Every two weeks.
  • Minimum Payout: Will be updated


11. TigerFish

TigerFish logo
  • Availability: U.S. citizens or legal U.S. residents only

Navigating the transcription job market can be challenging, but with platforms like TigerFish, opportunities are abundant.

Established in 1989, TigerFish stands out as one of the pioneers in the transcription industry, catering to a diverse clientele from filmmakers to financial experts.

How To Work With TigerFish? 

You need to download their style guide which explains their approach and style rules. You must read this guide closely. Follow the style guide when you transcribe.

Next, download sample audio files that have three five-minute segments. These represent typical transcription material:

  • A focus group
  • An interview
  • A presentation

Listen to these files, transcribe them, and save in one document using the given format. Once you finish, email the document. Include information such as:

  • Your description
  • What you like to read
  • Your educational background
  • And relevant experience.

If they like your work, they’ll contact you soon. Remember to follow the TigerFish format. You can find details under the “Getting Started” section.


  • Long-standing reputation in the transcription industry.
  • Offers online transcription opportunities across various sectors, giving a broad exposure.
  • Clear emphasis on quality, ensuring consistent standards for clients.


  • Application response times can be longer compared to newer platforms.
  • A strict selection process can be challenging for newer transcriptionists.
  • Lacks an intuitive online platform or dashboard for job management.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Between $5 and $10 per hour.
  • Payment Method: Bank transfers or PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly.
  • Minimum Payout: Will be updated.


12. SpeakWrite

  • Availability: U.S. and Canada (except California for the U.S.)

SpeakWrite, a well-established platform, offers transcriptionists the opportunity to work flexibly from anywhere.

Catering primarily to law enforcement offices, protective services, and investigators, SpeakWrite ensures that transcriptionists are immersed in a variety of engaging content.

How To Work With SpeakWrite?

The sign-up procedure begins with filling in your contact information to receive a login username and password.

After logging in, take a short exercise to confirm your typing speed and accuracy (at least 60 WPM with 90% accuracy). Then, review and sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

After that, enter your work history and availability. Your details must match their work experience needs to move forward.

After approval, they provide access to transcription training videos and quizzes. Then, download their software and finish some training tasks before taking on live jobs.


  • Consistent availability of work due to the platform's extensive clientele.
  • Offers a reliable support system for transcriptionists.
  • Allows for flexible scheduling based on individual preferences.


  • Does not accept applications from residents in California.
  • Requires prior transcription experience, making it slightly challenging for beginners.
  • Limited to English language transcriptions only.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Transcriptionists earn around $450 per month, with top performers making as much as $3,400 per month.
  • Payment Method: Direct deposit or check.
  • Payment Frequency: Twice a month.
  • Minimum Payout: Will be updated.


13. 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP

1-888-Type-it-up logo
  • Availability: Worldwide

Are you exploring the world of transcription and seeking platforms that promise a rewarding experience?

1-888-TYPE-IT-UP stands out as one of the reputed transcription services that have been in the industry for a considerable period.

How To Work With 1-8881 Type It Up?

You need to fill out their application form that gives access to their training material. Once you go through it, you need to pay a $39 fee for the entrance exam.

The reason why they take fees is that they want to avoid people who are not passionate about transcription. This way they only receive applications from serious applicants who really want to join them.

Additionally, paying fees has benefits because it assures that every application is reviewed. There will be less competition, which means more chances for your selection.

As for the test, you need to transcribe two short audio files having a combined length of 2 minutes and 15 seconds. They will highlight your mistakes in case you’re rejected.

The top-notch thing about this company is if you reapply, you will get the same audio files for transcription. Thus, more chances for approval.

The only problem is you need to pay the fees again. You can learn more about them by checking their FAQ page.


  • Higher pay rates compared to many other transcription platforms.
  • Provides detailed feedback to improve your transcription quality.
  • Regular flow of job opportunities.


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners due to the platform's emphasis on quality.
  • No mobile app for transcribers.
  • Strict guidelines and quality control measures may be challenging for some.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: $0.50 to $3 per audio minute
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Payment Frequency: Twice a month.
  • Minimum Payout: Will be updated.


14. Ubiqus

  • Availability:
  • Pay:
  • Payment Method:

Ubiqus, a renowned player in the transcription world, offers a wide range of linguistic services. It's especially known for its professional approach towards transcribing meetings, medical discussions, and legal proceedings.

Working with Ubiqus 

As a transcriptionist, you’ll deal with legal, business, and medical transcription jobs. They want you to listen well, type with care, pay attention, research well, and follow rules.

You need a fast net, a laptop or PC, and some free hours.

For the English Language Transcriptionist job, email your resume to You can use Word or PDF format. Resumes without cover letters won't be seen.


  • Ubiqus is well-respected in the industry, providing a certain level of job security and prestige.
  • Given its wide range of services, transcriptionists have multiple niches to explore.
  • Offers initial training to newcomers, making it easier to understand their platform and requirements.


  • Being a professional platform, Ubiqus has a stringent selection process that might not be easy for beginners.
  • Transcriptionists are expected to review AI-generated transcriptions, which may not appeal to everyone.
  • No place for freelance transcribers as the job is contract-based.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: $14 per audio hour.
  • Payment Method: Direct bank transfer or check.
  • Payment Frequency: Every two weeks.
  • Minimum Payout: No limit.


15. Averbach Transcription

Averbach Transcription
  • Availability: $1 to $1.50 per audio minute

Averbach Transcription offers a platform for individuals looking to embark on transcription journeys, delivering professional transcription services that cover a wide range of industries.

With its reputation for quality and accuracy, it has become a sought-after place for both beginners and seasoned transcriptionists.

How To Work With Averbach Transcription?

To join them, you must first pass an initial skills test. You must be fluent in spoken and written English and understand words with heavy accents.


  • Works with a variety of sectors, providing diversity in transcription jobs.
  • Recognized for its professional approach and high-quality transcriptions.
  • Opportunities for growth and to specialize in specific transcription areas.


  • Might have stricter requirements compared to other transcription sites.
  • The demand for high accuracy might be challenging for beginners.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: $0.75 to $1.50 per audio minute.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly
  • Minimum Payout: No limit


16. BabbleType

BabbleType logo
  • Availability: U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand

Babbletype is a well-known platform offering transcription jobs from home, specializing in market research transcriptions.

It's an ideal space for those looking for a freelance position in the transcription industry, offering work in various languages.

How to Work:

  • To apply, email for an application form.
  • You'll receive full application and testing process details in the response.
  • Completing an application and passing a transcription test are standard requirements.


  • The freelance nature of the job allows for a work-life balance.
  • If you're bilingual, Babbletype provides an opportunity to work in multiple languages.
  • Great platform for honing your transcription and language fluency skills.


  • Assignments are on a first-come-first-serve basis, which means work isn't guaranteed.
  • The platform has stringent quality checks, making it challenging for beginners.
  • Some users have reported less-than-stellar customer support.

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: Pays around $0.45 to $0.60 per audio minute.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly payouts, usually sent every Thursday.
  • Minimum Payout: No limit.


17. Way With Words

Way With Words logo
  • Availability: Worldwide

If you're looking for a freelance position that offers legal transcriptionist jobs, Way With Words is a platform that should be on your radar. Renowned for its high-quality audio transcription services, it's a site that promises good pay and diverse work

How to Work:

To get started with Way With Words, you'll need to pass an initial assessment, which includes a 68-minute English test and a three-stage test to test your word transcription skills.

Once you pass, you're free to take on assignments from their job pool, allowing you the flexibility to work at your own pace.


  • High pay compared to other transcribing companies
  • Offers specialized jobs, such as legal and medical transcriptionist roles
  • Provides constructive feedback to improve your skills


  • The initial assessment can be tough to pass
  • Work availability can fluctuate
  • Requires a high level of expertise and fast typing speed

Payment Details:

  • Average Pay Rate: $0.45 - $1.73 per audio minute
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Payout: Will be updated


What Are Transcription Jobs?

Transcription involves converting spoken words into written text, and it's a profession that's been steadily on the rise.

From video content creators to medical professionals, the demand for accurate and timely transcription is vast.

As such, the world of transcription offers a myriad of opportunities for those interested. Here's a closer look at what's involved:

Types of Transcription Jobs:

1. General Transcription:

This encompasses a wide range of transcription services that don't necessarily fit into a specialized category. It could be transcribing a podcast, a YouTube video, interviews, and so on.

Key Platforms: GoTranscript, Scribie, Rev.

2. Medical Transcriptionist:

Medical transcriptionists specifically convert voice-recorded reports from doctors and other healthcare professionals into text format. This is an intricate field due to the technical terms and the need for precision.

Key Platforms: GMR Transcription, Terescription.

Certifications: Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist is a beneficial certification for this role.

As the name implies, this revolves around legal documents, court proceedings, and other law-related audio. It requires knowledge of legal terminologies.

Key Platforms: Way With Words, SpeakWrite, Averbach Transcription.

4. Audio Transcription Services:

This mainly focuses on converting any audio files into written texts. This can span across various domains, from education to entertainment.

Key Platforms: GoTranscript, Scribie, Quicktate.

Basic Requirements for a Transcription Job

  • Equipment:
  • Skills:
    • Listening Skills: Given the nature of the job, it's crucial to be a good listener.
    • Typing Skills: A fast typing speed coupled with accuracy is beneficial.
    • Language Proficiency: A strong grasp of the language being transcribed, especially its grammar and nuances.
    • Familiarity with Terminologies: Especially if you're delving into specialized transcription like medical or legal.
  • Software Familiarity: Depending on the platform or the client, you might need to familiarize yourself with specific transcription software or tools.

General Earning Potential in Transcription

The pay for transcription jobs can vary widely based on the complexity of the work, the turnaround time, and the platform or company you're working for. However, to give you a ballpark:

  • General Transcriptionists: Can earn anywhere from $15 to $30 per audio hour.
  • Medical Transcriptionists: Typically earn a bit more, ranging from $20 to $50 per audio hour, given the specialized nature of the job.
  • Legal Transcriptionists: The pay can range from $20 to $60 per audio hour.

It's worth noting that 'per audio hour' means for every hour of audio you transcribe, not the hours you spent working.

Hence, an experienced transcriptionist might complete an audio hour in 3-4 hours, while someone new might take 6-7 hours.

Remember, transcription is not just about listening and typing. It's about understanding the context, ensuring accuracy, and delivering a polished written product that serves the client's needs.

Whether you're looking for a full-time job or just a side hustle, transcription can be a rewarding and lucrative endeavor.

Strategies to Pass Qualification Tests:

  • Familiarize with Terminology: Knowing industry jargon can set you apart.
  • Practice Transcribing: Use free audio samples available online.
  • Learn Keyboard Shortcuts: Quick commands can speed up your transcription process.
  • Review and Edit: Always proofread before submitting the test.

Tips for Maintaining High Ratings and Performance Scores:

  • Deliver On Time: Lateness can affect your rating on platforms like TranscribeMe and GoTranscript.
  • Accuracy is Key: Strive for 100% correctness; it impacts your Gotranscript pay and Scribie pay.
  • Follow Client Instructions: Adhering to special requests can boost your performance score.
  • Stay Updated: Platforms like GMR Transcription frequently update their guidelines. Keep yourself informed.

Enhancing Your Skills: Boost Your Online Transcription Career

While transcription jobs can be accessible for beginners, advancing your skills can increase both your job opportunities and pay rates.

Here’s how you can enhance your abilities to become an indispensable asset in the transcription world.

Certifications and Courses:

  • Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist: If you are interested in medical transcription, this certification can help you land high-paying roles.
  • Legal Transcription Certification: Get a leg up in becoming a legal transcriptionist by acquiring this certificate. You can also try this course to learn legal transcription.
  • General Transcription: Theory & Practice: This course is from Transcribe Anywhere offering an extensive general transcription training program for aspiring transcriptionists across different fields. They also have free training in case you want to test the water.

Tip: Certification can not only provide you with necessary skills but also serve as a badge of credibility when you're competing for the best paid transcription jobs.

Enhance Grammar Proficiency:

  • Grammarly: A popular tool for checking grammar, punctuation, and style.
  • Online Courses: Websites like Coursera offer grammar courses that can help you master the intricacies of the English language.
  • Practice: Use exercises and online tests to consistently practice your grammar skills.

In summary, transcription jobs offer a flexible and convenient way to earn income from the comfort of your home.

With various specializations available, it's an excellent career or side hustle for those proficient in listening and typing skills.

Whether you're looking for full-time work or a freelance position, the transcription field has something for everyone.

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