PrizeRebel Review: Is It Worth Your Time for Extra Income?

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Seeking to earn online through surveys? This PrizeRebel review dives into how this platform could be your solution.

I will cover key features, membership benefits, and real user experiences to guide you through its earning potential.

Perfect for both new and seasoned online survey enthusiasts.

PrizeRebel Review

Mahesh Kumar U

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It's a reliable platform for earning extra cash through surveys and various tasks. The ease of use and quick payout options, especially for higher tiers like Diamond status, are commendable. However, the survey availability can be inconsistent, and disqualification issues are common. It's more suitable for younger demographics. The support team is responsive, but technical glitches can be frustrating. Overall, it's a decent option for side income, but patience and a strategic approach to selecting surveys are key.


Quick Details:

  • Platform Name: PrizeRebel
  • Type of Platform: Get-Paid-To
  • Started in: 2007
  • Total Users: 14 million+
  • Available Countries: Global
  • Available Tasks: Surveys, Videos, Offers, Challenges, Referral Program
  • Minimum Payout: 500 points ($5)
  • Payout Method: PayPal, Gift Cards, Crypto

What is PrizeRebel?

Screenshot of PrizeRebel website homepage

PrizeRebel is a free online platform offering users the chance to earn rewards, mainly through surveys and offers. 

By completing various tasks such as surveys, watching videos, and signing up for third-party offers, users accumulate points. 

These surveys span a variety of topics and originate from different market research firms. 

Offers may include trying out products, subscribing to services, or downloading apps. Accumulated points are redeemable for rewards like gift cards or cash via PayPal. 

PrizeRebel's user-friendly interface makes it an accessible option for those looking to earn extra money online.

How Does PrizeRebel Work?

Based on my experience with PrizeRebel, here's how it works:

Signing Up

  • Easy and free. Just need an email address and password.
  • After registration, complete a basic profile survey for initial points.

Taking Surveys

  • A variety of surveys are available daily.
  • Surveys vary in length and topic, like consumer opinions or habits.
  • Some surveys might be disqualified based on specific criteria.

Point System and Rewards

  • Earn points for each completed survey.
  • Points can vary depending on survey length and complexity.
  • Accumulate points to redeem for rewards like PayPal cash, gift cards, or other items.

Membership Levels

Membership levels in PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel offers various membership tiers, each providing distinct benefits.

  • Basic Membership: Open to all users, with standard access to surveys and rewards.
  • Silver Tier: Unlocks with accumulated points, and offers a 20% referral bonus.
  • Gold Tier: Enhanced benefits include a 25% referral bonus, automatic prize processing, a 1% special bonus, and a 1% prize discount.
  • Platinum Tier: Everything same as the Gold Tier, except you will get a 2% special bonus and prize discount.
  • Diamond Tier: Receive a 30% referral bonus, automatic prize processing, a 3% special bonus, and a 3% prize discount.

Each tier is designed to reward user engagement and loyalty, enhancing the earning potential and experience on PrizeRebel.

Redeeming Points

  • Minimum points (500 points) are required to redeem rewards.
  • Higher-tier members enjoy faster payouts and more reward options.

The process is straightforward, with a user-friendly interface. Earnings vary based on time invested and survey availability.

User Experiences and Reviews

My experience with PrizeRebel and feedback from other users reveal a blend of positives and negatives. 

Many users, myself included, value the platform's rapid payouts, notably through PayPal, and the opportunity to earn a respectable weekly sum. 

The array of surveys and extra perks for higher-tier members, such as Diamond status, are highlights, with prize winnings like Amazon gift cards adding a fun element.

On the flip side, issues like unexpected account closures have caused some users to lose their earnings, compounded by poor customer service response. 

The platform seems more tailored towards younger demographics, leaving older users feeling out of place with the survey content. 

Technical glitches, slow survey qualification, and frequent disqualifications lead to frustration. 

Despite these hurdles, PrizeRebel is generally seen as a legitimate, handy source of extra income, supported by a responsive team and country-specific rewards.

Here is my payment proof from PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel PayPal payment

Pros and Cons

Based on my understanding of PrizeRebel, here's a concise summary of the pros and cons:


  • Earning Potential: Users report earning consistently, with some making $25 weekly.
  • Quick Payouts: Fast reward redemption, especially at higher membership levels.
  • Variety of Surveys: Offers diverse survey options from multiple partners.
  • Promotional Bonuses: Regular monthly promotions to earn extra points.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Generally easy to navigate and use.


  • Account Closure Issues: Some users report sudden account closures without clear reasons.
  • Qualification Challenges: Difficulty qualifying for surveys, especially for older demographics.
  • Technical Glitches: Occasional technical issues during surveys leading to disqualification.
  • Reward Limitations: The necessity to cash out in specific increments can be limiting.
  • Customer Support Response: Mixed feedback on the effectiveness of customer support.

These points reflect a balanced view of the platform, considering user experiences and website reviews.

Earning Potential

As someone with experience using PrizeRebel, I can provide an analysis of its earning potential based on user testimonials and general observations:

  • Average Earnings: Users can typically earn around $25 weekly, with some reporting higher earnings depending on the time and effort put into taking surveys.
  • Survey Completion Rate: The amount you earn largely depends on the surveys you qualify for. Some users report earning about $5 per hour.
  • Payment Speed: Higher-tier members, like those at Diamond status, enjoy quicker payouts, sometimes within 15 minutes via PayPal.
  • Reward Variety: Users have noted the availability of diverse rewards, including PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards. One user even won a $200 Amazon card.
  • Fluctuating Availability: It's important to note that survey availability can vary, and weekends might offer fewer opportunities.

While individual experiences differ, the general agreement is that consistent use and smart survey selection can lead to meaningful earnings on PrizeRebel. 

Comparison with Other Platforms

Here's a comparison with other survey platforms:

  • Earning Potential: PrizeRebel offers a variety of ways to earn, including surveys, offers, and videos. Compared to other sites, users often find it easier to accumulate points quickly on PrizeRebel, especially for regular users.
  • User Interface: PrizeRebel has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for new users to navigate. This is a distinct advantage over some other sites that have more cluttered or less intuitive designs.
  • Survey Availability: While most survey sites offer a range of surveys, PrizeRebel tends to have a consistent flow of surveys, which is not always the case with other platforms. However, like many survey sites, qualifying for surveys can be hit or miss.
  • Rewards and Payouts: PrizeRebel offers a wide range of rewards, including PayPal cash and various gift cards. The payout threshold is relatively low compared to some other sites, and higher-tier members enjoy faster payouts.
  • Support and Community: PrizeRebel's support team is generally reported to be responsive and helpful. The community aspect, including competitions and promotions, adds an extra layer of engagement not always found on other survey sites.
  • Overall Experience: The overall user experience on PrizeRebel is reported to be positive by many, with a straightforward point-earning process and reliable payouts. While other sites might offer similar opportunities, PrizeRebel's combination of user-friendliness, consistent survey availability, and a wide range of rewards makes it a popular choice among survey takers.

Who Should Use PrizeRebel?

Based on my experience and user feedback, PrizeRebel suits a diverse audience, but it particularly benefits:

  • Students and Young Adults: Ideal for those seeking a flexible, low-commitment way to earn extra cash. The platform's focus on surveys and tasks fits well with their typically varied interests and tech-savvy nature.
  • Part-time Income Seekers: Individuals looking to supplement their income in their spare time. The ease of completing surveys and tasks makes it a good option for those with limited free time.
  • Market Research Enthusiasts: People interested in participating in market research will find PrizeRebel appealing, as it offers a direct way to influence products and services.
  • Stay-at-Home Parents: A convenient option for parents who need a flexible, home-based earning opportunity.
  • Budget Shoppers: Those who appreciate earning gift cards and vouchers for regular shopping, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious individuals.

In conclusion, PrizeRebel is well-suited for users looking for a straightforward, flexible way to earn small amounts of money or rewards, without a significant time commitment.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

Here are some tips for maximizing earnings:

  • Choose High-Value Surveys: Focus on surveys that offer higher points, like Your Daily Survey and surveys. This strategy helps in accumulating points faster. In case, you're getting disqualified frequently while trying them, target medium or even low point surveys.
  • Timing Matters: Survey availability can vary. For higher earning potential, try taking surveys during peak times, typically weekdays during business hours.
  • Achieve Higher Status: Work towards reaching higher membership levels like Diamond status. This often leads to extra points and quicker payouts.
  • Be Consistent: Regular participation can lead to more opportunities and better survey matches. Consistency is key in qualifying for more surveys.
  • Select Survey Partners Wisely: Different survey partners have different types of surveys. Choose those you have had good experiences with, as this can lead to smoother survey-taking and fewer technical issues.
  • Take Advantage of Promotions: PrizeRebel occasionally offers promotions that give more points than usual. Keep an eye out for these opportunities.
  • Be Patient and Persistent: Some surveys might disqualify you, but persistence pays off. Keep trying, and with patience, you'll find surveys that match your profile.

By following these strategies, you can enhance your earning potential on PrizeRebel. Remember, each person's experience can vary, so it's important to find what works best for you.

For more tips, you can check out my tips to qualify surveys.

Final Verdict:

Based on my experience and the information gathered, PrizeRebel offers a mixed bag of experiences. 

For some, it's a convenient way to earn extra cash through surveys and tasks, with a user-friendly interface and a variety of reward options. 

However, others may find the earning potential limited, and disqualification from surveys can be frustrating. 

The site suits those who have the time and patience for online surveys. As a personal recommendation, it's worth trying for side income, especially if you're diligent and selective with surveys. 

Just don't expect it to replace a full-time income. Keep expectations realistic and explore the platform to see if it aligns with your online earning goals.


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