Get Paid To Test Websites For UK Users – 10 Best Companies

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Do you want to get paid to test websites as a UK user? Here I have compiled a list of 10 companies that may interest you.

Now, you might be thinking that you aren't a web designer or coder and that you can't test websites. But I promise you that you don't require any technical skills for this job. As long as you have the equipment and share your thoughts out loud, you are good to go.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or dad or an unemployed person, these companies will pay you for testing websites.

What Are The Equipment Needed To Test The Website?

To complete website testing, you will need the following tools.

  • A computer/laptop or a Smartphone (although some companies do not allow Smartphones).
  • A consistent internet connection.
  • A web camera.
  • A microphone.
  • While working with testing companies, you will need to install their Chrome extension or software. In the case of smartphones, you must download and install their app.

10 Legit Companies To Get Paid To Test Websites For UK Users

1. UserTesting

UserTesting will pay you $10 for each 20-minute test you complete, and they will pay you even more for interviews.

To become a website tester, fill their registration form followed by taking a practice test. Once approved, you can test and provide feedback for various websites.

UserTesting is available in all countries that accept PayPal payments. That includes UK as well.

2. Testapic

Testapic provides a lot of flexibility for earning money by testing websites. They pay between €5 and €20 per test lasting approximately 25 minutes.

The test will be given to you based on your profile, such as age, gender, and demographics so that you can become more familiar with the job.

If you're running tests on a computer or laptop, you'll need to download their Chrome extension whereas while using a smartphone, you have to download their app.

3. Teston

Teston allows you to test websites either on your computer or smartphone. If you go with the computer, you need to use their Chrome extension while with iPhone, you need to install their app.

Teston displays the time length and earnings before completing any test, so you know exactly how much time you're spending and how much money you're making.

Each test pays up to €10 that lasts 20 minutes, during which you must provide honest feedback via video recordings.

Your screen, face, and voice will be recorded for the test, but your identity will remain anonymous.

The payment is sent in the middle of the following month.

4. Userlytics

Userlytics pays $5, $10, $15, and even up to $90 for website and app testing. Though the pay varies depending on the project, it is in this range.

Before you join them, make sure you have a Mac or Windows computer, as well as a microphone and webcam. If you're testing on the mobile, you'll need an Android or iPhone with a microphone and a front-facing camera.

While testing websites/apps, you must express your thoughts and emotions aloud and respond to a few questions.

If your test results are accepted, the promised amount will be credited to your account and paid via PayPal.

Userlytics is open for most countries including the UK.

5. Validately

Panelists (testers) are paid $10 for a 10-15 minute test, with the fee increasing to $40 if the test includes webcam recording.

Signing up on Validately is a simple process that requires only a few simple steps. You must pass an entry test that assesses your ability to speak loudly and clearly, as well as your noise level, among other things.

The results will be approved in 7-10 days, and if you are chosen, you will begin receiving notifications for new tests.

During testing, you must complete a few tasks and answer a few questions. The payments are made through PayPal, which credits the accounts within 7 days.

6. TryMyUI

TryMyUI pays you to use websites and apps and provide honest feedback!

As a tester, all you have to do is use the test website exactly as you would in a real-life situation, and express your real thoughts (both positive and negative) so the site developers can understand their site much better.

For each test you take that takes around 20 minutes to complete, you will be paid $10. 

7. UserBrain

UserBrain pays $3 for each approved 5-15 minute test video.

When you apply for the job, you will be asked to record a Qualification Test, for which they will provide a guide and tour so you understand exactly how things work. If your recorded video is approved, you will start receiving paid tests. 

To begin testing websites, you must also download Userbrain Recorder for Google Chrome or Userbrain Recorder for iOS.

As a tester, you will get new tests every week in which you will be required to speak your thoughts while completing a series of tasks.

8. UserFeel

UserFeel credits account with $10 for each approved test paid with PayPal or Amazon gift card.

However, before you begin testing websites, you must first pass a qualification test to demonstrate that you have a microphone and can speak clearly.

You will be rated based on the results, which will determine how frequently they will provide you with tests.

While working on jobs, you will be first asked screener questions to determine whether you are qualified for that particular test.

Each test takes 10-20 minutes to complete and can be done on your home computer or smartphone.

9. PingPong

PingPong is available to both UK users and visitors from all over the world. They pay between €10 and €100 per hour for friendly video interviews and user tests.

The testing sessions are typically 30-minute video calls with the option of screen sharing. In the case of a 30-minute video session, you'll earn €15, and a 60-minute video session will earn you €30.

To begin, create an account and fill out your profile information. This information will be used to match your profile with research projects that are a good fit for you.

Even if you are awarded a project, you will almost always be required to answer a few additional questions to qualify.

All payments are made a few days (usually 2-3 working days) after your research session through your PayPal or Transferwise account.

10. IntelliZoom

IntelliZoom accepts people from any country (includes the UK) who are ready to share their real experiences on websites.

To participate, all participants must be 18 years or older and have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as a reliable Wi-Fi connection and UserZoom's eCertified testing software.

You can begin testing websites after completing the registration process and answering three basic profiling questions.

Most studies last between 10 and 20 minutes & the pay is determined by the study's complexity. You can expect to earn $10 on average for studies that record both audio and video. The average payment for standard surveys is $2.

Payments are made via PayPal within 21 business days of the study's completion after your results have been reviewed and approved. The majority of results are approved within 3-5 days.

You can read this IntelliZoom review for more info.

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