10 Online Website Testing Jobs From Home That Pay Real Cash

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This post talks about how you can use online website testing jobs from home to make extra money every month.

If you are a Side Hustler like me, then this job can be a great addition for you.

You just have to spend a few minutes every week testing out different websites and web applications to get paid.

But which companies are willing to pay you for this job and how much will they pay?

Well, all the questions are answered when you read this piece of content until the end.

So, without any further ado, let’s start with what is website testing exactly?

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What is Website Testing?

In a simple term, Website testing is the procedure of checking a web application such as a website for potential bugs before it’s made live.

During this stage, checking done based on functionality, usability, interface, compatibility, performance & security-wise.

What Does a Website Tester Do?

A website tester’s job is to check the website or web application & share their experience regarding their likes and dislikes.

They suggest what the client can improve & what steps they can take to make it more user-friendly.

If the client has assigned some specific tasks, then the tester has to follow that.

What Are The Requirements For Online Website Testing Job?

Most of the website testing platforms have the following requirements:

  • Fast Internet connection
  • desktop or laptop with Windows 7 or newer version
  • A microphone (you can find cheaper microphones on Amazon. Here is one)
  • Webcam (Check out this one)
  • Screen Recorder (Most of the platforms provide screen recorder software. You just need to download them)
  • Skype (Not necessary, but few platforms need you to have a video conference with the customers)
  • You should speak fluent English (Some websites will accept your native language as well)
  • Most importantly, you must speak out your thoughts with confidence.

How Much Do Website Testers Get Paid?

A website tester can make at least $5-$10 per test on average. However, there are some websites like Userlytics that can pay up to $90 per project.

What is the Duration Of Website Testing?

Most of the website testing duration is up to 20 minutes. However, there are a few platforms that expect over 20 minutes.

How Long Will it Take to Receive Payment?

Usually, you’ll receive a payment within one week after the completion of work. But, there are some websites that pay on a monthly basis.

Payments are done via PayPal or bank transfer & some also offer Amazon gift cards.

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10 Online Best Website Testing Jobs From Home

1. User Testing

Usertesting website

User testing is the most popular website testing platform on the internet. They offer user interface design testing jobs for different websites and mobile applications.

Your task is to give your honest opinion/review about websites & mobile apps assigned to you.

How To Use User Testing?

The registration process is quite simple where you need to fill up your details such as personal & demographics.

After that, you’ll get a sample testing job that you’ve to perform and submit. Once your sample job approved, you’ll start receiving testing jobs via email or you can check them on their website.

Testing jobs requires you to record a 20-minute screen recording video by answering four follow-up written questions. Once done, submit it and wait for the customer’s approval.

If they’re satisfied with your review, you get paid.

How Much User Testing Pays?

As a Tester, you can make a $10 for each testing job you complete & $60 for a live video conference call with a customer at a scheduled date and time.

They do daily payments for tests completed seven days earlier.

2. UserTest

Usertest website

UserTest is a website review site where you get paid to review websites.

Being a member, you must review sites by explaining your experience such as likes & dislikes while browsing the site.

You can also suggest improvements to improve the user experience.

How To Use UserTest?

To register, you need to enter your email address & fill up all your details.

After that, you need to submit a 5-minute sample review using a screen recorder where you will complete a series of activities which will be checked by the UserTest officials.

Once done, submit it and wait for 2 weeks to know whether you’re hired.

How Much UserTest Pays?

For each review you do, you’ll get paid £8 ($10.40) within 2 days of completion of the job via PayPal.

3. Userlytics

Userlytics website

Userlytics is a remote user testing platform where clients can do website usability testing, Prototype testing & Mobile apps user testing.

Many big companies such as Google, NFL, Dunkin Donuts, American Airlines, BCG. have worked with Userlytics.

How To Use Userlytics?

You need to enter your email address to receive a confirmation mail with a link.

Once you click the link, it will redirect you to Userlytics where you need to fill up your profile details to move automatically to your Userlytics dashboard.

To receive a test invitation, you need to completely fill up your profile so it can suggest you the right projects.

Once you receive a project, you need to speak your thoughts and opinion about the web application along with answering a few questions.

If they like your opinion, you’ll get paid.

How Much Userlytics Pays?

You can make $5, $10, $15, $20, or more depending on the test project you take.

According to this site, some of their projects also pay up to $90 just for expressing your opinion while navigating the website.

4. Whatusersdo

Whatusersdo website

Whatusersdo is another great testing job site that pays money for giving feedback about websites that helps companies to improve them on desktop, tablet & mobile devices

How to Use Whatusersdo?

The procedure is pretty simple. You need to sign up and take a practice test using a screen recorder.

If you pass the test, you’ll get hired to take testing jobs via emails to get paid.

Usually, you will receive 3-5 tests per month and you can increase these numbers if you perform well.

Furthermore, you can take part in quarterly competitions and offers to earn more.

How Much Whatusersdo Pays?

You will get paid £/$/€5 per test via PayPal on the 25th of each month.

5. Analysia

Analysia website

Analysia is a usability testing website where different websites are tested based on user experience.

As a member, they will ask you to share your website experience either on a desktop, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or iPad (depending on what you have).

For each successful feedback, you’ll get paid.

How To Use Analysia?

If you want to join Analysia, then there is good news. You don’t have to give any sample test to qualify.

Unlike other testing websites where there is a possibility of getting rejected if you fail their sample test, here you don’t have to worry about it.

All you need to do is simply register with the website and start taking testing jobs via email.

Website Testing usually takes 10-15 minutes where your audio and screen will get recorded via screen recorder.

Talking about the testing job frequency, you can expect a few tests per month. However, it depends on your profile & demographics

If you are lucky, you can expect more tests per month if your profile matches the requirement.

How Much Analysia Pays?

You’ll get paid $10 via PayPal for each test you complete.

6. uTest

Utest website

uTest is an Applause network website for website & app testing.

Various companies use this platform to test their website and app to find flaws and solutions related to the improvement of user experience.

How To Use uTest?

The registration process is the same just as I discussed for other websites.

You need to enter your email address to sign-up followed by your personal details, devices, years of experience, expertise, skills, etc.

After submitting all the details, you need to give an audition test where you need to show your skills.

If you pass the test, they will hire you to take paid projects.

You can always find ongoing projects/jobs in the project board section.

How Much uTest Pays?

uTest doesn’t allow its users to share their payments. It is against their policy. However, it doesn’t mean that the website is not worth your time.

Because of their strict policy, it shows that the website is more authentic and pays well.

7. Userfeel

Userfeel website

Userfeel is a remote usability testing website where you need to perform tasks based on a scenario.

For example, they may ask you to find a specific product from an online store and then go through the checkout process.

Such activities generally show how user-friendly the platforms are.

How To Use Userfeel?

The registration process involves creating a profile along with taking a qualification test to check whether you have a good microphone and are you good at sharing your thoughts.

Once you’re selected, you can review websites in your own native language after taking one or more screener questions to see whether you’re a good fit.

The test will be sent to you based on the language you have set while signing up.

How Much Userfeel Pays?

For each test you perform, you’ll get paid $10 via Paypal or Amazon Gift cards.

You will receive your payment after they approve your review which takes about one week.

8. TrymyUI

TryMyUI website

TryMyUI is a remote usability testing website that pays money for your honest feedback related to the websites and apps experience.

It is a great platform for designers and coders to see the obstacles in their website or app that real people run into.

How To Use TrymyUI?

The process starts with registration where you need to use your PayPal email address while signing up.

After filling up all the details, you need to take an eligibility test. Once you pass that test, you will start receiving emails as notification for the available website testing jobs based on your demographics.

The jobs are based on a first-come-first-served basis. So, make sure you are quite active in checking your emails.

You can do testing by recording your screen along with your voice narration which also includes filling out a written questionnaire.

How Much TrymyUI Pays?

You will get paid $10 per test (20-minutes long) if it’s accepted by the customer. Payments are done via PayPal on every Friday.

9. Testing Time

Testing time website

TestingTime is a Swiss start-up that recruits test users for user and market research.

They offer both remote testing & on-site testing for clients & being a tester; you get to test future digital products such as apps & websites.

How To Use Testing Time?

You need to register yourself with this platform by filling up your profile details.

Make sure you fill all your details correctly because based on this information, you’ll get testing jobs that perfectly match your profile.

Once all the registration process is over, you will start getting website testing jobs via email if available.

Please note that these testing jobs are based on a first-come-first-served basis. So, you need to make sure you keep an eye on your emails.

While taking the project, you must answer a few questions and then you can schedule the date & time for performing your test.

At the agreed date & time, you’ll take part in a guided usability test either with the client in person or via Skype.

How Much Testing Time Pays?

With Testing time, you can make up to €50 per test depending on the length of the session.

You’ll get paid within 5-10 days via PayPal or Bank transfer.

10. StartUpLift

Startuplift website

Startuplift is where the customers can submit their website to analyze certain tasks done by its users.

The users who are performing these tasks will get paid if the customer approves their work.

How To Use StartUpLift?

You need to register with this website using your email address.

Once registered, they will assign you a website testing job where you need to visit the website and complete assigned tasks along with sharing your thoughts and provide insightful written responses as feedback.

If the customer likes your feedback, you’ll get paid.

How Much StartUpLift Pays?

For each feedback accepted by the customer, you’ll get paid $5 via PayPal. The payments are done every week on Monday.

Over To You

So, these are my 10 recommended online website testing jobs from home.

If you are someone who is looking for side hustles that can add some extra money every month, then these testing jobs will be a good choice.

Make sure that while you are giving feedback about a website or app, you must be quite confident regarding your thoughts and always try to give an honest opinion.

To increase your earnings, ensure to join multiple testing websites so you have a continuous flow of jobs.

This way, you can make more money which is not possible by joining only a single company.

Obviously, this online job won’t replace your 9-5 job but surely you can make some free cash in your free time.

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