How to Make Money With a Blog (For Beginners)

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Yes, you heard it right. Making money with a blog is rewarding and it can help you make thousands of buck every month.

If you can make thousands of bucks every month, then you can surely travel to your favorite destinations without even worrying about your boring 9-5 job.

Having such financial freedom, you can feel like a free bird and can call yourself “Your Own Boss”.

You can work according to your schedule & guess what, no one is your boss who would yell at your mistakes.

It feels amazing, right?

There are bloggers who were once broke and didn’t have a nice paying job.

Guess what did they do?

They started their own blog and worked so hard that today they can easily buy a car with their one month income. Not kidding!

But to be honest, it isn’t easy as it looks from outside. If you will start your blog just for the sake of money, then I am sure your journey will be so much difficult.

I will advise that before you even think about starting a blog intending to make money, just check the following points whether it is compatible with you:

  • Are you willing to work for at least 6 months every day?
  • Will hundreds of failure motivate you to quit blogging?
  • Can you write 5000 words article on your topic?
  • Do you feel like quitting your blog even if you don’t make a penny for straight 6 months?

If your answer is Yes, No, Yes, No. Then, congrats you are compatible for blogging because these are the problems you will face in your blogging journey.

Now I am assuming you have already started a blog but don’t know how to make money from it.

So, if that is the case, then in this post, I will highlight 7 different ways you can use to make bucks from your new blog.

But, before I reveal those methods, let me tell you some points you should consider if you want to achieve your money-making goals.

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Things To Do Before Making Money From Your Blog

Before you even think of making money from your blog, you need to know certain things that can guide you well in the moneymaking process.

Starting a blog and expecting money to roll in will never happen.  It can only happen in dreams but not in reality.

That’s the reason I have mentioned 7 steps you must follow to make the most out of it.

1. Create High-quality Content That Can Solve Readers Problem

This is the first step you should concentrate if you want to make money from your blog.

Whatever your niche is, there are problems in every one of them and readers are always looking for a solution.

If you can write high-quality contents that can solve these problems, then your readers will really appreciate your work and it gives you an opportunity to make money.

Now, what do I mean by high-quality content?

  • Target a problem and give proper solutions
  • Write contents having over 1000 – 1500 words or more
  • Include multiple images to make it eye-catching
  • Include facts and figures if any
  • Include multiple headlines to make it readable

If you follow all these things while writing contents, you will definitely end up writing good sharable content.

2. Start Collecting E-mail Address From The Beginning

An e-mail list is a must as a blogger because that’s how you can communicate with readers interested in your blog.

It is same as having mobile numbers where you can text and call them anytime.

Your email list is the most powerful part because that’s where your future customer lies.

You can promote your own products, affiliate products with them via emails that have a higher chance to convert.

So, now the question is, how to get their email address?

When you write contents, ensure to add a freebie that supports your content.

For example, I have a post where I discussed all the steps to drive traffic from Pinterest. In this post, I have also included a checklist as a freebie.

Now readers who are interested in Pinterest will definitely download it and give me their email address.

Thus, mission successful!

Apart from the checklist, you can also offer ebooks, email course, video course or anything that will have a demand among your readers.

To conclude, you need to collect the email address of your readers from the beginning itself by offering them freebies.

You can explore more about E-mail Marketing by clicking on the link.

3. Include Affiliate links in your post

(If you are new to affiliate marketing, then don’t worry I will talk about it in a couple of minutes)

Whenever you write content, always try to include a few affiliate links if it suits the topic.

Especially if you are writing any problem-solving contents, you can suggest products that can solve that problem easily.

For example, if I’m writing a post about keyword research in SEO, I can include an affiliate link of a good keyword research tool.

In this way, I am helping my audience by suggesting them a tool and at the same time, I am more likely to make money if they buy it.

Thus it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

So, the next time when you write content, do a quick search to see whether you can include an affiliate link.

4. Concentrate On Multiple Streams Of Income

If you want to make consistent money from your blog, you need to concentrate on multiple sources of income.

Depending on only one source is a kinda bad idea.

If you are making money by running ads on your blog, what will you do if it gets shut down?

I know it sounds pretty scary but you need to have a backup to tackle such situations.

That is why it is always a good idea to have multiple sources of income so that if one gets shut down, you can still make money from the other until you fix it.

5. Build a Healthy Relationship With Your Audience

Your audience is everything and your blog success depends on them.

These are the people who will help you make money from your blog either in terms of sales or ad income.

So, it is quite important as a blogger to have a healthy relationship with your audience.

And how can you build it?

  • By writing quality contents that can help them.
  • By solving their problems and guiding them in the right direction.

If there will be a trust, I am damn sure you will see a better success rate.

You will observe your affiliate sales going higher and you will have a better reader base which is quite essential.

Having a fan/reader base is the best thing you will do to your blog. Trust me.

6. Blogging Is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Blogging is not a get-rich quick scheme because it takes time and effort. So, if you think you will get rich in no time, then sorry blogging is not for you.

I always thought the same when I started blogging, but then I realized that it’s more like a business and you need to keep working hard to make consistent money.

There will be a time when you will not see any success and you feel like quitting. But trust me, if you do that, there is no point in starting a blog.

I was in that situation but I took blogging as a hobby and not some kind of money-making machine.

What was the result?

I never thought about quitting even if I couldn’t see much progress & that’s where I crossed my first hurdle.

As far as my experience goes, I invested in good blogging courses to learn from the experts who actually know how blogging works.

Learning from them was a major turning point in my blogging career.

So, to conclude, start learning about blogging from the experts and stop thinking about getting rich.

7. Follow Successful Bloggers In Your Niche

Successful bloggers are those who are already making tons of money from their blog.

These bloggers actually know all the tips and tricks to grow a blog which many other bloggers are trying to figure out.

If you follow and subscribe to these bloggers, you can learn a lot of things from them. I personally did the same thing when I was a beginner.

I was following around 5-10 bloggers from my niche and to be honest; I learned a lot of things about

  • Growing traffic
  • Types of contents to write
  • Monetization tips & much more

Following such bloggers is also a great way to keep you motivated when you see their blogging progress.

I used to get boost-up whenever I see their income report because I can picturize myself in their place.

This gave me immense confidence, and I always strived for success. Thankfully, it worked.

So, I recommend finding at least 5 successful bloggers from your niche and subscribe to them.

Observe their content, blog design, monetization ways, freebie ideas & start implementing the same (No Plagiarism).

Different Ways To Make Money Wa Blog (For Beginners)

1. Run Ads

This is the easiest method you can implement on your blog to make money.

It is just like making money in your sleep because all you need to do is run ads on your blog to get paid.

But running ads with little blog traffic will not help you draw a lot of money. It’s because traffic is directly proportional to your ad income.

The more traffic you get, the more ad income you can make. You can read my Blog traffic guide where I have mentioned some great ways to increase your traffic.

So, if you are already getting good traffic to your blog, you should definitely monetize it with ads.

You can join ad networks such as Google Adsense, & others to get started. You can check out more Adsense alternatives here.

I am personally using Google Adsense and Ezoic where Adsense takes only 5% and the rest 95% is Ezoic.

Ezoic pays more when compared to Google Adsense and it is not an Ad network.

Actually, it is an AI program that analyzes the activity of your readers and place ads accordingly to get more clicks and views, thus increasing your ad income.

If you are already using Google Adsense and have more than 10,000 page views per month, you can join Ezoic today.

Here what’s I think about Ezoic and how it increased my ad income by 360%.

Read More:
7 Surprising Ways to boost Adsense earnings

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to make money online. It has made many Entrepreneurs rich and the best part is, there is no investment.

It is a method where you sell someone else’s product to get some commission.

For example, if there is a product you like and want to sell the same to others? You can join their affiliate program where you get a special affiliate link.

If someone buys that product through your link, you get some commission & that’s how you make money.

Quite easy, right?

Now how can you do Affiliate Marketing through your blog?

It’s quite simple.

  • Choose a product that solves the problem of your readers.
  • Join the affiliate program and grab the affiliate link.
  • Write content where you tell the ways to solve that problem. Ensure to mention the product along with the affiliate link.
  • Promote and drive targeted traffic to your post.
  • Watch the sales going up.

Well, this is just a general idea of how you can do Affiliate Marketing. If you want to learn more, ensure to read my Affiliate Marketing Guide for beginners.

3. Paid Reviews (Sponsored Post)

Paid reviews

Have you ever seen a disclaimer in certain posts that they’re sponsored?

You may have seen it on social media especially on Instagram where some posts are being sponsored by brands.

Well, brands want to expand their reach and they are always looking for people who have a nice & engaging following.

If your blog has good engaging traffic, then you are definitely qualified to receive such sponsored contents.

What is Sponsored contents?

Post which are written & shared to promote products or service of a brand.

Basically brands pay you money (at least $100) to write article targeted to promote their product or service.

This article is then shared with your audience as a promotional tool. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Brands get a new audience and you receive money.

Now, there are two ways to receive such posts.

  • Wait until some brands contacts you.
  • Join Sponsored post network

Talking about the first option, it only works if your blog is quite popular among the audience.

If you think your blog is really worth to get such contents, then you can approach them by writing emails.

However, if you are looking for an easier way, you can join sponsored post networks that act as a middleman between you and brands.

It is a much better option than the first one and it really works well for getting such contents.

4. Sell Your Own Digital Product

Digital products

If you want to make long-term income, then selling your own digital products will be the best option.


Because you can make full money, unlike affiliate products where you get a certain percentage.

You can either create an ebook, Printables, video courses, stock photos, etc which is in demand with your audience.

If your audience wants to know how to do a certain thing, you can write an ebook explaining all those things.

You can even upgrade your ebook into a video course that will be more appealing to your readers.

So, to conclude, find out the problems your readers are facing & then create an online course as a solution.

You will get surprised how quickly it will sell if your reader’s trust you. However, if you really want to increase your sales, you can use a Sales Funnel.

5. Sell Physical Products

Physical products

I know you might think who wants to sell physical products when it involves a lot of headaches like packing, shipping cost.

Well, I agree with you if you are thinking about Amazon kind of business. But guess what? it is not what you are thinking.

I am talking about a dropshipping business model where you can run an online store without ever holding any inventory yourself.

That’s true! You don’t have to store, pack, or ship your products by yourself.

Instead, these all things will be done by your supplier who will pack and ship orders to your customers directly.

You don’t have to create your own product. Instead, you can find an existing product category that has a high demand among the audience.

Once you know what product category you will target, you can find suppliers on that’ll create a private-label version of that product so you can sell them.

You can read this complete guide on Dropshipping to know more.

6. Provide Services


This is another way to make money from your blog where you provide services to your audience.

A service can be anything like website creation service, Graphic Design, implementing and managing SEO, Virtual Assistant, etc.

Whatever service you are providing should match with your blog niche.

For example, if you are providing SEO services, then your blog should have an SEO niche. Same goes for other niches.

This is because when you have a blog which deals with a specific niche, you are showing yourself as an expert in that niche.

So, when you offer your service to them, it will have a more weightage and you will end up getting clients.

That is why, you should always remember this step if you are planning to start your services.

7. Create a Membership Site

Membership site

A membership site is a private part of your online business where only members who subscribe can access the content.

These contents comprise ebooks, courses, video courses, tools, exclusive content & special offers.

Not only contents, but they can also even be a part of the community where they can interact with other members.

If anyone wants to be a part of such a membership site, they need to pay fees on a monthly or a yearly basis.

Thus, this blogging or online business model can help you make recurring income every month.

Authority by Copyblogger is a perfect example for Membership site.

Conclusion – Make Money With a Blog

I have mentioned some of the best ways you can use your blog to make money.

Though, at first, you won’t see much results. But, keep on working as nothing is easy.

Your main goal must be to increase your traffic. If you have a nice flow of traffic, then you can monetize those traffic using all these methods.

So, let me know which monetization method are you going to implement on your blog.

If you have some time, ensure to share and pin this article.


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  1. Hey Mahesh, great post and you can definitely make money with these methods in 2019!
    You can even use your blog to drive traffic to a different business you have. I.e. if you have a wedding photography business, you could blog about weddings, photography & the beautiful locations where you stay & then lead those viewers to your wedding photography business. 😉

  2. Hi Mahesh,

    I have been hearing a lot about Mediavine these days and everyone says that it has better ROI than AdSense. Have you had a chance to try it on any of your personal sites?

    Would love to hear your results.


    • Sadly, not yet. I got rejected. But since, you can reapply again after 3 months. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed. And btw, you heard it right. Mediavine pays better than Adsense.


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