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New Skills To Learn – 8 Free Best Websites To Learn Anything Online

New Skills To Learn Online For Free

Howdy Guys,

New skills to learn online for free? Is it possible? Well, that’s what I will be discussing here.

Whether you are looking for Digital Marketing course, Photoshop course, How to Cook, How to dance, Animation courses, Hacking etc, there is something for everyone.

You know, learning all these courses takes quite an amount of money if you opt for any institution. However, some people can afford it, but there are many people who are unable to do so. I was one of them.


new skills to learn

When I started blogging, I was confused about how to get started. I read many different blog post related to blogging, but I wasn’t getting the knowledge in an arranged manner. It was like, I was learning D first, then Z, then B. Actually, it was supposed to be A, B, C, D and so on.

I also read different free ebook courses which even didn’t help me much but they definitely gave me the idea to get started. After I was done with basics, I wanted to get to the advanced level.

That’s when I found some amazing sources which provide courses that were first of all


  • Free To Use
  • Detailed Classes
  • Easy to learn
  • Video Courses
  • Basic to Advanced knowledge
  • Classes are given by Professionals

To be honest, It has helped me a lot & I can proudly say that I can even start my own course about Blogging & SEO. I am also pretty sure that you can say that too.

In this article, you will learn different sources from where you can learn anything online for free. The courses are provided by experts having many years of experience in their respective field.

After you are done with the courses, I am very much sure that you will be a pro in your respected subject & you can even teach others the same.



Let’s begin


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8 Websites To Learn Anything Online For Free

I have used all of these sites mentioned below. Though, I have interacted less with some websites. But, they still add value to your respective subjects.

All are free to use & most of them provide free trial which means you can take any number of courses during their free trial period. 

There are also websites which provide both free & paid courses as well. Some of them even provide certificates which you can include on your resume to add value to it.

Lol, enough with the intro. Let’s just peep into it.

#1 SkillShare

This has to be my favorite one. Skillshare is an online community based on video courses. It provides you thousands of courses in absolutely any subject.

Whether it is cooking, freelancing or building a business, it has got your back. It provides detailed video courses which can range from 10 mins to over 6 hours of long classes given by experts in their field.


As I am a fan of small-small videos, It divides the whole course into a number of videos topic-wise due to which you don’t get bored while learning. 

You can even download classes from their official app. I have been a fan of Skillshare and have taken many courses in SEO, Social media marketing & much more.

Another thing is, you can also see user reviews about particular courses which will surely guide you to identify about the appropriate courses to take.

However, if you want to take the courses, you need to invest in their Pro membership which cost $15/mo or $8.25/year.

But the good news is, you can get FREE ACCESS to pro membership for the first 2 months to test Skillshare out. That means you can take any number of courses for the first 2 months for free. (Lol, I downloaded almost 30 courses).

You can read this guide on how to use Skillshare to access
courses for free.

Click Here To Redeem The Offer


P.S – While signing up, you need to enter your credit card details in order to enjoy their service. But don’t worry, you won’t be charged. The only thing you need to remember is that you need to cancel your membership before 2 months if you are not upgrading to their monthly or annual membership.


#2 Udemy

Udemy was the first website from where I took numerous courses in Digital Marketing. It is same as Skillshare which provides video-based courses.

Though you need to pay for most of the courses. But don’t worry, there are many other courses which you can enroll for FREE.


Talking about the paid courses which are actually worth it, they even have a money back policy within 30 days of purchase if you didn’t find their course helpful.

A little secret I wanna share with you guys is that If you select a course which you are ready to purchase, make sure to check the same in Skillshare too. Because chances are, you can get the same course for free on Skillshare.

Start A Course With Udemy


#3 Amazon Audible

I have mentioned numerous times on my blog about Audiobooks. If you are new to audiobooks, they are basically books in the form of audios.

Audiobooks can be downloaded for free from the internet. But as per my experience, free audiobooks are not worth it if you are looking for great quality.

It’s better to buy paid audiobooks which provide great & in-depth quality. But I know, everybody likes free stuff. For that, I use Amazon Audible.

You can get paid audiobooks for free

You can try audible for 30 days free of cost. During this free trial period, you can download 2 audiobooks absolutely for free. But, do remember to cancel your trial membership before 30 days if you are not renewing to their paid membership.

Click Here To Redeem The Trial Offer


#4 Coursera

Coursera has partnered with big universities such as Duke, Stanford, John Hopkins etc to host their courses.  It has a wide range of courses to offer.

You can find business, accounting, data science, or entrepreneurship courses with an official certification. Many of the courses are either free or cheap to take.




For the certificate, you need to pay a little money & thus you can include that certification on your resume which will add value.

Coursera is good if you are looking to learn fundamentals & theoretical part of different subjects. Also, it is perfect for those who are looking for home based courses with certification.

I am currently using Coursera & I must say that they provide deep knowledge about the said topic & that too for free.

Start A Course With Coursera


#5 edX

edX is somewhat same as Coursera but it has less courses as compared to it. But not to mention, they also provide a variety of courses from some of the top universities across the world.



They are having more than 90 global partners which enable it to provide numerous courses on below topics.

As I am into Entrepreneurship, so I have taken courses based on that from edX & they literally provided a lot of value.

Like Coursera, they also share the paid certificate after completing the course.

Start A Course With edX


#6 YouTube

YouTube is known to everyone. The reason I have included this on my list is 
that, it also provides free knowledge about any topic.




YouTube is best if you are looking for basic knowledge about certain topic. I would suggest that If you are going to take a course about a certain subject which you are not familiar with.

You first search the topic on YouTube & grasp the basic knowledge. After that, you can opt for any website mentioned above to get a detailed knowledge.

If you are not looking for certification, then Skillshare will the best choice as it provides more practical knowledge that you can apply right the next moment.


#7 Lynda

Lynda is another one which provides online courses to learn new skills. Lynda is owned by Linkedin. You can try Lynda for free during their 30 days trial period. After that, you need to pay for their membership.



They are currently providing more than 6,200 courses to learn about business, software, technology and creative skills. You can find any courses & start grasping the knowledge right from it.

Video courses are provided by experts who are having thorough knowledge in their respective fields. I haven’t used Lynda much but if you are looking for free courses then this is also a good option.

Start A Course With Lynda


#8 Codecademy


If you are looking to learn to code online, then Codecademy is the best place to start with. It offers many courses such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, PHP, Ruby etc.




Codecademy provides free courses to enhance your coding skills. Each lesson has various coding exercises which can be practiced right inside your web browser.

So, you don’t need to join any institution & spend darn money when you can actually learn it for free. I haven’t interacted much with Codecademy but It is definitely on my hit list for future.

Start Coding With Codecademy

Start Implementing 

This is the most important step for me. These courses are useless if you don’t start implementing it in real life. It’s easy to read and gain knowledge but the actual knowledge comes with practice & experience.

If you don’t implement it, then you won’t be able to face problems which according to me is a must. Because If you face a problem, you certainly able to know what are the problems which people can face in respective topic & thus that enhances your knowledge more.

That is why experience is the most important thing which comes when you start implementing what you have learned.

In my case, I learned SEO, Social media marketing & I have started implementing the same on my blog. But while doing it, I actually came to know about the problems, what works for me & what not which courses don’t teach.

Hope, by now, you have planned out new skills to learn either for hobby or for your business.

So, my only suggestion is gain knowledge & implement it. It is a waste to learn something new if you don’t apply it.

Hope you liked this article. I want to know which website worked best for you? Please comment below & let me know.

Also, don’t forget to share this article on social media.


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