SlideJoy App Review 2019 – Get Paid From Screen Lock

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If you want to read an honest review of SlideJoy, then you must read this till the end.

I have been using this app for the last 2 years and I have seen a lot of changes in it.

But I know you’re thinking is it really legit & worth your time?

Should you spend your time on it or is it just waste like other apps?

Well, I will answer all your questions in this detailed review which will definitely draw a clear idea of whether to use this app.

But before that, here is a quick review for all the busy people.

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Quick SlideJoy Review 2019

App Name – SlideJoy

Minimum Payout Amount – $2 (2,040 carats) for PayPal cash (Update: Currently, PayPal is not available)

Method – Ads, Playing Games, Installing Apps & Taking Surveys

Picture of Slidejoy dashboard

Slidejoy is a legitimate app that pays you money for running ads on your screen lock which is like making money doing nothing.

Earlier, this app was good but with the new updates, the duration to reach the payout amount has increased considerably.

So, if you’re looking to make hundreds of dollars every month, then this app is definitely not for you because, at the end of the month, you might make only $2-$5 which may even take 3-5 months to reach.

What is SlideJoy?

Slidejoy is a lock screen rewards app that will let you earn rewards for displaying ads on your smartphone lock screen, playing games, taking surveys & installing apps.

For all this activity, you will earn carats (Slidejoy points) that can be redeemed for cash and gift vouchers.

Earlier, 1000 carats used to be $1. But now, 1020 carats make $1.

How to Install Slidejoy?

The installation process is quite easy & straightforward. Here is the step-by-step process.

Slidejoy Signup Page

  • Now, there are two options for sign-up. One is Normal mode where you will earn cash for your activity. Second is Hero mode where your earnings will be donated.
  • Choose the appropriate mode and then sign-up either using your Facebook or Gmail account. I will recommend going with your Facebook account that gives you a higher chance to earn more carats.
  • Enter all your details and click sign-up.

Slidejoy Signup Page details

  • Once done, install the app from the Play store and then log-in to your account to get 20 carats as a bonus.
  • Now, if you lock and unlock your mobile, you can see ads on your screen lock.

How to Make Money With SlideJoy?

There are mainly two ways to earn carats.

1. Swipe Lock Screen

Picture of Slidejoy ads on screen lock
Screenshot of SlideJoy Ads on Smartphone screen lock

After installing this app, you can see ads on your smartphone screen lock which can be unlocked in 3 ways.

  • Swipe left to learn more about the ad
  • Swipe Up to view world news
  • Swipe right to unlock your screen

It doesn’t matter which one you choose as all of them will give you Carats.

However, please note that unlocking your screen multiple times in a short interval or clicking on those ads won’t give you any extra carats.

It’s better to use your smartphone normally as you always do otherwise it may impact your earnings.

What’s My Take

I remember 1-2 years ago; I used to get 60-70 carats per day using only this feature.

Now, it has been reduced to 10-20 carats per day which is pretty low.

Suppose, if you get 20 carats per day, then it will take 102 days (3 months & 12 days) to make 2040 carats ($2) which is a long duration.

2. Earn Money By Playing Games, Quizzes & Taking Surveys

If you look at your Slidejoy screen lock, you can see a diamond icon at the top right side.

Slidejoy screenlock diamond option

If you click it, they will direct you to an offer page where you can choose any partner out of 3.

  • Fyber
  • Adscend Media
  • Peanut Labs

Slidejoy partners

If you click any of them, you can then take surveys, install apps, play quiz and games to earn carats.

Screenshot of Slidejoy apps & games

As an average, you can make this much carats

  • Games – Between 1000 to 2000 carats or more
  • Installing apps & performing an action – Up to 100 carats
  • Taking surveys – Up to 100 to 450 carats
  • Taking Quiz – Up to 50 to 100 carats

So, you can use any of these features alongside to earn more carats every month.

What’s My Take

Now, I live in India so most of the surveys end up showing disqualified when I try to take part.

Other stuff like games, quizzes & installing app works well to earn carats but you need to do some extra work.

For example, you won’t get any carats just for installing the game. You need to play and reach at a certain game level to collect your rewards.

How Much Money Can You Make With SlideJoy?

Your earning potential depends on how much do you use their app.

If you are using only the screen lock, you will make around $2-$5 in 3-4 months depending upon the carats you receive.

Let me tell you, it’s not a fixed amount & you may earn even more than that.

However, if you’re using other features, then you can increase your carat earning but you may face some difficulty like

  • Not enough surveys to take
  • Not enough apps & games to play, etc

Now, it depends on your geographic location so I can’t say exactly what will be your case.

How does SlideJoy Pay?

SlideJoy pays you in PayPal cash, Gift Vouchers & Mobile/Cable top-up recharge when you reach a certain amount of carats.

Here is a quick breakdown. (It may change according to your country)

  • PayPal Cash – At least 2,040 carats for $2
  • Mobile/Cable Top-Up – 1,680 to 1,785 carats
  • Gift Voucher – 3,700 to 15,096 carats

SlideJoy Pros & Cons


  • Slidejoy lets you earn money just for displaying ads on your screen lock & that’s equal to doing nothing.
  • It has other features to speed up your earning which is great because just depending on ads, you will make only around $2-$5 in 3-4 months.
  • It offers several payout options which are great.


  • It is only available for Android which is not good news for iOS users.
  • Around 5-20 carats are added every day which is quite low.
  • No rewards for referring other users

Slidejoy Complaints

There are many complaints I read online where users are not happy with this app.

And I can completely understand their feeling because they might have initially thought they can make easy bucks just by running this app.

But sadly, you won’t make enough money. Here are a few complaints that were repetitive.

1. Not Getting Enough Carats Each Day

Many have complained that they are not getting enough carats per day.

Most of them are earning 4-20 carats a day which obviously is quite annoying considering the payout amount of 2,040 carats.

Now, the reason behind low carats is directly related to the advertisers which I will explain in a bit.

But for now, just consider that this is not a fixed amount you’ll receive each day because chances are it may increase or decrease in the future depending on certain conditions.

Also, It is related to your geographic location. So, if I am getting 20 carats each day, it might not be your case.

2. Drains Your Smartphone Battery

I have seen people complaining that SlideJoy drains or consume a lot of battery.

Now, it totally depends on your mobile and how much mAh battery you’re using.

For example, in my case, I have a 4000 mAh battery & SlideJoy only consumed 1% after running continuously for over 10 hours.

Slidejoy App Battery Consumption screenshot

That’s pretty low and I don’t mind it. Now, if your battery has low mAh, your result will be different.

3. Customer Service is Slow

This is another complaint I read that customer service takes a long time to reply.

I don’t think it’s a major problem if you’re not facing any problem.

But if you haven’t received any payout even after redeeming or want some other help, then you may need to wait for a few days to get a reply & it might annoy you.

4. Earning is Less Compared to the Previous Month

I have noticed that a few months ago; I was getting a considerable amount of carats each day that is now reduced to only 10-20 carats.

So, I did some research and found out that there is no fixed average earning & it totally depends on how much money SlideJoy makes from ads.

If they are making a good amount of money from ads, you too will get benefit from it. But if they are making less money, your earning will also drop.

This is because of the seasonalities in advertising spending from their advertisers.

So, it may be possible that currently, you might be not earning much but over time it will improve.

5. It Consumes a Lot of Data

There were a few complaints regarding high data consumptions. They reported that SlideJoy consumes a lot of data which is not worth if the app is not paying much.

I somehow agree with them that if they are not satisfied with the end result, then it’s a waste of time to spend your internet data on it.

Now, I personally never noticed any high data consumption. But since I am writing this review, I thought to test this situation.

I installed an app GlassWire which stores all the information about data consumption.

Glasswire data consumption for SlideJoy

As you can see the screenshot, SlideJoy only consumed 142.6 KB in 3 hours which is good.

If I calculate for 24 hours, it’s around 1.14 MB which is not an issue for me.

So, I don’t have any problem if an app consumes around 1 MB, 10 MB or even 50 MB in a day. But still, I can’t say about you as you need to test it out yourself.

Is SlideJoy App Legit?

I will say that SlideJoy is definitely a legit app and not a fake one because if a company is offering PayPal payout option, then no doubt it’s legit.

PayPal never works with any fraud company as it would hamper their reputation.

There are many users who have already received their rewards from SlideJoy which clearly shows it is a legitimate app.

Tips to Use SlideJoy

  • Use your mobile normally as you always do. There is no point of locking and unlocking your screen multiple times thinking it will increase your carats.
  • Refer more users. If SlideJoy has more users, more advertisers will spend money on them which will eventually increase their earning and thus, you’ll get the benefit.
  • Sign-up through Facebook to earn more. Now, I don’t know the exact reason behind it but SlideJoy has mentioned this in their F.A.Q page. My guess is that if you’re using the Facebook account, then SlideJoy can easily know your interest. Thus, they will target better ads for you which will eventually increase CTR and earning for them.

Final Verdict – SlideJoy Review 2019

So, my final verdict is that if you’re comfortable with ads displaying on your smartphone & don’t mind a few dollars, then you can definitely go for it.

Obviously, it won’t make a great passive income but there is no harm getting a few dollars.

However, if it is consuming your smartphone battery or you’re facing some other problems, then you can definitely pass it on & try some other money-making methods.

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Have any confusion? Drop your comments down below.

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