TimeBucks Review: Should You Join Or Ignore Them?

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Exploring TimeBucks: is this online task platform a viable way to earn money?

My concise review cuts straight to the chase, examining its earning potential, user experiences, and how it stacks up against competitors.

Quickly understand what TimeBucks offers and decide if it's right for your earning goals.

TimeBucks Review

Mahesh Kumar U

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TimeBucks is a legitimate platform offering a variety of tasks like surveys and videos but with limited earning potential. Users find it user-friendly, but the pay rates for tasks are low, and survey availability is inconsistent. While it's accessible globally, it's more suited for earning small side incomes rather than substantial earnings. The platform has mixed reviews regarding customer support and reliability, with some users facing issues like delayed payments and account management concerns. TimeBucks is a decent option for casual earners, but not ideal for those seeking significant financial gains.


Quick Details:

  • Platform Name: TimeBucks
  • Type of Platform: Get-Paid-To
  • Started in: 2014
  • Total Users: Not Specified
  • Available Countries: Most Countries
  • Available Tasks: Surveys, Tasks, Offers, Referral Program and more.
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payout Method: PayPal, AirTM, Wise, Litecoin, Visa, Tango, Skrill, Payeer, PayTM

How TimeBucks Works?

Screenshot of Timebucks Website homepage

TimeBucks is an online rewards platform where users can earn money by completing various tasks.

The tasks available include taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, and other simple activities.

Each task has its pay rate, typically ranging from a fraction of a cent to a few cents. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing easy navigation and task selection.

The earning potential varies based on the number of tasks completed and the time invested.

Overall, TimeBucks offers a unique opportunity for users to earn extra cash in their spare time by performing these simple online activities.

Earning Potential

Based on my experience and the data collected, the earning potential on TimeBucks varies significantly.

Realistically, users can expect to earn small amounts for individual tasks, typically ranging from $0.001 to $0.06, and occasionally up to $0.2 for more involved tasks.

Screenshot of Timebucks Tasks page

Surveys generally offer slightly better pay but are often subject to issues like unfair disqualifications or delayed payments.

Sreenshot of TimeBucks surveys

The time commitment is significant compared to the earnings; it could take weeks or even months to reach the minimum payout threshold of $10.

Factors influencing earnings include the availability of tasks, which can be scarce, and the user's geographic location, as some regions have more opportunities than others.

It's also important to consider the time vs. reward balance, as some tasks may not be worth the effort for the pay offered.

Overall, while TimeBucks provides an opportunity to earn extra cash, it's not a high-earning platform and should be approached with realistic expectations about the potential income.

Here is my payment proof.

Screenshot of my Timebucks PayPal earning

Real User Experiences

Based on my experience and the feedback gathered from TrustPilot and Quora, here's a summary of real user experiences with TimeBucks:

Many users report that TimeBucks offers a variety of tasks, but the payment for these tasks is generally low, often just a few cents. It's common to spend significant time earning a small amount.

Surveys, while paying slightly better, are criticized for issues with providers not paying or disqualifying users unfairly.

Some users have experienced problems with account management, such as delayed payments or unexplained account suspensions.

While there are users who appreciate the platform for what it offers, the consensus is that TimeBucks should not be considered a significant source of income but rather a way to earn a little extra cash in spare time.

Overall, the platform receives mixed reviews, with the main drawback being the low compensation concerning the time and effort invested.

Pros and Cons of Using TimeBucks:


  • Variety of Tasks: Offers diverse tasks like surveys, watching videos, and more.
  • Global Access: Available worldwide, providing earning opportunities regardless of location.
  • No Special Skills Required: Easy to start for anyone with basic internet skills.
  • Regular Payments: Weekly payouts with a low threshold, making it accessible.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is easy to navigate for beginners.


  • Low Earning Potential: Payments for tasks are generally low, making significant earnings challenging.
  • Time-Consuming: Requires considerable time to earn a notable amount.
  • Survey Issues: Frequent disqualifications and issues with survey providers.
  • Account Management Concerns: Reports of unfair treatment and issues with account termination.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Some tasks require personal information, raising privacy issues.

This overview provides a balanced view, considering both the benefits and downsides of using TimeBucks based on my analysis and user experiences.

Who Should Use TimeBucks

TimeBucks is best suited for individuals seeking a casual way to earn some extra cash online. Ideal users include:

  • Students or Part-Time Workers: If you have some free time and want to make a little extra money without a significant commitment.
  • Freelancers Between Gigs: Those who need a flexible way to earn while searching for more substantial work.
  • Hobbyists in Online Earning: If you enjoy exploring different ways to earn online, even with lower payouts.
  • People in Countries with Limited Online Work Opportunities: TimeBucks can be a viable option where other earning platforms may not be available.

It's important to note that TimeBucks is not for those looking for a substantial or stable income source.

The earning potential is limited, and it requires patience and time commitment for relatively small financial rewards.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

Here are some tips for maximizing earnings on TimeBucks, based on my experience and the information collected from various sources:

  • Choose Tasks Wisely: Select tasks that offer a higher pay rate for your time. Prioritize surveys and offers over lower-paying tasks like watching videos.
  • Regular Participation: Log in daily and complete as many tasks as possible. Consistency is key to accumulating earnings.
  • Referral Program: Utilize the referral program. You earn a percentage of what your referrals make, which can add up over time.
  • Task Alerts: Stay alert for new tasks. High-paying tasks are often limited and get taken quickly.
  • Survey Strategies: Attempt surveys regularly but be selective. Focus on surveys that have better pay rates and are less likely to disqualify you.
  • Time Management: Balance your time between TimeBucks and other activities. Don't spend too much time on tasks that pay very little.
  • Check for Bonuses: Look out for any bonus tasks or promotions that may offer higher earnings.
  • Be Honest and Accurate: Provide honest and accurate information in surveys to avoid disqualifications.

These strategies are designed to help you make the most out of your time on TimeBucks, keeping in mind the platform's limitations and potential earnings.

For more tips, check out my survey qualification tips guide.

Comparison With Other Platforms

TimeBucks offers a mix of tasks like surveys and watching videos, similar to other GPT (Get-Paid-To) platforms. However, its earning potential tends to be lower.

For instance, tasks on TimeBucks often pay less than a cent, which is significantly lower compared to sites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars, where tasks can sometimes offer better compensation.

Unlike some competitors, TimeBucks has a global reach, but this doesn't always translate to more earning opportunities.

In my experience, platforms like Survey Junkie or Vindale Research tend to provide more consistent survey opportunities, especially for users in the U.S. and Canada.

The uniqueness of TimeBucks lies in its diverse task offerings, including unusual ones like posting TikTok videos.

Yet, the effort-to-reward ratio often falls short when compared to more specialized platforms like UserTesting, which offers higher pay for specific tasks like website testing.

In summary, while TimeBucks is versatile and accessible worldwide, its lower pay rates and inconsistent task availability make it less competitive compared to other GPT and survey platforms that offer higher earnings for similar efforts.

TimeBucks Complaints

As a reviewer with experience on TimeBucks, here are some highlighted complaints and issues commonly reported by users:

  • Low Payment for Tasks: Users often find the pay rates, ranging from $0.001 to $0.02 per task, to be very low considering the time spent on completing them.
  • Survey Issues: Many users report problems with surveys, including being unfairly disqualified, chargebacks after completion, and surveys being unavailable or unpaid.
  • Account Management Concerns: Complaints include accounts being unjustly disabled or terminated, especially over alleged duplications, and issues regarding the submission of personal information like government IDs and social media profiles.
  • Slow Earnings Accumulation: Users express frustration over the slow pace of earnings, with some taking months to reach the minimum payout threshold.
  • Lack of Transparency and Fairness: There's a general sense of mistrust among users, citing instances where TimeBucks sides with advertisers over user complaints and lack of control over survey providers.
  • Data Consumption vs. Earning Ratio: Some users feel that the data they consume while completing tasks isn't adequately compensated by the earnings, leading to a net loss.
  • Check for Bonuses: Look out for any bonus tasks or promotions that may offer higher earnings.
  • Be Honest and Accurate: Provide honest and accurate information in surveys to avoid disqualifications.

These complaints suggest that while TimeBucks might offer some earning potential, the effort and time might not align with the financial return for many users.

Is TimeBucks Safe?

TimeBucks, in my experience, stands as a legitimate platform, but with caveats in terms of safety and value.

It's genuine in that it pays for task completion, including surveys and various activities. However, the earnings are modest, and users have faced challenges such as delayed payments and requirements for personal information.

Complaints about survey providers and account issues are common in this industry. Caution is advisable, especially when sharing sensitive details.

While TimeBucks is not a scam, it's more of a platform for minor earnings rather than a significant income source.

Its legitimacy is intact, but users should manage their expectations regarding the financial benefits and personal data sharing.

Final Verdict

Reflecting on my experience, TimeBucks emerges as a platform with limited yet real earning potential. It's legitimate, offering diverse tasks, but the financial return is modest.

For those looking to make a small side income without high expectations, TimeBucks can be a suitable option.

However, considering the low pay rates, time investment, and user complaints, it's not a reliable source for substantial earnings.

In essence, TimeBucks is more about pocket money than a significant income, suitable for casual earners but not for those seeking meaningful financial gains.


Alternatives to TimeBucks

As an experienced reviewer and considering the insights, here are some alternatives to TimeBucks for online earning:

  • Swagbucks: A popular platform offering surveys, games, and shopping rewards. Known for its variety and reliability.
  • Survey Junkie: Focuses mainly on surveys. It's straightforward and user-friendly, ideal for those who prefer survey-based earning.
  • InboxDollars: Offers a mix of tasks like reading emails, watching videos, and completing surveys. It has a well-established reputation.
  • Toluna: A platform for surveys and community insights. Good for those who enjoy sharing opinions on products and services.
  • Freelancer.com: For those seeking more substantial freelance work in various fields like writing, design, and programming.
  • Upwork: Similar to Freelancer.com, it connects professionals with short-term and long-term projects.
  • Fiverr: Great for creative and digital services, allowing users to offer unique skills and services.

These platforms vary in terms of task types, earning potential, and user experience, offering diverse opportunities for different interests and skills.

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