PaidViewPoint Review: Does It Pay, or Is It a Scam?

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Exploring PaidViewPoint, this review quickly guides you through its potential to earn extra cash through surveys.

The article zeroes in on the user-friendliness, earning scope, and overall dependability of PaidViewPoint. It offers an insightful snapshot of the platform, tackling your main concerns.

This review assists in determining if PaidViewPoint is suitable for your online earning goals.

PaidViewPoint Review

Mahesh Kumar U

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PaidViewPoint is a user-friendly and reliable survey platform but with limited earning potential and reward options. It's suitable for casual earners seeking a straightforward way to make a little extra money.


Quick Details:

  • Platform Name: PaidViewPoint
  • Type of Platform: Survey Site
  • Started in: 2011
  • Total Users: Not Specified
  • Available Countries: Global
  • Available Tasks: Surveys, and Referral Program.
  • Minimum Payout: $15 initially, $10 for the second time, and $5 afterward.
  • Payout Method: PayPal

How PaidViewPoint Works?

Screenshot of PaidViewPoint Dashboard

PaidViewPoint operates as a survey platform where users earn money by completing surveys. The process begins with registration, which is free and straightforward.

Once registered, users receive survey invitations based on their demographic information.

These surveys, known as "Market Research Surveys," contribute to the user's TraitScore - a unique scoring system that assesses the consistency and honesty of responses.

A higher TraitScore leads to more survey opportunities and better pay rates.

Users accumulate earnings in their account, which they can withdraw via PayPal once they reach the minimum payout threshold.

The platform is user-friendly, with a clear interface and simple, concise surveys, making it accessible to people of various backgrounds.

Earning Potential

The earning potential on PaidViewPoint varies. Generally, it's modest, with surveys typically paying a few cents to a dollar each.

The frequency of surveys and their payout rates depend largely on your TraitScore and demographic fit. A high TraitScore can lead to more frequent and higher-paying surveys.

Earnings are accumulated in your account and can be withdrawn via PayPal once you reach the minimum threshold, usually around $15.

However, reaching this threshold can take time, especially for new users or those in less sought-after demographic groups.

Overall, while PaidViewPoint can provide some extra income, it's unlikely to be substantial or consistent enough to replace a full-time income.

Here is my payment proof of earnings from PaidViewPoint. I've earned about $70 over the past few years. Please note I am not very active; otherwise, I would have earned more.

Screenshot of my PaidViewPoint Earnings

Real User Experiences

Real user experiences with PaidViewPoint reveal a spectrum of reactions, ranging from positive to negative. These insights are compiled from user feedback on TrustPilot, Reddit, and forums.

Some users report satisfaction with the steady flow of surveys, fair compensation for non-qualification, and prompt payments.

There's appreciation for the site's user-friendly interface and the straightforward nature of the surveys.

Conversely, other users express frustration over the low frequency of surveys and the slow earning rate, particularly for users in less popular demographic groups.

Complaints about limited payment options and issues with account verification or cashing out are also noted.

These varied experiences highlight that while PaidViewPoint can be a reliable source of small earnings for some, it may not be as rewarding for others.

Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface: PaidViewPoint is known for its simple and intuitive design.
  • Consistent Earnings: Even if disqualified from a survey, users receive some compensation.
  • Reliable Payments: Users generally report timely payments via PayPal.
  • No Technical Issues: The platform is stable with minimal glitches.


  • Low Earning Potential: The pay per survey is often low, leading to slow earnings accumulation.
  • Limited Survey Availability: Some users experience a decrease in survey frequency over time.
  • Restricted Payment Options: Currently, PayPal is the only payment method.
  • Geographic Limitations: Users in certain regions may receive fewer surveys and opportunities.

Who Should Use PaidViewPoint?

PaidViewPoint is best suited for individuals seeking a straightforward, low-effort way to earn a bit of extra money online.

It's ideal for those who have some spare time and enjoy completing surveys.

However, it's not a fit for someone looking for substantial income or quick earnings, as the pay per survey is relatively low and the frequency of surveys can be inconsistent.

This platform is more appropriate for those interested in a casual, low-commitment way to earn small amounts of money without expecting quick financial gains.

PaidViewPoint Complaints

The common complaints about PaidViewPoint include:

  • Low Earning Potential: Users often express dissatisfaction with the small amounts paid per survey, which can make earning substantial amounts a slow process.
  • Limited Survey Availability: Some users report a decrease in the number of surveys available to them over time.
  • Payment Method Restrictions: The sole reliance on PayPal for payments is a drawback for users in regions where PayPal has limitations or is unavailable.
  • Geographical Disparities: There's a noticeable difference in survey frequency and earnings potential based on geographic location, disadvantaging users in certain countries.

Is PaidViewPoint Safe To Use?

PaidViewPoint is considered safe for users. It maintains a good reputation for protecting personal information and privacy.

The platform adheres to standard data protection practices, ensuring that user information is not misused.

Additionally, their payment process through PayPal is secure, providing an extra layer of safety for financial transactions.

The consistently positive feedback regarding their handling of personal data and financial transactions reinforces the platform's safety and reliability.

Should You Use PaidViewPoint?

Whether to use PaidViewPoint depends on individual goals and expectations.

If you're looking for a simple, user-friendly platform to earn a small amount of extra cash through surveys, PaidViewPoint is a safe and reliable option.

However, if you seek significant income or frequent survey opportunities, you might find the platform's lower earning potential and occasional survey scarcity limiting.

It's well-suited for casual users who don't mind the gradual accumulation of earnings.

PaidViewPoint Alternatives

There are several alternatives to PaidViewPoint for those seeking diversity in online survey platforms:

  • Swagbucks: Offers a variety of ways to earn rewards, including surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. Read the full review here.
  • Survey Junkie: Known for its straightforward approach to surveys and relatively higher payouts.
  • InboxDollars: Provides multiple earning options such as surveys, reading emails, and playing games.
  • Toluna: Offers a community-oriented approach with a range of surveys and product testing opportunities.

Each of these platforms has its unique features and earning potential, catering to different user preferences and needs.

Final Verdict:

PaidViewPoint offers a user-friendly and reliable platform for those looking to earn small amounts through surveys. Its consistent payment and privacy protection make it a safe choice.

However, the earning potential is modest, and survey availability can be limited, particularly for users in certain regions.

It's a good option for casual earners but not suitable for those seeking significant income.

Overall, it's a decent platform within the online survey landscape, but users should manage their expectations regarding earnings and survey frequency.


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